Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 18


Actually this is 18 th episode…. Previous one is 17th episode… I don’t know how that mistake happened OK…? tommorow is a final episode…. If there any silent readers please free to do comment…. OK.. ?
The episode starts with, viplav locked himself inside the room and starts to hurt himself by breaking the things….. Dhaani and raj shouts to open the door from outside…. Dhaani aka suman shouts to open the door viplav…. But no response from viplav,he keep hurting himself by breaking things… Inside he walk all over the room and break everything which has seen in his sight, while all glass pieces on the floor were starts to hurt in his foot…. And he getting hurt himself and starts to bleeding….. Dhaani can hears his voice and breaking sounds…. She gets scared and tears were rolled around her cheeks…. dhaani shouts with teary eyes viplav you can’t be like this! You can’t be like this! you can’t give up your life just like that….. You have to go on….. You have to live your life…. she said like that and sits on the floor with teary eyes (outside). Viplav is listening her words and stops the breaking…. Then she says viplav for me! You have to live your life…. You would live your life happily for my sake viplav. please viplav….. Dhaani said like that and cries…. After heard her tearful words, viplav is stunned and remains silent….. His foot and hands all bleeding…… Blood dropping off from his hand and falls on the floor….. Outside dhaani were cries out…… raj looks on….
After that viplav opens the room door….. Suman aka dhaani seems that and enters tensely….. And look at viplav , he is bleeding…. tears were rolled around her cheeks and she calls him with tired voice viplav…. Viplav looks at her with teary eyes….. Suman aka dhaani run towards him and holds his hand….. Then she asks why viplav? he doesn’t say anything…. Both were staring at each other and shared their painful tears….. while Raj comes inside with first aid box and gives that to suman…. Suman aka dhaani do first aid for viplav with teary eyes…. later after finished first aid, she asks viplav to take rest…. Viplav hears that and signs yes…. he lies on his bed…. Suman aka dhaani covers him with blanket and about to go outside…. That time viplav grabs her hand and says with tired voice “just be with my side suman”….. She hears that and signs yes…. Dhaani strokes his hair slowly…. Viplav keep holding her hands and looking at her….. He slowly falls to asleep… suman aka dhaani keep staring at him with teary eyed…. ????

Next morning, viplav comes down with office attires… suman aka dhaani look at that and speechless for a moment because she thought he gave up on everything but viplav made him strong to face his future…. Is because of dhaani words too (that she said na you can’t give up like this, you have to go on…. ) she goes near to him and asks are you alright viplav…. He replies yes I am and I will be alright…. Dhaani hears that and smiles at him with tearful eyes….. Viplav gives his hand towards her and says let’s go together… She hears that and signs yes…. Then she holds his hand tightly….. ? they move on from the place together….

Later viplav and dhaani enters into office…. It reaches arnav ears… He smirks and shouts dhaani!….. Because he thought viplav never show up again after yesterday incident but it totally reversed like a back fire…. So he thought it’s all because of dhaani….. and he plan something evilly….
Later, viplav is doing his work at his cabin…. Dhaani aka suman seems that from outside and smiles…. She feels relived… she goes to get some coffee for viplav, when arnav approach there…. Dhaani seems that glares at him…. Arnav smirks and asks are you take this coffee for viplav? She doesn’t say anything but her fireful eyes keep glaring at him…. He says may this coffee have been poisoning…. dhaani hears that and looks on….. Arnav says you know me well na I can do anything to viplav…. now I have decided to spare his life but you have to do what I say…. Dhaani hears that and ask what you want to me do? arnav smiles and says you directly come to the point…. dhaani says I can do anything to protect my viplav…. If I need to kill you to protect my viplav…. then I will do that too… Arnav hears that and smirks, then he gives one card to her and says come to this place today evening….. where I will tell what you have to do…. Dhaani looks that card, on that card mentioned one address…. Arnav says I am looking forward you…. He said like that and leaves the place…. Dhaani looks on…
Later dhaani aka suman goes to viplav cabin…. Viplav looks at her and asks what’s wrong…. Dhaani says no today I am gonna leave earlier so go to home without me…. viplav hears that and asks is everything OK na…. she signs yes and says I have to do something…. so go to home after finish your work, I will be right back soon…. Viplav signs “yes”…. Dhaani aka Suman smiles at him and about to leave… When viplav calls her, she turns back and looks on…. Viplav tells stay safe and come back soon…. Dhaani aka suman hears that and signs yes…. Both were staring at each other…. then dhaani leaves….

