Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 16


Today also I have joined to episodes….. I hope you all love it… Let’s start….??
The episode starts with raining …..Now vidhaani were standing under the tree….. dhaani says thanks to you because of you I am gonna drenched…. That time viplav takes his jacket and covers her head….. dhaani seems that and asks what are you doing? Viplav says if you wet, you may catch cold so you can’t wet…. dhaani hears that and staring at him…. She lost her mind…..? viplav keep covering her head by his jacket and try to fix it in her chin….. While viplav looks at her, she looks soo beautiful…. both were staring at each other……?? at that moment all of sudden viplav pulls dhaani as he and kisses her ?, tears are filled with dhaani’s eyes. Thunder and lightning is passing through a cloud….. scene is freezes for a moment…..
Viplav did not asks for permission to kiss, it was happened just like that…. after that viplav breaks the kiss and realized what he was done, he looks at dhaani and expects slap or something ? but it’s not happening…. dhaani is just stunned, no words from her….. (because she too loves him as much as he do) Silent is remaining in that place. Viplav is filling the gap by his sweet proposal, he looks at dhaani and says dhaani! I like you lot…… I love you dhaani….. I love you very much. Dhaani hears that but she is still under shock and stunned….
Then viplav asks I thought you liked me too, was I wrong?…. dhaani is speechless and nervous…. viplav also nervous, so he asks her to don’t answer now, tomorrow I will come you can answer me tomorrow Mmmm….. dhaani remains silent…. Viplav looks at her and says go inside….. Then he runs away. Dhaani looks on….

Later viplav and dhaani are thinking about each other in their respective place…. Viplav lies on bed and recalls their kiss? and smiles for a moment??…. All of sudden he starts to hit himself and asks why you did that viplav? how could you do that viplav? now what she think about me, jerk… Coward… or Pervert?….. I don’t know…. Oh god what should I do? at the same time dhaani thinks about that earlier viplav covering his shirt to over on her head and that kiss too…. she looks miserable…. After she opens the box which gifted by viplav…. Dhaani is opening it and looks at shoe and recalls that was the same shoe what she was seen at mall….. Tears were filled around her eyes…… then she recalls that monk words that if you can; you should avoid him (viplav) at any cost and if you can’t one of you may end up dying….. Tears were rolled around her cheeks….. dhaani worried about viplav craziness for her….. Like that night full night passed……

Next morning at college, race is going to start, dhaani is wearing the shoe which gifted by viplav, all girls are getting ready to run…. Viplav and ananya are standing beside her…. dhaani looks at viplav, he looks at her shoe and gets happy, then he cheer up her to win….??? 200 meter dash is start, dhaani starts her hurtle, she is running fast…. but in middle of the race one girl next to her tripped dhaani’s leg…. She fell down and hurt in her leg elbow, its starts to bleeding….. viplav seems that and shouts dhaani!….. dhaani is not a girl who easily give up…. She gets up again and starts to run….viplav and ananya seems that and shouts come on dhaani!….. Finally dhaani reached the point and won….. viplav and ananya were gets happy and jump to the peak….?? Viplav runs towards dhaani, both were looking at each other…. Viplav notice her wound and about to go closer to her….. that time dhaani were stopped him and says stop concerning about me viplav…. viplav hears that and asks what?… you asked me to answer to today na and my answer is “no” we can’t be in any relationship….. viplav hears that and stunned….. vidhaani are looking at each other utterly…..???? the sad music is playing….. viplav asks why? Don’t you like me….. dhaani says not like that….and she try to say something …. But viplav shouts at her don’t lie, I knew you loves me….last night I seen in your eyes that you’re in love with me like as I do with you…. dhaani says yes it’s true you made me feel something….. But this is as far as I’ll go with you… viplav is stunned after hear that…. annaya hears that and asks are you gone crazy dhaani? dhaani says you shut up ananya… she looks on….. viplav asks but why? dhaani says if you know the answer then you too say the same thing…. she said like that and about to leave…. but viplav grabs her hand tightly and asks what is that?…. dhaani struggles with him to let hair hand free but viplav holds her hand tightly and its hurt her…. dhaani shouts at him let me go viplav…. then he loosen up her hand, she leaves the place…. Viplav looks on miserable…. Ananya looks at viplav and feel bad for him, then she follows dhaani ….

