Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 17

    Again two episodes…. I hope it’s not boring I know I am rushing fast…. But I want to end soon… I am sorry for torturing….??

    The episode starts with dhaani recognized her previous life with viplav…. At present…. Suman aka dhaani wakes up from her past life….. its look like she wakes up from water….. she opens her eyes and breaths hard….. Tears were rolled around from her eyes and she calls viplav! viplav! viplav! in grief….. She is crying loudly about their hopeless fated love… then she thinks about viplav is okay or not and runs to him. At present viplav sleeping in his room…. Dhaani enters to the room, she is kneeling down to him… she whisper his name viplav! viplav! and she asks have you holding this pain because of me…. what should I do about you? Dhaani asked like that and about to caresses his face but she have stopped in middle….. Then dhaani closed her mouth by her hands and cries out in grief….. she is holding that necklace with her heart…. ???? She can’t endure this pain and says I am sorry viplav! I am sorry viplav!…. that indirectly approach viplav in his sleep…. Viplav wakes up from his sleep but dhaani is not here…. Viplav seems that and asks himself what is this? After he feeling the pain by touching his heart…. He can’t sure about that feel…. tears were filled in his eyes….
    Scene shifts to terrace, dhaani is crying alone…. no one here to comfort her…. that time our angel’s head appears there and asks how you’re feeling now? …. dhaani hugs her and says it’s hurting me dadi please do something…… just vanish me out from viplav side…. I can’t go anymore do something …..please dadi do something…… dhaani lies on angels’ head arms and cries loudly…. Angels’ head slowly strokes dhaani’s hair and console her….. Yes no one can comfort her from this pain but head tries her best……
    Later, dhaani feel better herself after long time and made her mind and heart little strong as angel but not as dhaani….. Angel’s head asks, are you found out the answer? dhaani signs yes and says when I was under dying, I had a last sincere wish so I volunteered to became an angel…..( yes she had a wish when she was die under water I did not mentioned but it will show soon…. and Dhaani wish is her answer what is that?) then dhaani says I’m back here to finish my unfinished duties….. I have been waited for 5 years to meet viplav…. I came back for viplav…. Then dhaani asks you were knew about this earlier na? Angels’ head signs “yes” …. Dhaani asks why don’t you say that to me earlier? Head replies I don’t have that power…… dhaani looks on…… then head asks when you are going reveal this to viplav? dhaani hears that and asks what? Why I have to say this to him? do you know one thing I am relived in one matter that viplav forgotten about me…. that is only thing I am glad so now I can stand here…. if viplav remember me, he can’t go further and if he knows that I am dead, then he might kill himself….. tears were rolled around from dhaani eyes….

    Angels’ head looks at her and says you should clear about one thing, all humans are born with a particular destiny, there are always reason behind all destiny… your fated love or destiny was not ended with your death, it still continues you……

    That you should back with your death book as angel before your angel term end…. otherwise you can’t go to your next life or do as angel anymore and you will vanish in thin air…. And your unfinished duty is with old viplav only, not this viplav….. Along with he (Viplav) will recognize you soon…. That time all covered truth will come out…. dhaani hears everything and asks what? viplav is going to remember me…… no dadai its not possible…..( with teary eyes) Angels’ head asks then why you remember your previous life before your term end….. why? Dhaani looks on…. Head says all things are happening by god will….. viplav’s love dhaani, that you are being his side that will make him recognize you soon….. dhaani hears that and wipes her tears…. and asks If I were not with him, he can’t remember me na? Then I’ll disappear from his side….. Head hears thst and asks what? dhaani says if I told to viplav that I am your dhaani, I loved you when I come to confess to you, your brother killed me …… now I am a dead person; at the moment standing in front of you is my soul…. If I said this to him, he will happy? No dadai, its give more pain to him….. He already forgotten about everything and live as a stranger…. Already he was having enough pain…. I don’t want to give more pain to him….. I am going to take this pain with me and disappear forever from his life….. This is all I can do for him…… Head smiles and asks, do you think that is possible? Dhaani says yes it’s possible, I am going to disappear from his side…… she said like and runs inside…… angels’ head looks on and says some reason must be behind this too…..