Later dhaani goes to that place where arnav asks her to come….. one house has been shown….. Dhaani is going inside slowly….. Inside arnav is standing alone and welcomes dhaani…. He says come miss suman aka dhaani…. dhaani looks on and doesn’t say anything…. Arnav is start to laugh like a evil….. Then he walk around her and keep laughing…. Dhaani seems that and clueless…. She asks what should I do for you? Arnav replies the same what should you do for me…. Dhaani looks on…. Arnav smirks and lean closer to her…. Then he says I have something for you…. Let’s see that first Mmmm…. Arnav said like that and calls his cronies from inside…. He says come in…. Someone is enter to that atmosphere, that someone is the one whom here to exorcise the dhaani spirit away…. Arnav is think her as ghost na…. arnav says I know well that who you are now…. You’re not suman….. Thum dhaani yae….. She hears that but not surprised at all. Because she already knew he was knows that….. Then arnav lean closer to her and whisper in her ears, I know you’re dead ….. and I am the one who killed you…. But I am not afraid of you blo*dy ghost….. while dhaani keep glaring at him…. No words from her mouth…. arnav asks his cronies to exorcise her sprit away…. that shaman signs yes and tries to read her spirit…. But we all knows she is not just a human soul, she is an angel…. What to do those fools unaware of this… dhaani is stunned…. That shaman crossed his arms and makes around his arms to dhaani face and head…. She just looking at him hopeless….? that shaman keep whispers some mantras….. when dhaani just look at glass windows …. it’s all starts to break…. shaman and arnav were close their eyes and lay down…. Yes she used her power to makes them scared….. especially that shaman na he scared to death, his legs are starts to shake….. finally all glass windows were broken down….. Shaman is panic and looks at her….. Dhaani again breaks one light on top…. He seems that and run away from the place….. this is dhaani time na …. So she starts to laugh….. Arnav looks on and gets irked….
Then dhaani glares at him and says I thought you’re somewhat clever but why you act like a fool… you know me well na now I am not that person who used to live as dhaani…. now I am more than that…. If you come to know that who really I am…. then you will be dead…. she said like that and looks at him…. Both were glaring at each other…..
While arnav starts to laugh again….. Dhaani seems that and clueless …. Arnav says what you think? I am doing this all to trapped you…. if you think like that, then you’re the one who big fool in the world…. Dhaani looks on…. Arnav says no it’s not like that miss dhaani…. I am doing this to trap viplav and he trapped…. He said like that and smirks….. Dhaani hears that and shocked…. after she asks what nonsense are you taking…. Arnav smirks again….. flash back shown to us…. After dhaani leave the office… In viplav cabin someone placed the coffee in his table…. In that coffee sleeping bills are added…. Unaware of this viplav had a coffee…. After that viplav tried hard to work but he can’t…. he gets tired and falls asleep on his chair…. That time someone is come inside and evacuated viplav from that place…. Flash back ends…..
Dhaani move fast towards arnav (by using her power) and she corners arnav to the wall….. She holds his shirt collar and asks what are you going to do my viplav…. arnav looks at her and smirks…. He raise his two hands and says this is not time to speak…. Viplav is dying go! go! try to save him…. Dhaani hears that and tears were filled with her eyes…. At the second she disappear from the place… Arnav gets free and smirks… He cleverly planned and divert dhaani mind from viplav….
Dhaani again reappears in viplav cabin and she found out viplav is not there…. She is shattered…. Then she asks herself viplav where are you now…. She is clueless….. Then she closed her eyes and control her all powers and mind to find out where he is…. While dhaani sees so many things in her vision….. finally she found one car is hurdles towards cliff…. and inside the car viplav were still in unconscious state…. (it was done by arnav’s right hand varun) yes the same cliff where arnav used before to kill Viplav and dhaani five years before….. whenever dhaani see those things… She feels slam force in to her…. That force wakes up her…. dhaani opens the eyes, tears are filled in her eyes….
At the same time, in cliff….. Viplav’s car hurdles towards the cliff…. When viplav slowly regaining his conscious…. He slowly opens his eyes and looks around…. He is clueless and realized he is rolled over with car…. Viplav is under trauma…. Because after that incident he face the same as before…. And he didn’t drive after that….. Viplav is trying to hold steering to stop the car…. His legs forward to hit the break… But viplav can’t do that his hands legs are shaken….. Thunders and lighting is pass through the cloud as same as five years before….
That time dhaani appears to that place….. Viplav doesn’t see her, he bents down and under trauma…. She is standing on his way… dhaani aka suman tries to stop the car by using her power but it doesn’t work…. Guys are you all remember that angels’ head said angel dhaani’s power starts to diminish…. (But it not fully diminished, some times it’s blank out…) yes that blank out is happening here… She realized her power is not working and looks miserable…. Tears were falls out from her eyes… And asks herself what’s wrong with me…..
At the same time inside the car viplav hears some voice….. that voice calls him vipav! Viplav! he hears that and looks at his side…. Dhaani is sitting next to him….. (it’s his illusion) Viplav has visualizing her as five years before how she was reacted that day…. tears were rolled around from dhaani eyes… Viplav and dhaani were looking at each other with teary eyes….. In viplav minds that day (memories with dhaani) was starts to running…. He slowly says dhaani! Dhaani! And looks at her…. Tears were filled with his eyes while saying…. In mean time outside present dhaani aka Suman shouts Viplav stop the car….. The ar has moving very closed to her…. Viplav hears her voice and look at her and get confused…. again in his mind Suman memories are running…… How they meet at forest and she said her name as suman….. Dhaani and Suman both memories makes him confused….. As a result his head starts to hurt, viplav holds his head and struggles with that…..

The car keep hurdles towards cliff in edge dhaani is standing….. Head light flashes her face…. Dhaani is keep shouting stop it viplav…. The car about to hit dhaani…. All of sudden is stopped with slam force… But dhaani doesn’t stop it….. then who? yes its non other than our angel’s head, she have stopped the car from little far them…. head just did that and looks on from her place…. Then she disappears from the place…. The car stopped close as Dhaani…. While dhaani raises her head and looks on… Inside from the car viplav raises his head and looks on….. thunderstorms passing that time….. Dhaani aka Suman shouts viplav! And runs towards him…. Viplav gets off from the car without energy because of his head pain….. Dhaani goes near as he and grabs his face and asks viplav are you okay?…… Viplav looks at her and calls dhaani! dhaani!….. Suman aka dhaani is stunned after hear that word “Dhaani”…… Tears are falls out from her eyes….. Viplav get unconscious and falls on dhaani’s arms…… Dhaani is just stunned with teary eyes…..
Afterwards dhaani has disappear with Viplav from the place and reappears in viplav room….. She makes him lying on bed…. Then she recalls earlier incident that he called her as “Dhaani ” old viplav only know about dhaani but current memory lost viplav how called her name….. She is not sure about what happened to him….. Dhaani keep staring at him…. And strokes his hair…. Dhaani looks on little nervous….. Then she recalls earlier incident the car was stopped without her power… dhaani thinks I didn’t stop the car but who was stopped the car and looks on puzzled….. then she goes out with tensed to meet angels’ head….

Later dhaani and angels’ head are meeting together…. They are standing up with face to face…. Dhaani asks dadi just earlier, you’re the one who stopped the car at the cliff ena? ….. Angels’ head hears that and smiles…. Dhaani says I know that’s you…. Angels’ head says its me or not that’s not a problem now…. Now you should stay with that man (viplav) side…. Why you have been waited for last five years…. finally it was going to happen…. That man is looking for dhaani you have to go….. So go! go to home…. dhaani hears that and asks what? (yes viplav is going to remember her…..) Tears were filled with dhaani eyes…. She is stunned with teary eyes….
At the same time viplav lies on bed….. He starts to see his past as dream ( its not a dream but like a dream?) viplav is seeing his dhaani as alive…. How they got meet at mountain and all sweet memories with her…. Then their first kiss in rain…. All words of dhaani (that dhaani said you made me feel something, but we can’t be together …. this far as I can go with you viplav…. And monk words was heard by ananya… That one of them may end up dying…. Then Viplav one day fell in the platform with dhaani… When he got hurt)….. All past things are seeing by viplav in one by one…. Finally he recalls arnav true face how arnav deceived him at past five years before…. At last cliff incident with Dhaani…. (Inside the car dhaani look at viplav with teary eyes and calls viplav….. While both were staring at each other….) Was all visualizing in his dreams….. when car was fell down from cliff …. Viplav wakes up from his sleep and shouts Dhaani! Dhaani!