In a while at hostel, ananya and dhaani are sitting together, ananya asks what’s wrong with you dhaani…. viplav is such a nice man and he loves you lot…. Can’t you see that? Why you are behaved like that to him? Don’t you feel anything to him…. Dhaani hears that and says who said like that? At first sight, first touch I found out he is my man…. And she recalls their first meet at mountain…. Ananya asks then why you are acting like this? Then dhaani asks do you know one thing ananya, I met the person at mountain under crescent moon like that monk said…. do you have any idea about that person or who was that person? ananya hears that and little shocked…. She asked who was that?….. dhaani says that was viplav…. ananya hears that and smiles and says you met your man like that monk said then what’s your problem? dhaani asks don’t you remember? What he (monk) was said? Ananya looks on…. dhaani says that monk said to avoid him (viplav) at any cost…. Do you know why he said like that? ananya looks on and asks…. dhaani says again I met that monk at village, I asked him if i can’t avoid my fate then what would happen….. he said one of us may die… dhaani said like that and tears were role around the cheeks… Ananya asks what? Do you believe in such things? Do you think it’s have an any meaning, “no dhaani” it’s don’t have any meaning at all, he is just a human dhaani not a god to find our destiny. Dhaani asks yes he is just a human but why I could met with viplav like that monk said…. And why viplav is keep falling for me…. annanya hears that and says this is totally stupidity dhaani…. dhaani doesn’t say anything and looks on….

Later viplav goes to office and he is restless….. and he thinks about dhaani words (this is as far as I’ll go with you)…. he can’ bear that….Viplav want to know the reason so he calls ananya and asks her to take dhaani to park….

Soon after at park, viplav is waiting for them…. Dhaani and ananya enters to park, dhaani doesn’t aware of their plan, so after seeing viplav she gets mad at ananya and about to go but viplav runs towards her and blocked her way….. and says listen me dhaani, why you can’t accept me? Tell the reason I want to know…. Dhaani asks him move aside I don’t want to see you anymore…. Viplav hears that and asks what? ananya shouts I can give answer to you viplav…. viplav and dhaani looks at ananya, dhaani shouts at her shut up ananya…… Ananya shouts back you shut up dhaani…. viplav shouts at them you both of you shut up dhaani…. Then viplav looks at ananya and asks her to tell what happening here…. Ananya explain everything at village what that monk said to dhaani…. viplav silently hears everything and looks at dhaani and asks what one of us might die? then he blast out laughing…. Dhaani looks on with teary eyes…. viplav asks dhaani what? Do you have believe in such things? We are in 21st century dhaani…. What kind of monk he is? If you meet him again please asks him about my company share market ena when it will get high Mmmm…. He asked like that laughed loudly…. Dhaani hears that and stare at him, tears were rolled around from her eyes that he can’t understand her feelings that made her crazy… viplav seems at her tears and stop laughing, after he calls dhaani!…. Dhaani runs away from the place… ananya goes to viplav and says you hurts her feelings…… viplav hears that and asks when I did that? And he looks on… then he follows dhaani…
Dhaani is crying and walk along the road…. Viplav is keep following her, finally he catches her. Viplav grabs her hand and says I am sorry dhaani but she doesn’t listen him and try to let her hand free from him….That time viplav pulls her towards him and he slipped by stone and both were falls down on the plat form, dhaani fell over him…. dhaani slowly raises her head but viplav doesn’t he still lays down without conscious…. Dhaani seems that and get shocked….. She tries to wake up him and calls viplav! viplav! get up…. No reaction from him…. dhaani is scared and tears were fallout from her eyes…. scene freezes….


Viplav won’t to open his eyes…. Dhaani keep shouting at him get up viplav! With teary eyes…. ananya comes to that place looks on, she asks what happened dhaani? Dhanni looks at her with teary eyes…. And they take viplav to hospital….

