Destiny of love (IKRS) intro

This is pethu sri and you guys well known as kaviya?…..Hey guys, how are you friends? I hope you’re all doing great… and I am back with my new fan fiction. Some of our friends want me to write one more, so I came back to fulfill that and yes I took long break…. After my princess and my girl is a liar….. and now I am going to write “destiny of love” as my third fan fiction……?? it will be a fantasy and mysterious story…… and I know you guys are expecting something unique from me, so I tried something new….. Here below is first look and intro….

First look….
One girl wearing white gown and her hair is curled….. Slowly air is touching to her face and we are focuses her face bit by bit, she having one golden colour book in her hand and walking around the place….. At that moment finally she shows her face to us….yes she looks too beautiful na…. Then she narrates herself to us, I am volunteered to become an angel to finish my unfinished duties of my previous life ….. My term as angel is going to end in two months….. But in middle I was encounter that man…. After met that man some unusual things are happened to me….. Who is that man? She narrates like that and looks at us….scene freeze….. eisha as (angel, suman, dhaani)?
One room has to been shown, where one young man break all items in that room, and shouts at high pitch…. While he narrates to us…..Who I am? Who I am? I can’t remember myself…. Its driving me crazy….. Who is that girl? Why she want to be my side all time? What is happening around me? Please can anybody tell to me?……. He smashed everything and kneels down with crying face and puts his hand on head and screams ahhha……… mishal as viplav?
Dark place has been shown, where one man covering his face by black cloth… And smirks….. His eyes only shown to us….. He narrates to us; I want everything around viplav, money, love and etc etc… I can go any extreme to get that….. I am not bad I am just evil (my favorite tamil movie dialogue) I just used it for punch…. but his character is like that…. (villan)……??????❓❔
Story full and full role around this three characters…….

Eisha as (angel, dhaani, suman); She is a pretty and innocent angel, she having some super natural powers. She is the one who, unseen by human world….her powers are given below….
1. She can stop time ?for 1-5 seconds, 2. she can do teleport (disappear from one place and again appear in other place) 3. She can control all electromagnetic things and other things by her eye. 4. She can move faster than a light…
Mishal as Viplav; He is doing character as a memory lost patient….. Yes he has forgotten about his past as well as himself too…. You can see different viplav.
Arnav; Viplav’s uncle’s son, brother figure…. Living together at same house….
Dhasharath; viplav’s dadaji, very lovely person, loving his both grandson…. But when it’s come to viplav, he will be strict for some reason…. you can see little different dadaji and grandson relationship…..
Angels’ head; she is old granny, head of all angels…. She making sure that all angels doing their work properly…. Extra care about eisha as angel….
Raj; viplav’s good friend, running bakery shop…
Raj lakshmi; she is doing as raj wife….
Arnav parents; I am not given any name to them just I am going to mentioned arnav’s father and mother….
Taniya; viplav’s first love, just she come for one scene
If I add new character, I will inform earlier….


I am not going to tell about full story….. I give little intro, viplav’s father is a great businessman in Mumbai; viplav lost his parents when he was 4….. After that his dadaji was one who takes care of him as his guardian….. In middle viplav lost his memory…… what happened to him? Why he lost his memory? And he chance to meet one girl (eisha as angel) who she is?…. she keep following him…. villan is doing main role in their life. At last what happened to them….. This is a plot….. It’s going to be a mysterious and fantasy story….. Let’s check it out daily in telly updates
I try my best to cover all part comedy, little tragedy, pain, love, suspense and I add up some fantasy things….
I don’t know guys, were you all like it or unlike it…. whatever please share your views….. And feel free to do comment….. This fan fiction is only for you guys…. I knew lot of ff was posting at same time but no problem take your own time to read and do comment to all…. ??
Thank you! meet u all in comment box…..??

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  1. Angel20

    Omg when I saw your name I had a big smile on my face?☺☺ so you are finally back! And I am your great fan?? not yet read first thought to comment. Now going to read and then will comment. Bye?❤

  2. Angel20

    Wow I am so excited for it kaviya di??
    Eisha as angel?? and Viplav memory lost patient?? but it’s OK. I know you will give your best? and I want to tell you that I like all the ff writers and their stories but you are THE BEST!! Love you?❤ looking forward for another amazing ff by you❤

    1. Thank u maria, I am really happy my dear that you like my all ff. And I hope you would like this ff too….. I will update next part tommorow … Keep reading …. Love you too….?
      Oh god what happened to my cover picture its collapsed??

  3. Arshdeep

    First of all Welcome back didi??
    You very well know how much i loved your previous fan fiction “My girl is a liar”❤
    Just when i read your name i got so excited???was dancing with joy??
    Thank youuu soo much for coming back?? God bless you?

    A perfect intro and a beautiful title???
    Seems very very interesting and mysterious story?
    Aww…Our eisha as angel? and serious trauma with mishal han? I am sure Its going to be soo exciting??
    Looking forward for the episodes?

