Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 6

Episode starts with, viplav comes to the bill section, sales representative gives a bill to viplav….. He gives a card to them and asks them to swipe it…. that worker was tried…. and give back to that viplav and says its not working Sir….. Viplav hears that and quite shocked then he gives another card, yes same thing it doesn’t work….. Viplav gets tensed and calls his dadaji… dadaji attends the call, in phone viplav shouts dadaji why my card is not working? dadaji replies because I blocked it Viplav….. Viplav shouts what? You blocked it? then what should I do for money?…… Dadaji replies if you need money you have to earn Viplav….Viplav hears that and asks what? He looks on…. dadaji tells if you can’t earn money to feed yourself, then is waste of your life Viplav…… Viplav hears that and shouts dadaji! that’s all my father money, you have no rights to say me that…. Dadaji yes its all your money but I am the one who guardian for you and your money….. So you can’t be like that…. if you need money to live means, then you should listen me Viplav…. (actually dada ji wants viplav to take back his business again, so keep trying in different way) Viplav hears that and says no need of that dadaji I knew what you have to ask me, I won’t do that…. You may try in different way but my answer is same I won’t….. Then he ends the call, dadaji and Viplav looks on in their respective place…

Viplav don’t have money to pay bill… He thinks what should I do? Could I return all these… he says like that and turns back and looks at suman……. she seems herself in mirror and amazed about her new attires….. So Viplav is clueless, then he gets idea to call raj…. he calls and asks him to come that shop. Raj has agrees. Later raj comes to that shop and pay bill for them….. And he look at viplav in hopeless manner…. (now I am remembering “nanbenda” dialogue from santhanam ??)

Later, at raj resident viplav sits sadly and says I already knew my dadaji do all things on purposely to corner me but I am not…. and never I beg for money to him….. suman hears everything from near. Raj hears that and asks is it? Then what are you going to do for money? You need some money to survive in this world, did you got it? Viplav looks on….. At the same time suman sees one notice board in raj shop, in that board “part time employees needed” is what mentioned in that board…. Then she asks to raj that she want do that…. raj looks at her and asks what? Viplav hears that and says wow its great idea and he asks raj to take me and suman as your employee and how much you will pay to us? raj again asks what? You guys were kidding me na? Viplav says hey buddy just chill yar, we are friends so let’s take it easily, if you set other employees in that place mean you will pay na? Give that money to us that’s all…..Raj says oh but….. Viplav asks but what? raj looks on….. Then Viplav and suman bent their head and says take care of us boss…they said like that and smile at each other….

Next morning, shop were opened, let’s switch on forward button, our jodi wearing uniform under respect shop and they welcomes customer from the entrance, they are very busy at their work, they runs around the shop and takes order from customer and serves them quickly like pizza delivery…… raj and raj Lakshmi works inside and they are happy to seeing them like that…… Like that our cute jodi were worked full day and at last they clean the shop by mob and makes everything tidy and smiles at each other…… wow they are superb at working na? all work finished na? So you guys are ask me to come to the story na…. ? I got it ??….

After that viplav shouts ahaaaa! My arms were hurting, what should I do? Raj seems that and says first day of work na, it’d being pain like that, so he gives some medicine to apply……viplav gets that from him and about to apply but all of sudden he seems at suman, she keep cleaning the table…… so viplav asks are you okay suman? Were you hurt anywhere? suman replies no it doesn’t hurt me, I am Ok….viplav hears that and asks by chance are you an alien?…. How it doesn’t hurt you? Suman hears that and gets tensed… She asks what nosence you’re taking? Who said it doesn’t hurt? Then she act like hurt and say oh my back its really pain give me that pain killer to me….. and she apply that too…. Viplav seems that and says himself what I asked? And why she looks so serious? Strange laduki!…..he said like that and keep looking at her…..suman seems that and asks what? you want me to apply for you too? I can hide away the pain, do you want to try….. viplav hears that and says “no” I don’t want….. Suman says why you are shy to me, I will help you…. She said like that and she starts to massage his arms (hand) …. Viplav feel relaxed to his mussels and says its feels good….. Suman seems that and asks how is it? viplav replies its nice…… then she asks give 200 rupees for massage…… viplav hears that and says oh is it, let me do this for you…..suman asks what? Viplav replies I can hide pain away from you, Suman looks on…. Viplav why you feel shy to me? come close to me I will do free for you…… and he holds her neck by his arms, sumans shouts “no” “no” and runs away from him…… viplav shouts don’t play around with me…… then he smiles and says funny girl…..

