Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 9 Maha episode


Sorry for late update friends…. Today I joined two episodes and made it into maha episode? It must be long (9 pages)?…. Take your own time time to read…..
Episode starts with, in viplav’s room he was fell at deep asleep but suddenly he starts to sweat….? and says “no” “no” in his sleeping…. He is sweating lot and look terrific….. these things indirectly approach to suman…. She feel something at her place and wake up from bed and goes to viplav room….

In his room viplav is having tough time in his sleep…. Suman comes and looks at him in that stage… She is shocked… Suman goes near to him and kneels down…. She calls viplav!viplav! But no reaction from him…. He keep saying No! No! in his sleep….

Suman just grabs his hand and strokes his hair slowly….. music is playing ??? Finally viplav has comes to calm down…. And looks better than before….. Suman were keep holding his hands and says slowly exactly what pain does you have inside?…. Is hurting you this much…. I want to hide that pain away from you….. What is that?….. she asked like that and keep staring at him…… Viplav is sleeping but drops of tear falls on from viplav eyes…. Suman seems that tears and stares at him miserable while the sad song is playing ????….. (in my mind this lines are running …. Tamil song lyrics…. “Kanavaki povaentran en kadalai” “mudiyamal thavikintran en kathlai”…..) suman wipes his tears and says I am going to take away your pain from you….. so don’t worry viplav….. She said like that and strokes his hair….. she spend time with him for long….. Later suman leaves the place…..

Next morning raj and raj Lakshmi were busy with making special yummy cake?…. suman comes out from her room and seems their making of cake….. She asks is any order placed today? raj says no, we are preparing cake for viplav…. Suman ask what? For viplav? Why? Raj says tommorow’s his birthday, so we decided to organize small party… Suman wonders and asks party?…. at the same time viplav comes down from upstairs and hears that word party… he asks what party? Suman about to tell the answer to him….. but raj Lakshmi were closes suman’s mouth and asks suman you want to learn cook na? let’s get practice ok she said like that and take her inside…. Viplav looks on….. Raj seems that and smiles and says its nothing they are very closed nowadays…. viplav hears that and says oh its relived, I hope in future she (Suman) will stop bugging me…. Raj smiles and says “yes”…. then viplav says OK I have to leave somewhere, so I take off today and I will right back soon….. Raj signs “yes”….. viplav leaves the place….