At the same time Dhaani enters to raj residence by running….. Viplav is getting up fast from bed…. He feels pain in his head…. But viplav doesn’t care about that, he holds his head and walk slowly to downstairs…. Viplav comes out and getting off from the stairs…. When Dhaani seems at him and runs towards as him…. Viplav is about to fall that time dhaani holds him by her arms (Shoulder)…. while viplav raises his head and looks at her face slowly ….. Again viplav realized that she is his dhaani…. Tears were rolled around from his eyes…. Dhaani look at him…. Viplav slowly holds her face and calls Dhaani!…. After hearing that dhaani is stunned with teary eyes…. then viplav hugs her tightly and says dhaani is alive! My dhaani is still alive (with teary eyes)…. Dhaani hears that and tears were rolled around from her eyes….. scene freezes….
(Viplav’s face is full of brightness that he recognized his love (dhaani)…. but dhaani’s face is seems as full of pain….. That viplav think as her still alive but long as its not true na….)
Viplav hugs her for long time…. After he let dhaani free from his hug and looks at her with smile with teary eyes….. when dhaani looks at him and asks viplav do you remember me…. That time raj enters in to the atmosphere…. He seems them like that and gets tensed… Raj goes towards them and asks Suman what happened to Viplav? Why he looks like this…. Viplav hears that name Suman…. And says no she is not Suman, she is dhaani! My dhaani! Raj looks on…. Tears were rolled around from dhaani eyes…. Raj asks what are saying? Who is dhaani?…. viplav look at dhaani’s face and says she is my Dhaani…. raj asks her what he is saying suman…. Who is that dhaani?….. she can’t hide any more na because viplav is back….. dhaani just stunned and says it’s me… I am his dhaani…. Viplav hears that and gets happy…. He hugs once again and thank you dhaani for being my side…. Thank you for coming back to me…. Dhaani doesn’t say anything but she hugs him tightly…. and says viplav is back…. (With tears) they stay like that for a moment…. Raj is standing without clue…. Because he doesn’t know about dhaani…. but one thing is clear to him after dhaani said that viplav is back…… yes really viplav is back na…. He seems at them with smiling face, raj Lakshmi also comes and looks at them with teary eyes….. Then Raj and RL excuse them and leaves the place …..

Later at terrace Viplav and dhaani sitting together…. Viplav asks where were you have been past five years? What about your name Suman? Why you did not meet me at last five years?…. Dhaani hears all questions but she haven’t answer to tell him…. She just look at him and says that I…. She about to say something…. That time viplav holds her hand and says forget it…. as long as you’re with me its enough for me….. Dhaani looks at him with tear full eyes…. Both were staring at each other….. Then Dhaani asks do you remember that incident (past five years before cliff incident) Viplav recalls that cruel thing and looks on miserable…. Dhaani asks do you have any idea who done that to us….. Viplav looks at her and says I know….. Dhaani looks at him as surprised….. Viplav says its my bhai Arnav….. Dhaani hears that and calls viplav!… his signs yes I knew… Tears were filled with his eyes…. Then dhaani holds his hands and asks what you are going to do with him…. Viplav says don’t worry dhaani I will take care of him….. Now I am back na its my turn….. viplav looks at her and signs everything will be fine…. Dhaani just looks on puzzled….
At the same time news reached arnav’s ears…. That viplav was again saved by Dhaani…. He hears that and smirks….?
Next morning viplav get ready to go office…. Dhaani also ready to go with him but viplav says stay in house…. You don’t go with me… Dhaani says no viplav I will go with you otherwise Arnav can do something to you…. Viplav hears that and says yes that’s what I am saying, he can do anything…. We have faced that before it’s not safe to you so stay at home…. I will go alone…. Dhaani says but viplav…. She try to say something but Viplav stopped her and says I am leaving….. Then he asks raj to come with him…. afterwards dhaani little OK with that so she stay silent…. Viplav and raj leaves the place….