Later at hospital, viplav slowly opens his eyes and seems at dhaani and ananya…..he feels the pain in back side head and asks what? Did I hurt? Dhaani is looking at him with teary eyed and says finally it happened…. What like that monk said. This is time to come back to your sense….. viplav and ananya hears that and asks what? Are you crazy? Viplav says it’s just a coincidence dhaani and I am still alive…. Don’t you see that…. dhaani shouts at don’t you see my feelings, if anything would happen to you, then what I will to you. Our cruel fate might end up someone us life…. Viplav hears that and says I am not scared of this little fate dhaani… because of this little fate I don’t want to lose you dhaani…. dhaani hears that and tears are fallout from her eyes…. both were staring at each other utterly…. Then dhaani says our fate is end here, don’t go further viplav…. and don’t bother me anymore…. She said like that and about to leave….. When viplav says “no” I am gonna keep bothering you, until you accept me…. dhaani hears that and says go to hell…. Viplav hears that and says thank you?…. then he smiles at her…. Dhaani gets irked and leaves….. ananya smiles at viplav ? and follows dhaani…

Later night viplav lies on his bed…. he thinks about dhaani words and worring about her…. So he calls dhaani to make sure that she is okay or not…. But she seems his number and cuts the call…. Then viplav calls to ananya when she is standing outside of the room…. Whereas dhaani is not there…. Ananya picks the call and asks what now? Viplav asks were dhaani is okay? Ananya replies yes she is okay… and asks are you feeling bad for morning incident…. Viplav hears that and remains silent…. That time dhaani comes outside… Ananya seems that and change the topic and says oh is it…. Does it hurting that much…. You should take pain killer before go to bed… Then it won’t hurt much… dhaani hears everything and looks tensed….. Viplav listen that and asks are you crazy? what? pain killer?…. Why I should take? I am alright…. then ananya says oh OK… And pretends like end the call but she doesn’t cut the call… Other side viplav shouts hey ugly duck give the phone to dhaani…. that time dhaani voice is coming…. Who is it? Its him? Viplav hears her voice and holds on in line…. But dhaani don’t aware of this…. Ananya asks whom? Dhaani again asks is it viplav? Ananya signs yes! What problem with that? Dhaani says no I just…. It sounds seems he is still hurting…. That’s why I asked…. Ananya replies fast yes he is…. But why you have care about him? You said you don’t loved him…. Then why you have worrying about him?… Viplav hears their conversation through phone…. Dhaani replies why I should not? In this world he is the first person who care about me…. How I wouldn’t care about him…. I keep do and I will care about him…. Viplav hears those words and shouts yes…. He is so happy after hearing that….? Other side ananya hears that and asks oh you care about him but you don’t want to accept him…. And don’t want to be together…. What kind of craziness dhaani?…. Dhaani replies I don’t want those things….. As long as he is alive some where its enough for me…. When viplav hears those words tears were filled in his eyes and says bagal laduki….. Dhaani said like that and go inside…. Then ananya looks at her mobile and realized viplav was heard everything she smiles and ends the call….. Viplav looks on with smiling face…..?
Next day at viplav office, he walking around and asks himself can I call her? she is still mad at me then what to do….. Then he says himself let’s see whatever and calls dhaani…. dhaani seems his number and cut the call…. Viplav realized that says this girl totally spell bound by that monk, I should call to ugly duck….. then he tries to ananya, she is about to pick but dhaani grabs mobile from her and cut the call… ananya looks on…. viplav says what? No one pick my call I should visit hostel at today night…. then he looks on… but he can’t wait for that long…. So he rushes to Dhaani college…. Ananya and Dhaani were sitting on one bench (its free hour so they’re sitting outside?) while viplav comes here…. Dhaani seems that and about to leave…. Viplav shouts ya what’s wrong with you? Why you are avoiding me? Dhaani replies because I don’t want to see you anymore…. Get lost from my life…. she said like that and about to go….Viplav hears that and grabs her hand… Dhaani shouts at him leave me viplav…. Bur he doesn’t not listen her, then viplav puts her hand on his head and says… Then tell me now you don’t want see you anymore…. If you say now I never bother you again….. Dhaani tries to take her hand but viplav holds her hand tightly….. Dhaani ask why I should? Viplav is not ready to leave her like that…. he looking forward her words….. Dhaani still lays her hand on viplav head (viplav holds her hand tightly) both we’re starting at each other…. Then dhaani says hesitantly yes I don’t want…. See you…. at some times….. ?Viplav hears that and smiles…? Then he asks but want to see some times na….. Dhaani shouts at him I don’t know and runs away from the place….. Ananya seems their fondness for each other and smiles…. Viplav looks on with smile….