Later night, at terrace suman sits on wooden pallet (bed like structure)…..and gazing sky yes sky looks so beatiful na??suman seems that and recalls angel’s head words ( that she would find out answer or her soul will vanish out…..) Then she asks herself what could be a answer? how could I find out? I am clueless this old woman won’t to help me, what do I do?….in fraction of second angels’ head ? appears next to her….. Suman seems that and frightened by her sudden appear, so she says you scared me dadi…. Angels’ head hears that and says oh god all angels or reapers were afraid to me because I am head and elder so they call me as head or Chief but this girl never afraid of me and call me as dadi and old women like her own grand mom….suman hears that and smiles….. she asks why? don’t you think me as your grand daughter…. Angels’ head replies why I should? I am not a human to relate myself with you or love you like your grand ma got it….. Suman hears that and says “yes” I got it dadi…. angels’ head asks did you find anything? Suman signs “no”…… head asks what are you doing in all these days…. yes i knew shoping, dating and working with that human (viplav). suman hears that and asks what? At the same time downstairs viplav asks about suman to raj. Raj signs terrace……. Viplav says thanks buddy and goes to terrace
In terrace, head asks do you like him that much….suman hears that and says its really funnny dadi and please talked like to your age okay.? head hears that and says oh this girl made me speachless by taking about my age…… Suman asks her to stop joking and says without clue where should I found my answer, dadi please help me…..Mmmm? give some clue Mmmm?….. In mean time viplav comes and stands behind suman from little far….. he sees that she is talking alone….. (That he can’t see and hear the head angel na…..)? after see that viplav says I knew this earlier she is little crazy, what I am going to do with her?….. Head seems at viplav but he cannot see her…. angels head says to suman, your clue is that man and disappears…. suman seems that and shouts dadi! dadi! …. viplav all of sudden hears that and frightened…… Then he says oh god why she screaming like that?…. did she speaking to whom? she’s strange….. Viplav shouts at her what? What? What’s wrong now? Suman hears his voice and turns back…..she asks you! when did you come? Did you hear everything?……. Viplav hears that and asks what? Really did you speak with someone, I can’t see anyone….. Suman replies you can’t see her, she is not human……and she’s stand right behind you….. Viplav hears that and gets scared and his expression ?like that and his leg start to shake….. then he asks what? did you see any ghost at this place he asked like that and turns back slowly but he can’t see anyone…..he seems that and tells nothing here suman……viplav again slowly turns around to suman, she stands behind him and puts her hair in front of her face and stands like an real ghost?…… Viplav seems that ? and shouts mummyeeee….. suman seems that laughs out loud….. ?and makes her hair normal….. Yes now viplav realized it was her and she pull pranked to him…. Viplav ah! see this girl made fun at me….suman asks you scared na? Viplav replies with this face ? no I am not at all scared, what should you do? suman looks on …..viplav in cool manner and says anyway good try…. Suman smiles at him and says you’re lying and I well know humans were pretty good at lying….. She said like that and lies on wooden pallets…. Viplav hears that and looks at her….suman looks at sky and says wow today lots of stars are there…. Viplav seems that and smiles, then he too lies on wood with her…..

