Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 4


Recap: head angel asks her (eisha) to think what is possible, you can’t become a human but you can pretend like a human, so find out answer first you crazy girl…..then she says when you pretend like a you have to follow two rules that 1. You can’t reaveal your true identity that you’re an Angel 2. You can’t kill anyone by using your supernatural power, by chance if you have do then no choice your soul will vanished after that second. oh guys head angel gave some offer to find her answer, she is so sweet na?…. angel (eisha) is stunned after hears that….. Head angels’ asks her to keep this in mind then she disappears from the place.

Episode starts with, Angel(eisha) feels her cheeks and arm and amazed herself by touching her face…. and she asks herself what “pretend like human” at the same time viplav recalls that unknown man (villan) pushed him from mountain and he wonders that he was not at all hurt himself….. like that viplav and angel (eisha) wonder themselves and looks at each other astonishingly….

Viplav looks at angel (eisha) and asks who are you? Are you live in this mountain? she replies “no”. viplav asks then what are you doing in this place? she thinks and replies I just roaming in this place, I mean I am just traveller, last night I am busy with crossing the mountain, while suddenly I was saw that you were collapsed and lay on ground, so I stayed by your side. And also boar, lion were tried to eat you, so I kept them away from you….. viplav hears that and slowly burst out his laugh….. Angel (eisha) seems that and asks don’t you believe in me na…… viplav holds his laughing and says “no” I just laughed out and again start to laugh……he he he…..?? angel (eisha) looks on…. then viplav asks how could you done that….like shuu! shuuu! shuu! Very funny you are, viplav is not ready to believe in her…. And he laughed out….angel (eisha) look at him like this?…
Later they start to walk together to find a way to city…..while viplav wonders and says in this world exactly where we are? and how long we need to walk?….. And he sits tiredly under the tree….. then he looks at angel (eisha) and says it seems you’re not at all feel tired…… she is not human na to be tired?, but she recalls angels’ head words “pretend like a human”, so she starts to act that she was tired and asks him to see her sweating… viplav replies fast “no” you are not sweating…. she hears that and asks is it? It must be dried out…… then viplav says oh but now only I can see, you are something different from others…. angel (eisha) get panicked and asks where? I have two legs, two hands and eyes like you….. and she asks him to see her…. viplav replies but you’re too beautiful than others…. she hears that and looks at him….. Both were staring at each other….. same sad song is playing???….. scene freeze for a moment….??

Later they again starts to walk, and came out from forest…… now they are standing in bus stop, its already starts to dark so viplav asks her (angel), where are you from? tell me I will send you back safely this is not safe place to roaming around, so tell me quickly…. angel (eisha) says you don’t believe me even if I said….. Viplav says why not? I will believe tell me. Then she look at him and shows her hand towards sky…. viplav slowly looks at sky and smiles?…. (He thinks she is crazy ?) angel (eisha) seems that and see even you don’t believe in me…. viplav tells Carry on, your jokes make me feel lighter, go ahead I will laugh…..? angel looks on?…… viplav asks her to at least tell about her contact number to inform her relativities…. Angel (eisha) says I don’t have anything like that…. Viplav hears that and asks what? really you are something…… okay I’m going to Mumbai….. You should go where you used to live, then nice to meet you bye and take care…. then viplav were smiles towards her and gets in the bus without her…… angel (eisha) looks at him through window?, bus starts to move on…… ?viplav looks at her from bus and tells himself crazy girl……