Scene again shifts to office…. After that viplav starts to work, and give a glance at all files…. After seems everything he found out that all files have some corruption. That made him crazy and he about to call to arnav to asks about this… all of sudden his mobile rings, viplav picks the call …… in phone someone says your company is going to bankruptcy…. viplav hears that and shell shocked…. that man says yes I am saying truth, someone close to you is going to do that…. I am your well wiser, please be careful…. And end the call…. Viplav asks what and shouts at phone who are you?…. after that viplav is confused and check out all accounts. He arrange for one meeting for all share holders…. And the meeting held for so many hours…. Arnav seems that and clueless what he is doing…. In two days, viplav found out one thing in all corruption only one man is behind that and it was his lovely arnav bhai….. viplav is shattered….. And asks himself what all this? he is still under confusion…..

Viplav recalls his childhood with arnav….. chotti chotti memories…. f.b shown When they are child…. Viplav one day cried for star…. That time Arnav was the one who have tried to grab the stars for him…. Viplav remembers that and tears were falls out from his eyes…. And anther f.b shown when they are studying at school some students are hardly beaten Viplav for some useless reasons while arnav was the one who saved him from them…. Its all running in viplav’s mind…. He looks on miserable…..
In a while, viplav shouts why my bhai? Why you did this to me? You’re the only one person I was trusted most in my life…. Why could you do this to me? Tears were filled with his eyes…. that time viplav’s mobile rings….. He picks the phone without energy ….. In phone that well wiser says it seems you found out who is that…. viplav asks who are you? that man says I have solid evidence against arnav, if you come to me, I will surrender to you….. viplav says yes and rushes to him…..
At the same time, dhaani looks at her mobile and thinks what? did he really gave up on me, because two days there is no calls and message from because of Arnav problem…. Like that she misses him lot… ananya seems that and cough… then dhaani throws her mobile and looks at some where….
Viplav meet that man…. After seeing that man, viplav is shattered….. Who was that man? And why he trying to help him and how he could found arnav is black sheep… everything will be revealed soon…. Viplav gets pen drive and some files from him and leaves…

After seeing that man viplav directly goes to dhaani hostel and calls her…. she picks the phone and asks why you keep calling me? viplav asks her to come out…. dhaani refused first but viplav says with less energy please dhaani…. that please made her go…. she comes out, viplav standing outside sadly…. Dhaani looks at him and asks I told you to don’t bother me na?…. While all of sudden viplav hugs her, Dhaani looks on…… viplav hugs her tightly and says (inner voice) dhaani what should I do? My own brother stabbed my back….. dhaani is just stunned….and realized he is not okay….. dhaani asks slowly what wrong? Was anything happened? Then viplav breaks the hugs and look at her…. tears were rolled around his cheeks… dhaani seems at his tears and feels heartbroken…. She is about to wipe his tears, but viplav clears his tears and says “no” I am all right… I feel like, I lost everything at one day but no more I won’t feel like that…. because you were with me na? Until being with you I am okay….. dhaani hears that look at him utterly…. Viplav and dhaani looks at each other painfully….. viplav kisses on her forehead and asks her to go inside….. Then he smiles at her and leaves…. Dhaani looks on miserable and thinks she is the one who caused pain to him….. ????? the same sad song is playing….
Dhaani goes inside and thinks about viplav tears and worries about him….. she recalls their first meeting and viplav’s naughtiness behind over her she recalls everything and smiles herself…. Then she thinks about their first kiss at rain and smiles herself…. Ananya seems that and asks what happened? Dhaani fully lost her mind over on viplav’s memories…. Dhaani just looks at ananya and says I want to live with him …. Even I love him more than myself…. I want to say to him, that I was miss him lot… I want to say loudly that “I love you viplav” if I said to him he would be happy na, that will be enough for me in this life….. ananya hears that and says oh thank god finally you come to your sense…. then dhaani runs out, ananya shouts where are you going? Dhaani says I am gonna confess myself to viplav…. Ananya asks this late night?…. Dhaani smile at her and runs away…. She fully forgets about their fated love, now her only thought is viplav’s happiness….
At the same time, in office arnav search for that pen drive and files but now it’s on viplav hands….. no one inside the office, arnav is alone, he take out everything from cupboard and looks around the place…. Suddenly one voice is coming are you searching for this bhai? Arnav turns back and looks on…. viplav is standing in front of him…. arnav is shocked and calls viplav!…. viplav asks are you surprised bhai? Arnav look at him and says viplav give back those things to me…. viplav says “no” bhai these things are solid evidence against you that you plan to do bankruptcy….. Why could you do this me?….. arnav doesn’t says anything and looks at him…. viplav says I informed to dadji about this bankruptcy but I am not tell that was you one behind this…. so don’t think I am not going to tell, I’m only turning a blind eye for one night….. Tomorrow we have meeting, you should turned yourself and admit your guilt, if you do that dada ji try to forgive you. Otherwise if you won’t then I will expose you in front of everyone…. arnav hears that and says you well known about our dadaji na, he is not man one who forgive easily and he definitely handover me to the police…. So don’t do that viplav, just handover those things to me…. viplav don’t say anything and about to leave but someone block the way…. yes he is arnav right hand varun….. viplav looks at him and says move aside…. But he doesn’t listen….. viplav glares at him and fight with him, in mean time arnav hits viplav’s head by rod….. viplav shouts maa! and hold his head…. He turns back and looks at arnav…. arnav smirks…. Viplav is realized his bhai have turned into an devil…. viplav grabs his collar and asks why bhai?…. Arnav smirks again…. viplav seems that and tears were fallout from his eyes, he slowly gets unconscious and falls down….. viplav grabs pen drive and files from viplav’s hand and he signs to his man take him away…. That man takes viplav away….