Suman shows her hand towards sky and says oh my dadi (angel’s head) returning to home…. viplav hears that and asks dadi? Where? she again shows hand towards stars…. Viplav thinks that she again play with him…. so he says yes your dadi returning to home….. Suman asks can you see her? Viplav replies why not? I can see my dadi too….. Suman your dadi? where? viplav shows three stars in the sky and says mummy, papa and dadi…… suman hears that and stares at him…. Viplav tells I wish my dadaji would see them….. suman keep staring at him…… Both were staring at each other….. Then they gazing star together….. Both were gazing at sky?? and they narrates together (inner voice) its feels good….. Scene freeze….

Again big sorry my dears for late update ?…. ??
If you want to read previous episodes of destiny of love, here below is the link….?
(on this page you can see tellyupdates ping back of 2-5 episodes)
Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

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  1. Wow super yar.I was just thinking about your ff.loved it????❤❤?

    1. I just saw your comment now….. Your guessing is right or not for knowing that you have to read future episodes.,… So wait for that…… OK…. Let’s make deal with us….. ?ok……keep reading…..??

      1. Your writing skill is awesome. I read my girl is a liar once it is the 4th time i am reading it but still loving your ff☺☺

      2. Once again*

      3. Oh so sweet of you…. Aiswariya…. 4th +1 =5…. Wow 5 time you did read…. I am really happy my dear I am glad the you loving it…. Keep loving yar….?? no words have to describe my happiness…… ???

      4. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

      5. I have posted…. Its on the way aiswariya?…. It will be update soon….☺

    2. Finally I watched conjuring 2??

      1. Oh wow great aiswariya …..I have no guts to watch horror movie …. But I had watched all Tamil horror movie you know one thing in our movies are filled with full and full fun….. All Tamil people are playing with ghost in all horror movie …. So we are not afraid of Tamil ghost….? But afraid of English ghost?…..

      2. oh really kavya didi…..not at all fearing ghosts are there in eng…..and i know abt the tamil horror movies….hahahaha its really fun to watch……

  2. Such a cute epi with cute romance of our cute vidhani.just love all of their moments.they are just brilliant and lovely.raj and raj lakshmi are also adorable and supporting vidhani moments a too u brilliantly explained everything Sri,a big thanks for that too.u are the all time best.

    1. Thank u my dear saran ….. More lovely and cute moments waiting for you saran….? keep reading…..??

  3. Kavya as usual super duper hit? .. viplav and suman working in bakery how sweet? raj and raj lakshmi are cute☺.. last part was so beautiful.. both gazing stars?..
    Suman made him scare was hilarious? .. I loved it man.. brilliantly written .. keep rocking? waiting for the next one?
    Thanks for posting it daily☺

    And yeah what is the meaning of pethu sri ?

    1. Thank u maha keep reading….. I am glad you like it….??

  4. Shruthy

    OMG that was hilarious as usual man xD
    Viplav & Angel (sorry I think Angel name suits her more :p) work for Raj. Their first day at work was indeed very speed and busy. Poor VIplav got hurt. But he was damn funny when he realized she was not hurt and said “by chance are you an alien?”. Pagal ladka!
    Then when she suggests him to cure his pain by massage. He was feeling so nice. And Angel asking money for the massage, nice shot! xD Viplav wanted to pay her back with a massage too x) but she was so cute running away from him.
    Dadi is very strict dadi. Not even ready to help Angel in her mission. And she doesn’t even want to take her as her granddaughter. Angel is really adorable and funny. She must be the youngest angels I guess.
    Viplav searches for Angel, hmmm… Kya bhaat hai boss! :p
    That last scene with Viplav & Angel was so cute. They are so adorable. Viplav thinking she is crazy and Angel playing pranks on Viplav… nice one! <3
    And when both were gazing stars and then… staring at each other… *__*
    GOSH can't wait for next part girl. Post it as fast as you can ok? 🙂

    1. Whenever I see your comment I can see my story in short…. You captured each and every moment….. Thank you for your loving…..??keep reading Dr….?

      1. Shruthy

        Lol oops! ? I keep writing not knowing what I do.
        Thank you for making me love MiSha in another angle ???? Will always be waiting for the next part! (thalapathy style) I am waiting!