Later bus finally arrived in Mumbai bus stop…..viplav gets off from back side of the bus ?? and seems angel (eisha) is standing in front of him …..? yes she is standing there…..he shocked and said you frightened me to death….. angel (eisha) smiles at him?…. he asks how could you arrived here fastly, did you have any special flight or something….. actually angel(eisha) used her teleport power but she can’t tell that na… even if she tell he could not believe na So she shows another bus from front side……? viplav seems that bus and says oh its really rocket fast that’s why you reached here fastly…. then are you from Mumbai? why don’t you say that first were I asked….. anyway take care…. I have to go…. Then viplav starts to walk….. Angel (eisha) also keep following him…. if he stop walking, she too stop waking… viplav notice that and turns back and asks why you’re keep following me…..that time angel (eisha) looks at her face in one shop mirror wall and wonder herself……viplav seems that and says I am asking you where you are looking at….. She closed near to the mirror and see her face astonishingly…..then she touches her face and says I look too young….. viplav seems that and thinks inner voice, why she is like that? and he recalls her behavior at forest…. And asks himself were she is really crazy? What at all time I am speaking with crazy girl…. viplav you’re going crazy….. inside of the shop some guys were look at angel and starts to smile at her…. But she only looking at her own face….. Viplav seems that guys and gives punch sign? to them to get them off….. They seem viplav with her and back to their sense…??

Then viplav grabs her hand and take her away from that place and says what are you doing in the road? you can’t be like this. This world is not good enough to wandering around alone like this…. then he looks at her from top to bottom and she wears sleeveless gown na, so he offer her shirt and makes her wear by his hands…. while angel were staring at him …….viplav says if you caught by bad guys you will be in big danger….. both were staring at each other…. while viplav thinks that she is mentally weak person so he says (inner voice) I cannot leave her alone like this, at the same time angel (eisha) says (inner voice) what do I do? I should have to stay by his side, then only I can find a way to my death book back normal, what should I do?…. like that they are looking at each other….

Later viplav take her to police station and file the case that some goons were tried to kill him at last night…. cop asks viplav to did you notice anyone face in the goons….viplav says “yes” but I am not sure. Cop asks are you have doubt on anyone or you have enemy or something like that. Viplav says “no” not like that…. But I always insecure feel around me after my accident….. angel (eisha) hears everything what they are talking……Cop asks were your dadaji is learn about this? Viplav says “no” he doesn’t so please don’t tell about this to him, if he knew he will worry about me…..cop signs yes…..

Viplav looks at angel and asks cop to come with him….cop asks what? Viplav take cop away from angel (eisha) and says about her……he tells that girl seems little crazy and asks cop to find her family and hand over to them….. cop says is it? okay I will…. And asks him to leave her in a station and they will take care of her…. viplav thanks him….

After viplav goes to angel (eisha) and says I will take my leave they will take care of you and asks her to stay safe…. Angel (eisha) looks at him shockingly…. ?Then viplav about to leave but she grabs his hand and gives sad look to him (don’t leave me like that…..?) viplav and angel were staring at each other….then viplav let his arms free from her and says they will take care of you OK…..then he about to exist but angel (eisha) seems that and recalls his name from death book and calls viplav don’t leave me…. viplav hears that and confused and asks himself how could she knew my name but he doesn’t turns back and leaves the place….. angel (eisha) looks on sadly…..? viplav comes out from the police station and starts to walk….. He feels something and stopped in middle…. Viplav asks himself I did correct thing na, she will be okay na but why I feel like lost something and wonder himself….

Later at police station, angel was disappears from there, but anyone doesn’t notice that in their busy schedule, she again follows viplav, but he was unaware about this….. one unknown man also following viplav and he stopped in middle and informed to villan that Viplav is still alive through phone…. Villan (his eyes has been shown) hears that and ask how is happened? that man replies I don’t know sir…. Villan smirks and says keep eye on him…. that man agrees….

