Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 5


The episode strats with, dada ji asks viplav last night where you were gone? do you know how much I am worried about you? Viplav were tries to say something that Dada ji…… but angel (eisha) forwards her answer and says last night….viplav seems at her and thinks what she is going to say….. She says last night he was with me old man…. Dada ji hears that and asks what? with you? dadaji glaring at viplav?….. viplav looks at him? and says no dadaji, its not like that. Dadaji doesn’t say nothing after that but he throws them out at late night and says don’t come in front of me anymore viplav….. (dadaji is doing this for some reason in upcoming episode it will be shown…..?) now viplav and angel (eisha) standing on the street….. viplav shouts at dadaji even you don’t believe in your grandson na….. I will never come back to our house, even if you ask…. ?Then he looks at angel (eisha) and asks now you happy na? she hears that and tells a little feeling bad for you but untill being with you I am okay viplav….. she said like that and given a broad smile to him…? Viplav hears that and feel something …. Both were staring at each other….??

Scene freeze for a moment…

viplav hears that and shouts ahhhh I am going crazy with this girl….. What should I do? Angel looks on…. Then viplav thinks how could she knew my name? and he asks about that to her….she replies viplav tripathi, age 28, born in Mumbai and tell everything about him (actually she had read that in her death book) viplav amazed about her and says you’re really something and starts to walk…..angel (eisha) also keep following him….

Street lights and moon lighting were brighten their way, viplav were walking front, angel (eisha) is heading down and follows his step…… they are walking like that for long way…… The same sad song is playing????…. all of sudden viplav stopped in middle, in back angel (eisha) hits her head on viplav’s back…. viplav is shake himself and turned around to her….. and asks are you sleeping while walking? She replies no I just followed your foot steps….. viplav oh that’s why you hitting my back, angel (eisha) hears that and smiles ……viplav seems that and asks its really funny na?? she keeps her smile…… Then viplav glares at her firefully?, dhaani seems that and stopped her smiles……. Then viplav thinks and asks himself where should I go?, angel (eisha) hears that and repeats the question where should we go?….viplav looks at her and asks what kind of crazy girl you are? tell me that first, then only I can take further step…. Angel (eisha) tells I am not a crazy…. Viplav replies if any normal girl would follows a man at full day….. if I am a bad person mean then what would you do? Mmmm? Angel (eisha) looks at him and says I have to find something here so I need to stay by your side, I will leave in two months that mean time please allow me your side and you’re not bad person I knew that too…… viplav hears that and says oh you knew that too? ….. he smiles and lean closer to her and asks how much I am good enough? she look at him and says slowly “much enough”….. viplav hears that and stares at her, both were staring at each other……???

Viplav hears that and smiles…. Then he goes back and says you’re correct I am good as much enough, for saying this I will allow you by my side and you’re very interesting. angel (eisha) gets happy and jumpes in the street……viplav seems that and smiles and asks you’re here to find something na? What’s that tell me I will help you to find that…. Angel (eisha) says I can’t say that now, viplav hears that and says ok that’s your choice…. now where should we go? uncle house “no” that’s very boring, or return to my home and beg to my dadaji “no” “no” if I did he will never respect me in my whole life…. Where should we go? He thinks like that…… Angel looks on….finally he get idea and says yes raj! Then he grabs angel hand and says let’s go…..and they starts to run…….?

One shop shown in the street yes it our raj bakery shop, all type of cakes were special and yummy in that shop, so customer always there so he joined his house with that shop, ground floor is shop first floor is house nice na? Now our cute jodi were standing out side of the shop and rings the bell….rajlakshmi (raj wife) opens the door and looks on….. viplav and angel were smile at her….?
Later raj and Raj lakshmi were sitting on their respect place and look at them, viplav playing angry bird in his mobile…. Angel (eisha) looks at that shop and cakes and amazed herself?….. Raj slowly starts to speak viplav you say that your dadaji threw you out because of this girl….. viplav signs “yes” and asks raj! how many times you asking this?…. raj says no viplav I am just wondering, then why you are tag alone with this girl? By chance do you like her? Viplav smiles and says what? Me liking that girl? Wow it’s really funny raj and she is not my type….. raj looks on….. then viplav says she’s the one who keep following me….. raj hears that and asks is it then she must be interests in you…. then viplav looks at angel her and says no it’s seems not like that, she told me that she need to find something….. and it seems something important to her, so I accepted to help her….. raj asks what’s her name? Viplav replies I don’t know, raj hears that and asks what? Viplav signs yes…. raj hears that and says wow bravo you’re the man one who willing to help without knowing their name……viplav shows smiles at him?…. Then raj goes to angel (eisha) and asks what’s your name? She thinks and says name? everyone call me an ang…el…. and thinks what should say……raj looks on…. he seems that and asks what? even you don’t remember your name? angel (eisha) says no! my name is sum…an…. Ahhh suman…… Raj says oh……viplav tells her name himself suman! nice one…… And he goes to upstairs and says good night to all…..suman (yes now onwards I am going to mention her as suman) she follows him, viplav seems that and asks what? are you intend to sleep with me? suman replies no you can’t run away from me, he hears that and says I am not going to run, so please stop sticking with me and I want to sleep well today, so go to bed without me…. Then bye! Suman looks on….? raj Lakshmi seems that and says to raj they are cute na?….raj signs yes after long time viplav looks better…. then raj lakshmi take suman to her room……

