Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 2

The episode starts with, doctor comes out and tells to viplav that person was dead. Viplav and arnav were shocked after hearing that… mean time inside, angel asks that dead person to come out from his body……he pops out from his body and looks on….? angel reads his name (ahamad), age (55) and finally she confirms that he died at may 10 from her golden death book (remember that book always glow)…. ahamad hears that and turns around….he saw his own body by his eyes and gets shocked…. Then he asks what really am I dead? Then who are you? …. she says yes your’re dead and I just guide the dead people, in this situation humans were call me an angel, she said like that and give a cute smile in her face…..?

ahamad hears that and looks on shockingly…… then he starts to cries….? angel seems that and asks why you’re crying? ahamad says I never expect my death as soon, I am going to leave behind my family along….. What should I do? she says all human beings were die one day…… So go to your next life with peace….. Somewhat ahamad convinced himself, then finally he asks can I see my family at last? Angel hears that and says no, its against my angels rules, I can’t interfier in human life. But ahamad were pleads her and says I want to see my family once at last and I want to say my final good bye to them please help me……? after hearing that angel can’t say no, so she agrees and asks him to follow her…..

they about to leave out from the room, viplav and arnav were come inside, angel is look at them, viplav is standing aside of her, she stares at him and asks ahamad, uncle do you know this guy? ahamad seems at viplav and he cannot recognize him, so he replies I don’t see him before…. angel is keep staring at viplav and says trouble maker…. same sad song is playing???…… then she leaves, ahamad uncle follows her….. viplav and arnav were look at ahamad uncle’s in departed state and feels pity for him?
Later at bar, viplav and arnav were sitting together and have drinks, viplav tells today’s my worst day I ever had…. morning dadaji had fight with me and just earlier that person, we can’t save him….. why all bad things happening to me in one day?

Arnav hears that and says dadaji have all rights to scold you so just leave as it and that person, we tried our best to save him but we couldn’t, its happening in all life. So don’t take it in to heart, just chill okay. Viplav hears that and signs okay, then he asks arnav to dance with him to make his mood better….. Arnav nodes no but viplav takes him to stage and dance with him for lungi dance??….. they are having good fun at party….? in middle arnav excuse himself and goes to wash room…. at stage, viplav is dancing with some girls ….

At the same time ahamad funeral take place in his house, his two daughters and his wife crying badly….. angel and ahamad soul were watching over that…..ahamad also crying with them in grief but they can’t see him….. Angel seems that and narrates to us…. As an angel soul I cannot feel pain and can’t shed tears…. In my angel experience I saw lot of people, I have rough idea about their life and emotion, what is joy and what is pain, why they love despite knowing they’ll separate, why they live despite knowing they’ll die….. And why humans afraid to die….. it’s because the world will not going to change after they leave…… and they will be eventually forgetten about their loving people…. she narrates like that and looks on ….. That time her golden death book called (it gives sound and glows) her away, it tells to her about next call death…. Angel seems that and opens the book, after saw that she gives shocking expression and says trouble maker again its you? ? yes that book listed name was viplav tripathi with his pic…..she looks on…..?