They take taxi to go…. The taxi is moving slowly on the road…. In mean time Viplav explain everything what happened five years before…. Who is dhaani? How they fell in love….. And arnav true face….. Raj hears everything and speechless for a moment… then he says its all happened when I went to Banaras for my marriage…. Viplav signs “yes”. Raj says I couldn’t imagine arnav bhai is like that…. How could he tried to kill his own bro…. Such a true jerk…. viplav says arnav is more than what you think, toady I am going to smash everyone with arnav…. raj looks on….
Later Viplav and raj enters into office…. viplav’s walk and style spread the heat of his appear as back he used before…. Everyone wish at him… in middle arnav is standing with fake smile…. Viplav is crossing over him without any glance at him… Arnav seems that and looks on…. viplav enters into cabin and ordered to arrange share holders meeting….
Afterwards share holders meeting is held on… When viplav said to all that he going to change some share holders…. that time arnav’s man ( the person who said viplav is sick person na) he stands up and asks…. president viplav now how is your health? Your mental illness is how far… Viplav hears that and smiles…. Then that man asks did you try to figure out your bank account?…. Viplav hears everything silently and gets up from his place …. Whereas viplav grabs his collar…. Everyone one looks on… That man tensed and ask what are you doing….. After Viplav smiles at him and makes his collar straight….. Then he says we’re not this much close to share my personal matters with you and why I have to say my bank account? are you planning to do bank robbery or something….. He asked like that and looks at arnav…. Arnav hears that and feels discomfort…. Then viplav look at that man and says I don’t want your share anymore… Just take it and run away or I will kill you… Arnav’s man gets frightened and asks what? Viplav shouts security….. Two men’s enters…. Viplav orders them to drag him (arnav’s man) out…. That man shouts I am sorry president viplav…. I was wrong…. But Viplav doesn’t care about that…. Security men’s take him (arnav’s man) out forcefully…. Then viplav look at all and asks is there anyone who objecting or against me…. everyone one remains silent…. while viplav dadaji friends are give an applause to him… Viplav smile at them and says…. I am adding new share holder my friend raj in this place…. raj stands up and introduse himself…… Everyone claps…. Arnav seems everything and gets irked…. meeting is go on for long time…..
After meeting everyone comes out…. When viplav calls arnav…. Bhai! Arnav turns back…. Viplav goes to him and says bhai last night I had a dream…. In my dream someone is beating my head hard by rod, I am wonder who is that and I whirl around….when I saw you in front of me…. The one who hit my head was you…. (viplav explained his past truth as dream) Arnav is little tensed and asks what? Then viplav says no bhai I had a dream I want to share that how its funny na… How you could hit me?…. Arnav is speechless after hearing that…. then he staring at Viplav…. While viplav gets call from dhaani…. Viplav seems that and asks arnav to go… Arnav hears that and about to go that time viplav attends the phone and says “tell dhaani” this words approaching arnav ears…. He hears that and smirks…. Then arnav says viplav is back…. (Yes arnav found out that viplav regained his memories because of the word Dhaani… Old viplav only knows Dhaani and memory lost patient viplav don’t know about dhaani na…. So smart villan found out) arnav smirks and move on….
In phone dhaani asks is everything okay…. Viplav says yes everything is okay so don’t worry I will right back soon OK…. Dhaani says yes and end the phone….
In arnav room he looked tensed and irked with viplav earlier act…. His man varun comes and asks what’s wrong sir…. Arnav shouts Viplav is back…. Varun asks what you are saying sir…. Arnav says yes he regained his past…. varn is quite shocked and asks then he may tell about us to police… Arnav says he planned something but before he execute his plan we have to stop him…. Varun hears that and asks how? Arnav smirks and says I have something big for him, if I said that to viplav may he kill himself…. Varun looks on and asks what’s that? Arnav smirks and says dhaani!….
Later at terrace dhaani is standing alone… Viplav comes to terrace and seems at her…. He goes silently towards behind her…. And he hugs her from back…. Dhaani is just stunned and realized it was viplav…. They are stay like that for a moment…. and gazing star together…. while hugging viplav asks when will you marry me?…. Dhaani hears that and asks what? Viplav says you well known na that how much I am crazy about you…. After five years again I found you…. I am scared that were I loss you again…. So I want to marry you as much as soon…. And want to be a family…. Dhaani hears everything and tears were fall out from her eyes…. Then viplav says after marriage I want two children…. After he thinks and says no I want more…. Dhaani hears that and she can’t control her tears….. So she breaks the hugs and runs away…… Viplav seems that and looks on…. when he asks what’s wrong with her…. and shouts OK two is enough… but dhaani runs away…. Viplav looks on puzzled….
Inside the room dhaani is crying out in grief…. That time angels’ head appears next to her…. Dhaani looks at her and asks with teary eyes dadi what do I do? angels’ head asks how long you have to take this pain with you? Today or other day viplav will find out about your death…. Before he do you have to say yourself…. Dhaani asks how can I say that to him? Angels’ head in anyway you have to… Fullfill your last sincere wish and go to your next life…… Don’t anymore holds this pain with you…. She said like that and disappears…. Whole night dhaani were cries out and think about angel words…. Then she wipes her tears and made her mind strong to say the truth….
Next morning…. Raj take last month CCTV footage from his shops and give a glance….. While he sees when gangster tried to beat viplav….. there some unusual things are happened I hope you guys remember…. That time dhaani saved viplav from those gangster by tripped their foot…. While they fell Dhaani control them by her eyes….. Raj notices all things by zooming…. And he sees when tanya appeared to his shop that time viplav got head ache and fell down on Suman aka dhaani shoulder….. That day dhaani have stopped the time by using her power and appears next to viplav when she holds viplav in her arms…. And pot felling incident when she saved viplav…. everything was revealed the dhaani’s power…. raj is stunned after see that and asks what all this? While viplav comes down and asks what are you seeing raj?…. Raj just looks at him and asks Dhaani Or Suman exactly who she is? Viplav hears that and asks what are you talking? Then raj asks him to watch that footage once…. Viplav hears that and have a glance at the footage…. After see that viplav is shattered….. Raj says you said some unusual things are happening around you…. Those things are happening by dhaani na…. Viplav doesn’t not say anything he just stunned…. He keep saying no its not possible…. then viplav recalls cliff incident that dhaani appeared suddenly that place too and shouts out stop the car and its stopped without his influence…. That time dhaani comes down and asks what’s wrong? Viplav hears that and closes the laptop…. He turns back and says no its nothing…. Then he says I am going to office I will come right back soon…. Dhaani signs yes. Then viplav signs raj to don’t say anything…. Raj understands that…. Viplav leaves in confusion…. Dhaani seems his leaving with teary eyes, she says (inner voice) stay safe viplav and come back soon I have something to say….
Later at office Viplav enters into his cabin and lost mind about that footage….. While arnan enters his room…. Viplav looks on…. Arnav smirks at him and says its long time to see you viplav…. Viplav hears that and what you are saying…. Arnav smirks again and says don’t act like smart…. I knew, you’re back with your memories…. Viplav hears that and quite shocked…. Arnav looks at him and says I have something to welcome you back…. Want to see? Viplav is clueless about what he is saying…. (Actually Arnav planned to say truth about dhaani and he is try to beat viplav by his feelings and emotions) Arnav signs to varun…. Varun understands that and put one laptop in viplav’s table…. In laptop, lift footage I mean when Arnav tried to kill viplav at lift na…. After that dhaani have threatened arnav by lifting up him and and gave a free ride on lift by used her super natural power na…. Its all show in laptop screen ….. Viplav seems that and again shattered…. Arnav seems that and says do you have any about that who is that? when viplav looks at him…. Arnav says yes its your pyari dhaani….. you know one thing viplav, your pyari Dhaani not like before…. She have so many powers even she threatened me with that…. But human doesn’t have any super power na…. but why she have? what you think about it?…. Viplav just look at him and asks what you’re are trying to say…. Arnav says because she is dead…. Viplav hears that and all things are muted for a moment…. Then he grabs Arnav shirt collar and ask are you gone mad? What nonsense are you talking?…. Arnav smirks and says dhaani was died that day and being your side is her soul…. Viplav hears that and shouts just shut up otherwise I will kill you….. but arnav doesn’ litsen and says your girl friend is now ghost… its going to be ghost love story na…. Viplav hears that and gets mad…. And give a big punch to him…. Arnav falls down….. then viplav smashed the laptop by his hand…. Viplav shouts how dare you say that? Arnav smirks and says you want evidence na? Viplav looks on…. Arnav shouts to take her in…. While two men drags inside one girl…. when she shouts leave me otherwise I will kill you…. Viplav looks at her and shocked…. That girl looks at him and remains shocked…. Viplav looks at her and calls ugly duck…. Yes you found out na its ananya…. She looks on ….
We all expecting Ananya reaction towards Viplav but it totally different….. Ananya just runs towards him and give a big slap to viplav…. she asks where were you have been hide in all these days? bad jerk….. viplav is just speechless…. And looks at her…. she asks why you have show up now? What you have done to my dhaani? Viplav is speechless and asks what you’re taking? Ananya asks why you didn’t come to dhaani funeral? viplav hears that and shaken.. Tears were filled in his eyes… Then ananya asks that night she (dhaani) ran out from the hostel to see you but she came back without life…. Exactly what happened that day? did you killed her?…. Viplav hears that and he could not digest those words…. Even he can’t believe that, tears only remains in that place…. Ananya grabs his shirt collar and asks what happened to my dhaani? And she cries out…. Viplav is just stunned…. then viplav runs out… Ananya sits on the floor and keep crying….
On road viplav is running with teary eyes…. And recalls all incident and realized dhaani is the one who saved from all things and she is not before like that…. And recalls ananya and Arnav words… those made him more crazy and he runs fast to dhaani….
At the same time Dhaani is waiting outside for viplav… but she turns back that side…. Viplav comes and looks at her…. He staring at her long time…. While he says (inner voice) don’t let other words inside you viplav…. As long as dhaani is my side, I am OK…. Nothing happened to her… He again and again won’t to believe the truth….
Then viplav wipes his tears and calls dhaani!… She turns back…. dhaani smiles at him and says you’re back…. Viplav smiles and says yes I am back…. They staring at each other utterly….???? then dhaani says I have something to say… Viplav hears that asks what? dhaani asks will you go with me to one place? Viplav ask where?…. Dhaani looks on….
Later night, Scene shifted to orphanage (where dhaani used to stay and her grave where placed) oh my god dhaani too going to say the same thing…. poor viplav…. Viplav seems that and why we’re here? Dhaani doesn’t say anything and she takes him towards her grave…. Viplav seems her grave under name…. And starts to shake…. Viplav recalls Arnav and Ananya words….. ( that dhaani is dead) he won’t to see grave by his eyes…. Then he looks at dhaani and says why we’re here? Its seems rain today so let’s go home… Hurry!… but dhaani stopped him and says I need to say something…. Viplav closed his ears and shouts don’t say anything…. I don’t want hear anything…. Let’s go. then he grabs her hand…. Dhaani let her hand free and says I am sorry viplav, I can’t go with you any more…. viplav hears that and holds her face with tears ….. He asks what you’re talking dhaani…. Why you are acting like this? let’s go home first…. And he pull her hands…. While dhaani blast the truth….. “I am dead viplav”….. Tears were fall out from viplav eyes after hearing….. that time thunder storm is passing….. Viplav turns back and looks at her…. Dhaani looks at him with teary eyes…. And her words are chocked….. then she says slowly that day I am dead viplav….. now standing infrort of you is dead person dhaani….. Viplav can’t take the truth instead of he convince himself again and again that dhaani is still alive…. He shouts at her don’t lie dhaani…. My dhaani can’t die….. You’re lying and stop joking around me…. Dhaani says no viplav I am not lying or I am not joking…. You have to believe that….. Viplav shouts at no I am not going to believe…. dhaani hears that and looking at him in grief…. while she asks viplav try to grab my hand…. Dhaani said like that and shows her hand towards him…. Viplav seems that and about to grabs her hand….. When dhaani’s hand starts to fade…. Viplav can’t touch or feel her hand…. He realized that and tears were rolled over his cheeks….. Viplav is shattered…. And looking at dhaani in grief….. Vidhaani were staring at each other in dismay…. scene freezes….

