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Recap: kunj to find uv’s number
So let’s start with the episode with a broad smile????
Episode 16 :
Kunj calls to uv nd informs him everything abt twinkle uv felt very happy that again he got twinkle back..
Kunj reaches flat and comes to twinkle room .Here twinkle is engrossed in deep thought ..Kunj comes to her and sits beside her keeps his hand on her hand and calls her name by this she came to senses .
T:Ha kunj..wen did u come .Did u get any information about uv
K: twinkle it’s my duty to find uv OK u don’t worry I will get him (guys kunj wants to give a surprise for her so he is not telling abt uv).Since from 2 days I am looking at u .U r so sad and upset I am not able to see u in this condition. Now u go and get ready we r going out for dinner tonight .If we go outside u feel better plzzzzzz don’t deny.
Twinkle first denies this but because of kunj’s insistance she agrees to that
K: Twinkle plzzzzzz come fast how much time u take to get ready really u girls are impossible that mirror will get bored by looking at ur face come na.just den he hears door opening sound he turns his face and he was stuck in his position by seeing twinkle.she was wearing light pink saree with black backless blouse ,she left her hairs free with light makeup looking breathtaking gorgeous .He was standing there with his mouth wide open ,twinkle smiles at him and goes near him and snaps her finger in front of his eyes he comes back into his senses
T: wer u lost ??
K(not in senses): in u
T: wat???
K: nothing ..U r looking awesome really if uv looks at u he is gone(not knowing wat he is saying)
T:wat uv …Den did u get uv’s address ???
K: no no I am saying that wen he comes to u if u come like this in front of him he is gone that’s I am saying (trying to change the topic).So let’s go we r late already
T: OK (with sad face)
Both twinj reaches xyz hotel .Kunj gets down from car and comes to twinkle side and he opens door for her as soon as she comes out kunj closes her eyes with his hand .
T: kunj wat is this where r u taking me ??
K: twinkle be quite u come to know everything u just come.
T: plzzzzzz kunj tell me Na
K: here we go (takes his hands )
Twinkle opens her eyes and she was shocked ,happy by looking at the person in front of now her eyes are filled with tears she ran to him and hugs him (yes she saw her love ,her life ,her uv)
T: where were u these many days ha ..U know how much I missed u .y u left me alone ha she broke the hug and starts beating uv holds her hands and say
U: oh sry twinkle I went to abroad for some work and also I lost ur no so I couldn’t contact u I am soooo sry he holds his ears with a pout
Twinkle hug him again ,kunj is watching this with tears in his eyes he is unable to look that his love is hugging someone in front of him .He feels that his heart is stabbed it is pierced into many pieces. To avoid this
K: wat type of lovers u both are (twiraj broke the hug)..After so many days u ppl are meeting and u r talking abt ur separation this is not fare.
All three takes there seat
Uv: tq soooo much kunj for bringing back my twinkle in my life again
T: yes kunj tq soooo much
K: its OK uv no need of thanks it’s my duty to keep twinkle happy .Twinkle happy lies in u so I make u both one .And ha u guys enjoy I will leave now bye (he said this by keeping stone in his heart )
Kunj moves from der hiding his tears he comes to his car and he drove off to his flat.
Kunj room
Kunj comes to room and sits in sofa he starts crying ,
K:y babaji?Y ?It always happens with me first I loved Alisha but she betrayed me now I am loving twinkle but she is not mine she loves uv ..I can’t live without twinkle but she is happy with her uv so I should leave twinkle I should keep a distance from twinkle ..I know it is difficult for me to be far away from her but I shud be strong .
Other side twinkle is enjoying with uv ,she spent quality time with him .
T: OK uv I shud leave now .
Uv:OK come let’s go.
Both uv and twinkle comes near twinkle flat
Uv:so can we meet tomorrow .I arranged party for u .
T:oh OK uv I will come
Uv: at wat time I shud come to pic u
T: no no I will come by myself
Uv: OK great den see u tomorrow at 5 bye love u
T: bye love u too .
Next day
Twinkle informs kunj abt their plan and kunj agrees for that .
Kunj calls uv and asks him abt their party and talks for a while just den uv frnd comes to him uv sees him and make excuse but he forgot to cut the call and keeps his phone aside without noticing it.kunj is abt to cut the call but he stops hearing uv’s frnd talking abt twinkle.
V: wow uv I am very happy that u got ur twinkle back
Uv: yes Vivian I tried to make twinkle mine many times but it doesn’t happend before but today no one can stop me he laughs evilly
V: but how u got twinkle u didn’t say me
Uv: her husband ,he is a such fool to give his wife to someone else if I am in his place I wouldn’t have done like that that to by looking twinkle’s beauty.
V: really u r soo lucky
Uv : yes I am laughs evilly
Here kunj was shocked and his eyes were red due to anger he cuts the call and calls to twinkle .Here twinkle is getting ready for the party she seems so happy after all she got her uv back in this excitement she is not at all noticing her phone which is ringing…Here kunj is calling her again and again but there is no response from twinkle’s side .
Screen freezes on twinkle’s happy face and kunj’s tensed face
So guys will kunj be able to save twinkle ???
Keep thinking
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Do comment plzzzzzz
I will be back soon
Sry for being late
Love u
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