Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 7


The episode start with, at terrace viplav and suman were lies on wooden pallet (bed like structure)…… At that time, suman shows her hand towards sky and says oh my dadi (angel’s head) is returning to home…. viplav hears that and asks dadi? Where? she again shows hand towards stars…. Viplav thinks that she again play with him….so he says yes your dadi is returning to home….. Suman can you see her? Viplav replies why not? I can see my dadi too….. Suman asks your dadi? where? viplav shows three stars in the sky and says mummy, papa and dadi…… suman hears that and stares at him…. Viplav tells I wish my dadaji would see them….. suman keep staring at him….. Then both were gazing at sky?? and they narrates together (inner voice) its feels good….. same sad song is playing???….. like that they spent time for long……
Next morning as usual shop opend, viplav and suman working together and cleaning the table…. suman and viplav cleans the same table while they fighting each other to clean….. after viplav divide their cleaning work and asks her to don’t come my side or if you do I will bite you (In Tamil we says mama Potta kodu antha kodata thandi neeum varaputathu nanum vara mattan OK??) suman hears that and looks on…. at that time one gangster groups enter to the shop, suman were welcomes them and ask them to sit…..

she starts to take order and serves them…. after that she about to leave the place but those guys won’t leave her alone, so they asks her to talk with them or they can’t eat well…. Suman smiles and says what should I talk? They ask her to talk something….. Viplav seems that when suman is taking to them with smiling face….. he says why she smiling at stranger? And he imitates her smile he he he….? raj hears that from behind and asks what? do you want her to smile at you only Or did you think like this, that she would smile at you only…. Viplav looks at him and asks what? raj asks then why you look upset?…. viplav asks what? Upset? why I would? What nonsense you’re talking yar? then he asks raj to see first customers needs OK…..? raj hears that and looks on…. viplav moves on to welcome other customers….
Lot of customers are starts to come…. But that gangsters won’t leave suman, she smiles and says sir I need to take others order, than I will take my leave….. She said like that and leaves the place…. But they starts to shouts….. Viplav seems that and goes to suman….he asks why you’re talking to strangers? Are you crazy?

Suman asks what? Why you shouts at me? What I did wrong? Viplav asks why you giggling (he he he ?? ) like that to them?…. suman looks on…. raj seems viplav behavior to her and looks at him hopeless?…. Those gangster starts to call suman…. Viplav seems that and goes to them…..and asks sir do you want anything? One man from the gang asks why that girl can’t take order? Viplav replies why you need that girl sir? That man replies we need to talk about something with her…. Viplav no problem sir I am free now, so you can speak with me too sir…. let’s start, where should we start? he said like that and sits with them…. that gangster group seems viplav’s adamant behavior…. They gets irked and they gets ready to fight…. Viplav seems them and asks what? don’t you want to speak with me?.…. suman seems everything from near and get tensed…. Raj and raj Lakshmi also tensed… One man holds Viplav shirt and push him away and asks what? To you think yourself as hero? Mmmm?…. suman goes to them asks to stop it…. raj also tries hard to stop them but they doesn’t listen…. That man again pushes Viplav to backwards, at last Viplav gets mad and push them away…. wow our hero too get ready to fight? Viplav look at them and says come on fight with me?….

Suman seems that and says stop it Viplav….. Then one gangster man smiles mirthless and says see our hero shows his power, now our turn to show….. gangster said like that and takes hockey stick to beat viplav…. Suman seems that and tensed….. that man about to hit Viplav, at the time suman just sees the stick under his hand and that stick flies backwards and falls down….. ?Yes suman used her eye power in order to protect viplav…. that man feels that and under shocked….. Viplav seems that and asks are you crazy? why you threw a stick at back, don’t you know how to use that and laughed…..? then two mans run towards Viplav to beat him, suman again used her power and makes them fall by tripped their legs in just seeing…. no one can find that what happening there ?….. they falls down under Viplav feet….. Viplav looks on and asks what you guys are doing under my feet ?……gangster group realized that some unseen slam force control them and they are scared to death…. so they run away from the place… everyone in the shop looks on….?

Viplav and raj looks at each other and amazed themselves….. they were clueless about earlier incident…. Raj asks what happened yar just before? Viplav replies they tripped by floor…. Suman looks on silently and gets relieved…. Raj asks is it? Viplav signs “yes ” and leaves the place confusingly…..

