Destiny of love (IKRS) Final Episode – 19


Today is final episode, so directly I jumbed to the story ok?
The episode starts with, dhaani hand is fading….. viplav can’t grabs her hand….. Viplav can’t touch or feel her hand…. He realized that and tears were rolled over his cheeks….. Viplav is shattered…. And looking at dhaani in grief….. Vidhaani were staring at each other in dismay….tears were rolled around their cheeks…. Viplav is stunned… when dhaani say this is what who we really are, we are together but I have gone so far away from you, we can’t be together viplav just like an sun and moon…. Then viplav holds her both arms and asks in this word what happening to you dhaani….. Why you keep saying that you’re dead…. You’re standing in front of me…. you’re still alive dhaani trust in me….. don’t hear others words…. Just believe in my words…. Viplav have no guts to accept the truth… dhaani nodes no with teary eyes and says viplav I am dead that day, you have to believe that…. I am no more your dhaani…. viplav hears that and shouts why you’re lying to me…. why? I don’t believe…. My dhaani is alive…. I am not going to belive… he said like that and ran away from the place…. Dhaani can’t bear that pain, she sits in front of grave and cries in grief….
After, at viplav room he locked himself and struggle with his heart and brain…. His heart says dhaani is still alive and brain says she was dead because he seen her supernatural power by his eyes…. finally he recalls each and every scenes…. When she appears as suman and now confirms her dead as dhaani…. Raj words, arnav words( she was dead now being your side is her soul…. Now she is ghost) and ananya words (why you didn’t come to dhaani funeral? that night dhaani ran out from the hostel to see you but she came back without life…. Exactly what happened that day?) Those words all and cctv footage evidence all made him realized that dhaani was dead…. finally his mind won. viplav can’t endure that pain, he feels his heart is ribbing by pain.… viplav starts to hit his chest himself because of pain and he cries out loudly….. While he says I killed my dhaani! I killed my dhaani!….. like that he cried out loud….

Later on viplav gets up from the place and says himself I want to go with dhaani…. Then he takes one sharp knife and get ready to cut his hand…. He decided to kill himself in order to go back to dhaani… Viplav about to cut his hand, that time dhaani appears inside the room… she seem to be at his doing…. Dhaani runs towards him and tries to stop him…. but he doesn’t listen and says leave me dhaani I killed you; I deserved to die, let me die….. dhaani keep struggling with him, viplav won’t to let it easily… at one point dhaani lost her all patient and gives a tight slap to him…. viplav is come to sense and looks on with teary eyes… dhaani is realized that she was slapped him and looks at her hand with pain…. Then dhaani hugs him and says “it was not your fault” ” it was not your fault viplav”, it’s my fate what you could do about this…. you already had enough because of me. viplav were cries and hugs her back tightly and says I am sorry dhaani! I am sorry, I couldn’t able to protect you…. I am sorry for causing pain like this… dhaani hears that and nodes no…..Viplav cries out on her arms…. Viplav and dhaani cries out like that…. and their pain can’t define by any words

Later viplav lays his head on dhaani’s lap…. Dhaani keep caress his hair with teary eyes…. tears were rolled around from viplav eyes… dhaani keep wipes his tears…. in a while viplav fell asleep on dhaani’s lap…..????? after few hours he wakes up from sleep and realized dhaani is not around him…. viplav is scared to death that she left him alone in this world…. So he rushes to search for dhaani and goes to terrace…. At terrace dhaani is standing alone, viplav comes and seems at her…. he runs towards her and hugs her tightly…. Dhaani looks on with teary eyes… then viplav says you can’t leave me, no matter whether you’re ghost or human…. Just stay with my side…. As long as you’re in front of me it’s enough for me…. don’t leave my side dhaani…. dhaani hears that and nodes “yes” with tears… dhaani have knew if she didn’t return with her angel book…. She would face another death that she might disappear in thin air, if her soul exits then no way her to return back to the world…. When she knowing about everything, she won’t to hurt him again…. so dhaani is nodding that she will stay with him… viplav let her free from the hug and looks at her, both were staring at each other in grief…

Then viplav says tomorrow I will end arnavs matter… dhaani hears that asks what? viplav seems at her and says don’t worry I won’t kill him…. like you said I will expose him to this world…. Dhaani looks on…While raj lakshmi enters to the atmosphere…. Viplav wipes his tears and looks on… RL says that till raj doesn’t come to home… viplav hears that and says I’ll get him back and asks RL to don’t worry… then he looks at dhaani, she signs to go…. viplav leaves the place… dhaani looks on with teary eyes….
At road side viplav is searching for raj…. He could not find raj…. Viplav walking on the platform and looking around for raj…. While all of sudden viplav collides with one old woman…. She about to fall that time viplav holds her and asks are you ok dadi…. She says yes and looks on… viplav also looks on….. That granny said something to him….. What she said? And who is that old woman… for knowing that keep reading…. It will show in middle…. After their meeting…… Later viplav were sitting on road side bench…. He looks on miserable with teary eyes…. That time his phone rings….. He picks the phone…. In phone RL says that raj was returned back to home… viplav hears that and doesn’t say anything and ends the call….. that night passed out…..
Next morning at viplav office…. All of sudden police enters to office and goes to arnav cabin…. Arnav looks at them and under shell shocked… he asks what’s that matter? One cop replies we are here to arrest you MR. Arnav tripathi…. He hears that and smirks…. Then he asks what you said…. Again that cop replies yes sir, MR. viplav tripathi registered complaint against you…that five years ago you planned to do bank robbery in his company and when viplav come to know about your plan followed by you tried to kill him many times…. Arnav hears that and asks do you have any evidence against me?…. whereas one voice says yes I have… yes it’s our viplav…. he comes inside with dhaani and raj… then viplav says I have evidence against you bhai…. Arnav looks on…. Then viplav calls someone….. One person enters to the atmosphere…. Arnav seems at him and gets shocked…. then he calls dad! You?…. yes its arnav’s father…. Flash back shown to us…. Five years before viplav got call from one person as his well wisher and says truth about arnav and his plan ( bank robbery) when viplav asks that person to meet with him…. that person aggreed… viplav and that person meet at one place…. After seeing that person face, viplav’s shell shocked…. Because it is arnav’s father, who had well learned about his own son…. Viplav asks uncle thum? Arnav’s father says yes it’s me viplav …. The he says beta I am sorry for arnav wrong doing…. Viplav holds his hand then asks why you should? arnav’s father explained how he found out arnav plan by his mobile conversation with varun… viplav hears that and tears were filled with his eyes…. viplav asks why him? why arnav bhai? Arnav’s father asks him to forgive this one time, then says arnav have no one in this world after his ma and me…. you’re the only one he have as brother… viplav looks on with teary eyes…. f.b end…. At present viplav looks at arnav and says that day I forgave you for his words but you again stabbed me back…. but not anymore…. Arnav looks on…. Arnav father asks why you’re like this arnav….. Arnav is looking at him with hopeless…. Arnav’s father remain silent for his son sake…

