Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 3

The story stars with, viplav is cornering to edge of the small cliff, he looks very tired ? and shouts at them to stop it….. angel hears that and turns back……she looks at villan eyes, that villan smirks towards viplav, it well shown in his eyes…. angel were well noted his eyes with that smirks….. and all of sudden villan pushes viplav from mountain…. viplav is about to fall from mountain, ? angel is seeing that from little far away. she is shocked…… viplav has heading towards land and about to hurt himself…. cliff depth is not deep but ground there is a rock surface….at that moment angel were reappears in ground by her super natural power and form a protective barrier in between ground and viplav, she keep holding him (viplav) in the air before he hit the ground by her power then she makes him land safe by little force….. ?oh god finally angel saved him…..viplav was landed safely but he is faint …….angel look forward and goes closed to him….. She looks at him and realized he is alive and signs relived…. and again she realized he is still alive then she shouts oh god what I did just before I saved him, I was wrong. what should I do?and looks on shockingly…..

In fraction of second, angels’ head (actually she is a old grandma, who guide all angels…..) appears in front of her (eisha), and says “at least you admitted that” Angel (eisha) were seems that grandma suddenly na so she was frightened….. She says dadi you scared me to death (she always used to calls head as dadi?)…. angels’ head hears that and ask how death person can die again….. angel (eisha) asks what?….angels’ head change the topic and says I knew sooner or later you would make mistake, you volunteered to became a angel and being an angel first rule that we can not interfere with humans life, how dare you go against it! angel (eisha) hears that and says no dadi I just confused that my death book was turned out like this and she shows the book to the head…. Angels head seems at that empty pages and asks what? You were caused damage to the death book too…..angel (eisha) tells, no dadi I never do that, this person na (viplav) he was the one who caused this and tell everything what happened earlier….. And she says I don’t know why I was saving him, I just did that without thinking….so please dadi forgive me…. angel’s head hears everything and asks Are you flirt with this guy? Angel (eisha) hears that and asks what? are you kidding me? I already said na I saved him without thinking, were you can’t forgive me this one time? Mmmm….. angels’ head were seems at her behavior and says this is why you cannot listen others and who died at young and volunteer to be angel and that’s why you cannot recover from human feelings too quickly, this is why I am really afraid that you might do something impulsivley then your soul will vanish out….. angel (eisha) hears that asks what my soul will going to vanish out…. then she kneels down and says I am really sorry dadi please forgive me and help me this one time… you know about me well na I never go against my angel rule, I did that without thinking…… Please…… Save me…… Angels’ head looks at her (eisha) and smiles, then what you had done to that person (ahamad) in morning (that she helped him to meet his family na…..) Angel (eisha) smiles and says did you see that too…. head says yes I always have eye on you and I can’t do anything about this and I cannot go against my rule……..angel(eisha) looks on ….. and asks what?….

Angels’ head tells without your death book you are not an angel anymore, you caused damage to that, so you need to find a way yourself to solve this problem…. angel (eisha) hears that and says really you don’t have any mercy. angels’ head says why I should, I am not a human to have those feelings… angel (eisha) looks at head angel and plead her to give some hints to get her death book back normal…. Angels’ head says you must search in where you lost it…. Dhaani hears that and recalls that viplav were passes through her soul, that’s why her book turned out like that…..then she asks don’t tell dadi that answer is in this person…. Angels’ head says wow you’re too sharp more than I thought. Angel (eisha) asks what? It’s not possible how can I find that, even I cannot communicate with him and how it is possible dadi? angels’ head replies “being a human” and she dissapears….. angels dhaani seems that and shouts dadi! dadi! how can you leave me like this in middle…… if I can’t find a way then what happen to me?….. Angel’s head reappears again and says your soul will disappear…… angel (eisha) hears that and looks on shockingly….. angels head says you will face death after death, that your soul might disappear in thin air…..angel (eisha) is stunned and asks what I will disappear in thin air…. then angels’ head tells yes and most important thing you have two months only before end of your angel term, you have to find out the way to book normal. Then only you can sign your book and go back to your next life….. She said like that and disappear again….. Angel (eisha) is shattered after hearing that and looks on hopeless….. Then she shouts this old women driving me crazy…. What should I do? then she looks at viplav, he still in unconscious stage….. full night was passed out like that….