    Later in suman aka dhaani sitting on bed and things about their past…. And remembers all sweet moment with viplav and recalls the cliff incident when arnav was the one who pushed the car from back….. Then dhaani were decides before her exit, she should take arnav away from viplav’s life……

    Next morning, viplav sat in dining table……and eat his breakfast. Dhaani look at him from upstairs….. And she whispers his name with tear full eyes viplav! viplav!….. Then she comes down and serves him with lots of caring and asks him to eat lot…. You need to be stronger….. viplav looks at her and wonders about her new avathar….he asks what wrong with you? Are you ill? Dhaani asks what? And says no I am just worrying about you….. viplav asks worrying about what? And he looks at her…… both were looking at each other….. Then viplav says don’t worry, until being with you I am okay and he smiles at her….. dhaani hears that and recalls that viplav used this word many time in their past…… tears were filled with her eyes… dhaani aka suman says but viplav I am going to disappear from your side….. viplav can’t get it clear so he asks what? she says today night I am gonna leave from your side…… viplav is shattered after hearing this….. (may viplav mind can not remember her but his heart still well remember her…..) Then he asks, you said that you should find out something but before that you are preparing to leave…. she says I found out that viplav…. he hears that asks really? She signs yes and says I found out something bigger than I thought, that made me to take this decision…. So I have to go back…. Viplav replies fast go!…… dhaani looks at him and asks what? She is little shocked…. Viplav again says I said go! Just go! Don’t ask to me…… viplav looks on miserable and goes inside….. dhaani looks on with tearful tears….

    Later at office, dhaani meet with dadaji and unveil the truth about arnav….. dadaji hears that and gets shocked…. He asked what? And says you should misinterpret him, he is my grandson too…. And he is good and humble person…. He loves viplav very much…. Suman aka dhaani says if you give a chance to me I will prove this dadaji…. Dada ji looks on….. both were looking at each other….

    Scene shifting to arnav cabin…. Dhaani enters to the room and looks at him fire fully…. then she recalls, how he had beat her head by rod in past and how he pushed the car from cliff…. Arnav seems her and smirks….. then he asks what will you bring here? Dhaani just looks at him and asks, if I revealed your true face to viplav then what will you do? arnav smiles and says go ahead and try to exposing me…. if my identity will be revealed, then your identity also will reveal…. dhaani hears that and looks on…. Arnav says you are someone who can’t accept by people…. You are a monster….. Out of the two, which one is more shocking to viplav…. Mmmm? dhaani doesn’t say anything…. Arnav warns dhaani and says just get away from viplav….. You’re driving me crazy….. for your all deeds, I want to get rid of viplav…. dhaani hears that and asks can I know the reason why you want to kill viplav…. arnav smiles like evil and say because he is so fortunate with money and love….. dhaani just look on…. Arnav says I have meeting to go, he smirks again and says I will deal with you later, then he goes out….. dhaani looks on….. in that atmosphere, dada ji enters to the room….. yes he hears everything what arnav said before…… dadaji is shaking after heard that from arnav mouth…. Dhaani asks now are you believing in me? dadaji starts to cry and collapse suddenly…. Dhaani seems that and make him sit….. then she gives water and asks are you okay dada ji? Dadji feels little better and asks why arnav is like that? What happened to my grandson? Dhaani says it’s his true face dadaji, you’re the one who able to stop him…. dadaji looks on…. and says I never thought arnav was like this…… then he says I will stop him; I need to protect my viplav from him I can go any extreme to protect viplav….. suman aka dhaani hears that and says thank you for saying this…. Then dadaji asks but what he was talking about you? I can’t get it clear….. She says some things are there but I can’t tell you that, I hope you understand me…. and I am trusting on you dadaji, I am leaving viplav’s life in your hand, you should protect him at any cost…. Dadaji signs yes……

    Later night, at raj residence dhaani aka suman is saying her final good bye to raj and raj lakshimi…..when viplav looks on miserable…. At the same time at viplav residence…. Dada ji enters arnavs rooms and searching evidence against him…… he take out all files and things looking for it….. All of sudden arnav enters to the room and looks at down …. All things were laid on the floor…… then he looks at dadaji and asks, dadaji what are you doing in my room? Dada ji looks on so emotional and grabs arnav’s collar….. Dadaji asks what are you planning to do my viplav? arnav is shocked after hearing that and he realized dada ji is know about something….. arnav asks what are saying dada ji? Dadaji shouts at him and says I heard what you have talked with suman (dhaani) you’re the one who trying to kill viplav na….. How could you do that to viplav? He is your little brother arnav…. dada ji were cries and asks why?…… arnav hears everything and smirks to him….. Finally he showed his true face to dadaji…. He takes dadji hand from his shirt….. And says you provoked me dada ji…. Dadaji is shocked and asks what? arnav shouts you provoked me, why you forget to love me? Why you loving viplav more than anything? Even my parents too love him more….. It’s all because of his money na, because he born with rich, living with rich…. But I am not rich, my father has not smart enough to save assets to me…. so I was started to live with viplav’s shadow, do you know how its feel? Is killing me dada ji…. I want viplav’s all things to belongs to me….. You won’t give any chance to me to grow up…. CEO post was viplav’s place, in your heart he is the only grandson for you…. then where I am? You want me to live as poor and die as poor…. Dadaji hears that and shocked about his speech…. Then he asks what are you saying arnav? We all love you as viplav…. May I just took some extra care about viplav, because he lost his parents when he was 4 and he was too small when they leaved…. So I care about him….all responsibility have approached to me. Then this money and assets are created by viplav’s father, we have no rights to take that….. Then he grabs arnav face and says enough arnav, just stop it here I will forgive you. arnav smirks and says it’s too late dadaji….. dadaji hears that and says ok don’t change but I can’t take you anymore…. I am going to police station and inform about you…. you deserve for more than that….. Then dadaji about to go….. while arnav tripped his leg by his own foot….. dadaji falls down and looks at arnav miserably…. And calls arnav! with teary eyes…. Arnav smirks and says I am sorry dadaji, why you get aware about me? I can’t leave you like this after knowing that….. And do you know one thing 5 years back viplav’s accident at cliff, it was not happened it was made by me…. Do you know why I did that? …. because viplav found out my true face like you….. dadaji is traumatized after hearing that…. arnav goes down to dadaji, and says now I should do something to you…. what to do? dadaji looks on miserable…. Then arnav takes one syringe from cupboard and goes near to dadaji…. Dadaji seems that and realized that he is going to do something to him…. so he gets up from the place and about to run… but arnav were stopped him and holds his arms…. Then he injects the syringe to him….. Dada ji struggles with him….. Rapidly dadaji can’t shout…. And he starts to collapsed. Arnav smirks and says you are probably becoming paralyzed, eventually you’ll fall into be sleep and slowly leave this world without pain, which is going to be a more than natural death….. I am sorry dadaji for doing this, then rest in peace… dadaji looks at him with teary eyes…. then he falls down…. Arnav looks on with evil smirks….