Viplav finally reached his house….. Viplav were enters his home, house seem like very quiet so he thinks Dada ji is not in….so he asks one servant where Dada ji is? Servant says he is in his room and yesterday he had been wait for long time for you. viplav asks servant to that don’t tell to dadaji that I am in, I will speak to him tomorrow OK….. Servant signs “yes”, then viplav goes to his room….. He fresh up himself and puts medicine on his wounds and wonders who tried to kill him? And he again recalls that he was fell from mountain….. viplav is amazed that he was fine…… all of sudden some noise comes from his room. Viplav hears that and looks for that, he searched all over the place….. finally he goes near to window side and removes the screen slowly …..viplav has suddenly seem at place with someone is standing there, he gets scared and falls down…. he shouts mummy!……yes our angel (eisha) is standing there…… he looks at her and asks again you! yah who are you? Why you keep following me?…. she smile at him…..? viplav were seems that and says Wait a minute how could you get in? Did you break my window? Oh god still viplav not aware of her super natural power….? angel (eisha) says no I enter just like that…. And she asks him do favour for her…. Viplav asks favour? What is that? she says I have to find something in this world, I don’t know anyone here so please let me stay with you for few days.. Mmmm? Viplav hears that and shocked. He says, what? you want to stay with me? yah you are really something…. I thought you’re little crazy but you can made all one crazy…. angel (eisha) tries to say something, in mean time someone knocks viplav’s door….. yes that’s his dadaji. Viplav and angel (eisha) hears that and shocked…..Viplav says what do I do? It seems like dadaji, if he see me with you, what he think about me? Oh god what do I do? angel (eisha) seems that and asks shall I disappear for you? Viplav hears that and asks what? And yes you have to do that,……then he asked tensely where should I hide you? Under cot or bathroom no it won’t work…..what should I do? She says no I just disappear….at that time viplav grabs her hand and locked over her in his cupboard….all of sudden dadaji opens the door and comes in….viplav looks on tensely…..

Dadaji look at viplav and asks why you looks like that, is anything wrong?….viplav replies no dadaji, not like that I just looking at you…. Dadaji asks oh did you had dinner or not? Viplav says “yes”. then dadaji says oh……. He hesitantly asks are you upset about yesterday incident? (that they had fight yesterday na)….viplav replies “no” dadaji….then dadaji about to asks next question but viplav stopped him and says this late time why you are worrying about me and lost your sleep…..dadaji looks on and says but…..viplav holds his arms but what? You must care about your health too so go to your bed and have a tight sleep ok…..then viplav were makes him leave forcefully and says good night dadaji and have romance with dadi in your dream okay after he closed the doors but forgot to put lock?…. dadaji hears that and smiles and says my little son always naughty and starts to walk to his room…..

In viplav’s room, he takes out dhaani from cuboard…..? and asks her to leave his house immediately or he will call police…. Angel (eisha) hears that and says you can’t treat me like this, I saves your life last night but you’re doing too much…. Viplav what you saved me, I already told you na, don’t joke around me when wrong time…..? she looks at him and asks what? Jokes?? viplav says yes stop your jokes and get out of my place….. But she doesn’t move the place…..viplav seems that and says I thought to make you leave silent but you won’t na….. she looks at him, they staring at each other….. ? In middle of the way dadaji recalls and noticed that viplav has wound in his face ….dadaji gets worries about him and willing to know what happened yesterday, so he turns back and goes to viplav room…

Inside the room viplav grabs angel (eisha) hand and he forces her to leave…… But she holds cot tightly and won’t move next step…..viplav seems that and says I thought you are light weight but it seems you’re little strong but I am more stronger than you don’t forget that…..viplav holds her two hands and trying to exist her…but angel (eisha) shouts I am turned out like this because of you…. You can’t do this to me…..and she pulls him backwards, they struggles each others to win…..? finally they tripped over and falls down on bed…..viplav falls over on angel (eisha)….that time dadaji opens the door again….. timing is perfect na…..? dadaji looks at them like that and misunderstood them…….dadaji shouts what happening here viplav? who is that girl? Viplav looks on shockingly……