Police were arresting varun first and about to arrest arnav…. while he takes out gun from his court and puts viplav’s head…. He twist viplav’s hand and point gun at his head… then he threaten the police to go back otherwise I’ll shoot him…. dhaani seems that and shouts viplav…. arnav seems that and give force to his gun button… dhaani looks on with teary eyes and she about to go forward to save viplav…. but viplav shouts stay away dhaani its my promise… just stay away… because dhaani can’t reaveal her power infront of everyone…. Dhaani hears that and step back, she looks on…. in mean time arnav evacuate with viplav to roof top by lift… he warns the police to don’t follow him…. so they are stay away from them….
At roof top…. Arnav is letting viplav free from his hold and laugh like an evil…. Viplav doesn’t say anything and looks on…. arnav hit his head by his gun and says I should kill my father at first before that old man (dadaji)…. Viplav hears that and stunned for a moment… He asks what? are you killed our dada ji….. arnav was laughed and says he is your dada ji…. Tears were filled with viplav eyes…. he can’t control his anger and emotion…. Final result viplav holds arnav shirt collar and start to beat him….while he asks how many are there want to you get rid? First dhaani now our dadaji and me then how many are there in your list…. Viplav asked like that and keep beating arnav…. arnav falls down, viplav get over on him and beat him badly…. Arnav starts to bleed on his mouth…. Then viplav jerks gun from arnav’s hand and point out him to shoot… arnav lies on the floor and looks on…. viplav keep point out towards arnav, but his hands starts to shake, he can’t shoot arnav…. And some sweet memories with arnav were running in his eyes…. their childhood and some fun moments are running in viplav’s mind…. then he why could you do this bhai? How could you do this me? arnav looks on…. even you killed my love and our dadaji…. still I can’t hate you bhai…. And feels pity for you…. arnav hears that and shouts stop it viplav…..then viplav looks at arnav and says you’re not my arnav bhai who I have loved… you know one thing when I was 6, my arnav bhai is the man one who tried to grab the star for me…. who protected me from those boys… he is the one who my father figure…. But now you killed him…. you killed my bhai…. arnav hears that and recalls their child hood fond ( that he tried to grab star for viplav, and he protected viplav from those school boys when they was young.)…. And shouts again stop it viplav…. then viplav shouts at him what things made you like this…. my money? If you asked me that money, I would give everything I have… but can you return my bhai back as before? …. Arnav hears everything and tears were filled with his eyes… so he grabs viplav’s collar shirt and shouts enough viplav…. viplav looks at him and says my bhai have died five years before…. Then he pushes arnav away…. arnav falls down, that he realized his bad deed or not… but he realized viplavs love towards him…. so he gave up everything…. Arnav smiles at viplav and goes backward….. he get on over roof wall…. Viplav seems that and asks what you are planning to do? arnav just wide his two hands and getting ready to jump….. While he is looking at viplav…..

At the same time dhaani is worrying about viplav and disappears from downstairs and reappears in roof top….. That time arnav looks at viplav and says you won “take care” my little brother…. Viplav realized that arnave is going to something impulsively…. so viplav warns him don’t do that…. but arnav doesn’t listen, he said like that and jump himself from top…. Viplav seems that and shouts bhai! Viplav and dhaani were runs to the edge and looks on…. that time arnav is travelling in the air and heading towards the ground…. Scene has shown to be slow motion…. arnav fell down and get uncounsious with bleeding. Viplav looks on with teary eyes…. Then he looks at dhaani and puts his hand around her neck and embraces her ….. Vidhaani have no intension to harm or hurt arnav…. even they don’t want to punish him…. they just made arnav realized that who really he is…. Arnav fainted at down…. later police comes out and rushes him to hospital…. Vidhaani looks on….
Later night viplav and dhaani were sitting together on wooden pallet at terrace (raj residence)…. They gazing star together….. whie the sad song is playing ????….Viplav is holding dhaani hands tightly and says slowly dhaani you have already had enough with me….. so I won’t see you in pain anymore….. dhaani just looking at him and hearing everything with sad face….. viplav says I’ll let you go…..just go! go somewhere…. Dhaani hears that, tears were filled with her eyes….. she calls him with less energy, viplav!….. viplav looks at her with teary eyes and says slowly go! go to your next life…. Instead of not being anywhere in this world, knowing you’re alive somewhere is better for me…. You are being alive somewhere is better than being my side and have disappeared in other day….. dhanni just look at him, no words from her after heard that but tears only remains in her words….. Vidhaani were staring at each other in dismay (sadness remains in that place)

While flash back shown to us last night viplav had collide with one granny na while looking for raj…. That granny was our angel’s head yes her appear in front of him like a human (she have that power, she have used that sometimes)….. After collide viplav (he doesn’t know about her before) says sorry towards her and asks are you ok dadi? She replies “yes”… viplav hears that and says its relived then he about to go…. when angel’s head says “let her go this time”….. Otherwise she will die (disappear) again….. viplav hears that and turns back what do you mean? ….. Angels’ head and viplav looking at each other…. In mean time she make clear everything to viplav about dhaani’s current state that dhaani is angel now and she volunteered and became an angel because of him…. again their fated love playing with her….by damaging her death book when viplav have passed through her soul…. And if she didn’t return back with her death book she face death after death… that her soul will get vanished… viplav hears everything and shattered… tears were filled with his eyes and asks what dhaani is angel? Head signs yes and she can’t tell that to humans…. So I am here to tell that…. she came here to find out her answer instead of she found out you again…. now her life or death she leaved it your hand…. Now it’s your turn, what you’re going to do? viplav doesn’t say much his tears rolled around cheeks…. He just looks at her and asks can I know who you are ?…. angel’s head replies I am her dadi figure, this answer is enough for your all question…. Viplav hears that and recalls (that day dhaani said her dadi is returning to home while they gazing star together)…. Viplav realized its all true… he looks on with teary eyes…
At present, vidhanni are looking at each other in dismay….again viplav says so go! go and stay alive somewhere…. Tears were fallout from vidhaani’s eyes….. dhaani hugs him with grief while she says I am sorry viplav….. What could I do about you? viplav slowly caresses her hair and says in your last moment, will you allow me your side? Dhaani hears that and nodes with teary eyes…. scene freezes with their tearful hug….. the sad song is playing….. ??????
Here vidhaani last moment’s being as together is start….. They have 10 full days…. In this last 10 days they have planned to live together as 100 years….. I have showed their chotti chotti last moment together….. ok let’s start….
viplav takes dhaani too so many places and have fun together…. Shopping mall, art gallery, amusement park they riding together on jaint wheel, train and some other things…… while they taking picture together and stored their happiest moment together….. vidhaani are totally forgot about their fated love and live this second as their last and precious one…..
Now dhaani is preparing dinner for viplav, raj and raj lakshmi…. While they are standing outside and look at her cooking… some burning smell is coming from kitchen… raj is full of anxious because dhaani is cooking at first time so he asks RL to, ya did you teach her well? RL replies yes I tried my best…. viplav hears that and glare at him… Raj seems that and says no viplav I am asking this because I can’t take risk…. It’s your girl so go solo… why you take me in… I am not going to eat…. Can you have smell anything? its coming from her cooking… it’s something strange…. Viplav glare at him and says you should raj, because I ate before yours wife preparation…. So you should have…. Raj looks on and asks what? Then viplav goes inside to kitchen…. And asks can I help you? dhaani turns back and “smiles” at him…. later on they’re making dinner together… raj and RL were looking at them… After dhaani serves to them…. Viplav and RL are having the food… raj hesitantly takes the food…. After tasting the food he gives a big smiles and says its yummy…. Dhaani hears that and gets happy…. Viplav seems at her like that and smiles with happy….
Later they all playing cards together… while constantly…. Viplav’s makes dhaani win by cheating…. Raj have found out that and asks yah viplav what are you trying to do? are you made her win by your dirty tricks…. Viplav replies what’s with your words raj “dirty tricks”…. If you want to make your wife win then use your brain. Why you are blaming me when you lost…. Like that they start to fight and rolled over one another…. Dhaani and RL are looking at them outrageously…. Then dhaani and RL separate them from fight …. Dhaani takes viplav inside….. RL takes raj inside…. like that they spend their precious time….