Later suman takes her damaged death book and settled in some safe place….
Next morning suman comes out from her room, she wears raj Lakshmi dress (casual night wear). Outlooks seems unfit to her…..?. Raj Lakshmi seems that and says its not bad….. actually its look very funny?. Then she gives the coffee cup to suman and asks her to give that to Viplav…..suman signs yes and goes to upstairs…… raj Lakshmi seems that and says yes? she is trying to make them couple….?
Later, at Viplav room, suman tries to wake up him….but it doesn’t work, he covered his face with blanket…. then she makes tickle on his feet…. But no response from him. At last suman slowly goes into his blanket….she lean close to his face and calls, Viplav! Viplav! He hears that and breathed Mmmm? In sleepy mood….. then suman make tickle on his face and calls Viplav!….. Finally Viplav have some senses and opens his eyes…. and he sees suman’s face very closely so he gets scared and rolled over from the bed and falls down…. He shouts ahhhh mummy my back!….. suman looks on…
Viplav seems at her and asks again you! what are you doing here? Suman shows coffee cup and says I bring this for you….he seems at suman, she stands with coffee cup and her out fit makes Viplav to laugh…. He starts to laugh at her? and asks but what’s with your costume? do you have any plan to join to circus company or something?….. suman says no, I just wearing that didi’s outfit….. then viplav says oh you look very cute yar….. then viplav were rounds up her and says but something was missing, what’s that? and he says yes I found it…..he said like that and puts some funny hat on her head?…. suman seems that and asks what is this? viplav says now perfect let’s take selfie with that and he clicks photo with her….. ?. Viplav seems photo and says nice shot and smiles at suman….. then he runs to downstairs….. suman look at that hat and smiles herself….

Later Viplav gets ready for shopping because he leaves his stuff in his house na…. So he comes down and asks suman to go with him…..she agrees to go with him…..they rushes to shopping mall by taxi…..

In shopping Viplav buys superb, superb dresses, matching coolers, shoes and he buys dresses for suman, they select random dresses and gives trial for that and shown to us by cat walk…… wow its really superb yar please carry on….? at last Viplav notice that suman doesn’t wears slippers (foot wear) then he buys beautiful heels for her and makes her wear by his hand…… while viplav says how women can wandering around without slipper…. Mmmm Suman hears that and stares at him…. then viplav looks at her and tells now all done….. both were staring at each other…..? same sad song is playing…???
Later they comes to the bill section, sales representative give a bills to viplav….. He gives a card to them and asks them to swipe it…. that worker tried it ….and give back to that viplav and says its not working Sir….. Viplav hears that and quite shocked then he gives another card, yes same thing it doesn’t work….. Viplav gets tensed and calls his dadaji….dadaji attends the call, Viplav shouts dadaji why my card is not working? dadaji replies because I blocked it Viplav….. Viplav shouts what? You blocked it? then what should I do for money?…… Dadaji replies if you need money you have to earn Viplav….Viplav hears that and asks what? He looks on…. scene freeze….
Sorry for late update friends keep reading….. some PC issued so I couldn’t not post it soon….. I hope you guys can understand…..?

If you want to read previous episodes of destiny of love, here below is the link….?
Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Today too u stoped story in suspense but update as soon as possible tmrw Sri.
    Today’s epi was full of fun,romance and suspense.but Suman why that name?and our dhani was too much today also.just loved the coffee scene and dhani hitting her head on Viplav’s cute when they are together too u excelled in ur explanatory power so i saw everything as live acting.keep rocking like this Sri and of course Misha rockz rockz and rockz.they are our evergreen jodi.

    1. thank u saran dr…. i already said na some mysterious things are waiting for you…. so just add that name suman in those things…. she doesn’t have name yet na i mean we all assume her as angel….. so she just gave name herself as suman to survive in human world……in upcoming episode u can see why i gave that name……and yes my dear i try to update as soon as possible…. my pc has in some issues so it take time to copy in my phone…. it take too much of time….. but i try to update soon….

  2. Gd one…..waited too long?

    1. thank u riya…. keep reading… i will try to update soon….. ok sorry for delay….

  3. Pethushree i am speechless 5 /5 just loved when viplav told her not to follow him as he mighf be bad n then angrl telling him that he is not again when suman was trying. To wake up viplav finally when viplav buys dress for her absolutely flawless

    1. thank u renu dr…. yes today also i got 5/5 really thank u renu ….. keep reading more interesting things are waiting for you….