Again scene shifts to bar, then arnav tells that I have to leave or I will miss the flight….. Viplav says okay bhai then go and have a nice trip. Arnav signs yes and asks then how could you return to home? Viplav replies I take taxi bhai so don’t worry about me and asks him to leave first….. they smile at each other, arnav hugs viplav and leaves……
After that viplav gets taxi? ….. taxi moves slowly on the road, some goons are suddenly gets in the car in back side while moving….viplav seems that and gets shocked….. he asks who you are guys? it’s not government bus boss to anyone get in….. but they won’t answer, then viplav asks to taxi driver who they are? driver look at him and laugh like a devil, viplav looks on … mean time, someone from back side hits viplav’s head badly, he gets unconscious. That goons take viplav to a deep forest… kill him.? omg
9.45 pm, In forest viplav gained his conscious, goons were starts to beat him…… angel appears that time “yes” you guys are thinking correctly angel is waiting for viplav’s death to guide his soul…. I know you guys were glaring at me right now and raises question against me na? that what viplav is going to die?…..either viplav is going to die or not, I don’t know about that, but you guys want to know that ena? Yes me too eagarly waiting for that….. let’s see? rewind scene has comes to end…..
And now 10.15 pm, Viplav continuously beating by that goon, he is alone and no sources to fight against them, he is confused and can’t understand the situation…. angel were standing nearby them and looks everything….. she recalls morning incident, that viplav tried to save ahamad but he couldn’t make it and she feels pity for his pure soul….. one guy holds viplav both hands and other guy takes a knife from back and get ready to stab him, but viplav seems that and realized he should escape from them, so he push them away and starts to run….angel were standing in his way, she seems that viplav were running towards her, and asks what’s wrong with him? why he is running towards me? (she can avoid him but that time her mind was blank) in mean time viplav passes through her soul….. Angel were shakes (collapse) and feels the force slam into her. That time weather suddenly changed, dark clouds covers the sky and crescent moon, thunder and storm passing the clouds…..then she narrates the situation to us, after meet that human (viplav) strange things were began to happen…… by mean time, she dropped her golden death book, it’s falls down….. Viplav runs few distance away from her….. Finally angel comes to sense and pick her book back…..she opens the book hesitantly? she sees viplav death schedule with his pic in that page….then she gives relief sign but all of sudden pages were start to change, and it shows so many people death schedules with their pics, angel seems that and gets confused…. She shouts what’s wrong with this…. death book is changing fastly and turned out into empty pages and it’s stopped glowing… she is shocked and looks on….

At the same time viplav stopped by one man(yes he is the villan now I am not going to tell who is that you can find out in future episodes) that man cover his face fully with black clothes?, his eyes only has shown…… Viplav is cornering to edge of the small cliff, he looks very tired ? and shouts at them to stop it….. angel hears that and turns back……she looks at villan eyes, that villan smirks towards viplav, it well shown in his eyes…. angel were well noted his eyes with that smirks…..and all of sudden villan pushes viplav from mountain….viplav is about to fall from mountain, ? angel is seeing that from little far away. she is shocked…… scene freeze….

What happened to viplav? Is really he is going to die? For knowing that wait for tommorow….??
If you want to read previous episodes of destiny of love, here below is the link….
Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

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  1. Arshdeep

    Superb di??
    You explained everything so well
    I am always interested to know “life after death” so your ff is fascinating me a lot??

    1. Thank you arsh….. Keep reading it will be more interesting…..?and you can find out tommorow what happened to viplav…..?

  2. Shruthy

    OH NO MAN! That’s not fair!!! ? I was so concentrated in the story man and suddenly it got finished. And that, in such a turning point. ? I am so confused. Yaar than antha villain? ? How can be harm our masoom bacha ? ? Ok well, he is not that masoom. The way he was dancing, ? and that with girls… ? What? I am not jealous. ?
    Anyways! Cant wait for next part yaar. This is so horrible that I have to wait for tomorrow for this?

    1. Oh, shruthy yes I end it short but upcoming episode it will be long so don’t worry….. Yar antha villan? for knowing that you have to wait for few days….. Keep reading and thank u…..??

      1. Shruthy

        Aayyy! I am waiting ??? few days? Chalo, koi baat nahin. But haan your story is so thrilling. Can’t wait to know what happened next. That love story between ViDha is certainly going to be different with you with excites me EVN MORE ?

      2. Yah shruthy their love story is more excited and interesting….. Keep reading…. And have fun…..?

  3. What is this mam,such a suspense,ok i can wait but pls pls update soon.i was also shocked when our cutie angel saw our vipu pic in golden book.but i know u are a perfect cinematic writer,so much of twists and turns will be there.
    So today u scored 4.99 out of five.hahahahaha.really Sri,there are no words to explain ur creativity and writing style.i love the way u writes,we can visualize everything clearly.powerful words realistic rocking like this akka.

    1. And hai RIYA u asked me about my studies na,so sorry for this late reply and yes i am a college going student,i am doing post graduation in English a days a little busy that’s why commenting very late here otherwise i will be the first among others to comment here.

      1. KKK..I knew it…. always use would d fst…..

    2. Yeppeeee today I got 4.99/5….thank you saran? and yes I will update soon like today….. Right now I am flying because of your comment thank you my dear sissy….??