Inside raj Lakshmi yells at suman and asks are you mad? why you’re too good… Suman can’t get that and asks what? raj lakshmi replies says we are preparing surprise party, if you told that to viplav, then there is no surprise left…. suman oh humans were celebrate surprise party na…. Raj Lakshmi get confused and asks what? Anyway I have lot of work to do…. So please excuse me…. Then she about to leave but she turns back and asks suman did you prepare your gift for viplav…. Suman hears that and asks gift? Ands nods no…. Raj Lakshmi you should suman, prepare cute present for him…. Mmmm? Suman looks on…..raj lakshmi smiles at her and leaves the place….
After that, one neurology hospital were show viplav sits at concealing room, where doctor says to him, its really rare case to recover from long time memory loss…. If you get treatment there is low chances to recover…. You should think about your future it’s a best way to recover from trauma…. viplav hears that looks on sadly and asks why all doctors are same?…. Doctor doesn’t get it clear so he ask what?…. Viplav smiles painfully and says I am hearing this so many times before from different doctors…. Is not surprised me….. Doctor hears that and looks on…. Viplav looks miserable….?
At the same time in market suman exited to pick present for viplav, she looks lots of gifts item….. But she is not at all impressed with those things…. Sales man finally shows one angel statue to her, suman give a smiles on her face, yes she likes that very much ….. Then she buys some flowers with that statue…..
Scene shift to viplav, he slowly walking on the street and thinks about doctor words….. at the same time suman is walking on the road in other way….. feeling happy about her present for viplav and full excitement about birthday party…. finally viplav is reached at home and he goes inside…. Inside his dadaji waiting for him, Viplav looks at him and get surprised…… At the same time suman was stopped by Angel’s head in middle….. suman looks on……
At raj house, dadaji asks viplav do you have any idea about returning to home?…. Viplav says “no” I am feeling better here…. dadaji asks Viplav did you think about your future? How long you’re going to be like this? Viplav replies how long you’re going to torture me like this? Dadaji hears that and tears were filled with his eyes…. He asks viplav did I treating you bad? Viplav replies yes you are treating me bad and you don’t care about your grandson feelings, you only think about business and money…. Dadaji hears that and feels heart broken… Raj seems that and tries to stop Viplav but he doesn’t listen he shouts badly and goes out….. because viplav is driving crazy about his past so he mad at dadaji without reason….. dadaji looks on with teary eyed….
At park suman and angels’ head sitting together at bench…. suman were shows the gift and flowers to angels’ head….. and she says dadi I bought these for Viplav I hope he will like it…. Humans are celebrate their birthday surprisingly and gets wishes and love from their loving persons…. I want to do that to viplav…. Angels’ head hears that and says why you should? You are not a human to have feel those things….. Suman hears that and looks on miserable….. then angels’ head says love, hatred, jealous, joy, sad those feelings are humans have….. If you have those feelings it will change your path and those things are too dangerous to you…. I hope you understand what I am saying…. Suman hears everything and looks on sadly….. angels’ looks at her and asks did you used your power? How it does work? Suman says yes I used few times…. And it worked like as usual…. angels’ head says but in future it doesn’t like that….. Suman asks what? Your angel term is coming to end and your angel book has damaged, so your power also starts to diminish…… And you are turning in to common soul so don’t used your power unnecessarily…. she said like that and disappears. Suman hears that and says what my power starts to diminish….. she gives shocking expression and looks on……
Later suman recalls angels’ head words…..(that angels’ head says love, hatred, jealous, joy, sad those feelings are humans have….. If you have those feelings it will change your path and those things are too dangerous to you…. ) and she walking to home…. she thinks about that and walking slowly on the road….. suman comes nears to the house, where viplav’s dadaji comes out…. He get in the car and take out one gift box from car back side…. Yes he came here to give his present to viplav for his birthday present…. But unfortunately viplav hurt his feelings unknowingly…. Dadaji look at the gift box with teary eyed…. The he leaves by car….. Suman seems his leaving and recalls his face….. and says Oh its viplav dadaji…. And she enters in to the house, inside raj and raj Lakshmi are looking upset and sitting together….. Suman seems that atmosphere and realized something should happened…. Raj explain everything and said Viplav went out angrily…. suman hears that and gets shocked….. Then she runs outside to looking for viplav….
On road side bench viplav sitting alonely and thinks about his dadaji and his sicknesses….. Tears were filled with his eyes…. lots of questions arise in his mind but he can’t find the answer….. Suman is arrived that place and stares at Viplav from far away…. while the sad music is playing…..????

After some time, suman goes to him…. But she wears dog doll appearance at her head…. And stands in front of him…. Viplav looks at her and surprised but no idea about who is that?….. then suman bents her head and introduces herself as jova (dog) and says she’s going to entertain him by her rocking dance performance….. Viplav hears his voice and found out it was suman and looks on…. then suman starts her rocking dance performance…. Her first step mane karathae signature step…. I don’t think everyone knows about that but all Tamil guys well known….? actually it really comic step…. Like that she’s dancing very comically with that outfit on the road side…..but no improvement from viplav side and he is not in mood to smile, he looks at her without smile….. Suman tries her best to making him to laugh…. And finally she stops her dance and looks on hopeless….. Viplav still like an army man without any smile…. Sun already starts to set….. Someguys were standing behinds viplav and doing some exercise by moving their arms and legs….. suman seems those people and starts to do like them….