Like this they are saving their happiest memory together…. Day and night viplav stay next to dhaani by holding her hands…..
Last day is come, at viplav room he made himself strong by his words with teary eyes…. Today is the last day, don’t ever count minutes and don’t cry…. And watch till her to the end…. Then he goes to dhaani …. dhaani looks at him and smiles…. then Viplav looks at her and asks is there place you want to go? Tell me I will take you… Dhaani signs yes…. Viplav looks on…..
Scene shifts to ananya house…. Where ananya is standing outside and spring water to plants…. Yes dhaani’s first wish want to see her friend…. Dhaani and viplav standing outside and looking at ananya…. ananya doesn’t aware of this…. Dhaani lift her hand towards Ananya face and recalls their fun moment at their college days…. then she says with teary eyes “I missed you my dear friend” Viplav seems that and tears were filled around his eyes… ????? Ananya feels something and looks around the place… But Dhaani hide behind the wall…. Then she turns back and asks Viplav to go…. Viplav looks at her with teary eyes and asks what next?…. Dhaani looks at him…..
Scene shifted to road…. Viplav is riding bike with dhaani….yes It’s her last wish riding together with bike…. while dhaani holds Viplav shirt tightly and they traveling together for long…. They don’t want to end that travel…..???? the sad song is playing….
Finally that night has come… I mean this is the time for angel aka dhaani leave….. This is a last day of her angel term she have to go back with her death book before its end…. Vidhaani were sitting at their respective room…. And tears were filled in their eyes…. vidhaani were endure their pain and came out from their room…. While they looking at each other and smiles utterly with teary eyes….

Followed by, dhaani says her lost good bye to raj and RL…. RL hugs her and says really are you leaving…. dhaani nodes “yes”…. RL says as emotional I treated like you my sister; I am going to miss you….. dhaani sounds Mmm…. Then raj make RL understand and say its okay! It’s okay!. Viplav were stand next to dhaani, he seems everything and his tears were filled in his eyes…. but he controls everything. Raj says to dhaani take care… dhaani signs “yes”. Then dhaani looks at viplav and smiles….
Note; Raj doesn’t aware of full story of dhaani but he knows that she have supernatural power and viplav’s girl…. so whatever its viplav decision, those thinks are only raj knew till now…. And RL nothing know about dhaani…. she still thinks as her a human and now RL thinks that dhaani is leaving to her home….
Later at terrace, where vidhaani smile together and where they cried out lot that place has shown….. vidhaani’s happiest and saddest things are saved around their place… where our vidhaani seated together on wooden pallet by holding their hands…. Dhaani lays her head on viplav’s arms….. And they gazing star together….. While fireworks are keep cracking in the sky…. This is viplav last gift for dhaani by from his side….. It’s looking so beautiful with crescent moon…. dhaani seems that and says it’s pretty….. vidhaani were sitting long together without words….
Finally fireworks has come to end….. dhaani seems that and says with teary eys “its ended”….. viplav hears that and holds her hand more tight…. Both were staring at each other with tearful eyes…. while dhaani let her hand free and goes backward….. viplav seems that and go forward….and holds her hand again…… when he says “don’t go dhaani” even he well knows this words never stooped her but he said that with his lost hope…. Dhaani looks at him with teary eyes….. and she caresses his face…. While viplav says I want to go with you dhaani, let’s go together….. dhaani hears that and nodes” no” with tearful eyes and she says we can’t leave together viplav, even if you choose death in order to be with me, we will still apart…. That’s what death is…. So you should live your own life…. For my sake you’ll be happy…. promise me viplav that you would live your life happily….. Let me leave this world without any regrets…. If that I can start my next life without regrets…. viplav hears that and asks with teary eyes how can I endure this pain with me? How can I live without you? dhaani wipes his tears…. and says can’t you endure this pain for me…. just go on viplav, time can heal everything…. don’t be in pain, don’t cry for me…. just live your life happily for my sake…..viplav hears that and nodes “no”…. then dhaani takes that angel symbol anklet which was viplav gifted and when she was dying state dhaani leave that to him… While viplav looks on…. Dhaani makes him wear that anklet again…. And says this anklet is mean lot to us which one is get my memories back… It’s perfectly your style keep this with you Mmmm….viplav looks on with teary eyes….
Dhaani just caresses his face and says I’ve waited five years to meet you and say something….. viplav hears that and asks what is it? dhaani looking at him utterly….. Yes this is dhaani last sincere wish when she was dying…. And her wish is the answer for her death book back to normal….. f.b shown to us when dhaani losing her life under water. dhaani just closed her eyes and drowned under water when she had a wish…..that if I have chance to meet him again I want to say this “I love you” “I missed you” . if I have a chance once again I want to “protect” him from all hurt ( that’s why she aware about Arnav plans earlier)….. like that she narrates the scene…
In present dhaani looks at viplav and says with teary eyes “I love you viplav” and “I missed you viplav” viplav hears that and cries in grief…. Dhaani says you’re my everything in my life…. You’re my destiny viplav…. she said like that and cries…… while in downstairs her death book gets glowing… terrace vidhaani staring at each other in grief… viplav says back “I love you dhaani”…. Then viplav kisses on her forehead and says make sure will meet again….. dhaani nodes yes with teary eyes…. when viplav lift his hand towards her cheeks…. While dhaani is fading slowly….. viplav can’t touch her and feel her….. He realized that and calls dhaani! in dismay…. dhaani again nodes with smile (tearful eyes)….. viplav were keep staring at her with teary eyes…. dhaani slowly fade away and disappears from viplav’s eyes….. at that time viplav’s time have stopped there…… scene freeze for a moment…. dhaani death books also disspear with her…. Viplav heart beating is beat at high…. viplav can’t endure this pain and shouts dhaani! I have so many things to say you…. how can you leave me alone like this?….. viplav shouts like that and cried loudly in grief….. viplav starts to beat his chest…. He feels the pain as death…… its starts to rain….. viplav cries out….. While all vidhaani happiest memories are running in viplav’s mind…. His first meet with suman and with dhaani…. how their fondness grows…. Gazing star together… their kiss at rain…. Lovely moments… sad moments…. Last but not least their smile…. dhaani’s smile…. whereas viplav is holding anklet with his heart (angel symbol) which have made wear by dhaani….. Viplav holding that and says dhaani its hurting me lot…. What should I do?….. it continuously raining…. Viplav were cries out….
Other side dhaani appears with death book at one place where angel’s head seated under the tree….. Angels’ head seems at her and says finally you’re back… Dhaani replies fast I am not feeling good; send me to my next life before my mind change….. hurry! Angel’s head signs yes….. dhaani sings her angel book by her hand….. Angel’s head smiles at her…. While dhaani says (inner voice) dadi thank you for everything….. angels’ head says (inner voice) “live well my girl” ….. dhaani slowly disappears from there…. head looks on…. After what happen god only knows……

