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Summary :
Twinj to get married because of their families happiness nd twinkle asks for divorce on the wedding night to kunj and kunj agrees to give her divorce nd next day twinj leaves for Mumbai nd kunj is a radio jackey who leaves in Mumbai .Twinj reach their flat nd just den Mr nd Mrs chowdary who are kunj’s neighbours comes to meet newly married couple nd they invites twinj for a dinner .
Twinj goes to chowdary’s flat as twinj enters the flat a girl( vennela) in mid 20s comes nd hugs kunj by looking this twinkle feels lil jealous den twinkle comes to know that the girl is kunj’s sis (not real one but kunj treats her like his own sis). Twinkle felt happy by knowing truth but she doesn’t know y she felt so .Vinni insists twinj to dance after the romantic dance of twinj they all had their dinner nd twinj left to their flat . Next day twinj goes to lawyer nd meets the lawyer nd lawyer informs them that if they want to get divorce they shud stay in same house for 6 months so with no other option twinj agrees for this nd while going home one goon misbehaves with twinkle nd kunj saves twinkle from that goon nd he takes twinkle to her flat .As days passes on twinkle develops soft corner for kunj nd one day while cleaning the flat twinkle finds photo of kunj nd Alisha den kunj to say abt his flashback that how Alisha betrayed him for his money .

Episode 12
K: it’s ok twinkle I shud say sry for hurting u
T: no kunj it’s ok iam at the fault so I shud say sry iam so stupid to ask u abt this ..Friends( forwards her hand )
K: ok friends (joining his hand with her ) btw u said one thing correctly( smiling at twinkle)
T(not getting wat kunj is telling ): wat r u talking abt kunj ??
K: that u r a stupid ???
T: wat kunj u Na u r sooooo mean in this situation also u r irritating me ha ..
K: kya galat kaha Maine e tho sach hai Na ki tum stupid ho ..
Twinkle hits kunj playfully nd kunj holds twinkle’s hand they share eyelock (sajna ve plays in background) just den Vinni enters the room nd see twinj nd coughs nd by this twinj came into senses nd composes themselves.
V: sry for disturbing u Bhai nd bhabi I will come afterwards u both continue with ur romance (she giggles by saying this )
Twinj together: no no Vinni it’s nothing like that u can come
Vinni enters nd sits beside twinkle
V: bhabi how r u feeling now
T: ha ab mei teek hun
V:bhabi u know one thing by looking at ur condition kunj Bhai was crying he was so tensed u r sooooo lucky to get kunj Bhai as ur life partner he is soo caring nd he loves u sooooo much bhabi I can see the love which he has for u bhabi
While Vinni was saying both twinj were stealing each other glances nd twinkle was looking at kunj lovingly with tears In her eyes nd smile on her lips.
Vinni observes this nd says ok I will leave now u guys continue with ur romance by giggling she leaves from there leaving twinj behind nd both twinj comes into senses by kunj’s phone call kunj excuses himself to talk .
Kunj comes back nd asks twinkle to have dinner nd gives her medicines .
Like this kunj is taking care of twinkle nd their bond is becoming stronger day by day .Both were falling for each other but they are unaware of this fact ..

After few days
Kunj room
Kunj is standing in front of mirror getting ready for his office just den twinkle enters his room
T: kunj I want to ask something
K: ha tell me
T: kunj can we go for shopping today ..
K: ok I will come soon we can go at evening
Twinkle thank him leaves the room.
At evening
Both twinj come to shopping mall nd twinkle asks kunj to come along with her to select a dress for her.kunj agrees nd both goes to near by shop . Twinkle was choosing nd kunj was helping her nd he was staring at her lovingly with a smile
K(thinks): she is so cute nd she is just like a small child..Her smile ,her eyes nd she is driving me crazy. Day by day my feelings for her is increasing no no wait kunj wat r u thinking I can’t love her she is just a frnd for me just few days are left for our divorce she will be no one to me after that …Just den kunj gets a call nd he excuses himself
After sometime kunj comes der nd searches for twinkle he doesn’t find twinkle in the shop nd now he was asking for everyone in the shop nd he doesn’t get any clue of her
Screen freezes on kunj’s tensed face ..

Precap: Twinkle is missing ..

