Hi my dear lovelies ….How r u all ND I know this track is boring right OK I will end it very soon ..
Let’s start with the episode
Kunj comes to his room and calls Alisha
K: hi Alisha
A: hi baby
K: today I am soo happy that ur parents hve agreed to our marriage ..
A: wat r u saying kunj I am not getting
K: Alisha just now mom told that ur parents had agreed to our marriage that’s what I’m saying..
A: no kunj ur parents hasn’t come here..
K: wat ????but mom told that ur parents had agreed to our marriage and they have already started preparations
A:no kunj u just confirm it.
Kunj say OK ND cuts the call .He goes down and search for usha just den he notice usha who is in the kitchen and goes near her and says
K: ma u said that u went to Alisha’s home asked her parents abt our marriage right den y she is saying that u haven’t gone der…..
U:one min kunj wat did u say ?? U love Alisha???!!!! Who is she now ???
Other side
Alisha calls cherry and narrates whole story and cherry tells her to not to take tension ND ends the call ND she is waiting for kunj’s call very desperately..
K:ma Alisha is the one whom I am loving!

Usha was in shock ND sry kunj I thought u love Maya so from beginning I was thinking to get marry u ND Maya ND ur papa also thought abt this only so we went to Maya’s home and we fixed ur alliance with Maya
K:did Maya agreed for it ????But she knows everything abt me ND Alisha den how could she agree for this marriage
U:no kunj wen we went to talk abt this alliance Maya wasn’t in home she went to Delhi ..
K:den wat to do ma I love Alisha ND I can’t imagine my life without her plzzzz ma u talk to papa ND cancel this marriage ..
Usha calls manohar ND tells abt this ND he agrees for kunj marriage with Alisha..

Next day both manohar nd usha went to Maya’s home nd tells abt the misunderstanding they had …Maya father also agrees for this den ushar left to sarna mansion nd informs kunj abt the same …
Now kunj was hell happy but he thought to give surprise to Alisha so he thought to go for Alisha’s home nd he drove off to Alisha’s home
Alisha home
Alisha was sitting on Cherry’s lap nd both were kissing each other just den kunj reach Alisha’s home nd he was shocked by looking at the scenario nd he was glued at that position itself his eyes were now watery nd red due to anger he wasn’t understanding how to react …Just den Alisha says …Now I don’t know wat will happen I thought to marry kunj nd after marriage I thought to snatch his property but now our plan has become upside down.
C: don’t worry baby everything will be fyn that kunj will do anything for u he will handle everything y because he is such a fool to love u….
Here kunj was in full anger by listening der conversation nd he called Alisha
K:hey Alisha wer r u baby …
A: hey baby I am at home with my sis nd wat abt our marriage (still she is sitting in Cherry’s lap)…
K:ya I told ma abt us she agreed nd all misunderstanding had sorted out now no worry’s we can marry…With fake smile nd cuts the call
Alisha tightly hugs cherry nd says baby now our plan is going to be success nd I am sooo happy that kunj parents have agreed for marriage now I can snatch kunj’s. Money .. just den she hears clapping sound she turned her face to see kunj in front of her nd she was in great shock she immediately stands from Cherry’s lap nd says kunj ..
K:wow great Alisha u r with ur sis right |||den is this ur sis????(with full anger)
A:Ku……n..j we….N d…id u.cooo…Mme(stammering)..He is my bro..chattttak…Kunj slaps her hard…Here cherry nd Alisha both are in shock den cherry comes to beat kunj but kunj beats him black nd blue nd comes to Alisha nd say
K:u bl***y u cheat on me I loved u unconditionally but u betrayed me because of money u don’t DESERVE my love just get lost …He was abt to go but Alisha catches his wrist
A:no kunj try to understand I love u really .
Kunj jerks his hand nd don’t u dare to say do u get that …Says this nd left from der nd reaches sarna mansion he was like lifeless body usha notices him nd comes to him
U:kunj wat happened is everything fyn ???
Kunj hugs usha nd cries nd says ma Alisha betrayed me she loved my money not me …
U:wat r u saying beta come u just come here nd sit …They both sits on near by sofa kunj places his head on usha’s lap nd he cries by remembering Alisha’s betrayal .
Kunj don’t cry u will get better girl other than Alisha u r destiny is decided by god so u don’t feel bad …U will get ur true love very soon