Few days later….
One man wake up from her bed and fresh up himself…. And wears his clothing….. When he wear his shirt, his necklace (angel symbol) has shown to us its still glowing like as before…. Then we focus him bit by bit….. Finally his face shown. Yes it’s our viplav…. in his room dhaani’s photos all hanged everywhere…. Viplav still live with her memories…. He rushes towards office while his aunty and uncle ( arnav’s father and mother I hope you guys remember) invite him to have breakfast… arnav accept it and having dinner with them while arnav’s father says today I have to meet arnav…. viplav hears that and stopped for a moment….. then he nodes Mmmm… they looks on…..
Later arnav’s father and mothers goes to psychiatric hospital…. Yes he is being there…. after he fell out from roof top… arnav have psychologically affected it’s not because of felled from top, from before he affected by psychological illness by his loneliness … that’s was lead him wrong way…..Now arnav have seated in window side alone….. and looking outside some childrens are playing there…. his parents comes and asks how are you doing arnav?…. arnav doesn’t reply anything…. he Just staring at the childrens… his parents looking at him with teary eyes….
Later on, at office viplav is doing his work in his cabin… Two pics lays on his table…. Yes viplav’s two most important persons in his life dhaani and dadaji who spared their life for him…. Viplav looks at their photo and smiles… Then he looks at dhaani photo and says wait for me I will be there in soon Mmmm?…. While Viplav phone is rings…. He attends the call and shouts ya you’re one of the share holder of company…. At least visit once in a month…. Yes you guys are well known who is this yes its our lovely raj…. In otherside (raj shop shown, he and his wife RL working hard) raj says I am too busy with my bakery shop… How can I visit office in my business hour…. Viplav hears that and says you’re really something….. When raj says I got it! I got it! I will try to come next month…. Viplav hears that and remains silent…..while raj says my shop is missing you and missing dhaani too…. Viplav hears that looks on with sad face…. Raj understands that and says OK OK…. Do you’re work…. Let’s meet one day…. He said like that and ends the call… viplav looks on…. ( Note: Now raj aware of whole truth about dhaani)
Later at orphanage where dhaani grave placed…. Viplav is standing alone in front of her grave…. then he placed flowers in the grave…. Then Viplav keep staring at her grave… While another hand put flowers over on the grave…. Viplav seems that and look on who is that…. Yes its our ananya…. (Now ananya cleared their misunderstand with him after arnav caught, so they friends like before… and she knew about Dhaani two months angel journey too )
Viplav smiles at her and asks what? you are here to see your friend?…. Ananya smiles and says what friend even she didn’t bid last good buy to me…. and leaved without word…. Viplav hears that and looks on…. Then he says no she leaved words for you…. Ananya hears that and surprised, then she asks what is that? Viplav looks at her and says “I missed you my dear friend”… he says what Dhaani said that day…. Ananya hears that and looks on with tearful eyes…. Then she looks at grave and says I missed you too dhaani…. Tears were rolled around from her cheeks… Viplav looks on with tearful eyes….. ????while ananya gets call to leave… She looks at viplav and says I have to go…. Viplav says go I am going to stay with my dhaani for little long…. Ananya well know about him so she says yes stay long… I will go… Viplav signs yes… Ananya leaves the place…
Viplav stay here long…. while
Viplav: (inner voice) Dhaani! are you happy from where you are? I am still alone…. Like you said I am trying to live my life with your memories… it’s tired and feeling hard even though I am trying hard to go as your wish….. finally he says slowly Dhaani! I Miss you lot….. (tears were filled in his eyes)
While one butterfly flies around Viplav face and flies towards sky…. We slowly focusing the sky with that butterfly…..?
Now we are going to take big leap… It is possible yes in my story all is possible….. ?lets rush our time travel machine or something…



400 years later….. this is big leap na ? now we’re in 2416 my mathematics is not good….? still world looks like before…. People are changed, some changes also happened…. but I don’t know we’re there or not….?
Again one butterfly (not the same one OK) flying around the one basket ball ground…. Some boys are playing in that place… We all focusing the only one boy at slowly bit by bit… while we foucusing his anklet which one is similar as previous life viplav always wear around his neck na yes that angel sympol necklace…. He is fully sweat and tired even he very hard to put goal and finally he done it…. All his friends shouts yah come on viplav!… Yes you all found out na it’s our Viplav….. reborn again with same face and name…. and again big yes it’s vidhaani reincarnation ?…. yeppeeee???
Finally viplav shows his face to us and smiles at us…. Oh god still he didn’t change, his killer smile it doesn’t change a bit??…. All friends runs towards him and lift him up…. They says you’re best as always viplav…. Viplav smiles at them and asks him to let him down…. Viplav gets off from their arms…. When opposite side boys comes and says…. Yes you’re best but prove it today… Viplav hears that and asks what? Prove? How?….. One man from opposite side says let’s go for mountain climbing…. And shows one mountain view…. Viplav looks on …. That boy says let’s see who reached the mountain first…. Who first reached the mountain at fast is the winner… what do you say? Viplav hears that and says yes let’s see…..
Scene shifts to mountain climbing…. While viplav friends says let’s give up viplav it’s too hard and dangerous…. But viplav doesn’t care and says whatever let’s see…. They start to go… Everyone one climbing the mountain by their strength…. It’s long travel na…. Sun starts to set…. Everyone gets tired and stopped in middle….. But our Viplav is not a man who gave up easily…. He goes on still he feels tired….. its start to dark…. Viplav reached the edge and his hand feels pain while he about to let his hand free…. Scene showing to be slow motion with viplav tired face…. When one hands holds his hand tightly and pulls him up…. Its seems like girl’s hand…. Viplav holds that hand and tries to come up… Finally he came and falls over on that girl…. Viplav breaths hard in exhausted…. And he says its really hard…. Then he raises his head and looks at that girl…. Her face slowly zoom to us….. And yes its non other than our dhaani…. If hero was reborn then heroine too born for him na……?
Viplav raises his head and looking at her….. she also looking at him…. Viplav mesmerizing by dhaani beauty before as his previous life… And says the same word “wow pretty”…. Vidhaani were staring at each other…. Their heart beats raised into peak… Vidhaani feels their hearts beats each other…. But this time melody song is playing….????? they lies down like that for a moment…
When dhaani back to her sense and rushes him aside …. Then she gets up tensely….. Viplav also gets up with her…. At the time dhaani looking at viplav…. Both were feel their love…. Even though they forgotten about their previous life….. Their soul and heart feels their existence…..
While… Vidhaani were sense their feeling by touch their hearts…. they speaking through their heart…
Viplav- (inner voice) what is this, why it feeling like that… It is joy or pain….
Same as dhaani
Dhaani – (inner voice) whatever it’s feeling good…. Its because of you….
Viplav – (inner voice) did we meet before?
Dhaani – I am not sure, I am thinking so….
Then viplav gives a killer smiles towards her….. because he realized that she is his girl… Dhaani looks on…. Both were staring at each other…..
While Viplav and dhaani narrates together we again fated to love….. and Again and again we are falling for each other….
We slowly focus the entire atmosphere around them…. Guys just look at the sky…. There is a crescent moon? …. And again they are meeting at their fated place where mountain under crescent moon…. vidhaani keep staring at each other at that place…. Scene freezes with that entire atmosphere….
Again the great love story where begins…

??The end??

