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Episode 37:
Twinkle is crying .. kunj is standing numb bowing his head with fear … Rt looks at twinj angrily …
K: un..c..le I..I….was cal…ling twin..kle but.. she was busy..And…she she didn’t rec….ieve my call. So I was worried abt her …That’s y I came here .. stammering ..And ..I..Was going yesterday itself but .. before he completes his statement rt start to laugh at them making all of them shocked ( u ppl also shocked right along with them ????)
R: kunj beta no need to explain I know that u came here yesterday night itself..
All looks at rt confusing …

R: I saw u climbing the ladder and entering twinkle’s room … But beta u could have come by main door itself Na I would have invited u … Y u came like this …
K: uncle I thought if I come here before marriage u will be anger so says ruffling his hair …
T: hwwww papa u scared me saying this she starts to beat rt playfully and hugs him ..
All were smiling .. OK uncle I shud leave now I have one important meeting today … I will see u at evening saying he was abt to leave
R: huh beta u don’t do stunts to comes here like yesterday u can come by main door says smilingly …
Hearing this both chinkle giggles making kunj embarrassed.. kunj without saying anything he left ..
R: beta u shud go for shopping so go and get ready
T: OK papa ..chinki u too get ready first we will go to sarna mansion and go for shopping from der …
C: OK left twinkle room
Sarna mansion
All were sitting in the dining area
V: ma wer is kunj Bhai
U: Vinni beta he will come he is in his room
V: kya ma I came here to surprise him but he is too bad ..
M: beta he will come u too shud go for shopping along with them ok.. and choudary ji u too shud come along with us …
V: ok papa I will go and ma and papa also come along with us …
All were having their bf chit chatting just den kunj enters and without looking other side he was going to his room … Vinni saw kunj
V: Bhai shouting runs to him ..Kunj looks at Vinni and a smile appeared on his lips seeing her … Vinni comes to him and hugs him .
K: Vinni .. how r u ???? Wen did u come ???? Y didn’t u informed me huh …
V: Bhai thoda sa break lelo u will say for bhabhi that how much she speaks but khud ko deko kitna bolte ho ..
K: hww Vinni thik hai I will not talk now saying he shows fake anger and turns his face
V: Bhai sry Na plzz plzz ab gussa chod Dona saying she starts tickle him .. kunj starts to laugh …
All the elders were admiring their bond … And smiling at them
While tickling Vinni saw lipstick mark on his neck … Bhai wat is this mark over here asks naughtily pointing to that mark.
Wat mark Lilly saying kunj looks der and remember yesterday night and he starts to blush ( awwww blushing kunj ????)..
Vinni understood and start teasing him with twinkles name … Are drama baaz stop it … I will talk to u in evening I shud go to office ..Says this and abt to go but stopped by ushar
U: kunj u take off from office for 3 days ..
M: ha beta u have marriage in 3 days u go to office after ur marriage
K: but papa interrupted by ushar
Ushar : no buts and ifs u go and get ready for shopping
Kunj with no other option nodes his head in yes ….He goes to his room

Taneja mansion
Both chinkle after getting ready comes downstairs just den sima (u guys remember Sarita usha’s frnd who tried to get her daughter’s and kunj’s marriage … So sima is daughter of Sarita )
S: hi chinki bhabhi
C: hi sima u here ..
S: han bhabhi ma sent me here .. actually usha aunty asked me to join for shopping.. huh is she twinkle who is gonna marry my kunj ..
Twinkle looks at sima shocked to hear my kunj from her …. she felt something fishy But didn’t say anything
S: oh sry sry I didn’t mean in that way … Ok leave it hi twinkle iam sima forwards her hand ( with fake smile and angry )

T: hi sima glad to meet u
C: ok sima shall we go still we shud go to sarna mansion ..
Hearing sarna mansion name sima felt happy wat now we r going to sarna mansion den come Na saying she runs from der … Chinkle felt strange by her behaviour
T: chinki y she is so excited to go der …
C: don’t know twinkle let it be come let’s go ..

Sarna mansion
Vinni is in hall she Is already ready for shopping she us just waiting for chinkle … Just den trio comes der … Vinni goes to twinkle and hugs her .. twinkle felt happy to see Vinni
T: Vinni how r u .. wen did u come .
V: bhabhi iam gud aur aap .. yesterday .. vaise bhabhi iam really happy for u now ..
Twinkle smiles at her and introduces chinki .. all of them have some quality time .. usha came der and asks abt kunj .. they said that they didn’t know … Usha asks twinkle to call kunj ..
Twinkle goes from their …Sima was fuming in anger
Kunj room
Kunj comes from washroom with towel around his waist .. he goes to wardrobe to take his clothes .. twinkle enters without knocking the door .. and glued to that position wer she is standing looking kunj shirtless …

T(thinks ): babaji he is sooo hot .. he has perfect body .. I think all girls would be jealous of me …She was engrossed in her thoughts … She turns her face to other side wen kunj looks at her …

K: oyee kya dekh rahi ho .. don’t u have shame to look at me like this … Can’t u knock the door while coming …
T: he hello iam not interested in looking at ur hot body ( not in her senses ) kunj made his one eyebrow up ?????? she comes to sense and she beats her forehead ..
K: accha iam hot saying he comes near her .. she was abt to leave but kunj blocks her way .. ab kaha bhag jayegi .. dont u want to see my hot body ..
T: no no I want .. den she come to k ow wat she said and starts to blush making kunj smile
K: awwww twinkle don’t blush that much I can’t control my self ..

After hearing this Twinkle blushes more to hide her blush hugs kunj tightly … Kunj slowly takes her hair from her shoulder and kisses der making twinkle to dig her nails on his bare back … Den he starts kissing her neck and biting it …Twinkle moans his name …….kunj leaves her neck and breaks the hug … He kisses her forehead , eyes , cheeks… Den he captures her lips and start to nibble .. he tried to enter her mouth but twinkle was not allowing him … But kunj is kunj he bites her lips twinkle moans taking this as chance he enters and explore every corner of her mouth … After gud 15 mins they broke the hug due to lack of oxygen.. kunj again digs his face in her neck and starts giving hickeys der making twinkle to moan and groan …..A pair of eyes were looking at them and fuming in anger … It is none other than sima… she was unable to bear this bangs her hand on the pillar and left ..Here kunj again goes to capture her lips but disturbed by usha voice …

Both composes themselves twinkle goes downstairs blushing and kunj gets ready in no time …
All of them comes to shopping mall and enters … Someone is watching them … And calls someone who aksed him to wait till he comes der .. he is watching only twinj … After 10 mins a guy comes der …
G: u shud kidnap her who is in red dress on the day of her marriage says pointing to twinkle …
Goon: ok wen is her wedding ..

G: after 3 days I will pay u how much u want …
Goon: ok ur work will be done u don’t wry saying he shakes his hand with him .. goon goes from their bf that guy smirks looking at twinkle …
Here twinj were enjoying in their shopping all were smiling ..
Screen freezes
So guys who is that guy ???

Y he wants to kidnap twinkle ???
Twinkle se uska kya Lena Dena hai ??
Will twinj marriage going to happen ???
To know all this stay tuned …
Hope I reached ur expectations ..
Plzzzz ignore grammatical errors and typing errors .. no proof reading

Keep smiling
Loads of love

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    My God!! Akka, I thought RT would eat Twinj up… Twinj scenes???? Absolutely loved it!! Now who is this new villain….? And what is the reason for their enmity with Twinj?? I’m anxiously waiting for the next episode Akka… Post soon
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    Episode was Super Fantastic ???
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