Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 8

The episode start with, viplav is fainting and about to fall down….. (Suman notices that so she is stopping the time by her super natural power…..) she just look at viplav by her eyes, the time is freezed for a moment….. on wall clock time has been stopped at 10. 30 am… everyone freeze at their place except suman, she reappears near to viplav…. Time is resuming again…..Viplav falls in the suman arms (shoulder), suman looks on….. the sad song is playing ???? …..scene freeze for a moment…..

Raj and tanya comes to normal…. And seems at suman and Viplav shockingly…….
Raj gets tensed and goes to them and asks what happened? and he tries to wake up viplav. Tanya looks on…. raj were takes Viplav to room…. And makes him lays on bed….. suman were take care of viplav….. then raj shouts at Tanya and asks her to leave and don’t dare to come here again ever…. Tanya gets irked by his words and leaves the place…… Suman looks at raj and asks what happened to viplav? Why he was faint like this? raj asks her to come out and says viplav needs some rest…. suman signs “yes”and goes out….

Later night at terrace, raj and suman are standing there, raj starts to say about Viplav, suman is listening that….. He tells this is not viplav, five years ago he was totally different person, after finished his college tanya and viplav were broke up, he want to over come that so viplav became a CEO of his company, no time to breath and he got number one position in his business and totally forgot about his love…. He led his life very happy and healthy with his dadaji…… But in middle one night he met big accident and atmitted in hospital for many days under coma…. After two months he woke up from his coma but viplav lost his full memory even he forgot about himself….. But his knowledge and all other habits are still he have like before…. suman looks at him….. then raj says whenever viplav try to remember something hard, he will end up like this…. After long time it was happened again….. Suman hears everything and asks but he remembers you….. Raj asks who said he remembers me….. He treated me like a stranger for one year…. I worked too hard to get him back…. now Viplav’s one and only friend its me….. I always proud to say that…. Raj said like that and smiles….suman hears that oh it is like that, viplav must be feel alone…. Raj hears that and says “yes” in that way viplav feel everyday it’s all happening because of that accident…. In one night everything was changed….. no one can’t tell what happened that day, Viplav is the only person knows that mysterious night…. but its not in his memories that is a sore point…. suman hears everything and worries about viplav…. after raj looks at her and asks hesitantly but today morning I am sure I saw you, that time you stand behind me but in other second you were standing with Viplav, I don’t think you crossed over me…. Suman hears that and looks tensely…. She says what you are talking? when I crossed you were serious conversation with that girl….. so you didn’t see me. Raj asks is it?…. Suman sings yes and leaves the place…. raj looks on confusely and says I am sure she was stand behind me…..

Later in viplav room, he feels better and wakes up from bed…. He recalls morning incidents and tanya words (how could he forgot about his first love……) Viplav feels sad for his own state….. he looks tired and still feels pain in head…… slowly he comes downstairs, where suman, raj and raj Lakshmi doing their work….. suman seems Viplav and runs towards him…. and asks are you alright viplav? He signs yes and asks were that girl is (tanya) leaved? raj hears that and says she was leaved Viplav, so don’t worry about it Mmmm…. viplav smiles and asks in my past exactly what kind of man I am raj? Were am I good lover? Or were am I good grandson of my dadaji? exactly what I am? Who I am? did I love that girl? Even I cannot remember my first love…. be said like that and tears were filled with his eyes….. His painful words and eyes were affects the suman, she looks at him utterly….. Raj hears that and says she is not worth to remember, she is still like that our college days so just leave that and chill OK…. like that raj is trying to convince him but no used of that viplav under exhausted, he smiles painfully and says even though I want to remember my love, suman hears that and stares at him….. then viplav says I am still alive but something…… suman looks at him….. Same sad song is playing????….. viplav says that something…. and puts his hand in his heart…. I am not sure about it but its hurting me….. suman hears that and gives sad look at him even she is not sure about his pain….. viplav looks at raj if you see her (tanya) again, convey my apologies for morning incident…. Viplav said like that and leaves the place….. Suman and raj looks on…..

At terrace suman think about viplav words and lost her thoughts…. She is worrying lot about him…. she slowly looks at sky….. she keep gazing at sky and gives an broad smile….. she gets Idea to convince Viplav…. She smiles and goes to his room…. Viplav about to going bed…. Suman calls Viplav from outside, he hears that and goes out…..Viplav seems suman in front of his room and asks what? Is anything you want? Suman smilles at him and says yes I want your smile. Viplav asks what? I am not in mood to play with you….. Suman hears that and says I knew that, you’re in bad mood but I already told na I can hide pain away from you, so come with me…. Viplav asks what? And looks on surprisingly….. Suman grabs his hand and takes him to home terrace….. She closing his eyes by her hands, Viplav walking slowly, suman asks him to walk fast are it will be end…. Viplav asks are you crazy, how could I walk fast without seeing anything…. Suman hears that says OK ok keep walking…. finally they arrived at place (terrace) suman slowly take her hands from his eyes….. Viplav slowly opens his eyes and doesn’t see anything…..he looks at suman and signs what? Suman slowly looks at sky….. Viplav seems that and he too looks at sky slowly…..

