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Destiny: My love for u? {few shots on ragsan} Prologue


Hey guys nixi or nixo here…..!! with a ragsan few shots….!! my first love ragsan this is the first pair ever I loved in sr…!! it grabbed me to watch sr…!! but couldn’t get time and after that u know that happened raglak got married….!! and then I became a die heart shraman fan but still it is the fact that I love ragsan so here I present few shots of ragsan..!!!’


I Ragini gadodia a spoilt brat and diva of the college is getting married to whom The bookworm nerd of the college sanskar maheshwari too boring right I hate to admit it I love laksh he is my first crush anyways but he and swara are in relationship urghhh another problem…!! my parents didn’t got probably any another choice..!! swara is lucky…!! oh god? Now wat to do I have to marry sanskar god knows? Now wat probably next is going to happen in my life…..!! life is full of problems and we must face them…!! right now looks like its my turn over there…!! hope so this marriage doesn’t work out….!!!!!!! I pray to god with almighty…!!but wat ‘s the use laksh will not leave swara and marry me right..!! so why to waste my time…!! god will know wat is stored in my destiny…!!
Prologue ends…!!

Okay finished right? Tomatoes chappals eggs slaps are all welcomed…!! but plz no ill language…!! I m new here so hope u love my few shots and support me then u will get more of my ragsan works there…!! rofl kidding hehe..!! so it’s a bye from nixi/nixo…!! love u all take care xoxo…!!
Next update: today if possible or Saturday /Sunday…!!

  1. Sherin


    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxx sherin..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muahhhh…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Silent_writer

    Yes seems diff continue

    1. Nixi18

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  3. AMkideewani

    Superb prolog

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  4. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic prologue
    Continue DEAR please
    Excited for the upcoming
    Waiting for the next one…………

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPP…!!!!!!!!!!!!! will continue for sure yup xoxo..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me too kinda excited wats next i am gonna wrote…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muahhhh love u lots….!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. SPP

        U r welcome dear
        And yeah love u too

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    awesome keep writing

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  6. Sreevijayan

    Nice prologue dear..loved it ..

    1. Nixi18

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  7. Lila

    Intresting. I am a big Ragsan fan. Fan no 1

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxx lila hi fi same pinch me too fan no 1 a big ragsan fan………..!!!

  8. Supeb dear.i loved ragsan too.update next part soon

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxx ammy me too love ragsan but like raglak too not bad huhh..!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m going throw tomatoes… Bcuz u said all r welcomed… Too gud promo… Nd no can dare to do this (throw tomatoes or eggs etc)… Superb… Plz update soon… Btw i was kidding I m not going throw anything

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxx Savi singh a lottttttt no plz save me haha i know ur kidding rofl talented me..!!!!!!! afterall i m the writer right?…!!!!!!!!!!! yup i know i being too bossy sorry for that…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will try for sure xXXXxxx…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muahhhhhh love u lots…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care xoxo…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Interesting… Would like to read

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  11. Nice keep going

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  12. Akshata

    Awesome and interesting too. loved ragsan

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxxxxx akshata same pinch me too love ragsan a lot but like raglak too idk umhhhh not bad couple….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i’ll definitely throw on u flowers for such a great prolouge hahahaaah update soon

    1. Nixi18

      thnx j i would love to flowers are my favourite i love them a lottttttt except carnivorous check….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will update today probably..!!!!!!!!!!!

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    awesome and interesting.

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