she dancing as exercise by moving her arms and legs….. ?Let’s imagine friends how it looks with those costumes its really funny na….? Viplav seems her dancing and tries to control his laugh but what to do? He can’t and blast out his laugh loudly….. Suman looks his smiling face and gets relieved…. And keep dancing viplav gets up from his place and hugs her with teary eyes and says thank you suman! Thank you for being my side…… Suman hears that and says its okay viplav and everything will be fine soon, so be happy…. Viplav smiles and nodes yes….. Then viplav let her free from his hug and removes her funny dog doll costume from her head…..while suman look at him with smile. Both were staring at each other and smiles…. then viplav asks where did you get this costume? Suman tells I just brought this from road side shop and I need to pay…. Viplav smiles and says I will pay for you okay? she signs okay? and smiles….. Then they leave the place…..
At raj residence, Raj is waiting for them, viplav and suman enters into the house…. raj seems them and gets relieved, he asks them is everything okay? Viplav signs yes and says I feel tired I want to go bed earlier so good night friends, he said like that and goes upstairs….. Suman also tries to go inside…. But raj stopped her and asks where are you going…. Suman looks on…. Raj says we need to prepare for party…. Suman hears that and says I almost forgot about that…. And she asks where should we do arrangements…. raj signs ☝ up and says at terrace…. Suman smiles and signs okay?….
In terrace all preparation are well going on….. Suman, raj and raj Lakshmi are very busy at working…. Raj were invites some friends too…. At last all arrangements all done….. Time now 11.55….. raj calls viplav…… Viplav is sleeping in his room, phone has rings?…. Viplav wakes up slowly and picks up…. In phone raj were speaking tensely, he says viplav suman was fell down and getting hurt herself…. Viplav hears that and shattered and asks tensely where? Did she was hurt lot? is she okay…. Raj says I don’t know about that please come to terrace quickly…. Viplav says yes and rushes to terrace…..

In terrace suman sits alone in wooden pallet, it’s full dark…. Suman’s back side only show…. Viplav comes to the terrace and seems her, he runs towards her….. then viplav were kneels down to her and asks suman are you okay? are you hurt anywhere? And he checks her arms and legs….. suman is just sitting and look at him…. No words from her mouth…. after that viplav yells at her why you’re roaming around at late night?…. Suman remains silent….. Viplav asks why you aren’t answering…. At the same time raj counts silently from little far 5..4..3..2..1… now time 12 am. suddenly lights are getting on…. at their (Viplav and Suman) place…. the whole place were bright where at viplav and suman… Viplav gets surprised and looks on…. Suman were gets up from her place and standing with her present and flowers…. Viplav is staring at her by kneeling down…… she looks very beautiful in party light…. Viplav is slowly getting up from the place and looks on… Both were staring at each other…. ???? Suman is wishing him first…. She says happy birthday Viplav…. And gives her gift to him…. That time all lights are starts to on one by one….. Wow its really beautiful na……????? And some glisters and golden color papers were blasting out…. Viplav gets surprised, others are singing birthday songs by clapping their hands…. And goes closed to them slowly…. Viplav seems that and smiles….. He gets so happy …..
Viplav asks raj what’s this…. Raj hugs him and says happy birthday my dear friend and be happy…. Viplav smiles and says thank you raj…. Raj let free viplav from hug and says wow you’re too worring about suman, prank worked out well…. Viplav hears that and seems at suman both were staring at each other and smiles….. ??? Viplav says thank you…. suman were keep smiling at him….

Later viplav cuts cake and celebrates his birthday…. and night birthday party is going on…. Some friends were joins in middle…. they are dancing and singing and having wonderful time…. All of sudden someone rings the calling bell from downstairs, raj Lakshmi hears that and asks suman to take a look…. Suman agrees and goes down…. Calling bell continusly rings….. Suman comes near to door and opening the door…. arnav is standing outside, Suman looks at him and her expression is, who this is? But arnav looks at her and traumatized…. also he wonders, then arnav asks you? (thum) …. suman were looks on…. scene freezes….
Have some break friends ?☕????…. I hope you all enjoyed….? its too long na OK I will finish it soon…. Let’s read…..?

Story starts with, Suman asks arnav who are you? arnav hears that and he doesn’t reply…. he looks at her and get puzzled. In mean while viplav comes down and shouts hey bhai…. Suman turns back and looks on…. Viplav goes to arnav and hugs him….. Arnav says happy birthday bro…. Viplav thanks him and asks how was your business trip bahi…. arnav replies it was great…. They smile at each other, then viplav introduce arnav to suman and says this is my lovely bhai arnav. Suman hears that and smiles at him…. After he introduces suman to arnav and says my trouble maker suman… arnav hears that and asks what? suman? and he looks at her astonishingly…. Viplav seems him and asks is anything wrong why you look like that….. suman looks on…. Arnav signs no and changed the subject he says I heard about your fight with dadaji is anything believable? Why you both are like this? are you want me to speak with dadaji for you? Viplav replies “no” don’t do that bhai…. I want to stay alone, I knew dadaji is doing this because he want to see me as back were I used before but my heart and mind was not okay with it …. suman and arnav looks on…. That time raj comes here and welcomes arnav…. They hugs each other, and raj asks him to join the party….. Arnav signs “yes” suddenly his mobile starts to ring, arnav excuses them and goes out….. In phone one voice says I did it, what you said…. Arnav says ok and I want to conform one thing, check it out for me…. Her name is suman, collect detail about her….. That voice replies yes sir, arnav ends the call and looks on…..
Later arnav joins the party…. At last, night party has comes to end Viplav and Raj were comes down and busy with sending off their guest…. suman gets some scum bags and comes out to put them in dust bin, she throws them away and looks at raj and viplav little far away…..Every one starts to leave finally everyone got leaved…. Raj say party was damn good and it ended smoothly na… Viplav signs “yes” like that they speaking about party….. suddenly one flowers pot falls from terrace and it directly aims to viplav’s head…..