So guys how was the episode
I hope u all loved it
Wer is twinkle ???
Can kunj find twinkle ??
Keep thinking
And plzzz ignore grammar mistakes nd spelling mistakes if any
Keep smiling
Love u all

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  1. Sohi

    Amazing and thrilling episode
    Happy that twinj are falling for each other

    But where twinkle
    Waiting for the twist
    Do continue

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much my dear
      Love u ????????

  2. Baby

    am soooo excited heck I will die with happiness……♥
    aamiieee jaan yehi toh voh TITLE hai jisne mujhe tujhse milaya ♥
    mere liye bhii yeh bhottt jyada hi spcl hai bhott jyada its really a profusion in my heart ♥
    I really loved it like d S2 but totally differnet…..♥
    but this time aamiieee I have a request an enormous request to u plssss…..give it a happy end not a sad plsss……..
    well am just sooo mch delightful n m sooo mch contented to see u back with it…..♥
    I srsly cant wait do post soon love……♥
    love u ♥
    and now I gotta go 🙂
    I apologise that am late to comment….. 🙂

  3. Baby

    shit shit shit m srriee nishuu diii aamiee ka cmnt yahan phonch gaya….m soo sriiee I apologise for did mistake………but really I wrote a big cmnt for u n it got lost coz of my wifi cnction …♥
    srsly luvd d episode alottt……♥
    cuteness overloaded really amazing ♥
    m in love wid it…♥
    love u soooooooooooooooo mch ♥
    sry sry diduu….♥

    1. Nishuu

      Ufff it’s ok baby koi bat nai
      Don’t say sry again ok
      Tq sooooo much for your comment my dear
      Love u sooooo much ??????????

  4. Nice ? episode
    Twinkle is missing ?
    Post soon

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much Kia my dear
      Love u ?????

  5. Sidmin ki sadia

    Amazing epi di

    1. Nishuu

      Tq dear tq sooooo much
      May I know ur name plzzz

  6. Sameera

    Wow yaar Nishu di amazinggggg yaar loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much ?????????????…
    Twinj scenes were too cute …
    Loved them ..
    Plz post soon love you ????

    1. Nishuu

      Sam baby tq sooooo much my dear
      Glad u liked it
      Love u sooooo much ?????????

  7. Presha

    Awesome dii..
    Loved it..
    Twinkle is missing ????
    Well post soon..
    Love u didu…..

    1. Nishuu

      To sooo much bujji
      Love u sooo much ??????

  8. SidMin23

    Amazing and twinj scene was cute I know kunj will save her on time.

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much my dear
      Love u ?????

  9. Sidmin ki sadia

    My name is sadia fatima

    1. Nishuu

      Nice name

  10. amazing nishuu episode was fabulous mindblowing???????????

    post soon plzzz yrr??
    luv u bauat saraa??????????

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooo much dear
      I will post soon
      Love u sooo much ????

  11. nice epi dr…
    is tw kidnapped???
    tumne,suspense mein chod diya…
    koi bath nehi.. bina suspense aur twist kya maza..
    iss bahane twinj will realise their feelings for each other..
    waiting for next epi

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much my dear
      Love u soo much??????

  12. Sidmin ki sadia

    Thanks di

    1. Nishuu

      U r always welcome my dear

  13. The episode was marvellous❤…..Speechless❤…….outstanding❤
    Loved twinj scenes ????
    But a shocking episode athe last?????
    Hope Twinkle is fine
    Your way of writing is amazing
    Once again
    The episode was superb duper jhakas??
    Please post soon
    Love u ??
    Keep smiling
    Post soonest ??

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much Zoya my dear
      Glad u loved it
      Love u ?????

  14. Anshikajainn

    Diiiiii it’s awesome just loved it and love you
    -Your choti si pyaari diii sisi

    1. Nishuu

      Awwww anshu my dear tq sooooo much
      Love u sooooo much my chotii si pyari si sis ?????????????

  15. Farwah fathima

    Plz post the next one soon

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much my dear
      Ya I will post asap
      Love u ????????

  16. Cheena2001Cp

    I loved it!!! ????…..I was Fabulously written… Post next soon ☺☺?

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much my dear
      Love u ???

  17. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing akka
    Twinj became friends
    N twinkle is missing
    What happened
    Can’t wait Post soon
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Nishuu

      Ammu tq sooooo much my dear
      Love u sooooo much ???????

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much purnima
      Love u ????

  19. Supriya18d

    sry sry bahut late cmnt Kia… awsm epi…Nishu ….
    luv u…..

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much supu
      Love u my dear ??????

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