Hi guys I have reconsidered my decision of leaving tu for my loved ones ….. But really it hurts a lot wen we don’t get gud response or appreciation for our hard work …… And some of the author’s of other writings are also not commenting y ..U ppl know very well that if we won’t get proper comments how it would be but u ppl are just impossible and huh some ppl whom I know well r not commenting on my ff but they r commenting for the ffs above and below of my ff …That’s OK I will not say anything abt them y because I have no hope and I will not beg u for comment … These many days u ppl have just taken my goodness as advantage but now I too will do how u ppl do with me …I am fool to comment on ur ff’s who doesn’t even care abt me but from now I won’t … I have my regular readers .. they will be with me (hope so but I can’t tell wen they will leave me …. But I trust them )…
Bujji , ani, anu, baby,my darling mahi, yashu , rayna, sidmin23, kiya, ss, aamu,unheard-of,stary02,twinj2000.. sry if I had forgot to mention anyone here .. tq u guys for commenting regularly on my ff only u ppl likes my ff and only u ppl supported me … Tq soooo much for ur love .. love u guys ..And my ammu how can I forget her she is the one who supported me from beginning …
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Sry for being rude but just think abt this being in my place u will get to know
OK enough of my buk buk ….

Episode 36:
Kunj is moving forward and twinkle backward until Twinkle stopped by a table … Ms. Twinkle taneja really r u ready to do wat I instruct u ..Says kunj ..
No I am not twinkle taneja .. I am Mrs. Twinkle kunj sarna says twinkle making kunj to smile ….. And kunj slowly throws all the things which are on the table and lifts Twinkle by her waist and made her to sit on the table..
K: so ms..Sry sry Mrs. Twinkle kunj sarna den be ready for the punishment which would be given by Mr. Kunj sarna … (Still his hands on her waist )Saying this he slowly lean towards her and captures her lips for a liplock … He slowly moves his hands under her top and moving his hand on her bare waist making twinkle to clutch his shirt … And after 10 mins he left her neck and he starts kissing her neck …. While kissing kunj takes twinkle both legs and made them to wrap around his waist and pulls her towards him more closer all the twinkle was moaning his name …He bytes neck and licks the spot to soothen the pain making twinkle to moan loudly ..He left her neck and he was abt to kiss her lips again but got disturbed by his phone call ….. ab e koun hai chainse romance bi nai karne dete meri wife se stupid ppl saying this Kunj irritatingly looks at the phone and lifts it making twinkle to laugh
K: hellow who is this ..Shouts …Kunj talk slowly says twinkle
C: is this kunj sarna

K: yeah still shouting .. wat do u want y u r disturbing me
Guys still kunj is holding twinkles waist and twinkles legs are around his torso ..
C: sir I am calling from xyz company to inform u abt our partner ship … Sir can u plzzzz spend ur time for me to explain abt our company and its goals ..
K: if I said no wat u will do … R u going to stop no Na tell me I will listen irritatingly and sarcastically (?????)..Twinkle laughs at this statement .Making kunj more irritated
Kunj goes to balcony and twinkle goes to washroom to freshen up ..
After 15 mins twinkle comes out of the washroom with pink bathrobe up to her knees .. she was looking breathtaking gorgeous with wet hairs and wet body ..She goes near dressing table and starts applying lotion .. just den kunj comes inside after completing his phone call and looks at twinkle and gets mesmerised with her beauty water droplets were falling on her face making her look even more beautiful .. he slowly move towards her ..And wraps his hands around her waist twinkle close her eyes feeling his touch .. he slowly sits on the dressing table stool and made her to sit on his laps .. he takes lotion from the bottle and starts applying her sensually making her to moan and while applying he slowly start kissing her wet neck he stop applying the lotion and takes her bare legs ,slowly turns her direction to face him and made her to wrap her legs around his waist and pulls her making her ch*st touching his … He slowly moves her hair from her shoulder and start sucking the water droplets der twinkle starts ruffling his hair with one hand and rubbing his nape with one hand while kunj hands were moving on her bare legs sensually which are on his waist …
Kunj leaves her shoulder and start moving his lips on her neck pulling her towards him more and more …There is no gap between them … Kunj hands slowly moves towards rope of the bathrobe and he slowly opens it … He start kissing her Clea**ge.. all the while twinkle was moaning his name … Kunj slowly gets up from the stool and carries twinkle to the bed ( guys both are still in the same position ).. and slowly both lays on the bed still Twinkles leg around his waist …. Kunj captures her lips for a sweet kiss both starts nibbling each other lips and biting each other lips tasting juices of their lips … While kissing kunj removed her bathrobe and twinkle also to remove his shirt .. now twinkle is in her inners ..Twinkle pulls kunj towards her and she start to kiss his chest making him to moan …. Twinkle takes her leg from kunjs waist and switches their position kunj beneath twinkle …. Twinkle is kissing and biting his chest and kunj is moaning her name she slowly comes to his face and starts kissing all over his face and she places her soft lips on his rough ones …. Kunj squeezes twinkles bare waist making her to moan taking this as a advantage he enters into her mouth exploring every corner of her mouth …
While kissing kunj slowly switches their position now twinkle is under kunj … After 20 mins they stop kissing due to lack of oxygen ….. Kunj again start kissing her neck …. Twinkle is moving her hands on his bare back ….. (Guys it’s enough …… They shud not go ahead before marriage ????? Na )
Kunj left her neck … How is this punishment Mrs .Sarna asks kunj huskily. Twinkle without saying anything just hugs him to hide the blush … Don’t blush too much Mrs.sarna I can’t control myself … And I shud continue this again but with another step ahead says kunj winking at her ….