Next morning birds and animals were making sounds in forest….. Sun rays is falling at viplav face…. Angel has sitting at his head side and says herself answer must be inside him, where should I start….. then she lean closer and looking at him, at that time viplav were slowly opens his eyes and yesterday night incidents were running in his mind that he fell down from cliff……and he asks himself (inner voice) where were I am? In heaven or hell, am I really dead?…. that time our angel (eisha) come close to his face and asks hey you woke up already….and she smiles at him….. Viplav seems at her face very close and gets scared, then he shouts ahhhhh!……angel (eisha) hears that and scream with him ahhhhh! (couras) viplav were getting up with high speed and blocked her with his hands and says ghost go away, (because he thought he was dead and became an ghost and he thinks angel (eisha) is his co- ghost….?) guys did you notice viplav can see dhaani now…. that’s why she was screaming…..? then angel (eisha) thinks (inner voice) what? Can he see me? Did he really speaking with me? And she is moving near to him…viplav is walking backward and tells don’t come closer to me…. she asks you can’t possibly see me right…. Viplav hears that and asks what? Are you a human? and he looks around the surrondings and realized that he still in his world…. then he used his finger and touch her cheeks and feels her……after he signs to relieved and tells she’s person and wonders…..angel (eisha) hears that and feels her face and arms by touching ….she screams at high pitch, viplav hears that and frightened….. Then he says ahha you scared me to death….. angel (eisha) recalls head angel words (that angel (eisha) asks how can I find answer, even I cannot communicate with him, and how it is possible dadi? for angels’ head replies “being a human”) then she asks viplav have I really become a human? viplav looks at her and asks what? Suddenly a angel’s head appears next to her, (viplav can’t see her) eisha look at her and and shouts what happening to me dadi? viplav seems that and looks around her next but no one is here and he asks what’s with this girl? Did she speaking with whom? Is she crazy…. Then he looks at her and wonders, in mean time head asks her (eisha) to think what is possible, you can’t become a human but you can pretend like a human, so find out answer first you crazy girl…..then she says when you pretend like a you have to follow two rules that 1. You can’t reaveal your true identity that you’re an Angel 2. You can’t kill anyone by using your supernatural power, by chance if you have do then no choice your soul will vanished after that second. oh guys head angel gave some offer to find her answer, she is so sweet na?…. angel (eisha) is stunned after hears that….. Head angels’ asks her to keep this in mind then she disappears from the place.

Angel (eisha) is just stunned and say herself what “pretend like a human” and looks on…At the same time viplav look at cliff from down…..Then he recalls that unknown man (villan) pushed him from cliff and he wonders that he was not at all hurt himself….. He feel and realized that he is okay ….But he feel some pain because that goon were hit him badly at last night na…. then he asks himself i am okay, how it is possible… that viplav and angel (eisha) wonder themselves and looks at each other…..? scene freeze…..
Angel book has been damaged because of Viplav soul was passed through her angel soul….. Now she need to back her book normal….. What is the reason behind that? Why the death book had changed when Viplav passed her soul….. Is any secret behind that? What is that?….. can angel able to find her answer?…. For knowing that keep reading….??

If you want to read previous episodes of destiny of love, here below is the link….?
Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

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  1. Again ended with questions? give some precap?…..and coming to epi it was osm…..and I was wrong?….and ur creativity s super mixer of story’s……. usual waiting for next update…..tell me how many epi r u gina write???

    1. Thank u riya, and I planned to write 20 episodes only… But I don’t know it may increase or decrease depend upon story length…. And in this ff I am not going to give precap because you guys guess it easily what happen next? So I can’t ?…. keep reading…..??

      1. K will try to guess the upcoming epi?

  2. Wow this is stupendous. U’re really a great and blessed writer. U stopped it at the most Interesting part

    1. Thank you aish…..keep reading more interesting things waiting for you keep reading…..??

  3. Sujie

    This is lovely…. ?

    1. Thank you sujie ? keep reading….??

  4. Kavya it was super awesome re ..
    Episode 1 and 2: when viplav was sleeping and Dada ji hits his pen and when he was playing angry bird was so funny? but after that I realized that viplav has lost his memory and eisha as angel is super cute.. viplav was badly beaten by goons? but now our angel (eisha) is with him? ..