    All the very best didi
    I know you will nail it✌✌

    1. Thank you arsh for your warm welcome….? and yes destiny of love is something different from my previous ffs and it will be more interesting and lot of twist and turn is waiting for all…. So keep reading dear…..??……

  4. Latha

    Hai Kaviya superb intro????. I think Dhani is hyper active.. and our sweet memory loss viplav??? I think that punch is from Thani oruvan. I loved the intro very much❤❤ I am waiting for next episode…

    1. Hi latha, I think u r tamilan that’s why you found out movie name illa…. And thank you very much latha, keep reading….. I try my best to entertain you……??

      1. Latha

        Yes Kaviya naan tamilian.

      2. I am also tamilian latha, I am really happy to know that…..??

  5. Sujie

    Omg…… a warm welcome to you Kaviya …..with a big big hug……
    This is fantastic….. Keep going dear….and thank you for mentioning Mishal and Eisha…i know all tge ffs on IKRS are written keeping MiEisha in mind and I am telling this… b coz i do so ….love you for this

    1. Yes Big hug to you from my side sujie, really thank for your loving and supporting my dear, eisha and mishal was perfect pair so I have no choice….. And angel that word perfectly fixed for eisha na…… Thank you my dear, keep reading………??

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG OMG Finally u r back dear welcome loved ur other 2 FFs m sure this will be equally awesome I liked the concept something new love u 🙂

    1. Thank you joyee and yes its something new I hope you would like this…. Keep reading….? ?

  7. Oh kavya 🙂 .. I am very happy as u are back with a bang.. I had read ur previous ffs and I loved them alooot because they were incredibly awesome with unique stories but I was a silent reader at that time that’s why didn’t comment but now I will comment in each episode..
    Anyways this story is super amazing interesting and as usual unique.. Go for it!! waiting for the upcoming episodes 😀

    1. Oh maha I am glad that you like my previous ff….. Thank you very much.? keep reading and keep supporting….??

  8. Yet another story but this time our realistic writer made it a bit supernatural but no problem everything is fair in our vidhani romance na.hahaha.i was missing our misha jodi and old ikrs very much but now i think i can regain those wonderful moments with this lovely creative story of my Sri.i know u can create those magical moments of love and pain of love wonderfully.all the best Sri for this supernatural and extra ordinary luv story of our cute vidhani.keep rocking.

    1. And of course i am eagerly waiting for the destiny of love of an angel and man.i very well know that noone or nothing can seperate dhani from Viplav even if she is a Goddess.that’s all for now.hahaha.

      1. Saranya dear how rvu hood to see yr comments. Pl come back. Missed u a lot

      2. Dearest shri i am so excited. Good to see u back. As maria said even i like all ff writers but u r the bestest ?☺ seriously this concept is totally different only memory loss is like gazhni . I an so excited thar i want all story in one day only but i know patience pays?☺ so would eagrrly wait for it daily or whenever you a able to post it. Love yr writing. God bless u.

      3. Thank you renu….. Yes I am going to post daily so don’t worry, you can read daily….. Viplav is doing memory lost patient and his tremendous performance of the the character will be shown in the story…. I just gave some build up to his character, but he is too naughty and by side he is suffering with his past….. That will be clearly portrait in upcoming episode… stay tune…… Keep reading…..??

      4. Hai RENU and PORKODI,i am very glad that u remembered me and i have a place in ur heart.actually what’s happending is now i am watching this show only for Mishal and baby Vidha.ikrs has nothing left to show now,so usual bone in the meat kamini drama is going on.i hate her down from my heart and the current track too and above all i am busy too.but i’ll try to comment.

    2. Thank u saran, I thought you are busy with your studies but you came and commented here thank u my dear, yes the story move around with both leads and villan I hope you would like this different version of vidhaani… My both ff I used dhaani character as naughty, in this ff her character little different….. More interesting and mysterious story is waiting for you….. Keep reading??

    3. Porkodi

      Hey Saran happy to see u here… welcome back… pls come back to ikrs page also… missing ur funnniest comments…

  9. Shruthy

    Hi Kavitha. Thanks for your lovely stories first of all. You might not know me, I am quite new here but I have read your older stories also. Just to tell you that they were so great to read <3 and talking about this one, i'm just so excited. Cant wait for the upcoming episodes. 🙂

    1. Thank you shurthy, I am happy that you liked it…. And you too writing ff na, all the best and i will try to comment here….. Keep reading and keep writing……??

      1. Shruthy

        Not liked, I loved them all. ? Especially “My girl is a liar” like the way there was love increasing between both but still their arguments never stopped ??? Yes I am. Oh that’s so sweet but I dont want to force people to read ?
        Haha yeah you also keep writing everyday. ?
        Btw, I forgot to ask you something : what’s that Tamil dialogue you mentioned in the intro? I tried to search but couldn’t get it ? “Naan kettavan illa yeman” something like that?

      2. Oh shruthy so sweet of you…. Thank you very much for recalls “my girl is a liar” that was my wonderful journey had with you all….??
        And its from Tamil movie thani oruvan and its not Tamil dialogue…. That was English dialogue used by villan aravind sami I am not bad but I am just evil….. very smart ?villan role done by him…..
        i watched that movie three times only for him….?