Later one car is moving on the road, inside the car viplav sitting on unconsciously. Arnav and his right hand varun are wearing mask in their face and arnav driving the car fast. At the same time, in opposite side of the road dhaani is rushing towards viplav, when she recalls their happiest moment and smiles herself…. viplav and dhaani were show in their respective place…. They are close as neck to neck….. while scene is showing as slow motion…. dhaani auto crosses the viplav’s car while dhaani is seeing viplav….. he was lay on his head on car window…. Dhaani thinks it seems like viplav and asks auto man to follows the car….. dhaani follows arnav car by auto….
Finally arnav stopped the car at cliff, dhaani’s auto have stooped little far away from them, she gets off and starts to walk towards them…. in mean time arnav and his right hand are try to cut the break in the car hook…. Dhaani is little nervous and she goes near to car…. she seems at viplav, he is laying on unconscious….. dhaani is shattered and shouts viplav! Then she tries to open the car……. she asks what’s wrong with you? Her sound reaches arnav ears…. varun goes to her and holds her hand…… dhaani seems that and shouts more…. She asks who are you? What you guys are doing to with my viplav? she shouts at them to leave viplav…. arnav irritated by her shouting so he hits her head too by rod…. she feel dizzy but not get faint….. Then they puts dhaani into the car with viplav, viplav is unconscious and seated into driver seat and dhaani is sitting next to him with her little energy…. Arnav put the car at self start and locks the door…. Then they pull the car towards cliff, while dhaani seems side mirror that man who pulling the car from back side…. While arnav mask slightly removed from his face…. Dhaani is seeing his face through mirror and finds out it is arnav…. and recalls that they introduce themselves inside the lift; he said I am arnav viplav’s brother…. Tears were rolled around her cheeks…. she keep staring at mirror… Dhaani face shown in that same mirror….. It was seen by arnav and he realized his masked got removed and Dhaani is seeing him…..
Inside the car dhaani tries to wake up viplav…. the car hurtles towards cliff…. Thunder and lighting passing the cloud….. Dhaani calls viplav with her little energy….. viplav! viplav! get up…. But no response from him for a moment, finally he opens his eyes slowely and feels the pain in head…. Dhaani calls viplav!…. then viplav looks at dhaani an realized something is went wrong and the car rolled towards the edge…. Viplav looks at dhaani and shouts dhaani…. what happened? And he tries to stop the car but already they have been cut the break…. He is helpless and he tries to break the car window…… while the car come to the edge…. Then viplav just holds dhaani face and says don’t worry, I am with you na…. dhaani nodes with teary eyes…. Both were staring at each other with tearful eyes….. they share their last moments together…. Car about to fall when viplav hugs dhaani and covers her by his own body in order to protect her…. The car falling down from cliff, while viplav is getting hurt in his head and his spinal card…. The cliff is not depth that much but under the cliff water is surrounding the whole place….. Car directly falls into the water and submerged fully….

