Hi guys I am very disappointed with ur response really it’s hurting me a lot inspite of being busy I am finding some time to write for u guys but u guys don’t deserve this …. U ppl r just impossible .. it gone beyond limit ..
Guys I got just 13 comments .. am I that much bad in writing… Wen I said that I will stop writing den u ppl got time to comment after that u don’t have time wow grt ….. Now no more begging nothing … I am just leaving tu forever … Byeeee forever and ever …
I would like to apologize my regular commentors who has supported me… Sry guys I can’t write anymore for ppl u don’t know to appreciate someone’s hard work…. I am soo sry ????????

Last episode
Marriage day
Sarna mansion was decorated beautifully .. all the servants were running here and der …
Der is mandap in middle of mansion … Kunj is already in mandap twinkle comes to mandap and sits beside kunj … Soo marriage ritual gets over … Both twinkle were announced as husband and wife .. all have photo section …
End of ff

Sry guys for irritating u by my blo**y bad story … U all r relieved from the writings of this bad writer … I am biding byeeee to tu forever …
Tq soooo much for bearing me
And abt fs u forget it
Forever and ever

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  1. Kiya1234

    What is this di yaar why you doing this who told you that you are bad writer yaar plz don’t do this it’s hurt us really badly it doesn’t means you didn’t get comments you are bad writer di it’s my humble request to you plz don’t do this and continue your ff this one to what a episode your write di yaar we commenting from so many days to read a story not for this what you gave us because others they don’t comment but we did all things I m really hurt with now because of this???plz continue post soon bye
    Still love you can’t do anything

  2. Your Stories r amazing…Cause you r an Amazing Writer

  3. SidMin23

    Even I only got 12 comment still I post for my regular reader and hope u won’t leave tu and ine thing your not bad writer ur amazing writer and hope u will continue.

  4. Understand ur hard wrk n its totally ur decision whether to continue or not but I think u should have at least considered fr all those who r commenting… I n many r there who hav been supporting u n appreciating ur hard work…n seriously u r a very brilliant writer without any doubt… Every 1 doesn’t hav that art u hav.. N I seriously appreciate that. U r hurt but today m also hurt that our support was not much fr u to continue… M sorry if I hav hurt u by any of my words but today being ur regular reader m also really hurt…all the very best fr future.

  5. Aamu

    See being ur writings fan..i have to tell u..u took thebest decesion..
    Same problen with me..
    Atleast u got 13..i got 10..
    It seriously irks me…n doubt on my writings..

    As i said..m also leaving soon,very soon..

    And about was amazing?????..
    I will miss it di..
    Love u..❤

  6. Unheard-Of

    Not done di…. I mean how could u just STOP writing! Why r u doing this just for some people?????
    U r one of the very known writers in TEI page so plssssssss dont quit…?
    A sincere request from one of ur biggest fans?
    Hope u go through ur decision of leaving TU…

  7. Presha

    Yeh kya hai…
    Aapne kuch bataya hi nahii..
    Plzdont do this…
    U r amazinggg writer…
    Plz dii…
    Plz plz plz…
    For ur bujiii

    Plz dii..
    Love u

  8. Anusha

    No nishu don’t do dis
    I know when u don’t get comments wt u feel bcoz I also experienced d same felt v.bad thot to leave but wt our regular readers n commenters did dey have commented n supported us ryt den at least for dem v have to write so don’t leave tu sweetheart
    Love u
    Post soon

  9. What is this????
    U have not done right???
    Who said u that u are a bad writer…If u doesn’t get comments that doesn’t mean that u will leave TU and will forget that we all have supported u a lot in ur ffs….Plzzz don’t do this with us….If u will do this them how our twinj memories will be cherished yaar and how they will be in our heart??
    Plzzz reconsider ur decision of quitting TU..We all don’t want to loose u as u are one of the best writer…I beg u plzz don’t leave…I love ur both ff very much….It really hurts us a lot when our fvrt writers say that they will end their ff and will leave TU just bcoz of comments…Atleast u should think about us who have commented in ur every ff….
    Sorry if I hurted u but we also gets hurt when our fvrt writer talks like these…..