One week later
Kunj was sitting in his room like lifeless body he was thinking about Alisha just den usha enters nd sits beside him
U:beta for how many days u will be like this we can’t see u in pain plzzzz u don’t be upset nd we brought u an alliance I have full trust that the girl whom I have selected she will be the medicine for ur wounds given by Alisha ….Plzzzz beta u shud move on in ur life for me nd papa plzzzz
K:ma but…
U:no buts nd ifs u shud marry her
K:OK ma as ur wish …
U:by the way her name is twinkle ..
Kunj pov: I shud marry this girl for my parents …I can’t make them sad again wen I said abt my nd Alisha’s love they agreed immediately without asking any questions they trusted me very much so its my turn to keep them happy …Ya kunj u have to marry that girl
Pov ends ..
Fb ends

Present :
Now kunj was in tears nd twinkle’s hand on his shoulder consoling him
T:plzzzz kunj I am sooo sry I shouldn’t have shown this to u really I am a stupid to ask u..Now u don’t be upset she won’t DESERVE u that’s it ..
Screen freezes on both kunj nd twinkle’s face

I think I gave u big one I know it was boring plzzzz bear me
Love u all
Keep smiling

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  1. Sohi

    Hey nishu di u know I was soo happy to see you ur ff
    Finally fb has ended and now we can get twinj

    Waiting for the next update
    Do continue

    1. Nishuu

      Tq soooo much chinnu
      Love u dear?????????❤?❤❤?❤

    1. Nishuu

      Tq soooo much poornima
      Love u dear ??????❤?❤?❤??❤?

  2. Presha

    Thank u thank u thank u diiiiii..
    Loved this..
    So emotionsl..
    Post soon….
    Love u…

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooo much bujji
      Love u my dear ????❤❤?????????

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooo much dear
      Love u ??????❤???

  3. Ramya

    Awesome akka amazimg
    Just superb
    Kunj has done nice thing to that alisha
    But how dare u to say this is boring
    U very well know that I love it
    Please don’t end it
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Nishuu

      Tq soooo much ammu
      Ammu I said that I will end this fb track not ff ammu this fb was quite boring right so I told like that ….
      Love u soooo much ammu ????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Nishuu

        And ha I will continue this ff for u ppl ammu so don’t worry

  4. Sameera

    Wow yaar Nishu di amazinggggg ..
    Loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much ??????????…
    Loved the flashback felt bad for kunj …
    Now the real story begins ..can’t wait for next one ??????..
    Post soon plzzz

    1. Nishuu

      Tq soooo much Sam
      Love u my dear ????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Nice episode ❤️❤️???felt bad for kunj ???
    I hate alisha?
    I hope twinkel understand Kunj values
    Post soon plz
    It’s not boring I loved it❤️

    1. Nishuu

      Tq soooo much dear
      Love u ????❤❤

  6. Anshikajainn

    Diiiiiii it was just awesome❤❤❤

    1. Nishuu

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      Love u MERI sissi ???❤❤???❤????❤???

  7. Nice episode

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooo much dear
      Love u ??❤❤??

  8. chepo alisha….
    poor kunj felt very bad for him..
    Aur next epi se Hume twinj scenes milengi yipeee
    can’t wait
    please post next asap

    1. Nishuu

      Tq soo much dear
      Love u sooooo much????❤❤

  9. Awww feeling sad for kunj… But happy that from now the really story will start… Excited for upcoming epi…. Plzzzz post nxt asap…. Luv u …. Byeeee…. Tc…

    1. Nishuu

      Tq sooooo much dear
      Love u ??????❤???

  10. Baby

    nishuuu diii ♥
    humarko daante rehte ho agar hum boring bole apne writings ko or khudke writings ko jiske aas pass boring shabd bhatakta bhi nahi hai kunki aapkii writing mortiens pray jo hai boring ke liye uhhh m soo bad at it…..♥
    still or aap boring khe rhea ho………huh m angry wid u …….
    aapko kisne kaha its bboring ♥
    u knw I love ur writings ♥
    srsly dey are just something which cures me and makes me smile……..♥
    its was really beautiful ♥
    osm s♥
    speechless ♥
    marveleous ♥
    emotional ♥
    happy finally back to present ♥
    loved it ♥
    love u soooo mch meri dii ♥
    plsss plsss post soon kunki merko 😉 pata hai u are free hahahahaa…….. 🙂
    love u ♥

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