Destiny Made To love You…. Introduction


Hi guys…. This is my first ff… Hope you will enjoy this…. Sorry for my grammatical mistake…. Please comment n I hope I will not disappoint you

Let me start my ff intro
Swara rathode(shona)- Ragini’s sister. Younger daughter of Shekhar and Sumi. Bubbly… Caring… Loving…modern.

Ragini Rathode- Swara’s sister. Elder daughter of Shekhar and Sumi. Caring… Modern..

Aayan- Brother of SwaRagini and son of Shekhar and sumi. A business man. Also a vampire.

Shekhar- father of SwaRagini and Aayan. Husband of Sumi. Owner of Rathide &Co. A vampire.

Sumi- Mother of SwaRagini and Aayan. Wife of Shekhar. Owner of multi fashion company. A vampire.

Laksh maheshwari(lucky)- brother if Sanskaar and son of Durgaprasad(dp) and Anjali(Anju). A handsome hunk…dashing.. A vampire.

Sanskaar maheshwari(sanky)- brother of Laksh and son of Dp and Anju. A vampire…. Cool… Dashing.. Handsom.

Arha- sister of SanLak and daughter of Dp and anju.

@morning in maheshwari mansion
A guy is seen playing guitar in morning disturbing everyone’s sleep.
All comes there and ask him
Dp-what the hell is wrong with you Sanky??

And the guy is revealed he is our Sanskaar.
San- oh papa! See the time. It’s already 7 and you all r sleeping till now.
Anju- OMG. It’s all ready late. I will go n fresh up now.
Dp- oh sorry San. All were really tired after party so didn’t wake up.
San- it’s OK papa. Go get ready now. It’s time to take rose essence.
Dp- arrey! Actually I forgot. Let me go n get ready. Where is that idiot???
San-he is sleeping. I will wake him up.

@SR mansion(swaragini mansion)
Sumi- Shekhar today is our Ragini birthday. If she was here it would be awesome.
Shekar- we will find them. They will return back to us. I miss my SwaRagini.
Sumi-even I miss my Shona and Ragu.

Sanskaar comes to his room and pours water on bedsheet. A guy’s shots what the hell is wrong with you. Get lost.
And the face is revealed. He is our lucky.
San-its all ready 7. Get up.
Lucky- oh no.. Let me sleep for some more time.
Arha- lucky, lucky, papa is coming get up

Listening to this Lucky woke up in suddenly n went to get fresh.
San- good job didi. Thank God he got up.
Arha- go get ready Sanskaar.

Laksh comes out n scolds both of them for spoiling his dream.

San-Ragini sorry lucky, papa would have scolded u.
Arha- drama king. Plz forgive us n go get ready.
Laksh- k,this time I will forgive u but not next time.
Be careful.
San and Arha- fine leave now.

All get ready and leave MM.

@essence therapy
All maheshwari family members go to a cave and take their monthly rose essence.
While returning they see Shekhar, Sumi, Aayan and they walk towards them.

Dp- good morning, what a pleasant surprise.
Shekhar-good morning Dp. Happy. U gave me a surprise.
Sumi-namaste how are u anju ji??
Anju- I’m good. What about you?
Sumi-not so good.
Shekar-wo actually we are missing our daughters.
Anju-dont worry u wil definitely find them. And u wil be happy with ur daughters.
Sumi- on that hope, still I’m alive.
Dp- dont loose your hope.
Rp- Ya actually bhaiya is right.
Sujatha- Sumi ji, u wil find ur daughters soon.

Actually Rp(ram Prasad is Dp’s brother and Sujatha is his wife. They live with Dp. They don’t have children so, they look after Sanskaar n cares him)

Next episode…..
Our SwaRagini’s enter…fight between Swara and Laksh….. Friendship bw Ragini and Sanskaar.

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  1. Shrilatha

    It’s good it ragsan ..tell the pairs

  2. AMkideewani

    Superb, do reveal the couples soon

  3. Saeedah

    @sahana_sr_reddu (#)
    Intresting hoping for a good upcoming story.
    Best of luck!

    1. Saeedah

      P.S I am sure willing to read if it is SwaSan. 💘

  4. it SWASAN or ragini and sanskar??

  5. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Thank you guys… Even I didn’t think about Pairs. Soon I will reveal….. With loads of luv

  6. Seebu_s

    If this is swasan n raglak…i’m in😁all the best dear…

  7. nice is it ragsan

  8. nyc i want swasan and raglak

  9. hw nic if d pair r raglak n swasan…

  10. Sahana_sr_reddu

    Please say me whom to make pairs….a bit confused…..

  11. Kakali

    I will be so glad reading your further episodes IF it’s based on REAL couple SwaSan & RagLak …!!
    Welcome to SR family Suhana..!! Hope you enjoy here..!!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

  12. Anu

    dear first reveal pairs,! Before then i cant read!! Because i dont want to get hurt later!! So it will better to tell about pairs!!

    I want swasan as pairs!! But its totally ur wish whom uh want to make!!
    All the best

    1. Sahana_sr_reddu

      Guys I took chits for pairs…according to that I’m writing my story……sorry u may be disappointed with my pairs…n I will reveal that in my episode 4…

  13. A.xx

    amazing and hope it’s ragsan xx

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