Destiny: My love for u? {few shots on ragsan} {First shot}


Hey guys nixi here with first shot of few shots….!!!! hope u guys will love this one too..!!!!!!
{First shot}:

I stepped down from my car in front of the gate of the college…!!! I took out my sunglasses and looked at everyone…!!!!! looks like everyone was gossiping about my and sanskar marriage oh god my reputation is at stake…!!!! I have to go there before it’s too late…!!!!!!!! she entered the college and saw laksh and swara sitting on a bike and swara lap on of laksh…!!!!!!!! I got kind a very much angry…!!!!!!! and I saw they with their gang teasing sanskar…!!!! I tightened my fist in anger…!!!!!!!! I straight away go there and shouted at them..!!!!! how dare u guys tease my would be fiancé? Laksh gave a death glare to sanskar..!!!!!! I saw him and go towards him why u care laksh ha u have ur so called girlfriend swara na and yes he is my would be fiancé so u and ur gang think twice before teasing him….!!!!!!! she hold sanskar hand tightly and left from there…!!!! laksh tightened his fist in anger..!!! swara make him calm and composed laksh smiled devilishly..!!!! and tell his whole gang a plan…!!!!! and they all smirked…!!!!!!!!!
The next day

Ragini was leaving from her class she was all alone..!!! when someone enters the class and closed the door…!!!!!! he came near and started touching her sensually….! she shouted u bl**** cheapo how dare u to touch me? The boy is revealed to be none other than laksh..!!!!!!! she stared him at disgust and full of rage and anger..!!!!!!! thooo laksh chi I never thought u could stop so low? I loved u truly u were my first crush..!! now I shame on myself for loving u….!!!!!! even sanskar is 10000000000000000 times better than u chi what I am thinking? He is a pious soul he can never be compared to u…!!!!!!!!!!! laksh spokes baby forget him we will be together na I will make u mine and u make me urs…!!!!!! leave that nerdy bookworm sanskar..!!!!!!

Ragini gives a tight slap to him and slaps him two three times more continuously…!!!!!!! laksh holds his cheek and stares her with full rage and anger..!!!!! he comes near her she closes her eyes in fear when she didn’t felt anything she opened her eyes slowly and saw him lying on the ground with full of red chilly sauce screaming in pain and for help..!!!! I saw sanskar in front of me..! he said run I stand there looking at him in amazed..!!!!! I never thought bookworm nerdy sanskar could do this too? …..!!!!!! He again shouted run..!!!!!! I realised and came out of my thoughts..!!!!! and hold his hand and ran away from the college at very fast speed..!!!!!!!!! we both burst out laughing..!!!!!! I thanked him he smiled at me I hugged him tightly..!!!!!! he too hugged me.!!!!!!!!! He dropped to me home I bid bye to him and left to my home..!!!!!!

So guys how was first shot? Tomatoes slaps slippers all are welcomed but please no ill language..!!!!!!!!! so it’s a bye from nixi..!!!!! Love u all muahhhh..!!!!! Take care…!!!!||..!!!!!!!!!

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