  4. Shruthy

    I know I might be ready for a laughter riot and I was absolutely right. xD Viplav getting mad confused of Angel’s behavior while she acts as everything was normal. I know angels don’t feel like humans but seriously… it’s like she was a robot sometimes (no offence of course!)
    overall it was fantastic sweetheart! <3 I just loved it to the core. As usual, I got really excited reading. It was fantabulous.
    at some moments, it's like Viplav likes her, and sometimes he gets annoyed of her crazy acts. xD both are damn sweet! and btw raj&rajlakshmi are also so cute. I didnt really get which kind of night dress she made Angel wear while she was supposed to make Angel seduce Viplav. but Viplav just started laughing.
    and the fact she has to hide her true identity is going to be hard for Angel as she often brings a doubt in Viplav. but I guess Viplav will get to know about it and because of that, she won't be able to become an angel and her soul might vani… no no no! nothing so might happen! 0_o

    1. thank u shruthy….. yes you said correct thing….. viplav like her as well as little annoyed by her behavior…. and her character is not going to same like this….. its going to change in each and every episode…. so wait for different version of eisha…. so she just had wear night wear casual pant and top but in free size that’s reason , made viplav to laugh…. ok i will update next part soon ok….

      1. Shruthy

        Yeah I knew it ! ? Aaay! Interesting re. ☺️ Different version of Eisha ?? cant wait to know what will happen next. ? Oh alright! ? well if it was supposed to seduce him… Rajlakshmi bhi na! ?? YAAAY! Sprry for the pressure btw. I was just joking. Take your own time. 🙂
        PS : I have to thank you for making long episodes. ??

      2. Thank shruthy upcoming episodes are little long so u can enjoy well…. Keep reading…..??

      3. Shruthy

        Will always enjoy your long writings <3

  5. Avijit

    that’s as usual superb episode .. your story is superb ..I like the angel very much ..she is funny .. I know she is not Human .. but she is sweet .. go ahead .. waiting for next 🙂

    1. Latha

      Hai avijit how are u after that horror ff why u have not written any ff my friend…

      1. Avijit

        not now ..I am busy in my studies now .. focusing on it .. for now I only can say ..I will be back very soon. … so wait for me

    2. Nima

      Hi chotey! kaise ho? 2nd ff se hum logo ko kb surprise de rahe ho?

      1. Avijit

        I am fine are you di .. I will try to come soon .. but now focusing on studies only .. wait for me ..

      2. Avijit

        if I write ff then it will be the sequel of my first ff … different name ..different story ..but same cast … so wait for the Sequel of my first fan fiction “The talking mirror: destroyer of all” 😛 .. hope for it ..hope it come soon. ..planning just start … studies pressure hae ..but thora time hua to likhunga ..wait for it 😉 😉

    3. Thank u avijit… Keep reading and have fun?

  6. Latha

    Good one pethu keep writing dear..

    1. Thank you latha…. Keep reading……

  7. Sujie

    Kaviya…awesome one dear……
    Confused angel…with hero Viplav….. 🙂

    1. Thank u sujie keep reading…..??

  8. Angel20

    Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!
    I was smiling the whole time reading it! Wow, you know I really don’t have words to praise you! My god how can you write such a peice!?! Seriously I loved it! It was awesome, fantabulous, wonderful, spectacular, amazing, stunning, phenomenal, marvellous and much more…

    It’s OK I can understand. But don’t do it next time. Please update it soon! As soon as possible. I hardly can wait for it!
    Please! Please! Please!

    1. Oh maria dear you praised me by all words I am flying now no one here to stop me??…… Thank you very much dear….. Keep reading….??

  9. As usually u are driving me crazy. Can I guess coming episodes?

    1. Your guess is right I am from Kerala

      1. Yepee I guessed correct one…. I love Kerala….. Yes aiswariya go ahead and guess what would be a next…. I am waiting to know…. And thank u very much…..??

      2. Viplav’s past is dhani. Which he is not remembering. Bcoz of that sad song is playing in background. You know I am very bad in guessing.I am glad to know I love Kerala

  10. Nima

    kaviya, again so interesting episode really loved it,? n prev epi read it bt comnt nahi kiya SORRY?

    1. Thank u nima you always welcome….. Keep reading…..??

  11. Lakshmi

    kavya di nice epi…….waiting for the next one…..

    1. Thank you Lakshmi… Keep reading….?☺

  12. Neil & Nikki

    So so nice episode…

    1. Thank u Nikki…. Keep reading….?☺

  13. Kavya it was also mind blowing and incredible?.. loved it .. suman is so adorable and so as confused?viplav!! Oh God he is amazing.. always playing angry birds game?his attitude is killer man? .. dhani was going behind viplav when he was going to sleep and when dhani was waking him up and he fall from bed was super awesome?.. loved it enjoyed it .. u are brilliant sis.. keep rocking?waiting for the next one?
    Sorry for this late comment actually I had read ur ff yesterday night but didn’t get time to comment as my internet was having problem?

    1. Thank u maha….. Keep reading……?

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