  10. Dont do this
    Plz u r writing marvellous dont stop it plz
    I promise I will comment

  11. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  12. Ananya_DSK

    Akka!! What on Earth! You cannot do this yaar…
    You always encourage me when I am unhappy with the response that I get… But you are giving up yourself..? Come on Akka.. There are many of us out here who love you and wait desperately for your writings… You can’t do this with us at least Akka… I know exactly how you feel Akka, and maybe if I was in your place, I would have done the same thing, but please don’t do this with us Akka… Please… A sincere request from this little sister of yours…. Akka… you always tell me to continue writing for those who wish to read my stories really… So now its your time Akka.. Those who don’t actually value your work, just let them be… Ignore them, and continue your writing for us…. Please Akka….
    Love you loads

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Akka yaar, I wanted to see this wedding happening, but not like this.. In Nishu style… As you do always… Please come back with your ff akka…

  13. diii plzzz aesa mat karo me maanti hu aap sahi bol rahe ho ki cmt. kam h but diii ye silent reader nhi sunne wale h……

    kk.. aapko end krna h to plzzz diii apne style me diii aese nhi ……..

    aur diii koi cmt. kre ya na kare bhale hi ye silent reader cmt. na kre lekin aap best ho aur best writer ho …..diii aap superb writer ho isliye in kam cmt. ko notice mat karo diiii

    aur dii plzzz wapas aa jao

    luv u diiii??????????

  14. Twinj2000

    Nishu di yeh kya plzzzzz don’t do this plzzzz????
    Are yaar nishu di plz hamare liye
    We know that ppl don’t comment and they r shameless but u have a great talent n we love ur writing
    Plz for us u continue n also for itself
    U love writing n we love ur writing nishu di
    Plz it’s a request ppzzzzz don’t do this plzzz

  15. sweetu ye kya tha I mean twinj ki shadi hui but not in ur style !I want unki shadi tumhare yani ki jesa hmare tu ki one of the best writers style me honi chaiye !
    I know yr u r upset with low comments but what to do they can’t understand!
    plz don’t quit tu & also writing! because I know u r one of the best writer !
    & silent readers when u will be Start commenting haan when there will be no stories on tu !stop being shameless and start commenting on stories!
    & nishu plzz baby don’t quit writing I want this story in ur style plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zz

  16. Baby

    dida plssssssssss plssssssss u knw i called u n told u my point actually i can’t type much….as my finger is hurt and bandage is also dere soooooo sorry dida but yeshhhhh i hv told u n yup dida please see to it okieeee ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    dida well ending kya bolun mein m sad sad sad ♥
    but literally dii i wuld also leave TU if u leave ♥
    promise hain mera ♥
    vaiiseee umm…dii khena toh padega all here r really selfish 🙁
    umm…love u sooooooo much dida ♥ hope to see u soon ♥

  17. Yr guyies I want to know the reason for not commenting on the ff !
    plz guyies this is limit because of u all we r suffering like seriously guyies u don’t care about that person who is writing & those people who r regularly commenting on ff !
    u all r really very selfish how can u do this haan one by one every one is leaving only because of u all people who r not ready to comment on the ff !
    seriously plzzzzzz start commenting on ff rather gud or bad but plz Comment!

  18. I am not ur ff reader but still want to say to u dear that writing is not a game, writing is talent….don’t underestimate urself…..don’t disrespect ur talent dear….keep writing….Go Nishu go….u done great job……I want to see ur next ff at any cost & don’t want any excuses….fine, today onward I will also read ur stories….but u do a favour on me that u have to send links on my account dear….there is so much ff … don’t want to search….my username is Niyati….& now onwards we are friends…lots of love to u & keep writing like this sweetie.??

  19. Shalini15

    Nishu I’m sorry I also didn’t commented on your or others ffs. I’ve also hurt you. Really very sorry. Nd don’t worry I’ll not force you to come back bcz I know how it feel when no one give value of your hard work. It’s really hurt a lot. Well I’ll miss this ff very much. It was beautiful nd amazing concept. Loved it.
    Love you ????

  20. baby dear kya huva tere ko bandage????
    matlab kaise huva
    are u okay dear
    plzzzzzzzzz reply dear
    luv u

  21. Ramya

    Akka I don’t know what to say?
    But with you in this decision as I also faced it.
    But don’t give up on your writing skills for someone who don’t deserve it.
    You are very good and best writer. Your work always makes me feel happy.
    So please don’t abuse your story for less comments. I don’t know what your decision is but please don’t quit on writing .
    Please it’s a only request. From me.

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