Later at night, viplav and raj sits together and thinks about morning incident….. suman and raj Lakshmi were cleaning the plates inside….. Viplav recalls that he fell from mountain na but he doesn’t hurt…. Then he says raj past few days unusual things are happening to me…. raj hears that and asks what? unusual things? Viplav signs “yes” and asks if one person fell off from mountain but that person not at all get hurt anywhere, is it possible? raj asks what you are talking? How it is possible? If anything like that, he must be super man, spider man, x-man or e- man?…. Viplav hears that and says I am the one who fell down, then what do you think who am I? super man or x- man?? Viplav asked like that and glares at raj…. ? Raj hears that and says what? You fell down? Where?

Are you all right Viplav?…..did you hurt your head? That’s why you are speaking like this na… like that Raj were teases him….. Viplav gets irked and looks on?….. Suman hears everything from inside and stares at Viplav…. then She recalls that night, she saved him when he fell…… and she narrates (inner voice) I saved you Viplav that’s why you’re not hurt…. And now I am wondering when I see you, why I did that? Why I lost myself when I saw you first time?….. I am again wondering myself why I am like this?……same sad song is playing ???…. she keep staring at him…. Scene freeze for a moment…
Next morning as usual Viplav and suman doing their work…. One car is stopped in front of the shop… girl gets off from the car and goes in…..Viplav seems her and welcomes her as customer….. but that girl seems him and calls Viplav! And smiles at him….. Yes that’s Taniya who loved Viplav from collage days frankly says Viplav’ s first and past love…. They already broken up in their collage days….

Viplav sees her and looks on…. he was standing clueless because he lost his memories, so he can not remember her…. Tanya gets surprised and hugs Viplav….. Suman were looks on…. Raj comes from inside and sees Tanya, he get surprised…. while viplav lets her free from him and looks tensed…. Raj says wow what a pleasant surprise Tanya where were you have been all days?…. Tanya smiles and replies now I settled in states raj… and I just came here for vocation….. but what happened to viplav why he treat me like a stranger…. was he still angry at me? Raj says no why he would? Then he slowly whispers her ears that later we speak about this…. Tanya hears that ans asks why? then she asks to viplav what’s wrong with you? Viplav looks on and turns back…. Raj says Tanya stop it he can’t remember you…..

Tanya is shocked and asks what? Raj says 5 years ago he faced one terrible accident so he lost his full memories….. later we can speak about this in detailed, so just leave it now… Tanya is shocked and get emotional how could he forgot about his first love…. Viplav hears those words and shocked, tears were filled with his eyes….. Suman hears everything from behind and looks on…. Tanya holds Viplav’s arms and insists to remember her…. she start to says their love story…. viplav is under depressed…. tanya is keep talking about their past and clg days…..Viplav’s listening ears orders his mind to remember what she was saying…. Viplav tries but he cannot so final result, viplav feels pain in head, tears were fall out from his eyes….. he holds his head and starts to faint…. Suman notices that and looks at him closely, her eyes fully on Viplav…. But tanya continously talking about her past with him without knowing this…. raj shouts to stop her, tanya hears that turns back , she looks at raj…. both were look at each other….. In that time viplav is fainting and about to fall down….. (Suman notices that so she is stopping the time by her super natural power…..) she just look at viplav by her eyes, the time is freezed for a moment….. on wall clock time has been stopped at 10. 30 am… everyone freeze at their place except suman, she reappears near to viplav…. Time is resuming again…..Viplav falls in the suman arms (shoulder), suman looks on….. the sad song is playing ?????…..
Raj and tanya comes to normal…. And seems at suman and Viplav shockingly……. scene freeze…..

Here onwards story will start…… twist and turns is waiting in upcoming episode…. so stay tuned and keep reading….?? I know I am torturing everyone by my daily post na…. Guys do you want some break??… Tell me if you want …. ?

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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Neil & Nikki

    So so nice episode… No i dont want break… I want to read all story in one day..

    1. Thank you Nikki…. For saying this ….me too won’t break so I am going to post every day , you can enjoy well…. Keep reading…. I will post next part as soon as possible…. OK….??

  2. Angel20

    No break please??
    The episode was as usual epic, different and waiting for the twists and turns eagerly!☺☺

    1. Yes no break…. I won’t OK…. And thank you maria keep reading……??

  3. Super episode yar.eargerly waiting for the twist and turns.yesterday night I was having a strange feeling that someone is with me after watching that movie. Yar I used to watch Tamil movies they are awesome ??

    1. Thank you aiswariya… Yes keep waiting? more interesting things on the way….. After watching conjuring you’re startled that much ha ha ha…. You should hide yourself in blanket…. ??….. And dear eid Mubarak too…??

  4. Sri don’t even think abt taking break,in fact we are ready to read ur story even if u post it 100 times a pls keep updating regularly but on time.hahahaha.
    Again suspense ending and truly cinematic romantic-comedy thriller.just loved the fighting scene as well as emotional Tanya writer Kaviya u rocked.