omg? suman notices that and shouts viplav…. Raj and viplav were hears that and looking at pot….. they’re just stunned…. scene were shown to be slow motion….. pot is traveling in the air….. Suman were seems at pot, her eye power were holding an pot for a second in air…. in mean time suman move fast and pushes Viplav from the place….. both are falls down…. pot also falls down on the floor and breaks into pieces…..Viplav gets hurt in his hand elbow suman is fell over on him…..
Raj has seeing everything and he is stunned…. Then he tries to help them to wake up…. Viplav and suman were getting up slowly and looks at top….. They wonder how it’s fell down…. Raj asks them are you okay guys, viplav signs “yes” raj says oh god everything was happened in fraction of second…. how it was fell down? they are clueless and under shocked….Viplav look at suman and asks are you okay? Suman signs yes and asks you? Viplav signs yes I am okay and looks his elbow, is craches on skin , suman seems that says you got hurt and take him inside…. Inside arnav gets down from upstairs….. he seems at viplav and asks what happened? Raj explains everything to him…. Arnav hears everything and ask viplav are you hurt anywhere? Viplav replies a little bhai….. raj gives first aid box to suman and asks her take care of Viplav. Suman signs “yes”. arnav asks viplav to take care of himself…. And I need to go its already late…. Viplav okay bhai go and see you tomorrow. Arnav signs yes and leaves….
Suman take Viplav inside and gives first aid to him…. She asks is hurting much?….Viplav says yes its hurting but it’s okay, suman looks at him and asks what?…. Viplav replies because you’re the one who treating me now so I am glad, I was hurt….? Suman hears that and stares at him, both were staring at each other…. ???? Viplav says anyway thanks to you…. You saved me…. Suman asks him to take rest you feel better tomorrow…. Then suman about to leave…. when viplav grabs her hands ands says thank you for your birthday present…. ???? Suman smiles at him and goes out…. she comes out and thinks how pot was fell down…. And she recalls that some one was already tried to kill viplav at forest….. who was that?…. She looks on miserable… Inside viplav opens the gift which was presented by suman and looks on…. Yes we all know that’s angel statue, Viplav seems that and smiles….

then he says it’s looks like her and smiles…..
Next morning viplav wakes up from the bed and looks at angel statue near by his side…. He says good morning suman to that statue…. Then he comes out from his room and looking for suman….. She is sitting down stairs and cutting vegetables….. viplav shouts good morning angel! Suman hears that and asks herself angel! then she looks at upstairs….. Viplav is standing there and smiles at her…… Suman shouts are you crazy? I am not angel….. Don’t you see me “I am human and not an angel “….. And don’t call me a angel…. She said like that and leaves the place tensely….. Viplav is wonders about her reaction and says what kind of girl she is? all girls want to call them to angel but she is different….. Strange ladugi….. And he goes inside.
After some time again viplav looking for suman…. And he asks to raj where is suman? Raj says what? did you posesed by that girl? till from morning I am watching over you…. You are running behind her….. its strange. Viplav asks what strange? Raj replies from first, she was the one who roaming around you but now slightly atmosphere is changed….? viplav hears that and laughed out loudly and asks roaming? Me? and around her…… And suddenly stop his laughing and says don’t joke around me like this any more, got it??…… then he leaves the place….. raj seems his leaving and wonders about viplav change over, then he says its strange…..
Later suman cleaning the table in front of viplav, he sitting beside her and think about raj words and asks himself did I run behind her? when I did it? “no” raj need some eye check up…. then viplav goes to suman and asks do you want any help? Suman signs “no”…. Raj seems everything and looks at Viplav…. And his expression I knew about you da?…. Viplav looks at raj and signs what? Raj looks on and smile at him he he he?….. viplav looks on….