    It’s just amazing very excited to read further bohaat maza araha hai .. really enjoying alot?.. sorry for not commenting on previous episodes actually i was busy.

    1. Thank u maha you always welcome….. Keep reading ……?☺

  5. Pethu shri its truly amazing. Great that viplav was saved by eisha n more wonderful is that now he too can see her. Hope now the superb chemistry can start too but looking forward for all the whys like readon of death book being destroyed would eisha be able to get her book. Waiting anxiously for next. Also your ☝✌??score is always full 5 out of 5

    1. Thank you renu….. Today I got 5/5 wow I am happy??and yes all thinks will reveal soon keep reading….. More exciting things are on the way….??

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG this is too good Kaviya keep writing dear love u a lot big fan of u wow angel Eisha is so cute aww I wonder how Vipu will react when he gets to know she is an angel will be Waitin n sorry couldn’t comment on 2nd epi as my test r going on but I read it 🙂 and finally my tEsts r over

    1. thank u joyee ….. no need to sorry my dear u always welcome…. i knew all are busy in some work, i can understand…. keep reading more twist and turns are waiting keep loving….. and love you too….

  7. thank God our hero Viplav saved by Angle WOW!? great episode keep writing dear☺

    1. Thank u nima keep reading …. More amazing an mysterious things are waiting for you……?

  8. Angel20

    Wow, it was so amazing! Loved it❤ But many questions in mind! You are not doing this right, not giving us precap?? so in return you have to post the next one soon 😉

    1. Thank u maria and yes I will update soon…. Keep reading my dear…..?☺

  9. Tdy also u nailed it dr.I was just laughing when I read that shouting scene and I was to read more than this.plz next time make it longer.ok dr……viplav and dhani r soo crazy na..loved it.i’m angry with u bcoz u didn’t post ur ffon morning.

    1. Thank you midarshani…….. Yes they little crazy na….. I made them in that way….. And don’t angry my dear tommorow I will post it soon OK and yes I will make it long next time….??

      1. Ok don’t be serious. it is just for joke.and wht r u doing dr.u made me crazy na by ur ff.I like fantasy, I love this sooooo muchhhhhhh mere jaane! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. No my dear I am not take it serious me too just joking….. And same pinch I too like fantasy story and movie very much….. I finished my studies ma…. Life need little craziness na….?? keep loving……

  10. Latha

    Kaviya again amazing episode and our Angel saved viplav. Keep writing dear????

    1. Thank you latha…. Keep reading my dear….??

  11. “Noone can arrive being talented alone.Work transforms talent in to genius”-ANNA PAVLOVA
    that’s only i want to say u today Sri.u had that talent,u worked on it and transformed that talent to genius.

  12. Shruthy

    omg the way your storyline carries on the suspense is so thrilling! ??? i just cant wait for the next part. ? want to know how angel will find out her answers in viplav and then all the adventures they would have to face now. ? so excited man!

    1. Thank u shruthy….. Keep reading?? I will try to update next part as soon as possible….?

  13. Thank you saran, nee enna remba paraatura ma, I am flying now ??? lovely comment……. I love it…… Thank you very much sissy……??

    1. Akka i wrote that quote bcz i was bored of writing same things like awesome superb etc etc everyday and that’s a meaningful and apt quote to u,i thought so i wrote it.simple,precise but most perfect for u na.hahahaha.

      1. Yes my dear I like this quote very much…… Really good and I love to read quote I always used to share many quotes in my timeline this one is really fantastic so you’re trying to comment different that’s why your comment came late ena? He he he?i am just joking love your comment….??

  14. Avijit

    so ..this will be angel human love story I got it .. superb ..I like supernatural stories very much … episode was as usual outstanding … this episode scored 20 out of 10 .and last episode scored 19.9 out of 10 …. 😛 ..give more super exciting episodes .. you will score 100 out of 10 soon 😛 ..hahaha ..just joking ..
    and always wait for my comments .. it will be late but I will try to comment ..okay …
    this is combined comment of 2 &3 episodes … thank you .. and keep it up our most creative writer with most innovative ideas 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u avijit u always welcome…. Keep reading….☺ i make sure as soon i get 100/100 ….?? keep reading…☺

  15. Lakshmi

    wow di its amazing….loved ur writing styles…its very different….keep it up di

    1. thank u lakshmi….. keep reading

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