So this is end, I don’t know this is good or sad end …. but it definitely different end…. I hope you all loved it….
And here my fan fiction journey also has come to end… Yes its my last ff…. Like already said I have no idea to write after my girl is a liar but all our friends want me to write another one so I came back for you guys….. And now it’s time to bids good bye to all…. I had a wonderful journey with you all…. No words to express my happiness…. Last year accidentally I entered to tellyupdates page and now I made lots of friends here….
I have posted daily, while you guys all have commented without tired thank you for your support friends….
Saran, Jonah, renu, riya aka ramya, shruthy, aiswariya, Nikki, nima, maha, maria, sujie, rajee, Louella, joyee, midarshani, porkodi, aish, arshdeep, ahana, mahira, paviabi, pragathi, eisha, preethi, Kavitha, inshini, cherry, sola, Vinny, sylviya, mangai, meghs, ena, gopu, narendaeran, diti, sea, sharanya, Anne, varsha, lonly, divya, sara, anne, Tamil,… and all silent readers thank you very much….. stay healthy, have fun and spread the love….. Love you all…. ? Last not but not least don’t remember me as kaviya…. Just remember me as pethu sri OK…? Over scene ya irukula…. ? OK friends bye! Take care….

Credit to: Pethu sri

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  1. Latha

    No words to say Sri such a wonderful awesome and fantastic ff. Episode full of emotions and while reading this episode myself continuously crying till the end. It was beautifully portrayed and I loved it very much . Hats of to you dear???

    1. Thank you latha… First up all big big sorry…. My dear…. How could I forgot your name….. You supported me well throughout ff after reading your comment I came to my sense….. I hit myself…. Why? Why?…. Really big thanks to you … You well encouraged me my tear…..??

      1. Latha

        No need to say sorry dear, ithellam arasiyalla satharanamappa….

      2. Yes itthellam namma varalarula satharnamapa…. Any way thank you for understanding my dear…..??

  2. Woowwwwwwwwwwwww…..its a amazing story…i am big fan of ur ff….its really good..i am a silent reader….but now i cant stop myself but commenting….u r really a good writer keep doing…last but not least this story is great…

    1. Thank you shobana…. I am glad to know that you love my ff…. Thanks for loving…. ??….. And yes I will try ma…..

  3. Angel20

    I am crying?????? really I am crying so much, it is the first time that I have cried so much just for a fan fiction! I went into the bedroom to read when I realised that my eyes were filled with tears?? so that no one sees me!
    Di what should I tell you? I don’t understand anything, I am really speechless??? no praises coming in my mind to praise you! Really while writing this comment also I have tears in my eyes because this is the last time I am commenting on this spectacular ff! My favorite ff! The best ff that I have ever read…
    Fantabulous, fabulous, amazing, heart wrenching, dynamic, beautiful, stunning, extra ordinary, unbelievable, supercalifraragilisticexpialidocious (omg!! Such a big word I learnt becoz of you! Thank you?), mindblowing, magnificent, prodigious, impressive, outstanding and finally awesome ff!!!!!!!??
    When Dhaani and Viplav enjoyed their moments together that was so ?? lovely… But my expression changed and I started sobbing when I rad the part when they were seperating… I cried my heart out… I thought the next world will be again human life but… No… Good that Arnav realized his mistake but felt bad for him when I came to know that he was attended by a physiatrist…so sad… This was indeed a very different end… Vidhaani rebirth and finally good music plays not a sad one… They met again on the mountain under the present moon was awwwww!! But as I scrolled down I realised that it had ended?? I again had tears in my eyes.. When you said that this is the last fan fiction you are writing! No no no… Please don’t do this to me!! Please don’t say that its your last fan fiction.. I can’t digest that!! Please come back take your own time but don’t say that it’s the last one!! I have loved all your ff’s and will keep loving them… Please come back…

    Loved your ff and love you too❤
    Today I have poured my heart out??
    Bye bye.. I expect you to come back…

    1. Angel20

      And one thing I forgot to say you are the best ff writer on this world of telly updates… All the best for your future I strongly believe that you will succeed in your life… ❤ good luck!??

    2. Oh maria dear after reading your comment now I am crying my ma…. How much love you have dear?…. You pouring out today…. Just tears filled in my eyes after feel your comment…. I don’t know why may it because of happy…. ? god bless you my dear…. And yes I will try OK…. Once again thank you maria…. All the best my dear….?…. ???

      1. Angel20

        Awww your eyes filled with tears… I am sorry for that? thank you and all the best to you too??

      2. Thank you maria…. ??

  4. Meghs

    Hi sri… i am speechless i don’t know what to say best writer awesome writer all titles suits u..

    The way u described stry the way u portrayed stry is incredible…. i clearly imagine ur stry too as its explain is so beautiful. . U gave importance to small to small part… if i say anything it also less wrds r less to explain how good writer u r..

    Ur writing skills u should have not ignore it u have good future u use ur writing talent too …

    First part made me cry.. i imagining viplav condition n felt so sad for him… its so emotional lst 10 days wrds hurted me too and dhani leaving viplav that part my tears were out of my control… ?? then 400 year leap?Dhani and vip reincarnation ?made me happy its indeed good ending. …

    Ur best ? we remember u as pethu sri not kaviya as sri is very close to us each member of ikrs family. ..

    1. Thank you meghs…. And yes my dear just remember me as pethu sri or sri….. Its feels better…. Kaviya is someone name I don’t want that…. I just used that name to comment but in tellyupdates sites most of memebers call me as kaviya… So today I said that…. I hope you enjoyed the story…. All the best for your ff….??? thank you!….?

      1. Meghs

        Thanks yaar sri if possible try to read it..

      2. Yeah sure meghs… Keep writing….☺

  5. Akka I don’t know what to say today’s episode was very emotional and touching ??.From the beginning to the tears were rolling down through my cheeks my mumma noticed this and said u will never change ??.Happy to know ugly duck has cleared all her misunderstandings ??.vidhani’s love story has again started ???.akka it was my pleasure to read all your 3ff’s .akka u told to remember u as pethu Sri but I will not remember u as kaviya di or pethu sri.I will remember u as my akka .u know I have no words to praise u ,u are such an talented writer ???.it was very good experience to travel in the time machine ???.I became old??(looking as dhani’s granny ).pls try to publish “my girl is a liar “&”Destiny of love “and I more thing write novels and become a famous novelist ?? akka all best for your future ☺☺☺ and don’t forget to hear what your heart says ❤❤❤.