Today episode was too long na … I hope you all loved it… yes all doubt clear na that why raj unaware of vidhaani love…. Yes he went to Banaras to attend his marriage…. Even viplav haven’t attend his marriage because he was in coma that time…. ? that’s why I mentioned raj 5th anniversary celebration how my creativty is…. ? yes today episode too emotional…. And one more episodes are left keep reading…. ???
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Credit to: Sri

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  1. I have not any word to say… It is best ff i ever read…. My fav ff

    1. Thank you Nikki for your loving…. Keep loving yar… And yes one more episode left… Stay tuned for that… I hope you love that too….??

  2. Angel20

    I know the episode was very very long but I was so involved in it that I thought why did this end???
    Viplav knows Dhaani’s truth… Everyone tortured him by saying that!!???
    The episode was very emotional, could understand Viplav’s feelings.. The ugly duck is back! And she slapped our Viplav!?? but I can understand her??
    Omg when I realised that tomorrow is the last day of reading this ff I was all the more upset! I don’t know yaar, seriously I don’t know how to praise you?? It was breathtaking, amazing, stunning beautifully portrayed, extraordinary… And so on.. Will leave some words for tomorrow?
    Promise me that you will not delay the next episode!!??

    1. Ha ha ha… Thank you maria… Yes Ananya is clueless about what happened to dhaani… So she showed her anger towards viplav… But everything will end soon… Maria dear I promise you I will post next part as soon as possible… OK….???

  3. Akka today’s episode was very emotional ????I was reading today’s episode with the use of tissues. I was feeling very bad for viplav ??.I could make out his feelings .ugly duck is back ??.tomorrow is the last episode ??? what will I do after that ???.plz don’t make delay in posting last episode

    1. Thank you sister…. Ha ha ha yes tommorow is last episode. . what to do? I am going to miss your comments…? and yes I will try to post next part as soon as possible OK… So tommorow is D-day stay tuned OK….??