Arnav suddenly enters into the atmosphere, Viplav welcomes hey bhai! Arnav asks viplav are you okay now? Viplav replies Yes bhai I am okay thanks to some one and looks at suman…. arnav says it’s relieved now…. And it seems you’re free, let’s go some where and gets some fresh air….. Viplav says why not? Let’s go and they about to leave….. that time raj asks viplav to drop the suman and raj Lakshmi on the way, they need to go market….. Viplav signs “yes” and looks at arnav…. Arnav says yeah sure why not? We are heading on the same way….
Viplav sits front side with arnav, arnav drives the car…. Raj Lakshmi and suman are sitting back side…. Car slowly moves on…. while all of sudden arnav eyes looks at suman through front mirror…. suman noticed that and looks on…. Arnav seems that and changes his eyes on somewhere then he starts to speak with Viplav….. Suman leave that and don’t mind it first….. Arnav continuously speak with viplav and smiles….. At one point suman noticed his eyes with that smiles through mirrors….. And some past scenes were runs in Suman’s eyes….. That day one masked man tried to kill viplav at forest, when that masked man smiled like evil to viplav and pushed viplav from cliff…… angel (Suman) well noticed his eyes with smirks in that day… those scene are running in to her eyes……. but one thing was sure to suman that masked man eyes are same as arnav ones…. Suman feels some force when she seeing those scenes and looks at mirror again arnav fire full eyes and his evil smiles makes her realized again that was him…… Suman looks on mirror shockingly….. In mirror his eyes shown with his devil smirks…. Scene freeze…..

In this maha episode… Finally I revealed that who is villan…. I know all are quite shocked…..? now story is going to next twist…. Why arnav try to kill Viplav? In middle Viplav past… what is that? for knowing that keep reading…?

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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Angel20

    Omg such a long episode!??
    Lovely episode, Viplav’s birthday, the gift Viplav calling Dhaani angel?? she is truly an angel?
    It was just awesome? and arav is the villain?! Why?? Just excited to read the next episodeepisode! Please don’t be late again!??

    1. Thank you maria yes I will update next part as soon as possible….. Why arnav is the villan…. it will be reaveal soon?….. So keep reading my dear……??

  2. Wow what a mind blowing episode. Gift presented by suman looked beautiful .suman once again saved viplav??.Arnav became villan, how he can try to kill viplav??.poor viplav without knowing this he is loving his brother more than anything??. Don’t say sorry ok we could understand that u were busy

    1. Today’s episode was soo long .loved it soo much

    2. Thank you aiswariya….. Yes arnav is the villan …. Viplav unaware of this so he keep loving his brother and think as his good friend…. But all things are reaveal soon ….. So keep loving….today episode was so long na so I thought it might be bored to readers but I am glad you like it….. And thank you for your understanding and yes no sorry again…. Keep reading my dear…..??? ….

  3. Nima

    kaviya, again awesome episode
    the best scene was when Viplav shouted good morning Angle to Suman and then her dialogue ???
    good going keep it up ?

    1. Thank you nima…. Yes that was the cute scene…. I loved that too nima…. Keep reading my dear…..??

  4. Latha

    Wow Sri it’s long episode and good one. Viplav’s birthday and first wishes by our Angel and that too she gifted angel statue.I think lovely Angel is becoming mere human Suman. Once again she saved viplav.and viplav was unaware that arnav was doing all this. I too love the scene which viplav wishing Angel good morning to Suman and she shouts that she was not an Angel was good. Again superb episode Sri waiting for next one.

    1. Thank you latha….. More interesting things are waiting for you….. Keep reading yar….???

  5. Neil & Nikki

    Wow so so so nice ….. My fav ff..:-*

  6. Neil & Nikki

    Thank u sri …for such a gud ff..

  7. Neil & Nikki

    Its was too long… big clap for this hard work for u sri… N i enjoyed each n every line…

    1. Thank you Nikki I am really glad to know that you like it… I hope you enjoyed well more interesting and pain full things are waiting for you… Keep reading Nikki….??