Inside the water viplav is bleeding and totally lost his conscious…… dhaani is life less for a moment….. But all of sudden she is breathing hard under water and realized they are trapped into water…. Dhaani holds viplav’s face and looks at him…. then she tries to opens the car with her little strength…. and finally it opened… its night time na so its full dark…. Dhaani holds viplav tightly and tries to come up…. She tries very hard to takes him out…. Dhaani comes out of the water surface with viplav…. she was drowned with him for long time…. they are drowned in center part, where only one rocks has been shown…. finally dhaani makes him settled above the rock….. then dhaani tries to wake up him….. But there is no response from him. dhaani were starts to collapse, she holds viplav’s hand and says I already said na we can’t stay together but you never listened me….. tears are fall out from her eyes…. Then dhaani says I am sorry viplav! this is all I can do for my love….. she looks at her necklace (angel symbol) was she got wear by viplav’s hand at village…. she recalls that villager words, (it just not a necklace, it will protect you from all devil powers)….. She just unbuttons the anklet and puts on viplav’s neck…. Dhaani keep holding viplav hands, finally she kisses in his hand and protects her last moment with him in her eyes… Dhaani slowly starts to faint …… she has leaving viplav hands slowly and have submerged slowly into the water….. dhaani have drowned under water and lost her full conscious…. outside viplav were hangs on rock under dying condition…. The scene freeze for a moment….. dhaani is helpless….. Slowly she has lossing her life under water…… All of sudden its starts to rain…. Scene has focusing to dhaani under water…. ?????

At present…. Suman aka dhaani wakes up from her past life…..its look like she wakes up from water….. she opens her eyes and breaths hard….. Tears were rolled around from her eyes and calls viplav! viplav! viplav!….. She is crying loudly about their hopeless fated love… then she thinks about viplav is okay or not and runs to him. At present viplav sleeping in his room…. Dhaani enters to the room, she is kneeling down to him… she whisper his name viplav! viplav! Have you holding this pain because of me…. what should I do about you? Dhaani asked like that about to caresses him but she have stopped in middle….. Then dhaani closed her mouth by her hands and cries out in grief….. Scene freeze….. ????

So finally vidhaani past story has come to end…. Tommorow onwards their current track will continued…. four more episodes are remaining…. Keep reading…. Thank you….

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Today’s episode was really a emotional episode. When dhani told” I am sorry viplav! this is all I can do for my love “my eyes was filled with tears??.now only 4 episode is left know ???

    1. Thank you aiswariya I hope you couldn’t not cry?…. Yes it was emotional one…. And most important thing Viplav aware of her death….. More emotional things waiting for you…..keep reading my dear…..??

      1. And most important thing Viplav unaware of her death….. Sorry auto correction…..??

      2. ananya is such a nice friend.i would like to see her in the coming episode

      3. Yeah sure aiswariya…. She will…. Come back with power….. I can not update next part because of tu server problem….I’ll try to post today itself…….?

  2. Sujie

    Kaviya……. Episode was emotional….. Sorry for not commenting in the previous episode…..
    Ananya is such a lovely friend…… ???

    So…. Dhaani gave up her life in an attempt to save Viplav …..and the Angels chain part….
    Emotional ride ……. Please don’t let that arnav win anymore …..
    Go on dear…loving this a lot

    1. Thank you sujie you always welcome….. Keep reading…. More emotional things are waiting for you ……??

  3. Super episode…loved it….but still….Raj doesn’t know abt dhani??? haven’t he saw have..bcz he s his best friend…..and fb came to an end…..

    1. Yes riya raj doesn’t not know about dhaani that is the story….two person only knows about Vidhaani love that is Arnav and Ananya…. Other wise Viplav dadaji and raj don’t aware of this…. May their love story is little long then raj might have come to know about that but before that vidhaani love ended…. And viplav lost his memories…. Why raj have not aware of this will reveal soon…. Keep reading my dear thank you….??

      1. Hmmm kkk.where s avanya???wat happened to her!!!!

      2. You have to wait my dear for knowing that …. In four episodes your all doubt will clear OK…..??

  4. Latha

    Sri superb and emotional too. Ananya such a good friend and I loved her very much. Dhani gave up her life for viplav and it was too emotional part Kaviya. Loved it so much and keep going…

    1. Thank you latha I hope you liked it…. Yes dhaani gave up her life for viplav…. Poor dhaani…. Let’s see what happen next…. Keep reading…..??

  5. Angel20

    Omg!!! First of all such a long episode??
    It was so very emotional yaar! Poor Vidhaa and idiotic Arnav? loved the entire episode it was so so so so good!!❤ loved it to the core! Post the next one now itself, I can’t wait more….