      3. Shruthy

        Haha no problem. I got to read it only recently so still in my mind. 😉
        Thani Oruvan? Oh well I have watched it only once so I don’t remember the dialogues really xD but I loved the movie. Smart?
        LMAO really? Well people really loved his character a lot. In fact even my sister fell in love with Arvindsamy with that xD

  10. Porkodi

    Hi kavya… finally u came with rocking ff.. very happy to see u tu page….interesting plot… pls try to comment on ikrs page also… missing all old members. .

    1. Hi porkodi….. Thank u very much keep reading…..sure, I will try to comment daily…..???

  11. Mariyam123

    At last u r back with a brand new ff. But u came too late. Anyways the plot and intro is so interesting. I have no words to describe. I can just tell it’s just superb. Plz post the first episode today itself. Can’t wait for it.

    And sorry for the super late comment. I had read it yesterday itself but was lazy to comment. Sorry…

    1. No need to say sorry Louella, you always welcome and thank you very much…. I already posted Episode-1 and I don’t know when they are going to update….? I think it will be update soon…. Keep reading….?

  12. Hiii remember me?????when I saw ur name I was dam happy……..the intro was ncz…waiting for epi……

  13. Hiii remember me?????when I saw ur name I was dam happy……..the intro was ncz…waiting for epi……do u remember me ????

  14. I used to wait for ur ff when I saw ur I was dam happy….gona .spend some time for us now….tell ur timming when u r gona post…..

  15. Hey will u see Korean serial….eisha serial character is like the girl from high school love(Korean serial)on heroin…I dnt know whether u will c r nt…it’s similar like dat…..if u dnt c dat….ur creativity is level have reached high…and became a director…..dat too like a Korean director…… hope u will rpy….

    1. Hey ramya or riya I am just confused about your name…. And yes I watched lot of Korean dramas frankly says I am addicted to k-series…. And again big yes you found out correctly, yes I took dhaani character from high school love on, her intro scene same like as…. But story is totally different. I get inspired by two dramas 49 days and high school love on…. These dramas based on angel concept….. I want to write different from them…. So its totally different plot…. Stay tune and keep reading…. Thank u very much ramya I am fully exited after seeing your comments….??….. I want all Indian serial make that way like koreans without dragging ??

      1. I wonder how u found me….sry yaar my name s Ramya.i totally forgot dat I used riya….after cng ur comment only I remember dat I used riya…..yep all Indian serials r boring and dragging I used to c lots of Korean serial glad dat u too c…..may I know how u guessed riya…..can u tell me plzz

      2. I love to watch kseries I have 10kseriez……… waiting for NXT epi…..

      3. Ramya aka riya its really simple pa, you’re the only one who commented frequently to one another one at my previous ff… I found out…. And my memory power little strong I remember everyone who commented in my ff?
        And don’t be she shock I had watched more than fifty dramas and in my laptop I stored my 20 favorite dramas??….. And I will update soon OK….

      4. Happy dat u remember me…I am really glad… Super ya…..dnt know wat drama to c…can u suggest something???ur favorite…..kseries…. I have cn my love from star,high school Pinocchio,i can hear ur voice,heirs,to d beautiful u,u r beautiful,playfull kiss,boys over flower,secrect garden,m aster sun,d Minn embracing d sun,h eartstrings….other than dis suggest something….. something best….ur fav….

  16. OMGGG!!!u r back with a new ff na.when I saw ur name than I started to read it interestingly.can u remember me.that tamil this ff.good plot.can’t wait for the next part plz post it soon as possible.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Midarshani how could I forget about you, eppadi irukinga sri Lanka Tamil ponnu….. I never forget you dear….?? love to see your comment….?keep reading and I already posted next part…. It will be update soon….. ?

      1. I think u have mixed my love from star also….mixture of kseries in an ff I am exited to read more…….

      2. I think you opened my laptop and seen everything illa…. How could you found out that I add up my love from the star…. By eisha ‘s power?

      3. Then I am rgt…..ya by wish powers only I found out….it’s ncz to c……after a long time happy to comment and chat with u

      4. Sry by eisha powers

  17. Porkodi

    Congrats kaviya everybody is commenting here after seeing ur name in ff… Because of u all old ikrs fans came here and commented… kaviya u made some special place in our hearts…

    1. Ya made something spl in all our hearts…..d way u remember everything is stunning…I left astonished after saying u r riya r Ramya. ….. hats off….feeling overwhelmed with joy….hi everyone how r u guys……

      1. Thank u riya now I am overwhelming after seeing all comments….. Just feeling happy.??

      2. You said all my favorite, you should watch full house, 49 days, my girl friend is gumiho, you’re beautiful, to the beautiful you, city hunter, hiers, my girl, ma boy, dream high, my princesss, i miss you, faith , my lovely girl, roof top prince, good doctor, innocent man, gentle man destny, god my list is going on so many dramas are there you should watch those dramas…. It was really nice to watch….

    2. Oh porkodi after seeing your comment I had a big smile…. I have no words to describe my happiness…. Like that you said old members are commented here. I am really happy …..???

    3. I will sure to watch these serial before my collage opens….it opens at September and 3days s more than enough to watchone serial….

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