    I’m gonna miss u very badly????.I will never forget u????

    1. Thank u my sissy…. I love you little sissy….?? You’re words are came from your hearts…. When you call me to akka…. I am feeling happy to have as a sister like you….. I always want to be sister like you to call papa…. Thank you papa…. And yes I will try to publish my ffs as novel… I am going to miss you papa…. All the best for your studies… And yes no good bye…. See you…. Tata… ?…..

  6. Akka don’t dare to say good bye say c u☺☺☺

    1. Akka what’s your real name???&what is the meaning of papa☺☺☺.remember don’t say good bye to anyone again it’s like breaking the relationship with them say see you ☺☺☺

      1. Destiny of love season 2 sounds interesting ???

      2. Hi aiswariya papa… Papa or thangachi means little sister in Tamil… So I called you papa…. OK…. And yes no good bye…. See you….
        And my name is pethu sri….☺

      3. Akka I was only familiar with the word thangachi I was little confused so that ??.I’m missing u sooo much ????…… yesterday I had a dream that you published your ff ‘s and it became the best sellers of the year2017 (forgot to tell to u)????

      4. Oh my sissy my ff came to your dream too…. Best seller of the year wowwwww….. That was lovely…. ??

  7. Wow it’s was an nczzz epi….climax was good but u could have made them together in previous life itself…. whatever now they r together….gona miss u my dear….and ur ff…. And again my boring life s gona begin… without ur ff….it’s like farewell day for as na ??for ur destiny of love ff page……gona miss u all and ur lovely comments…..miss u guys…. d only song I get in my mind my I say farewell ( manasa manasa manasil baram nanbar kootham piriyum neram…. ?) And it is perfect now…

    1. Oh riya dear I am going to miss you badly…. I well know about you from my princess…. You keep supported me by your loving comments…. And encouraged me without tired…. And you always have waited for my updates…. You’re my darling I will always remember you as my Darling riya aka ramya…. ?? and yes your song semma semma situation song….???love it…. ? thank you my dear…..?

      1. Gona miss u badly……come fast with another ff

      2. Me too riya going to miss you badly… I will try ma… OK…??

      3. Riyaa

        Hmm…I have msged u n fb….if u got d msg rpy me..

    2. Oh riya my dear I am going to miss you badly…. I well know u from my princess…. Whereas you were well supported me….. And encouraged me without tired…. And always you have waited for my updates?….You’re my darling I always remember u as my darling riya aka ramya OK…..?? god bless you my dear…. And yes you’re situation song is sema sema….? love it….thank you my dear….??

  8. Sujie

    Destiny of love ….?????
    Thank you Sri for your wonderful story……
    I bet I was not the only one who had tears in eyes while reading the story….
    Leap of 400 years ?? happy that they were together after getting reincarnated …..but they could have been together before getting reincarnated 400 years back……. No worries…??
    Will miss it Sri dear

    1. Thank you sujie…. I hope you loved it….. Yes like you said vidhaani could unite in their past life….. But it’s not possible na because dhaani is dead…. Human and angel love story will not be good end in any story…. This is unconditional love…. End with sad…. But you know me na I hate sad ending so I united them in their reincarnation…. I hope you loved this different end….. And thank you very much dear for your support and love…. God bless you dear….???

  9. Sri the episode was fantabulous extra ordinary beautiful.. in short this was my favourite and now here I go
    Starting was very emotional when viplav wasn’t able to grab her hand and dhani was looking in grief then she said we can’t live together just like moon and sun it was really paining.. viplav’s firm belief made this scene more and more emotional.. later when he was struggling with himself and was recalling all moments and finally realized that she is dead, poor viplav he thought dhani died because of him.. when viplav was about to kill himself at that time my heart skipped a bit (I thought viplav will also die and then they will live happily in heaven?) thank God dhani came and stopped him by slapping.. the way she slapped him then looked at her hand and hugged him by saying it wasn’t ur fault, it was my fate after that I couldn’t stop my tears.. the scene where he wakes up and didn’t find dhani and was too scared then he rushed to the terrace and hugged her tightly, his dialogue “whether u are ghost or human don’t leave my side as long as u are with me it’s enough don’t leave me” this was beautiful.. dhani was nodding but inside she in so much pain when she can’t even share with him..
    So that platform women was dadi (I wasn’t expecting that in fact I was clueless at that time) thanks to dadi because of her viplav come to know about everything otherwise dhani would have died though it was too painful for him and he was shattered but it has to be like that.. finally arnav got his punishment but was feeling pity on him when he jumped from roof I thought he died but in last it was revealed that he became psycho .. feeling sad for him but he deserved that. U have mentioned that he was psycho since long, now I get it why he keeps laughing and smirking in those conditions because he was mentally disabled..
    So that well wisher was arnav’s dad .. I didn’t think about him actually u did everything unbelievable.. when they both were gazing stars and viplav asked her to go to ur next life and dhani hugged him by saying sorry.. oh God that time I was literally sobbing.. for me “humdard” song was playing on that scene.. their last 10 days were so lovely they both lived their whole life through these days.. they did shopping riding etc etc was beautiful.. at least viplav stored these moments in pictures.. when they were playing cards and viplav was making her to win then viplav and raj fights in the whole episode this scene was funny.. i wish that time freezes like this so that they can spend whole life with each other.. when dhani goes to meet anaya and said I miss u my dear friend, Oh God even I am crying while writing this.. her last wish which she did before also as suman was very pretty..
    At last the most emotional scene arrived.. that fire cracks were adorable and when it finished they way viplav hold her hand tightly and ask her not to go though he knew very well that she has to go but then also he tried like u said with last hope was heart wrenching.. his lines “don’t go dhani, let’s go together” and she said “no viplav u have to live happily, even death can’t unite us” was really very emotional when he said how can I endure this pain and she said can’t u endure for me time will heal everything.. oh my goodness I am not able to forget these lines.. when viplav touches her face and he feels nothing.. oh God I can’t express it the way he cried in rain and was saying “I have to tell u many things” was very sad.. OK so her last wish was to meet viplav again.. when she said I love u and I miss u u are my everything and viplav replied I love u too dhani.. OMG Sri u nailed it dear .. this was the most emotional part.. and yeah when dhani made her wear that pendent again this scene was super cute u know I am crying while typing also .. I don’t know why I am not forgetting it.. finally she get her death book back and went to her next life with heavy heart..
    Last part was very beautiful.. in which viplav wake up gets ready and goes office.. when he was talking to dhani’s photo was adorable.. and when she goes to her grave and talked to her then anaya come and they both talk. . good to know that they both are friends again.. but viplav last line ” dhani are u happy, I am living my life as u said but it’s too tired I am alone.. I miss u dhani” Sri that was something different from emotional that was beautifully written.. for me Sanam teri kasam was playing in bg I don’t know it automatically came in my mind.. actually I was watching that movie at yesterday afternoon in that movie inder (hero) comes to saru (heroin) grave in last and talked with her and lay beside her grave then flowers fall on him .. (though I didn’t like that boy he was not good his full hand arm was filled with tattoo even his neck was occupied by it?) but story was beautiful.. so sanam teri kasam song is perfect for it.. (if u haven’t listened then listen it I am sure u will like it) oh God totally out of the topic .. I am sorry for that.. ending like u said was very different.. I loved it very much.. at first when I was reading 400 years leap I didn’t understand that then I read it again and come to know that new century have started.. new viplav and dhani but feelings were old .. new year has started but love was old..
    Vidhani love didn’t die it was eternal.. it remained in nature which will never die..
    U know when I was crying my mom came in my room and she was like what happened and then I narrated whole story to her she also loved it but she didn’t cry .. I don’t know why I asked her and she said I have lots of work u continue?.. mom bhe naa..
    Sri I have three questions regarding ur story please answer them
    1- is dhani forget about her past after entering next life
    2- does viplav lived his whole life alone
    3- will new dhani has same fate like old dhani.. will they suffer everything same as old one did
    Sri u are an amazing writer .. u nailed it, in fact u are the best writer thanks for sharing ur lovely creativity with us .. thanks for giving us such a pure and beautiful love story.. I hope u get success in ur life and my reach ur each goal .. be the same as u are and don’t ever change yourself.. I know I am getting very emotional but what can I do I am emotional fool.. already I was sad and ur last paragraph made me more please don’t say like that u don’t know about future my be in future some new story come in ur mind if so do share it please.. but don’t say bye at least please..
    I hope this episode exceeds 100 comments so on behalf of Sri I am also requesting everyone each silent reader to comment please??
    We will miss ur ff sri?
    And yeah are u studying or working and what does pethu sri mean ?