    1. Thank you maria…. I will try to update as soon as possible OK…. Keep reading my dear….??

  6. Nima

    it was so emotional episode…. poor vidhani :-*
    comments k through next episode se aur v rulayega so I will take a tissue papers rolls n then start to read 🙂

    1. Thank you nima ….. Yes more emotional things are waiting for you…. So sure you need tissue paper….? Four more episodes are left….. So keep reading my dear….??

  7. Shruthy

    OMG IT WAS SO EMOTIONAL!! You made me cry girl. What a beautiful love story of ViDha seriously. Dying for the sake of your loved one. Such a lovely story! And yes, kadaisi varaikkum, Dhaani love’a sollela. And she died .. Their love’s intensity made Viplav remind there is something in his life, and he unconsciously cares for that angel chain.
    Finally Dhaani knows what happened and cares for him more. And she is feeling guilty knowing that pain he was enduring was “because of” her while she was trying to save him from it. But I am sure now she will bring more happiness in his life. But I am still quite clueless to know what is inside Viplav that Dhaani might find to save her soul. BUt anyhow…
    I cant wait to know what will happen for the current ViDha. POST IT SOON! Yesterday you were excused as the server was not working but you have to post the next one tomorrow at least. I am waiting…
    BTW thanks for such long episodes. You are a gem. Never think you bore us with long episodes. Each time I get on the next line, I so fear that it will end soon…

    1. Thank you shruthy.,… Keep reading….. Remaining 4 episodes are too emotional … Stay tuned?

      1. Shruthy

        That makes me cry inside re. Only 4 episodes, and that emotional…

  8. Kavya a very long episode?? amazing efforts??.. ok episode was very beautiful even beautiful word is small for it??.. viplav’s sweet proposal?loved it??.. later viplav thinking about that kiss with a killer smile hayee hayee?.. viplav was sooo happy seeing dhani in that shoes.. adorable !! I knew it before that dhani will win after all she is our heroin but the way she behaved with viplav was very painful?even she was in so much pain?? but our viplav is very stubborn?
    Thanks to anaya she speaks out everything I loved her character alot she is a true friend?and yeah the way viplav made joke of that thing was funny he said ” next time when u meet that monk again please ask him that when his market share will increase” (it’s not word to word I know?) but it was the line in whole episode which made me laugh?
    Oh so viplav knew everything about that evil arnav I want to kill him?? how can someone be that much cruel woh bhe with his own brother?
    Yar u won’t believe I was crying reading the end ?the way viplav covered her and when they drowned in water?.. dhani leaving viplav on that rock and end up her life she sacrificed her life?? when dhani makes him wear that pendent oh God that was literally enough?my heart was beating really very fast on that scene? I know u won’t believe me and must be thinking me as a drama queen?.. I want to send a video of my expressions.. it was too emotional and beautiful??.. but poor viplav after that accident he forget everything?.. now eagerly waiting and praying for his memory to come back .. the day when he will remember everything and will see dhani again in front of him oh God it would be beyond everything?I am waiting for that scene.. if we will watch this story on screen i bet everyone will burst into tears and tissue paper will also become less for it .. but reading this made me cry alot?
    Last 4 episodes left what should we expect happiness or sadness.. please give hard punishment to that monster arnav and his right or left hand varun?? .. he shouldn’t die so easily he should suffer from the same pain which viplav was suffering since long??.. I know I am getting too much senti but ur writing made me like that?
    Who is that well wisher.. umm no gusses?
    Eagerly waiting for the upcoming one?

    1. Thank you maha …. Such a long comment like dear shruthy love it…. Let’s see what happen to Arnav….. Yes take tissue paper with you more emotional things on the way ?

      1. Oh yes I didn’t know that it will become this much long while typing??

  9. So emotional episode sri….it was toooooo nice…

    1. Thank you Nikki…. I hope you you loved it….. Keep reading…..?

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    1. I am going to post ma…. So don’t wait …. If I post now they will update night time only so don’t wait check it out tommorow morning…. Sorry for delay ma….? I hope you understand….. Mmmm?

  11. Renuverma

    Kavya it was super emotional and did make me cry . Reading their intense love n trying to save each other was heartening. Ananya seems to be atrue freind. Hope she is in current track too. Excited to know about well wisher. Could it be raj no… monk no.. Ofcourse not dadaji then who else. Obviously it cant be varun…

    1. Thank you renu…. Someone is their in two episode you can find yourself….. Yes Ananya will come…..keep reading ….you would loved it…..thanks once again renu dear….??

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