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Episode 35
@ night
Twinkles room
Twinkle is sitting on the bed with a bright smile she is thinking abt her and kunj’s moment and her cheeks were red due to continuous blushing and her thoughts broken by her ringtone of her phone .. after looking at the called id her happiness knew no boundary .. .. immediately without wasting time she received the call
In ? conversation
T:hi baby ( with full excitement and happiness )
K: hi meri jaan … Vaise meri jaan seems more happy wats the matter
T: han baby I was waiting for my would be monkey hubby’s call sarcastically
K: wat did u say u called me monkey ????
T: huh its true Na ???
K: den monkeys hone wali biwi bi monkey hai ?????
T: hwwww kunj u called me monkey ???.. I am not monkey u r monkey
K: no u r
T: no u r
K: no u r
T: no u r
K:yes I am
T: huh yes I am (unknowingly )
K: dekha tum khud man lia ki tum Bandar ho … Monkey .. monkey … Monkey ..Laughs
T: kunj don’t call me monkey ?????..
K: no I will twinki monkey … Wow kya naam hai twinki monkey …. Hahahahaah ?????
T: kunj ??????? thik hai I will not talk to monkeys I am leaving byee saying this she was abt to hang the call but stopped by kunj’s voice
K: baby stop ok I am sry plzzzz don’t hang the call … Plzzzz baby see I am holding my ears tooo ????.. plzzzz Na says cutely ..
T: hmm ok
K: baby u come to ur balcony

T: ok saying this she goes to balcony and looks at kunj who is in his balcony and smiles endlessly and waves her hand with excitement and she is jumping like a small kid who is going to eat her/ his favorite chocolate after long time …
K: babe calm down I am here itself don’t jump like that
T: han baby I know it’s excitement to see u …
K: han had ur dinner baby
T: han I had n u
K: had baby… But I am missing ur bread jam ?????
T: hwwww kunj ????tum bi Na … If u want I will get ????
K: making faces no no baby I was just pulling ur legs … I can’t eat that again ??????
Twinkle laughs by looking at kunj ..Kunj wat abt ur project … Approve ho gay kya??
K: huh twinkle almost done
T: wow kunj that’s a grt news … Congo my baby???. Gives him a flying kiss..Here kunj acts like catching it and touches it on his chest ….And he too does the same ..
Like this both twinj were talking with each other all night … It was 6 in the morning
K: ok baby I shud go for a jog I will ttul byee saying this he gives her kiss????
T: ok baby she tooo gives kiss????
Both twinj goes to their room twinkle feels sleepy and she goes to her bed , drifts to sleep in no time …
Here kunj goes for jogging and he returns in no time , he gets ready and goes for office after having his breakfast….
Ushar and rt goes to pandit to fix the marriage date … Pandit says that after 5 days there is gud muhurt .. ushar and rt felt very happy after hearing this … They called twinj and informed abt this … Twinj were so happy that the distance between them is going to disappear after 5 days and no one can separate them now .. they were smiling endlessly ?????????.

@ evening
Twinkle is working in kitchen just den she heard a voice which is familiar to her and she transformed her gaze to that direction and she felt very happy after looking at the person standing front of her … She runs to that person and gives a bone crushing her
T: she breaks the hug and says u idiot ab yad aya e Teri frnd huh chinki ????(with fake anger).. (so guys it’s chinki her best childhood frnd .. she was in abroad during twinjs marriage but she know everything abt wat happened in twinjs life … Because twinkle was in touch with chinki and she was sharing each and everything with her )
C: sry Na twinkle I was busy in my work and ur jiju was also not der in India he went to abroad for an important meeting so sab kuch mei hi handle karni thi isiliye but ur jiju returned back just toady mrng and immediately I came to u …..See Khan pakarke sry bol rahi Hun twinki deko Na baby
T: hmm ok I forgave u ……She hugs her
C: vaise twinki I heard that u and jiju are getting married again ..
T: han chinki slightly blushing
C: awwwww blushing looing so cute twinki …
T: chup raho kuch bi bolti ho tum ..
C: accha twinkle jiju kaise hai I didn’t see my jiju show me his photo Na atleast ( guys twinkle didn’t show kunj to chinki )
T: ok come saying this she takes her to room and shows kunj’s photo
C: wow twinki he is so handsome .. hot ?????? and I missed him yar twinkle muje shaadi nai hote Na mei use udake le jati thi yar ..
T: hwwww chinki don’t u dare he is only mine
C: awwwww itni possessive ???
T: ha he is only mine … Btw he will not come with u y because he love me ….
C: itni confidence abt him
T: yeah chinki he loves me very much … He is grt lover .. and no one can be like him his caring , love.. for this reason I have fallen for him ,he taught me a real meaning of love ..
C: I am happy for u twinkle really u got kunj jiju in ur life don’t leave him again twinkle u r soooo lucky to have him in ur life saying this she hugs her while hugging she saw a mark on twinkle’s neck … Twinkle wats this asks twinkle pointing to that mark ..
Twinkle remembers yesterday’s incident and she was smiling remembering her moment with kunj … Chinki was lil confused but understood after sometime and she jerks Twinkle to get her into senses ..
Twinkle I am asking u something .. says chinki …
T:yar chinki der r so many mosquitoes here so they bite me
C: vo I know who is that mosquito but it’s not fair u r calling my jiju as mosquito huh
T: kya … Wat r u saying I am not getting stammering
C: yeah I know u understood everything don’t act smart I can see that red cheeks saying this she starts tickle her ..
Twinkle to escape from her she runs downstairs … Chinki follows her just den rt comes der
R: kya ho raha hai yaha pe
Both chinkle looks at rt .. hi uncle .. how r u asks chinki
R: I am fine beta and thanks for coming here I was thinking to call u to be with twinkle till her marriage gets over
C: uncle plzzzz don’t thank me vaise she is my frnd and how can I miss my frnds marriage that to she is marrying my jiju again specially for me …
R: for u ????