      1. akka are u busy .why u are not posting the next episode

      2. Aiswariya it got posted…. Go and check it ma…..?

  4. Wow super epi…just one more…and dat mistake happened in 3rd epi instead of writing 3 u wrote 4…but dnt know clearly d epi number..I thought to say but for to say seeing ur beautiful epi….

    1. But forgot.

      1. Thank you riya…. Oh It this mistake happened at 3-4 episode too I am not noticed…. But I am sure I sent at episode-17 but how it’s changed I don’t know …. Any way It got posted no nothing to change….? thanks once again keep reading my dear…..??

    2. When I am r reading the epi becomes short and I used to think very short Epi and when I scroll to c d comment it becomes extra large…I think dat I Rd d whole epi r missed aw para…can u explain me how it changes??r u doing some magic??u might be dng na???lol… But seriously hats of to u…

      1. I dnt know how my logo changed… I might have typed my email id wrong…anyways dis s same riya

      2. Which episode my dear?…. And yes you should changed your email ID that’s why logo changed but it resembles as same…. And I know its my riya only OK….??

      3. Ur past 2-3 epi….u gave d combo of 2 epi as 1 episode na …..

      4. I don’t my dear how that happened??

  5. Meghs

    Its so emotional sri. .. i still crying and unable to cry more …. such a beautiful epi it is…. 2 epi to go don’t say that… its 3nd we can’t imagine its nice stry

    1. Thank you megh…. Today episode also too emotional so keep reading…. ??

  6. Shruthy

    Longer the episodes are, happier we are. ? SO shuuuush ok?
    Chalo! Let’s go to critics now…

    OH MY GOD! This was just sooooo perfect girl. ?❤? I have no complaint against it. In fact this might be my most favourite episode so far. Do you know why? Because it was too much emotional. ???

    Starting from the first scenes.

