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Sry for being late but wat to do I was on family tour so couldn’t post …And tq sooooo much for ur precious comments …I am sooooo happy with ur response …zoya9 this episode is for u my dear ..
Episode 14
T(in trembling voice):k..un..j ..Hi…m….Saying this she starts crying again by hugging kunj.
K:twinkle calm down whom did u see ..
T: I saw uv in the mall…I saw him (still crying )..
Kunj with confusion asks who is uv..
T: he is my life ,my love ….
Xyz college
A girl is shown entering the clg all guys were staring at her and they were mesmerized with her beauty and all girls were staring at her with jealous she is revealed to be our (I know u might have been guessed already)ya she is none other than our Punjabi pataka twinkle .As she enters the clg a guy calls him who is sitting in group of boys.twinkle goes der with fear ( guys twinkle is new to the clg she doesn’t know anyone der so she was scared lil bit because it was a new place for her and it was her first day of clg)
Guy1: don’t u know how to respect ur seniors …U should listen to us, whatever we say u should do that OK.
T(with fear):OK
Guy1:oyee wat OK …Say OK sir give respect .
T: yes sir
Guy1: wat is ur name ???
T: my name is twinkle ..
Guy2:OK twinkle u should propose the person sitting der ( he points towards a guy who is waiting for his gf) nd he is none other than uv..
T:propose !!!No sir how can I propose him ..plzzz sir I can’t do
Guy1: u should do …If u won’t do u don’t know wat might be the consequences..
T:OK sir I will

Twinkle with fear goes near uv nd stands in front of him with a rose ..Uv being a flirt he was mesmerized by her beauty and he was staring at her lustfully ..
T:I love u ..She says this nd closes her eyes
U:wat ???(with a broad smile)
T: sir plzzz u don’t mind they are ragging me (pointing to that gang) they told me to propose u as a part of it plzzz u don’t mind ..
Uv(with a fake smile): that’s OK I can understand ur situation but u should be brave in such type of matters u must be denied right ..(pretends to be like a gud person)
T:yes sir I denied but they threaten me so I proposed u …Nd tq so much for understanding …
Uv: its OK no need of tq…btw if u don’t mind may I know ur name plzzz
T:my name is twinkle aur ap
Uv:yuvraj lutra
T:nice to meet u sir .
Uv:twinkle don’t call me sir it seems weird u call me uv ..
T: OK sir …Sry uv bye nice to meet u
Twinkle leaves
Uv(thinks):wow how beautiful she is just I want her I should do something to get her in my trap I should plan for that …It seems she is different from other girls so I should plan different to trap her..Twinkle u wait I will do anything to get u in my life anything says this nd he smirks.just den his gf come der(let her name be naina) nd hugs him
N:hi baby sry for being late accha who was she that u were speaking with .
Uv:vo vo kuch nai she was asking the way for principal’s office that’s it
N:oh OK ..Come let’s go