Dadaji’s Bb raises in to peak….. He shouts you! You!….viplav tells dadaji no! no! What you think now, it was not true…..then viplav is get up from her…. Angel looks at them….. Dadaji goes to viplav and starts to beat his back…… and asks why you’re like this?…… Viplav shouts dadaji listen me first, but he doesn’t listen him and continuously beats him…… angel (eisha) tries to stop him but dadaji won’t stop, he grabs viplav ears and asks viplav how long you’re dating with this girl?…..viplav hears that and asks what dating? With her? dadaji come to your sense what are you saying, I don’t know her…..dadaji hears that and what? you don’t know her?…. then what she is doing in your room…. Viplav whispers his ears, that it seems she is crazy, so she keep following me….. Angel (eisha) can hears everything, unaware of this viplav keep whispers about her like that….. She listens everything what he said before (that she is crazy) and she looks at him hopeless…… then dadaji asks last night where you were gone? do you know how much I am worried about you? Viplav were tries to say something that Dada ji…… but angel (eisha) forwards her answer and says last night….viplav seems at her and thinks what she is going to say….. She says last night he was with me old man…. Dada ji hears that and asks what? with you? dadaji glaring at viplav?….. viplav looks at him? and says no dadaji, its not like that. Dadaji doesn’t say nothing after that but he throws them out at late night and says don’t come in front of me anymore viplav….. now viplav and Angel (eisha) standing in the street….. viplav shouts dadaji even you don’t believe in your grandson na….. I will never come back to our house, even if you ask…. ?Then he looks at angel (eisha) and asks now you happy na? she hears that and tells little feeling bad for you but untill being with you I am okay viplav….. she said like that and given a broad smile to him…? Viplav hears that and feel something …. Both were staring at each other…. Scene freeze…

Now viplav come to street because of dhaani? Can viplav allow her (angel) by his side? for knowing that keep reading….?

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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Super yaar….BT posting it bit late?…..address her as Dhani r dng but not both?my opinion it?

    1. Thank you riya…. Yes i will post next part as soon as possible …. But i am not get it clear what you said…. Did i mentioned dhaani name above…… Or you ask me to mention dhaani as her name… Sorry i can’t understand… Plz explain me?….

    2. Dhani r angel……I am first to comment

      1. now let’s fix as her as angel and tomorrow on wards her name going to change…. so don’t worry about that…. and yes you are the one who first commented here for last two says… i am happy happy …. thank u….

  2. Shruthy

    omg this was OUTSTANDING! ?? mar daala! Angel is just hilarious man. ?? her crazy antics makes Viplav ge mad too.
    she is not even aware of what to tell and what not but still, she can feel like humans. ? i am just loving the way Viplav takes her as a mad girl and took good care of her like offering his dress and all… the cutest parts were when Viplav told her she was more beautiful than others and that last scene also where she says “feeling a bit bad for you, but as long as I am with you I am ok” ??? cant wait for next part man! episodes going, i feel more and more excited. ???

    1. Thank u shruthy you’re well observing the story…. More crazy things are waiting for you….? Keep reading…. ☺?

      1. Shruthy

        Hahah thanks for that compliment but yeah I cant miss even a small detail when I read anything as I imagine them. Especially when it’s something like your story ? Ok now you made me get even more excited man. I am just waiting for the next day that you post the 5th episode?

      2. Oh shruthy you’re fully excited like me… I want to post next to next after seeing your all comments and always my ff end soon as much fast so i am looking forward my last episode…. When how you guys are react to me…. I am full excited for that day….??

    2. Shruthy

      My excitement cannot be described girl. I am in hyper excitement just to read the next part. So post it ASAP ?
      Lol i am also excited for what happens, like the way “something something” will happen between both ? But for that you have to post fast the next part na?

      1. yes shruthy you’re too excited, i can see that by your comments…… i have posted next part, its on the way keep reading….

  3. Sujie

    Wow….its lovely dear….
    Loved that last part…. 🙂 🙂

    1. thank u sujie keep reading ……

  4. U r giving too much suspense na…tdy also as usual superb and amazing epi.loved it too.that falling on bed and daadaji sawed it.what a timing yaar.can’t wait for the next one.keep going kavya 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. thank u midarshani…… more suspense is waiting for you…. and yes dadaji timing was perfect…. this twist was lifting the story na …. keep reading…..