      2. Yes keep waiting will post as soon as possible…. OK shruthy??

      3. Shruthy

        Yaaaayy! ?

  5. Sujie

    The dialogue by chance are u an alien ???? The story is going so good kaviya ….. Each and every moment they spend together… Under the night sky full of stars ….gazing at those shining things ????❤️❤️❤️?

  6. Latha

    Kaviya as usual superb one. Raj seeing Viplav hopelessly and i remember santhanam and arya . Viplav and Suma work for Raj and Raj Lakshmi so sweet. First day work viplav getting hurt and our Angel not getting tired. Loved the massage scene very much and coming to terrace romance Suman made our viplav scary was hilarious. Both gazing stars and staring each other superb Kaviya. Keep writing…

    1. Thank you latha….. More lovely scenes are waiting for you so stay tuned and keep reading…..??

  7. Thank you sujie…. Keep reading…. More interesting things waiting for you…..??

  8. Avijit

    first time I read everything in this episode ..I usually read very fast … but today I read it clearly .. it is just superb ..every word ..every dialogue .. I can imagine it .. it is like it’s happening in front of me. superb .. and because I was a writer of a story also before …so now I can also say is great feeling when your readers can feel your story .. and imagine it by reading …
    and I really appreciate your writing skills … you are the best writer of TU now .. I can bet …
    You will shine in future soon …

    so now praising stop 😛 .. you may be thinking why I am praising a lot na ?? .. 😛 😛 ..but you truly deserve it .. and the main reason is ..I will not able to come in TU for two three days … that’s why I said for next two three episodes also 😛 …haha ..

    so keep rocking like this di .. All the best .. I will come after two three days … bye bye ..see u soon … if you have time then read this big comment 😛 ..sorry for this big comment ..hahaha …

    1. Oh my dear bro….. Thank you very much like you said our story give lot of happiness to us and our readers…. And you keep praising me from my girl is a liar…. Feeling overwhelming……? so you are going to take three days leave…. No problem but try to read….OK…… And thanks a lot for a long and sweet comment bro…..?? keep reading…. ☺


    1. Thank u renu….. Again 5/5 happy! happy! Yes I made vidhaani cutest and lovely moment I am glad that everyone like it…. And more interesting things waiting for you….. Keep reading……??

  10. Nima

    Kaviya, as usual superb episode. each n every scene n dialogue r awesome.
    kash hamara original IKRS k current track v aise hi majedaar hota Rupali mam I suggest you plz take our Kaviya as writer?

    1. Thank you nima…. If they ask me to write then I say big yes for you?? but it’s not possible na..,.? anyway thank you very much nima keep reading….??

  11. Angel20

    Kaviya di you are the best!? I am highly impressed by you?? again you created your magic! Love you?? in the previous episode I used all the adjectives I knew to praise you and some googled also? but again it was awesome, and cute episode,
    Viplav and Dhaani working together?
    Loved it thoroughly!❤
    Hope you post the next one soon!?

    1. Thank you maria, you already praised enough I am too happy…. Yes I will post next part soon…. Keep reading….??

  12. As usual d epi was ncz…..and might go missing upcoming days…..sry abt dat…and will nt be able to comment….

    1. Why my dear? CLG start audicha athanalaya? Anyway dear try to read…. If you didn’t comment then it will be borring for me without you?…. So try to comment if it is possible OK…. Keep reading and have fun….??

      1. Illa clg inu st aagala athu September la tha st aagum nu ninakiren……Vera reasons PA…….and will try to comment?

      2. As your wish riya…. If get time then try to read…. OK…. God bless you my dear…..?☺

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    haha this suman is so funny and love u kaviya keep writing sorry couldnt comment early on

    1. Thank you joyee keep reading….?☺

  14. @ tellyupdates when will you update my ff…. I am waiting from yesterday….. Please update fast…..?

  15. kavya di amazing…fantastic….superb…lovely…cute….romantic….ayyo deivame i have no other words to describe ur ff didi…….that much i love ur ff…….

    1. Thank you Lakshmi keep reading….??

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