    I just loved the way Dhaani was trying hard to stop his madness stuck behind the door. Her words were going through his heart actually and they just controlled his mind so beautifully. He was not yet aware of his connexion with Dhaani but his true and deep love heard her voice. And hearing her saying “stop it for my sake… you have to continue to live for me..”, he immediately stopped. That is true love man! And then he opened the door to his way for Dhaani and she entered in with lots of concern. Her pain cured him and Viplav felt much better when she was by his side. He grabbed her hand and spoke his heart’s wish and made her remain with him. The way she was stroking his hair, he was feeling a kinda mother love and care who was lulling a small kid in tears. And cuddling in her love, he slowly falls asleep while Dhaani looks at him teary-eyed.
    Her words made him get a fresh start and he gets ready to go to the office. The way he forwarded his hand towards her and asked her to come with him. That was so adorable. She smiled at him and gave her consent. Both together reach the office and Dhaani was ready to face Arnav.
    But he is quite a fast villain. She just does something against him and sheitan gets ready with a new plan. Each time she tries to make him get irked, he smiles back like an evil. And that irritates Dhaani so much. She is quite alone to face him and to protect Viplav from him. But Dhaani is indeed not the same one like before, she is much stronger and smarter too. She is able to know some things thanks to her power and she can prevent all. He comes to her trying to make her believe he will leave Viplav if she follows his instructions. Poor Dhaani! She really believed a devil person like Arnav could really does so. Dhaani informing Viplav she won’t go back home with him and Viplav looking at her quite sad and concerned. Even when she was set to go, he calls her again, and asks her to be safe and come back soon. That was so sweet.
    She then reaches the place. To do what ? To be exorcised. That was too funny. Arnav is still believing her as a ghost. But ghosts dont have such supernatural powers. And they are scary while Dhaani is so sweet, cute, bubbly… xD (yeah well I know it’s not time to fangirl but to be concentrated on critics.) And that Shaman was hilarious. He reminded me the one who comes in Chandramukhi first to kill the ghost but then go away running. xD Dhaani was so cute when was laughing seeing him scared. But again, devil starts laughing. Avanukku enna than pirachanai? :/
    He tells that he just diverted her attention to trap Viplav. Oh no! Viplav in danger. Now what will Dhaani do ? SHe has to run to him so fast. But unfortunately, he was not there. He was already taken away by Arnav’s men who made him get unconscious giving sleeping pills. Now what will Dhaani do? Thank God she has super powers.
    The way she could have tracked the location was fantastic. But why there? Where they met the biggest incident of their life which completely changed their fate : Viplav became amnesiac and Dhaani’s soul got separated from her body. She then running to that edge, reached Viplav and tries to stop him from falling. Unfortunately she was not enough powerful for as she was losing her power. Suddnely Viplav gets back to consciousness and notices Dhaani’s illusion next to him. He was living the same thing he had to 5 years ago. That only memory and deep and hidden love made him pronounce that name : Dhaani. Of course it was just an illusion but he was able to see her by his eyes. Because, those were the last seconds he got to capture before drowning into coma. And then he sees the real Dhaani, in front of him… He was completely clueless of what fate was trying to tell him. And his head started to hurt him again as memories were trying to come out to his eyes. Dhaani who was unable to stop him, stays there praying for his safety and at that one moment, her mentor angel’s head save both ViDha. She knew it was her but still that shock made her doubtful. Finally safe, both come out and go towards each other and Viplav’s unconscious words made Dhaani shocked. He was still drowning into his illusion and hurt because of it, faints immediately. Dhaani brings him back to home, and making him sleep, goes to confirm her doubt about who saved them at that moment.
    That dadi and Dhaani’s relationship is really so sweet. First she didn’t show that care towards her but she actually loves and care for Dhaani so much. Each time Dhaani gets into a dilemma or is upset, she is the one who, knowing the truth, comes to her to console her and always was on her side. But yeah Dhaani, you might tell Viplav soon. Otherwise, Viplav getting to know from others would be more dangerous.
    Viplav finally sees his past in his sleep and he finally gets to know who Dhaani is for him especially. He feels hurt of having been far from her for 5 years and even being with her, both remained strangers. He would have never believed having such a past but his happiness knowing who he is was splendid. He even knows who caused this fate and today he is ready to face his own brother for his betrayal. The way he woke up and ran to Dhaani while she was coming from the other side and then seeing her, he gets a smile and hugs her internsely with pain. That shock when he called her “Dhaani” again was so beautiful. Both were looking stunningly good (in my imagination of course). Dhaani askin Viplav “do you remember me ?”. you know something? Correct’a antha moment’la “en jeevan” paattu kettu kondirunthanaan. So just think, like imagine the scenenry and listening to that song at the same time. I was like…. *__* and then kabab mein haddi Raj comes there. Poor boy he was totally clueless of who Dhaani was. xD Viplav saying “she is not Suman, she is Dhaani, my Dhaani”. But still, Raj was completely lost in it. But then seeing his friend back, he was so happy. <3 And so was RL. Then couple Raj left the place leaving them alone <3
    Then both ViDha stting on the terrace and discussing? Viplav asking her whe shs didnt come to meet him at least once in these 5 years while she was not even aware of their bond either. They suffered so much illa? Poor guys, they were in the quest of love but were not aware of it. Dhaani asking Viplac if he remembers the incident adn he says that he indeed even remembers who did it to them, and he will take good care of him.
    Next day Viplav not letting Dhaani to come to office with him for her sake while he needs her company as she can protect him from bad things. Anyways we cannot tell him why as DHaani didnt tell the truth yet. Please Dhaani tell him fast so that you won't feel guilty. But anyways, thank God he is going with Raj.
    Viplav telling everything to Raj about DHaani, Arnav's true face… Raj even shocked, always supports his Viplav and the way he called him "jerk" was funny.
    I loved the way you precised his walk and attitude walking towards his cabin like he again got that same confidence and mind he used to have 5 years ago. That was so cool and Viplav was looking so… handsome! Enna ninaicha? Antha maathiri ponnu kidaiyathu naan, ok? That "slap" he gave to all Arnav's men threatening that man. Haha he was famn funny. And Raj is now a shareholder, wow! That's interesting. Congrats Rajji! So happy for you…
    Viplav then counting his "dream" about Arnav killing him, and the latter getting tensed. xD Unfortunately, Arnav gets to know Viplav is back with his memories. KAsh he didnt hear Viplav saying Dhaani :/ And now he is planning something against Viplav & Dhaani once again. How many ideas seriously!! PAAAH!
    Aww Viplav seeing Dhaani standing on the terrace looking at the outside and then he comes and hugs her from behind. Dhaani gets surprised and notices it was Viplav and feels actually sad. Viplav asking her to marry him as soon as possible but Dhanai was crying inside. She knows she cannot dream all this, especially she cannot let Viplav dream so much. As, their love story was not to be complete, not at least in this birth. She was completely confused and was letting her pain getting out through tears. Then the way she ran away when he started talking about making a family with lots of children. She was so sad for Viplav especially, and even she wanted to live happily with her man. But she had to meet him again in such a condition.
    Thank God Dadi is here to convince heer. The fact she made her ready to tell her truth was so great of her. Thank you Dadiji. <3
    Gloups! Raj and Viplav saw Dhaani's wonders on CCTV camera footages. Oh no! Viplav is completely shattered. He is clueless on who Dhaani is really. She is not real. Even in his cabin he was completely out of concentrations. When he was wondering who she is, here comes the devil, Mr Arnav Tripathi. Gosh did he have to tell her truth to him, and that in such manner? When she was going to tell everything, seriously. Poor Viplav, he couldn't believe the one he loved more than himself, that he found after 5 long years, has to be a dead person. The girl his heart was searching for is actually not alive. What will he do? Though Arnav said so, Viplav didn't believe anything but then… he brought the biggest shock / UGLY DUCK! .. ithu, I mean Ananya. I was indeed wondering what happened to our Ananya kutty and there she is. Gosh, she might have been so angry not to even cry in his arms after losing her friend, but slapping him. After all, she knows he was the one Dhaani went to meet on that night. So her anger is totally justified. And eve Viplav couldnt believe her words. His Dhaani couldnt have left him alone. She was his and with him forever. She cannot go so far…
    He goes from there running to see his Dhaani who was waiting for him to tell the truth, while Viplav tried his level best to believe her existence. But Dhaani takes him into her old orphanage, her home where they dedicated a grave on her name. WHen Dhaani showed it to Viplav, the latter was completely dead himself. How was that possible? His Dhaani cannot die. When he was quite lost and makes himself believe she was alive and takes her to go, and she says "I am dead Viplav"… That was fantastic <3 I loved that moment so much. The way he was cupping her face not to tell such things… But Dhaani proves herself not being a body but just a soul. When she asks him to grab her hand and when he does so, it fades away… OMG so beautiful. But does that mean that she is becoming a soul again? I mean all these days she was something we could touch na ? So does she becomes an aavi again? (yes lets mix Tamil and English xD).
    In a word : O.U.T.S.T.A.N.D.I.N.G. <3 i HAVE NO WORDS
    Now post the next… no, the last one'la ( :'( ) … so yeah post it as soon as possible ok?

    Btw sorry for the really long comment. I don't know what happened to me xD

    1. Wow love it! love it! Again long comment?? u feel everything when you read that was scene in your comment…. Thank you for your loving my dear…. Keep loving loke this shruthy chellam… I have one doubt do you have read my previous ffs…. I am curious to know…. And vera entha mathri ponnu ninga?? Are you studying or working?…. And yes too emotional episode let’s see how it will end…. I hope you would love that too… So stay tuned my dear…..???

      1. Shruthy

        Hihi thanks chellam <3 I dont know what happened I started detailing each scene man. But yeah you got it right, I just feel everything while reading. <3 and your story deserves it because it's just tooo good. Awww please dont thank me girl. I am just a fan of a wonderful writing and a marvellous writer, that's all. No need to say thanks. And by the way, there is no sorry or thanks between friends ok?
        I will always love your work Sri :* But I will be so sad reading today's episode 🙁 please dont mind me when crying ok?
        Hmm which ones did you write? I actually started reading ffs on TU only recently because I have never got to be on the website before. So I have indeed read old stories but they were already finished and at that time there was no registration section so even I commented I dont think people would have known it. So I remained a silent reader. But now I cant remain silent. I have to comment to get out my feelings otherwise I will be dying inside xD so just tell me which ones yours are. But why curious?
        Paatha therila entha maathiri ponnu'nu? xD I am actually going to start classes where I will be studying for a week and working the other one.
        Episode emotional'a irukkumo illayo, naan ala than poren. But haan will always love your work. I am waiting. But well I am going out for an interview so would read onlly back home which means after 6.30pm

      2. Oh is it shruthy you’re going do study and work at the time… Wow great … ? And whenever you get time you can visit my previous episodes.. My princess, my girl is a liar…. OK…. But I am sure you Will cry today….? be ready for that.. ? and what is meaning of xd…. Seriously enaku therialapa….. Don’t laugh?…..