T: besahram …
K: yeah I am after looking at my hot s*xy wife … OK I shud leave now … If someone comes den it would become big problem saying this he gets up from the bed but twinkle holds his wrist
T: plzzzz kunj sleep here only tonight with me asks with a cute pout ….. Ab kunj ko kya chayiye other than this bumper offer(am I right ????) … He left his shirt on the floor and sleeps beside her .. kunj wraps his hand around her waist protectively and twinkles hands were on his chest
They were sleeping silently without uttering a word they were enjoying each other’s presence twinkle is making patterns on his chest while kunj is rubbing his hands on her shoulder … Both drifts to sleep after sometime in the same positions…
Next day
Sun rays peeped into a room wer our twinj are sleeping hugging each other … Sun rays falls on kunj making his sleep to get disturbed . he slowly rubs his eyes and opens them to see himself beside twinkle in her room … Kunj remember yesterday night a small curve appeared on his lips he slowly moves towards twinkles face and starts giving kisses due to which her sleep get disturbed …
Twinkle slowly opens her eyes and saw kunj who is kissing her .. kunj plzzzz leave me I shud go and u too shud leave
Wat soo urgent baby … Shall we do again wat we did yesterday says huskily …
No kunj ab nai after marriage .. says twinkle …
Plzzzz twinkle see we have 4 days for our marriage if we proceed with the next step also ntng will happen … U won’t become pregnant in 4 days .. says kunj making twinkle shock and she made a o face ???? … Chiii kunj wat r u speaking starts hitting him paly fully … While kunj was laughing …
Kunj takes the duvet from them and saw twinkle from top to bottom who is in her inners … Vaise Mrs . Sarna u look soo se*y like this says kunj making her blush … She immediately takes kunj shirt and wears it … Wat Twinkle yesterday I saw u like this Na den wats the problem now to show huh plzzzz remove that shirt and give me I shud leave … Saying this he starts unbuttoning the shirt and twinkle holds his hand no kunj I will go to washroom and after wearing my clothes I will give this to u den u can go..
K: no no I want now itself again he starts to unbutton while he was kissing her neck and he bites her neck hard due to this she screams loudly … he was kissing her but disturbed by rt voice who is knocking the door
Both twinj were shocked to hear rt voice from outside … Both composes themselves and wears der clothes ..
T: kunj plzzzz hide somewhere ab tuje papa dekliya tho problem hojayegi plzzzz
K:y shud I twinkle damad Hun ghar ke …

T: but now u r not Na plzzzz
K: ok says this and hides behind the door..
Twinkle goes and opens the door ..
T:gud morning papa
R: gud morning beta … Y u screamed beta
T: vo papa I saw a big lizard in the wash room so
R: vo but I know who is that lizard saying this he enters her room and saw all the things scattered on the ground …Gives death glare to twinkle … Twinkle gulps in fear … Kunj puttar I know u r here so plzzzz bahar ajao beta says angrily giving death glare to twinkle … Kunj doesn’t come
T: papa ap kya bol rahe hai kunj idar nai hai … With fear
R: vo aisa kya beta but I know kunj is here wer is he Shouts at twinkle … Twinkle eyes wer wet she starts to cry with fear …
R: kunj… Wer r u come or else the circumstances would be more worse if I caught u Shouts his lungs out …. Due this chink also comes der and asks wat happened … Rt tells everything
C: plzzzz uncle leave Na and also they are getting marry Na ..If they meet wat will happen
R: plzzzz beta u be quite … All the while twinkle was crying … Kunj was listening all this … Kunj was unable to take he came out from the door and goes near twinkle and wipes her tears …
Both twinj were standing with their bowed heads and rt with a grt and chinki with shock ……
Screen freezes
So guys hope I reached ur expectations
Plzzzz ignore grammatical errors and typing errors if any … No proof reading
Keep smiling
Loads of love

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    Today after 4 day’s I opened TU and the first story I read was Urs ??

    Love U So Much di ❤❤❤

  3. Thank u soo much Nisha for reconsidering ur decision on our request….m soo happy to c u back…regarding the episode it was fab and as always u have written it brilliantly 🙂

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    Thank you so much Nishu telling me my value. I thought you guys understand me nd my situation but no I was wrong I was completely wrong. You nd some other writers(I won’t mention their name) think ki main jaanbujhkar comments nahi karti but this is not true I’ve lots of responsibilities lots of problems too nd have very hectic schedule so don’t get time to read nd comment. If read then I surely do comment. You can check anytime main jab bhi comment karti hun sabki ff par karti hun otherwise kisi par nahin bcz tab main TU visit nahi kar rahi hoti hun. Even I don’t get some writers comments on my ff but I saw their comments on others articles specially who are personally attached to me but still I never complain bcz I think maybe I’m not as good as they are that’s why they don’t read mine or they are busy but I never ask anyone why they don’t comment I never asked you too thought you also rarely comment on my articles. Bcz I don’t want anyone do something for me being forced. But today by saying that you don’t trust me you’ve hurt me truly. Today I’m feeling like I’m your friend just for to read nd comment on your ffs nd not only yours but some other’s too. Baby is the only girl I’ve forced for something or scold or complain with nd also Ramya bcz they know me, understand me completely. Today for the first time I feel like cry while seeing someone’s rudeness. I know my words have hurt you but for the first time I’ve opened up myself bcz I was really hurt.

    Anyways episode was superb as always. Twinj romance was awesome. Loved it so much. Nd don’t worry I’ll not stop reading or commenting on ffs. Padhungi toh surely comment karungi but thoda late ho jayega.

    1. Baby

      didu that’s not forcing u never forced me okiee or complains voh apka haq hai aap mere dii hoo sooo aisaaa mat kaho please u never forced me okieiee and yup app merko kabhi bhhii scold kar skte ho soo aisee mat kaho ♥
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