    Waiting for ur reply.. bbye take care but I am biding bye with this hope that u will come back?
    U know I was crying reading this story at night so at morning when I woke up my eyes were swelled and I don’t like swell eyes that’s why I am going to do something with it.. last time I cried like that watching Neerja movie after that ur ff made me cry a lot .. I can never forget ur ff ever .. hats off to u .. love u bbye tc?

    1. Oh my lovely maha dear, I made you cry for full day…. What do I do?? ?i am sorry for that…. But because of your all tears my story was super duper hit…. You know one think when I wrote last episode me too with tears eyed…. So I got succeeded thank you very much dear…. And yes definitely I will listen sanam song I love to hear Hindi songs…..
      And yes let me answer for your questions ok…?
      ? both of them I mean viplav and dhaani are forgotten their past life, this is rule na all humans are forgotten their past life when they reborn…..? but their love never changed…. Its still remains as previous life….? eternal love without end….
      ?yes viplav past life ended with loneliness…. He lived his life with dhaani’s memories…. Its really hard na….?
      ?yes again this is fated love but this time song was changed…. It spread little happiness…. They reincarnated to get their love back… And live together long…. Yes they have face all struggle but not like death…. Even they fated as before…some hope in their love … So they will be long live together…. Their eternal love will goes on…..??
      If I would explain about their fated love then I should write destiny of love – season 2…. Because its endless …..???
      And thank you my dear for your full support… And yes if I get some ideas then I will try to come back as you said…. No words to express my happiness after seeing your comment…. I am really… I hope you too happy about destiny of love…. God bless you my dear….??

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG so many things in us ff emotional fun romance tragedy mystery all was there in ur ff nothing was missing I m big fan of u yaar and don’t think that I don’t comment doesn’t mean that I don’t like ur ff 😛 I love ur ff yaar and believe it or not I read it three times one of the best ff writers of TU yaar really. The last 10 days part was so heart touching and wow 400 yrs later, did u steal time machine from Doraemon 😛 Jo bhi ho your ff is too good love this one, I was missing u so much and I hate the fact I must miss u again all the best dear and keep smiling love u 🙂

    1. Thank you joyee…. I knew my dear you always love my story and I well know…. Every day commenting is little tired…. So I can understand joyee…. I think you well enjoyed time machine travel na….? any way thank you my dear…. God bless you… And you have a beautiful smile in your face…. Keep smiling ☺…. ??

  11. Renuverma

    Pethu sri my dearest sis. U can’t call u akka?
    I am speechless after reading this mesmerising awesome episode. Firstly the episode was so emotional n made me cry n then the thought that its the last one was more heartening.

    Could feel vidhànis emotions n specially viplav when he came to know the reality. Once he ssid that whatever u r just stay vy my side i had thought that angel head would transform dhani to a human n thry would be together but …

    Finally u exposed well wisher. Good that arnav realised his follies n was exposed.
    When viplav told dhani to go n live in new birth i thought he wasn’t serious. Only thing fun filled n lively was the 10 days they thought to live like 100 years. Good atleast they dpent rome quality time together n her last wish for a bike ride n ti meet ananya was too emotional.
    When the parting time came n she wwnt backwards n viplav pleaded pl dont go that yime i was expecting some miracle feom u. But she had to go n that scene made me howling
    Reincarnation was a great idea atleasr they met n cud feel thw magnetic attraction n the best part is first time happy song or melody played.
    Had told u to complete a century but u d know that every good thing has come to an end.

    Have some real nice memories of yr writing which would always be with me.
    Wish that one day u wud become à grat author n would be famous across thw globe

    God bless you
    Shine like a star m spread yr happiness always

    1. Thank you renu di…. I am glad to call you as my akka…. I am really happy akka…. ?? Actually I came back for you, saran, maria, arshdeep, avijit, porkodi…. And especially for you…. When you commented to all other ff after my girl is liar…. You always mentioned my name as my dearest kaviya or sri story… In others ff you could reminded me… I could see your missing about my story and me…. So I decided to come back…. And I came back with destiny of love…. I hope I fulfilled your wish ….. Thank you akka…. I love your comment and love you too….. Like you said I am trying to shine…. One day I will…. Once again thank you my dear renu akka…..???

      1. Renuverma

        Aww…thks sri dear. Can’t express my happiness on seeing u calling me aka. Truly overwhelmed. Can just bless u n we might some day.

      2. Thank you akka… I am feeling happy…. Thanks one again….??

  12. Oh my lovely maha dear, I made you cry for full day…. What do I do?? ?i am sorry for that…. But because of your all tears my story was super duper hit…. You know one think when I wrote last episode me too with tears eyed…. So I got succeeded thank you very much dear…. And yes definitely I will listen sanam song I love to hear Hindi songs…..
    And yes let me answer for your questions ok…?
    ? both of them I mean viplav and dhaani are forgotten their past life, this is rule na all humans are forgotten their past life when they reborn…..? but their love never changed…. Its still remains as previous life….? eternal love without end….
    ?yes viplav past life ended with loneliness…. He lived his life with dhaani’s memories…. Its really hard na….?
    ?yes again this is fated love but this time song was changed…. It spread little happiness…. They reincarnated to get their love back… And live together long…. Yes they have face all struggle but not like death…. Even they fated as before…some hope in their love … So they will be long live together…. Their eternal love will goes on…..??
    If I would explain about their fated love then I should write destiny of love – season 2…. Because its endless …..???
    And thank you my dear for your full support… And yes if I get some ideas then I will try to come back as you said…. No words to express my happiness after seeing your comment…. I am really… I hope you too happy about destiny of love…. God bless you my dear….??