  5. Hahahahahahahaha.oh my God,this Dhani is too much can she follow her.just loved her innocence,how can a person be so cute and an angel really like that?wow.loved our lovely lady angel more than Viplav today.i have no words to explain her innocence.she is really crazy and i became a crazy fan of her innocence.

    1. yes saran very cute and innocent angel na….. and lovely too…. her character is like that…. in middle you can see different avatar of her, so wait for that…..keep reading….

  6. Pethushree ?dearest kavya 5/5 . Just loved the clos3 moments of vidhani viz viplav laughing at her on hearing that she saved her ? viplav again telling her that her jokes make uim lighter when sh3 said she has come from the sky ? viplavs caring attitude when he gave his jacket? viplav admiring her beauty ? n finally when they toplled over each other ? looking forward for next n yes of course feeling bad for viplav.

    1. thank you renu….. it seems you totally enjoyed…. i am really glad you like it….. and yes i got 5/5 wow i am happy! happy!…… keep reading……

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Angel is so cute n funny 😛 m I feel very bad for viplav poor thing the jacket wala part is very cute

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Btw have you ever watched winx club 😛

    1. Thank you joyee…. Keep reading….?☺Winx club i am hearing this name first time….. Is this english drama?…. I am not sure….?

      1. Kavya it’s cartoon .. we used to watch it when we were child? I really loved to watch it even now?

  9. Kavya loved it loved loved it yaar?.. it was super duper hit?..
    Best lines: how could u do that.. by saying shu shu shu?, Dada ji have romance with dadi in ur dreams?.. oh it’s fantastic? I enjoyed alooot .. it was too funny yaar even while reading I was laughing and my sister was like why are u laughing api then I made her to read it and she also enjoyed alot?..
    Now both are on street sad? but I am very happy as long as vidhani sorry viplav and angel(eisha) are together ? .. keep going dear eagerly waiting for the next one?

    1. thank u maha….you enjoyed each and every scene, i hope you would love up coming episodes too…. and thank u for saying that winx club was cartoon…. i am not aware of that….. keep reading my dear…..

      1. Kavya I will not only enjoy I will love upcoming episodes for sure as u write brilliantly.. very excited yaar?
        No need to thanks re?

  10. Latha

    Kaviya it’s superb. Could visualize entire scene. Angel is so cute and i think she feels like human. Loved that viplav caring attitude when he gave the jacket . excited to know further keep writing dear……

    1. thank u latha…. more mysterious things are waiting for you…. keep reading my dear….

  11. Angel20

    Awesome episode Kaviya di, loved it! Their falling on each other?? post the next one soon!

    1. thank u maria…. keep reading my dear….

  12. Lakshmi

    kavya di u r back…..yeah love u di and ur ff…..sorry i am not active these days….so didn’t read the previous ones….but will read it surely….super di…waiting for the next one anxiously

    1. oh yes lakshimi, i am back and yes you have to read previous episode too…. thank u very much for your comment….. keep reading…..

  13. I was in the 7th cloud when I read your name.keep going. Coming to the episode this is simply awesome. Your ff My girl is a liar was my favourite .that was a very emotional ff, I used tO get teary eyed reading it ☺☺

  14. Waiting for your update

    1. thank u very much aishwarya….. i am glad that you liked my girl is a liar….. and yes i made all cry when i wrote that…. and destiny of love also little like that…. and i already posted my next part, it will be update soon…. keep reading…. and keep loving….

      1. Are u from Tamil nada??then I am your neighbour ☺.

      2. yes aishwariya i am from tamil nadu….. where are you from……my guess kerala

  15. Nadu*

  16. Avijit

    loved the episode ..awesome and funny little ..loved it ..keep it up di ..and entertain us like that di .. 🙂

    1. Thank you avijit….. Keep reading…..?

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