    1. Yes saran I never thought about again OK….I thought give some break to readers that’s why I asked….. No problem all one want to read more…. So I will try to update without fail….. ??keep reading my dear….??

  5. Eid Mubarak

    1. I used to see Tamil movies. Especially horror movie because I love them ???. Some times bursts out in laughing seeing their expression ???


    1. Thank you renu…. Here onwards story is take on…. All suspense are ready to come out one by one…. So keep reading ….. Have fun……?? and again 5 /5 I am full happy…. ??

  7. Shruthy

    Pichu poduven pichu! Don’t you dare take breaks? You already got late not posting it yesterday ok? ?
    Anyways! Let’s come to the story.
    as always : super se bhi zyaada upar machi! ??? I just loved it.
    When Angel innocently talks to that gang not knowing they are bad people… Seeing that, Viplav imitating her smile ?? that moment just cracked me up. I can so imagine Viplav in that imitating position ?
    Then when he goes to them instead of Angel and teasingly talk to them and all ?? it was filmy but I adore it. And then the hero in him coming out and fighting him with villain characters. HA HA HA HA ?
    Angel deeply cares a loooooot for Viplav, that’s why she even used her supernatural powers to save him. Or may be, she is just egoist and saves him because she needs him to become an angel again. ?? No just kidding! I know our Angel is so sweet, innocent, cute, caring … ???
    And then Tanya’s entry! UFFO… New twist huuh? Hmmm chari vidu. Let’s see what happens. New love triangle, while they already broke up ? That’s funny though. Quite excited to read it. The way Angel stopped the time and went there to hold Viplav in her arms. I am quite confused on what she wanted to do at that time. ?
    Already imagining that next track. Tanya trying to bring Viplav’s memories back, Viplav & Angel’s friendship growing, Tanya feeling insecure and jealous… ??? hayye hayye PLEASE POST THE NEXT PARTS SOON!
    Btw… Viplav became “maama” for Angel ?? ithu eppo nadanthichu? ??
    Anyhow! Ms.Kavya you know na, I am really excited about your story. So just post it and make me get more excited. ? Varattuma?

    1. OK my dr I don’t take break… So don’t worry and don’t beat me OK?… No my dear there is no triangle track here…. Tanya just came and let angel to know about Viplav state that’s all.,.. She just leave after that…. And all Tamil village girls are call their husband as mama na…. its sounds fun na so I used that for fun….?
      Keep reading my dear…..??

      1. Shruthy

        Hmm athu! ?? Appadaa, ippa than uyire vanthuchu??
        I know that. That’s what was funny. In fact there is nothing between both but still with rights he called himself “maama” ?
        Of course, debinitely

  8. oh kavya di…..kalakkitinga…….no words to say….
    ellarum naan sollavendiyathu sollidichu……so not commenting big…..oh i’m love with this one…just like ur previous one…….keep going didi……u made my day…..

    1. and no more breaks…..we want it as a movie…lol….just for fun didi….but love to see vidhani’s movie…and ya i am imagining all ffs as a movie….

      1. Yeah sure Lakshmi no more break….? Your loving is enough for me…. ??Keep loving…. And keep reading…. Will update fast…..OK….?

      2. And yes Lakshmi all Tamil horror movies are rocking in their own way…. Do you know one thing when I feel sad I always used to watch those movies anyhow they made me laugh by their killing performance….??

  9. Nima

    awesome awesome awesome story kaviya??? bt jaldi khatam hota hai plz next time make it long ?

    1. Thank you nima…. Yes will make it long next time….? keep reading my dear….??

  10. Latha

    No breaks Sri and awesome episode waiting for twists and turns. Keep going dear..

    1. Thank you latha yes no more break…. Inmale directa climaxthan…. No more interval….??….keep reading…..?

  11. Sujie

    This is awesome Kaviya….keep rocking like this 🙂 lots of love for this wonderful story…….
    Wanted to shout loud when angel thought why she cares for Viplav….. BECAUSE YOU HAVE STARTED TO LOVE HIM…. 🙂 🙂

    1. Yes sujie you can shout its true na….? her unconditional love have to cross so many obstacles…. Let’s see what happen next…. Until keep reading….??

  12. Amazing kavya?
    Starting to end was awesome yaar .. viplav’s and gangsters fight while suman helped viplav with her powers was super? Tanya is his first love?but no worries as he has broken up?.. loved it?
    And a big noooooo .. we don’t need break just post it daily as we enjoy reading it??

    1. Thank you maha….. Yes I don’t want to take break…..OK….. Keep reading……??

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