  8. This was verrrrry long? I loved it kavya .. it was fantabulous? I was quite suspicious when arnav was coming from upstairs .. I think he wants to kill him for business and all that .. anyways I have to wait for further episodes?but trust me it was mind blowing.. surprise party was beautiful and vidhani’s concern for each other was wonderful?when viplav called her angel and dhani was like are u crazy who is angel was hilarious.. birthday present was superb an angel by an angel.. Aww?.. raj is awesome yar he is true friend and poor dada ji he is in pain .. suman will become viplav’s saviour.. huh !! Lovely episode
    I enjoyed alooot.. now excited for the upcoming episodes?

    1. Thank you maha…. And you found out arnav was the one who threw a pot…… More interesting things are waiting for you keep reading my dear…….??

  9. Shruthy

    First of all you brought us a lambi si episode, for that a VERY BIG NANDRI! ?? I havent got bored at any signle moment. Just enjoyed thoroughly, from A to Z. ❤ oh my gad! I am in full excitement man. Oh! Well… it’s like always when I read your episodes, but this time it’s something else. Athukkum mela! ?? Viplav & Angel are just the perfect pair, seriously. Sometimes I feel they are something much better than our original ViDha. ?? I’ve lost my mind, I know.
    Ok let’s come to the episode now. Bohot ho gaya bakwaas mera! That surprise party for Viplav’s birthday was so cutely planned. Couple Raj making a special cake on early morning while he was not awake yet. Angel ready to reveal all the surprise to Viplav was so cute. It reminds the small kids who always have to spoil the entire surprise revealing it basically and then the fun of the surprise gets lost. ? Huuh.. What was this comparison? Enge thodangi enge poitten naan? ? I think I have lost something inside called neurons. ? Anyhow! But thank God couple Raj could have cooked up a quick story and shut Angel’s mouth.
    When RajLaku asked Angel to buy a “cute” present for Viplav… awwww! She got so happy thinking about the present… I don’t know why, thidirunu kann verkuthu. Weather is too much warm here… That was a cute gift btw. A lovely angel statue! ☺ And Viplav feeling seeing Angel in that angel statue and smiling “Good morning Suman!”. Don’t you feel a smell of love in the air? Because I can all by sudden, pata nahin kahaan se. *deep thinking*. ViMan caring for each other upar se… Paaaaa!
    But haan, as a maha episode, kondu vanthingale paaru periya twiiist’u! Arnav the villain?? *camera zooming progressively on my face by shock*. And then Arnav seems to know about Angel. ‘Na matter’u? Hmmm?
    My goodness, that’s gonna be semma interesting. Cant wait for tomorrow’s episode. Post it ASAP (will verify once tomorrow morning before going out dont worry).

    1. Wow shruthy evallavu periya comment……? when I read your comment I had a big smile on my face…..?i love each and every line….. Yes some matteru is there……. And your shocking face was super? and I have one doubt you know Tamil LA…. Or you’re Tamili an….. I am little confused you using Hindi and Tamil that’s why I am asking……?……. Love your comment keep reading…..??

      1. Shruthy

        Aama’la? I kept writing and didnt even notice it ? Awww ? Thank you for liking the comment sweetheart. ?
        Oh! Cantt waut to know what the matteru is. ? Hahaha I brought my narration describing my shocked face. ?
        Ok let me clear the doubt. I speake Tamil, jump Tamil, talk Tamil etc.. Hindis is because as characters are from an Hindi show and people here are all talking Hindi, it comes on its own ? I just learnt it watching movies and shows.
        Will always read and you also keep posting everday also ???

      2. I am glad to know that you jumb, walk, speak, and eat Tamil…. ? I can’t read hind even if written in English words but I can understand when I listen….. So I am not using any Hindi words….. But want to learn…. And yes matteru is on the way… When you come to know that you will surprise and shocked….. So wait for that…. I can’t blast out…. So keep waiting….. And reading…..?

  10. Sujie

    Kaviya ….. Thank you for the long episode….?
    It’s superb…..
    Gonna be suppeeeeerrrrr interesting,…..
    Sorry for commenting late

    1. Thank you sujie keep reading……??

  11. Kavya it was superb. Could cherish each n every scene. Thank u.?

    1. Thank you renu…. Keep reading??

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