Viplav and suman ? were looking at sky, wow sky is beautiful with so many stars with crescent (quarter) moon….. Its looks great and somewhere else they were cracking some fire work, those making sky more beautiful ???…… amazing gift by suman ….. Viplav seems that and gives an smile on his face……and says wow it’s pretty good…… suman looks at sky and says in this word, if there is a one reason to cry but there is so many reasons to smile, so don’t feel bad for my sake….. Viplav hears those words and looks at her little surprisingly…. Suman looks at him and says slowly when you’re in pain I am not feeling good viplav…… she said like that and stares at him…. both were staring at each other…. same sad song is playing ????….? at last suman comes to sense and says at fast that I mean it little weird and terrible when you’re like that but when you smile you looks little better that’s what I am trying to say…. viplav were stunned at for a moment and blast out his smiles….. suman looks on did you got it…… Viplav smiles and says yes, if you want to me smile na, then you should smile first …..and viplav makes her chins smiles widely by his hands ?. They smiles at each other and gazing stars together….??

Later early morning….. Time 3.30 am something…. Everyone sleeping in their respective place…. Viplav was fell at deep asleep but suddenly he starts to sweat….? and says “no” “no” in his sleeping…. He is sweating lot and look terrific….. these things indirectly approach to suman…. She feel something at her place and wake up from bed and goes to viplav room….
In his room viplav is having tough time in his sleep…. Suman comes and looks at him in that stage… She is shocked… Suman goes near to him and kneels down and calls viplav!viplav! But no reaction from him…. He keep saying No! No! in his sleep…. Suman just grabs his hand and strokes his hair slowly….. ??? Finally viplav comes to calm down…. And looks better than before….. Suman were keep holding his hands and says exactly what pain you have inside?…. Is hurting you this much…. I want to hide that pain away from you….. What is that?….. she asked like that and keep staring at him…… Same sad song is playing????….. Scene freezed….

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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

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  1. Sujie

    Go on dear…..loving this a lot 🙂 🙂
    When Viplav feels pained…. Dhaani feels uneasy 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you my dear….. Keep reading…..??

  2. Another mind blowing episode. Loved it soo much. Today u updated early ??.I’m so happy.viplav and suman was looking cute ?? as always

    1. Thank you aiswariya…. Yes I will try to update daily on time like today…. Yes they are adorable couple….?? keep reading my dear….?

  3. Shruthy

    OMG this was a senti one re. ?❤️?? Viplav is so much in pain and Angel cares for him. The way she made him smile was so adorable. And so was the moment when he made her smile widely holding her chins. ?? These two are perfect. I am in love with both, that’s it!
    By the way, why do I feel Viplav was not alone during that accident ? I mean someone was with him, and that someone was someone really special to him and thus he is more hurt thinking about love and that accident, but he cannot remember. But yeah i am just loving the way the storyline is going. Hopefully Angel could take away all his pain from him. And I also feel, Viplav likes her much more now (as a friend).
    Anyhow! Cant wait for tomorrow to read the next part, but I wont be at home all day? Neither tomorrow, nor Friday! Would have to wait till coming back home at 5pm to read. So sad! Dont even know if I will get WiFi access ?

  4. Viplav past will be reveal soon…. For knowing further you have to read …..?? so keep reading….?? oh it seems next two days you’re busy …. But I know anyhow u will read it… Am I correct…. ??

    1. Shruthy

      Really? Hmm interesting!! 😀 Achaji? Then ok, I will do like you say.
      Haan I am. I can’t even continue writing for two days so I guess no next parts from my side for now :/ But you keep posting. As soon as I come home, I will jump on TellyUpdates <3 You know me very well.

      1. OK shruthy I keep posting…. U should try to read OK….?? two days I am going to miss your ff…..?

  5. Nima

    kaviya, its again mind blowing episode really loved it? keep it up dear?

    1. Thank u nima …. Keep reading…??

  6. Kavya dear full nsrks? angel saving viplav from falling by freezing time n left raj perplexed?? angel caring for viplav n trying to bring his smile back n confessing that she feels bad on seeing him tense. The special moments n viplav making her dmile by widening her chin☝☝☝ viplav being remorseful for hurting tanya shows his extra caring attitude looking forward for next ??

    1. Thank you renu…. Yes keep looking forward dr more interesting things are on the way keep reading…,.??

  7. Latha

    Kaviya again it’s a superb episode really loved it. Keep writing Kaviya…

    1. Thank you latha…… Keep reading…..??

  8. Kavya it was an emotional episode?Viplav was in pain?.. now enough of my sadness?.. I loved it yaar dhani has started feeling something?.. keep going?
    Waiting for the next one?

    1. Thank you maha keep reading…..??

  9. kavya di….its such a cute story….when viplav is in pain, dhani i mean suman also feels in pain…..even me also sense the same…..that much ur story influences me….not only me but all the readers…..we just love u didi…keep going like this,,,,,,

    1. Thank you Lakshmi….. Keep reading yar…..??

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