Destiny (love story) – Intro


Hie guys! This is my frst ff i hope you people will like it and you will support me!
This ff is mixed ff of shows of channel v
That is mastaangi d4 and sadda haq

I am starting with the intro please do comment if you want me to continue this!

Ria: A sweet innocent college going girl who lives with her elder sister Sanyukta she has two best frnds Anahita and Baby

Sanyukta: a very mature n intelligent girl looked after her younger sis like parents as lost her parents at a very early age

Anahita: A rich girl childhood friend of Ria. Can do anything for her frnds. Lives with Sanyukta and Ria as her parents live in London

Baby: she is an orphan and new in the college. She is very bold and strong and even emotional. She is a fantastic dancer and loves to dance

Karan:Most famous guy of college. Playboy. He lives with his two elder brothers Randhir and Veer. His parents live in Paris. His best friend is Mikhail

Randheer: eldest brother. He loves his family a lot and can do anything for them. Consider girls as week. Very intelligent. Bit egoistic.

Veer: boxing champ. Very notorious and aggressive. Loves his brothers the most. He and Karan are in same college. A vry frndly prsn!

Mikhail: dancer dude. Who lives in hostel as his parents were against his passion of dancing. He is very impulsive. Kind hearted. Concider Karan as his best friend

Suhani, Jignesh, Tara, Trumpet, Sonam, Amar, Netra, Harry, Dia, Sanya, Parth all are the supporting actors and their intro will be given with their entrance

Hope you guys like it!

Credit to: Ishita

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  1. Heyy plz continue dear cz I like sadda haq n d4 both…n ur intro is fab..plz cntnu…:-)

  2. nice dear…im so glad that many people started to write ffs on Sadda Haq…yeppy now we will get to read more ffs on SH after the show will end..

  3. Its lookin nice and yaa continue ur ff …..

  4. for anaita and veer i will read this ff

  5. plz make a correction its anaita not anahita so remove the H from her name

    i am a big fan of mastaanghi soecially anai

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