    1. Nima

      Destiny of love -session 2 sounds good?? plz think about it? and plz come back soon?

    2. Don’t say sorry sri ur story was superb that’s why people cried and it means u succeed in making this story beautiful.. yeah it was super duper hit? we all loved it to the core.. yes listen listen u will love it? so I got my answers poor viplav he lived his whole life alone .. he was a true lover again I have tears while typing it.. I hope we all get a lover like viplav? so they will face some hurdles and difficulties but thank God this time they will not die.. yeah excellent idea destiny of love season 2, we will love to read it?? no need to thanks re we should thank u for sharing this beautiful love story with us? yeah we will always wait for new creativity.. u are happy.. good good be happy?
      But u didn’t answer that if angel (dhani) forget everything about her past after entering her previous life (from which she came as suman) .. sorry but I am curious that’s why showering questions I hope u didn’t mind?

      1. Oh you asked me that in their previous life dhaani were forgot her suman journey or not ena…. No ma she doesn’t forget her suman journey… Doubt clear ya.?
        And yes destiny of love season 2 sounds good…. ?I will try ma… ☺
        Yes Viplav lived with longingness and loss of dhaani… So they again reincarnated….. So this time whatever come they cross over it…..??
        Thank you maha….?

    3. Yeah my all doubts are clear now that means both suffered with the same pain through out their lives.. thanks for answering me?

  13. Angel20

    What does pethu Sri mean? And who is kaviya? What’s your real name? I am confused please tell me??

    1. Hey maria my real name is pethu sri…. I don’t know about meaning…
      Pethu – is my family god name ,
      Sri- is respect …. That’s all my dear….? whenever I used to say my name everyone get confused…. And asks what does meaning…..
      And kaviya is just I used to comment when ikrs start so everyone used to call me as kaviya…. Today I cleared that confusion….?

      1. Angel20

        Oh so your name is Pethu Sri! ? got it!

      2. Angel20

        Oh sorry wrong emoticon used?

  14. Nima

    Hi Pethu Sri?, sorry for maximum times i called you kaviya?now I’m promise that i will never call you that name? bt you too promise me you will come back with your another lovely ff,

    come to the episode, it was brilliant…full of emotional…. maximum scene r heart touching…u khow today also i read wid teary eyes?…and vidhani’s last 10 days was best part??

    Sri in your ff/story, you narrated the story very smooth n nicely which we can easily imagine n feel every scenes romance,thrill,suspense,emotional,drama,comedy,action just like indian cinema thats why i like ff/story n i can say wid proud you are my best writer in telly update so plz promise me you will come back??

    i wanna say smtg to all, plz don’t laugh wid me? my hatest sub is English in my school time, thats why my English language is very good haina?? evey time i mess wid this language so im trying to learn more n more to improve my english laguage its all credit goes to you guys, i read ff then comments too that’s why i read at last n comment?

    1. Yes nima you and porkodi were always used to call me as kaviya…. I am OK with that…. But I am more comfortable with my name… So I said that…. Than you for calling my name…. I can’t promise nima dear but if I get some idea…. Definitely I will come back for you dear…. And you have supported me through out my ff journey I can’t forget you… Thank you my dear…. ???And same pinch nima my language also some times or all times like that…..?….

      1. Nima


        and i send you my frn request on fb could you plz accept me ? once again thank you dear be safe, stay healthy, take care bye?
        honestly speaking i don’t know why idk like This bye word so i take it back n i would like to say go n enjoy your day fulfill your dreams whenever you got some brilliant idea then plz shere with us ok dear ??

      2. Yeah sure nima…. And yes dear when I get some idea I will back for u…. Take care… Let’s see you in fb….??

  15. Hi Peethu,

    Just read all the episodes of Destiny of love its just simple,awesome,amd marvellous .I am in full of tears while reading the whole last two episode,my tears are just uncontrolable .I even dont know how to praise you FF’s now.Really you are best FF writer in telly updates page.

    When you posted first episode of Destiny of Love I had controlled myself not read as i want to read all the episodes at once because I know its your FF and definitely there will be lots and lots of suspence and i cant wait for next episode 😛 so i decided to read all episodes once your FF get ends.and that is also one reason for not commenting to your FF.

    And why are bidding good bye????? you will do commenting right?And you are saying these is your last FF if there is any reason then okay , other wise i want other FF from you.

    1. And forgot to say thank you, for Remebering me even though i wont comment thats so sweet of you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Oh Vinny you read all episodes at the time…. Wow its really good ma…?. I hope you loved the whole story…. Yes I never forget my readers…. Thank you Vinny I hope you could enjoyed full story…. And yes I will try Vinny…. OK…. Once again thanks …. God bless you my dear….??

  16. Porkodi

    Hi Sri…..I always used to call u kavya… I m so sorry… I thought kavya is ur real name… finally today u revealed ur name…thanks Sri for this wonderful ff…. we had a good journey with all ur ff….

    I never read any ff… the first ff I started to read is urs princess ff… I attracted through ur cover photo on episode 8 … so thought to read…that was very interesting..then I follow the links u provided to read previous episodes…. really that was too good story… after that I started to follow others too… but u r the first reason made me to start read ff…. luv u dear… come back soon…

    pls try to comment daily on ikrs page… if u r commenting daily means we won’t miss u dear… always I m requesting u … but u r not at all coming??

    1. Hi akka…. It’s okay I love that name kaviya…. And yes me too had a wonderful journey with you … I am glad to know you liked my all ff…. Thank you for loving akka….??
      Definitely I will try to comment daily like you said….☺

  17. Shruthy

    Sri, I think I am quite clueless to give you a last long comment. Please forgive me if it’s a short one.

    First of all, the episode was indeed really emotional like you said. Dadi told him to let her go this time and he fianlly got to know she was an angel. He was completely lost. And then he tells Dhaani to go from here, that brought tears… The way Dhaani was so sad and desperate she cannot end her days living with Viplav but at least he gifted ten beautiful days. The way Viplav didnt even waste a second and enjoyed fully with her. I was so happy. But then he had to leave her. And that way so emotional when he was screaming at the second her body was fading away :'( he was dead by heart without her. But still her wish of him living his life made him live in her memories. Btw that moment when he screamed at Raj on the phone calling him to come and work was a funny moment. Always loved that Viplav-Raj bonding. Thanks for those fun moments really. And after that mega leap, entry of our Viplav & Dhaani on Earth to complete their love. Hayye <3 Viplav might have looked super hot sweating and pleaying basketball no ? ? Just kidding, it's just the mad girl in me, who wakes up 😀

    And thanks a lot for such an evergreen love story. You proved again that love is endless. Centuries gone, Viplav & Dhaani were, are and will always be meant to be and live together. That was such a meaningful side of your fan fiction. It means that if your love is deeply, intensively true, then no matter how many years, how many hurdles you will face, you will always be his/hers. And so, I cant say it was a sad ending. Because Dhaani always lived in his heart, though she was not physically present. Love has always been there between them.

    I just wish you come back with another of your miracles but you are not ready for that. But anyways, stay connected chellam, we dont want to miss you at least.

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