      3. Shruthy

        Yes. :/ Well I have saved Destiny of love on my hard drive already. And indeed I have read both my girl is a liar and my princess. Both were unique and so good really <3 Still remember my girl is a liar's ending like theat naughty Viplav and that romantic walk in the dark roads and then those soft hug and kiss (what? i really just remember it. dont take me for a mad girl who keeps reading it)
        I did yaar, but then got a smile too 😀 I loved it … just wait I will comment in it tonight or tomorrow.
        Oh it's just a lauging thike the "x" are the closed eyes and D the opened mouth. Purinjata?

  7. very interesting and emotional episode… Don’t have any words to praise u.. u r fantastic and amazing …only one episode left?? ..Going to miss u dear…

    1. Thank you porkodi…. Yes me too going to miss you my dear…. What to do? ?If there is one start mean and definitely it come to end one day na?…. And that day is today…. So stay tuned my dear…..?? keep reading….

  8. Sujie

    Kaviya ???
    Episode was so emotional….. Please don’t let that cheapo arnav win at any cost……
    Viplav Dhaani should unite okay…… Keep rocking dear ???

    1. Thank you sujie…. Keep reading…. Yes Arnav never win against vidhaani love OK….??

  9. Nima

    l read all with teary eyes???? really soo emotional n beautiful episode loved it

    1. Thank you nima…. One more episode is left keep reading…. Next one is too emotional……??

  10. Wow? One of the best story ever.. You made it seem so real and heart touching… I couldn’t get enough of it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you amisha…. Keep reading… ??

  11. Renuverma

    Sri whatevet i wantef to say has already been penned down by dear shruthy.
    I wud have written similar but wud have shortened as its too long. She seriously has written with true dedication as a fan dear. Hats off to both of u.
    Looking forward for climax. I sincerely wish that dhani becomes human again n unites with viplav.
    Poor viplav would be devastated more on knowinf about DTS DESMISE.

    1. Shruthy

      Oops sorry xD but you could have commented too yaar. Your feeling, your words, your comment :* I actually don’t know what happened to me, I started narrating her own story to herself. xD

    2. Yes shruthy has really loved my story…. I could see through her comments…. And yes whatever story ending will post soon you can find out yourself…. So my dear stay tuned…..??

  12. Hi kavya? I know u have posted it yesterday and I am late so I am really very sorry for that?
    Kavya it was too heart wrenching?? starting was really very painful when viplav was continuously hurting himself and dhani was asking him to open the door.. Her lines “u can’t be like this, u can’t gave up, u have to go on” oh God this was filled with pain and emotions? seriously it made me cry? when dhani did first aid to viplav was really lovely? and when viplav asked her to be with his side .. I don’t have words to explain kavya..
    Viplav is such a brave boy he never gave up that is the best part of him? I was happy when viplav said that he is going to office
    Arnav is such a jerk even jerk is not appropriate for him he deserve something really very bad? the way he made her (dhani) fool was ridiculous? that shaman was really a dumbo? we can’t expect anything else from arnav he is also fool? the funny part was when dhani break those glasses and shaman’s legs were shaking? I was imagining that lol !!
    I was wondering what arnav is made of even in hard situation he keeps laughing and smirking? of someone else was in his place he would have die because of fear but arnav, himself is a ghost?
    Noe coming to most essential part.. Finally viplav regains his memory.. U know when I was reading that I was jumping because at that time he was calling dhani again and again and I was like yahoo viplav is back now?? the way he hugged her and was happy .. Oh God that was a very heart touching scene.. And yeah viplav’s attitude in his office was epic?? the way he behaved with that man was amazing .. He deserve that? “we are not that much close to share our personal things are u planning for some bank robbery” this was hilarious.. He taunts him in style?? I loved it.. Apart from villain arnav’s listening power is also great.. When he listened everything I was like, Oh no?
    When viplav hugged her (dhani) from back and asked for two children and then he asked for more was adorable poor viplav he didn’t know about that fact? in fact dhani was in more pain?
    At last viplav come to know about the scary truth.. The way he was shattered, oh God too heart wrenching moment was that when dhani brought him to her grave my goodness my heart skipped a bit but it has to be because she had died? viplav must be broken .. When he was keep saying that it can’t be happen u can’t leave me u are lying, these lines brought tears in my eyes? ending was also emotional but I loveeed it?
    I was waiting for this scene for long and finally it arrived though it was full of pain but it was beautiful? and yeah dad I was also adorable the way she saved him (viplav) and advise dhani is wonderful it seems like she is her real dadi?
    Most importantly when anaya showed up and slapped viplav was really very sad .. When she said “dhani funeral” after listening that viplav’s whole world was finished.. Overall episode was beautiful beautiful and beautiful?
    U are an awesome writer u made us to feel this story .. U made it more and more amazing.. I wished to see this story on screen.. And yeah when u write small small lines in bracket.. I love it ..
    Only one episode is left .. I am hoping for happy ending.. Her last wish will give her new life I guess.. Waiting eagerly for next and unfortunately last one .. I will really miss our ff please come up with a new story soon, its a humble request from ur fan and sis u can say?
    Huh !! Bbye now take care?

    1. Hi maha…. No need to sorry you always welcome…. And again long and lovely comment my dear…. Keep it up….? and yes I wish too see my story on screen… Let’s see who going to make that… Lol? no maha I have no idea to write more ff…. I am going to busy in all upcoming days so it’s rare to get time…. OK so don’t feel bad….? stay tuned for final episode…..??

  13. Angel20

    Where is the next episode??

    1. Its on the way actually today I am little hurry burry…. So got posted 4 o clock I hope they will update soon…..? stay tuned… ?

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