Next day
Twinkle comes to clg nd attends all the classes nd she was leaving to her home den she saw uv standing at the gate .Uv comes near her nd wishes her hi
T:hi uv u here
Uv:ya I came to pick my sis
T:sister ???!!!
Uv:ha sister
T:oh OK
Just pretends that he got a call nd takes his phone nd attends the after sometime he cuts the call nd comes to twinkle nd says that her sister already reached home with her frnds.
T:oh OK den mei bi chalti Hun she was going to her car
Uv:twinkle if u don’t mind can we have a cup of coffee ….I am considering u as my frnds ..So like frnds can we have it..
Twinkle hesitantly agree for this
@xyz coffee shop
Uv:wat do u want
T: capachino..
Uv:OK I too will have capachino itself
He places the order
Uv:so tell me abt ur self
Twinkle tells abt herself nd uv also tells abt him like this they enjoyed their coffee with each other’s company nd like this as days passes bond between twiraj becomes very strong somewhere twinkle was falling for him
One day uv proposes twinkle nd twinkle readily accepts that .After that they were enjoying ,they were going outside for dates …During date many times uv tried to take advantage of twinkle but twinkle didn’t allowed him …Other side uv was flirting with other girls along with twinkle without notice of second girl ..He was fu***ng with other girls but it doesn’t happen with twinkle.
After their education one fine day twinkle informs her father abt her love but rt refuses her but twinkle is twinkle so stubborn she made rt to agree . Twinkle calls uv to inform about this ..Here uv is shown sleeping along with a girl nd both were wrapped in the bedsheet uv sleep gets disturbed by twinkles call he irritatingly recieves her call
Uv: hellow hi baby
T: uv u know dad agreed for our marriage
Uv was hell happy that finally his wish is going to be fulfilled …He says “really twinkle it was gud news …OK Iam in meeting I will call u later .Bye baby love u..”
T: OK uv bye love u too
After 2 months twinkle comes to know that uv went somewhere leaving her nd she misunderstood rt for that because after fixing the marriage date he was asking twinkle to think again nd he also threaten uv many times .Twinkle comes to know abt this nd she blames rt for uv’s disappearance nd from that day she left talking to rt .
After 6 months rt fixed twinkles marriage with kunj nd both twinj gets married
Fb ends
T: he left me that time I know he must be threatened by my father that’s y he left me …Nd I know how much he loves me now..She cries whole heatedly .
Here kunj’s heart was pierced million times seeing his love crying (yes guys kunj has fallen for twinkle ) he makes her to sit on the bed nd made her to drink water ..Nd says
K(with keeping stone in his heart): twinkle u don’t worry I will get ur uv back I will search for him nd plzzz u don’t cry I can’t see tears in ur eyes ..He takes his hand nd wipes her tears twinkle looks at him lovingly which leads to a eyelock ( sajnave plays in background)
Screen freezes
Here I wind up with the episode …I hope I gave a long enough episode .
hope I reached ur expectations …
Can kunj finds uv????If so how will he find ???
Keep thinking
Plzzz drop ur comments
Ignore grammar mistake if any
Love u all

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  1. P.....Secret

    Amazing dii…
    Loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u

  2. Sidmin ki sadia

    Emotional. Epi but amazing

  3. Sidmin ki sadia

    Emotional. Epi but amazing awesome. Luv it sooooo much

  4. Sameera

    Wow yaar Nishu di amazinggggg loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much twinkle past ahhhhhh twinkle didn’t knew yuvi truth …bechara kunj …once again heart break ????…
    Loveddddddd it post soon …
    Love you Di ..

  5. Sameera

    Wow yaar Nishu di amazinggggg loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar…ahha twinkle didn’t knew about yuvi ….bechara kunj again heart break ??..
    Loveddddddd it post soon ….

  6. fabulous episode nishu?????

  7. Farwah fathima

    Wow yaar amazing epi
    Post the next epi asap plzzzzz

  8. Sohi

    Nice episode di

  9. Nice episode ?❤️
    Poor Kunj ???
    Post soon plz

  10. Simiyy

    Amazing Di
    Post Soon
    Loads of Love

  11. Supriya18d

    naiiiii…. mujhe UV nai chahiye ?????……
    sirf TwiNj TwiNj…..aur koi nai….
    awsm episode Nishu…..luv u so much

  12. SidMin23

    Nice episode and poor kunj his heart break as he start to love and be promise to find UV for twinkle waiting for next episode

  13. Thanks di For dedicating this episode to me
    There episode was speechless yet superb
    U nailed it di
    Loved it to the core
    Feeling sad for kunj
    But I know you will make all the things all right
    Well I won’t be commenting,reading any of the ffs/os/ss till August because of my study pressure
    Love u
    Keep smiling
    Take care

  14. Nice one dii

  15. Shalini15

    Awesome amazing fabulous nd emotional episode Nishu . Feeling bad for kunj. Post soon.
    Are you angry with me?? You are not talking to me on WhatsApp too.??????

    Love you ????

    1. Nishuu

      Di aisa kuch nai vo kya hai Na I have uninstalled WhatsApp so I am unable to talk to u guys but surely after installing it I will talk to u di
      And ha how can I be angry with my cutie sweetie di u don’t think like that di
      Take care of urself di plzzzz
      Love u sooooo much di ?????????????

  16. Ramya

    Awesome nishu akka
    Amazing superb
    Hate that uv idiot kahika
    But kunj is there for twinkle
    So sorry for late
    Love you keep smiling

  17. Baby

    emoional n cute ♥
    bt dii yeh kya ho gaya didu uv kahan se jump karlia stry mei…
    well loved it ♥
    love ya ♥♥

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