C : yeah I was not der for her marriage Na that’s y god gave me another chance to enjoy in my besti’s marriage
R: ok beta I will be back after sometime …Beta can u stay here only until her marriage gets over if u want I will take permission from ur husband
C:no no uncle I will ask him and I will be here
R: ok beta says this and goes from der…
T: ok chinki I will prepare dinner for us u just go and freshen up and come soon.
C: ok baby huh dyaan se don’t spoil the food in my jiju’s thoughts ..
T: chinki saying she is abt to beat her before that she runs from der …pagli says twinkle
Twinkle goes to kitchen and starts preparing dinner but she is thinking abt chinki ‘s words and her teasings…. She was engrossed in her thoughts just den she felt two hands wrapping her waist
T: baby plzzzz wat r u doing koi a jayega .. leave me saying this she turned but shocked to see chinki standing der ..With a sheepish look
C: aww baby leave me … I said Na twinkle to cook without thinking abt my jiju ..
T: it’s ntng like that … Tries to avoid topic.
C: aise hi hai now i came to know that jiju is so romantic and he made u romantic …
Chinki says twinkle and starts running behind her ..
Here kunj is calling twinkle continuously but she is not replying because she left her phone in the room ……
K: wat happened mei tho idar Mar raha hun to talk to her but madam ko time hi nai milrahi hai mujse bat karne keliye ….. I shud think smtng an idea strikes his brain and he smirks .. I am coming meri jaan ..
Here chinkle and rt all had their dinner and dispersed to their respective rooms but twinkle was cleaning her kitchen ..
Here kunj comes to taneja mansion and abt to ring the bell but .. kunj wat happened to u I can’t meet or look twinkle until our marriage gets over I can’t go by main door but I shud twinkle at any cost … Kunj think something says kunj … Just den he saw a ladder near by and he takes that and connects it to twinkle ‘s room balcony..And he starts to climb … Twinkle see tujse Milne keliye kitna mehanat karna pad rahi hai .. but tum tho ek call bi nai Kia … call tho chod ek msg tak nai Kia … I will tell u wat kunj Santa is … Saying this he climbs the ladder with much difficulty and enters room..
Twinkle too comes to room after sometime she enters room and shuts the door and she saw kunj standing in front of her and gets shocked ..
T: kunj wat r u doing at this time ..
K: pehele tum e batao ki tum mera call ki reply kyu nai dia ..
T: calls???? Wen did u call
K: hwwww Twinkle u just check ur phone u will get to know
Twinkle takes her phone and saw 100 missed calls and 150 msgs from kunj .. sry kunj I was with my frnd and I forgot to take my phone …
K: vo den she is more important than me Na den go u spend time with her .. I am no one to u Na go saying this he goes to balcony to go but stopped by Twinkle …
Twinkle back hugged him and says sry Na baby plzzzz forgive me .. ab tum kya bolegi vahi karungi…
K: turned and says sach mei … Think before u say twinkle r u ready to do anything that I instruct u ..Says huskily
T: yeah I will
K: think r u ready winks at her and saying this he moves slowly towards her while she goes backward and and ……
I wind up here guys .. I know u all r angry at me but wat to do if u ppl want romance in next part so do comment ..(white , black ,green and multi color mailing ???????)
Hope I reached ur expectations…
Plzzzz ignore grammatical errors and typing errors no proof reading
Keep smiling .
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