  4. Hey dis s too much ya ….jst then d story got interesting and suddenly u ended it….it’s unfair?….I oppose it?…. waiting?

    1. Riya my dear don’t be uspset, I will make it long next time OK….. And yes I will update soon… Thank u….keep reading…..??

      1. I can guess d upcoming cn?…..and will c my guess s rgt r nt….wat do u think will I guess rgt???

      2. Go ahead riya what you think, tell me I will check it out its right or wrong….?

      3. When dhani trying to save herself she will save viplav too….and dat would be d turn and she will become human….and will struggle to live as human……i am rgt????

      4. May be she would act as memory loss and will be with viplav…..and nw u know how I guessed the upcoming Cns??….

      5. No my dear its not correct…… Actually I hide everything in story its not easy to find out….. I said already na it was totally different you would find out soon….. And actually I am not that much impressed with high school love on story only good things in that story that two lovely boys and cutee angel seul bi…. And their triangle love story and their school life…. But here total concept is different…. You would find out soon keep waiting…..? but good try keep it up….??

      6. I too dnt like dat story only 10 epi would be good….after dat it would be dragging….thank god it’s nt like dat….. waiting how did u changed d story line….

      7. Yes keep waiting, all things are unveil soon be patient….. OK?

  5. Angel20

    Omg why did you end it?? It was as usual excellent?? I just wanted to read more and more.. Life after death? Is it? Really excited for it! Or is it Love after death? Post the next one soon pls??

    1. Life after death or love after death? For knowing that you have to few more hours…. I will update as soon as possible… OK maria. Keep reading…. And thank u very much…..??

  6. Dear pethu thks for the suspense thriller? i know vipla cant die n angel ?wud save him . Also u have written one bitter truth of life that one day every onw has to go . Really hard to digest that we all eork in our respective fields n feel that we r doing best n if we dont do our task no one else would be able to do but after a person goes off world runs in same manner.

    1. looking forwardfor next score is 5 out of 5..

      1. Yes I too looking forward 5/5 renu, yes I make it soon…. And like u said it’s bitter truth but every person need some hope and love to go on further in their life….. After we leave this world, the world not going to change or not to remember us…. Even though we’re keep going with love affection and living our life with little hope….. Still Life is go on….?? keep reading and thank u……?

  7. Superb episode.just can’t wait for the next part.that golden book remains me that movie mummy..,, 🙂 🙂 :-)r u in Twitter?wht is the id?

    1. Thank u midarshani….. Keep reading my dear…. And I am not in twitter but I am in Facebook you can search by my name….pethu sri….. Ok?☺

  8. U’re back again with ur awesome stories. U always nail it as u really rock this episode. Well done and keep moving

    1. Thank you aish, I hope you like it….. Keep reading……?☺

  9. Latha

    Pathu superb and when it just gone interesting u just ended it short. It’s more interesting to read life after death and yes update the next one soon. I am also asking you yaar andha villain? Keep it up????

    1. Thank u latha…. Yes i ended too short but upcoming episode must be long…. So keep reading yaru antha villan? therianuma wait for few more days….??

  10. Sujie

    I must say you are back with a bang dear….. That’s the reason you are giving us the chance to read wonderful story episodes back to back…. ????
    Keep going dear… And please don’t let anything happen to Viplav… some magic that will erase Viplav’s name from golden death book…

    1. Yes viplav name already got erased when he passes through angel soul…. Her book changed into empty pages na…..? that was the twist point yar…..? keep reading and thank u very much….?

  11. Porkodi

    Hey kaviya sorry for the late message… just now I read it and commenting… wow fantastic… ur thinking’s r beyond like anything…. u r a good suspense creator… waiting for next one

    1. Thank u porkodi, keep reading….. U always welcome……??

  12. hi kaviya, thank you for coming with your fantastic, thrill, mysterious ff. just finished reading intro, epi 1 n 2 it was very awesome n totally different story really loved it n eagerly waiting for next epi. n sorry for late comment

    1. Thank u nima, its OK you always welcome….. More mysterious things waiting for you keep reading…..??

      1. When r u going to update???

      2. I posted already, it will be update soon….. So wait little more OK dear?

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