    At the same time suman aka dhaani is stepping out from raj residence….. viplav looks at her miserable and standing behind her…. in mean time dadaji breath is stopped at viplav’s residence… dhaani feels some slame air force when she stepped out…. then she step back and realized something was wrong…. Suman aka dhaani turns back and looks at viplav….. And calls viplav! He looks on…. all of sudden viplav mobile rings….. viplav looks at his mobile and wonders…. at that moment viplav and suman aka dhaani looking at each other…… scene freezes….

    viplav were attends the call hesitantly…. In phone one of his house servant informed as panicky, that dadaji was passed away sir… viplav is shattered after hearing that tears were filled around his eyes…. and he looks at suman aka dhaani utterly. Dhaani realized something bad was happened….. Raj asks what happened viplav? No answers from him….. viplav holds his tears and run out from the place…… dhaani seems that and shouts viplav! viplav! And follows him….. Raj and raj lakshmi were looks on…..

    At viplav residence, funeral take place to dadaji, everyone gathered there. Arnav and his parents are there….. viplav enters the house with anxious…. he looks at dada ji as departed state… tears were rolled around from his eyes, Viplav’s grief is unbearable that moment….. arnav is watching over him….. Then he gets closer to viplav and says our dadaji leaves us alone viplav….. while viplav grabs arnav collar and shouts what happened? Arnav replies with crocodile tears dadaji suddenly holds his chest and fell down…. Likes that he passed away without word….. viplav hears that and shouts at him bhai how could he leave me alone like this? Even he did not say final good bye to me…… then viplav at kneels down state and recalls his happiest moment with him that when he sleep at meeting while dadaji throws pen on his face, at last he hugged at office and he recalls that viplav used some hurtful words towards him….. viplav is crying after recollection that…. arnav looks on…. suman aka dhaani enters to the atmosphere…. she look at dadaji like that and tears were falls out from her eyes….. Then she looks at viplav in that state and she can’t see him in pain…. She kneels down with viplav and hugs him….. viplav is crying over on her arms…. Dhaani recalls dadaji last word with her, that he will protect viplav from everything….. She also crying without hope…. At that time arnav gives the impression at dhaani and smirks…. Dhaani look as if his behavior at the place and realized that he was the reason behind dada ji death…. Then she glares at him with fire full eyes….

    After couple of days ……
    At raj residence, viplav don’t want to go back his house because dadaji memories approach him badly…. So he lost his all hope and locked himself inside the room…. In down stares suman aka dhaani asks raj, that viplav had something to eat? Raj says nodes “no”….. Then she goes upstairs with food to feed him…. she slowly opens the door and enters the room, viplav sitting on the floor in dark and he look at down …. Dhaani is switch on the light…. Viplav doesn’t take eyes from down…. Suman aka dhaani were gives the food stuff to him and asks him to have something….. viplav slowly looks at her and says I won’t…. Dhaani is force him little and says have something viplav…. while viplav gets mad and throws the plate away….When dhaani is look at him painfully and says it seems you didn’t like it; I’ll bring some juice for you….. then she goes out tears were rolled around her eyes…. later dhaani brings juice for him…. and placed near to him… again viplav breaks the glass and discharge the juice out…. dhaani is frightened to his act…. But still she is being patient and collects all broken glass piece and clean the place…. Viplav seems everything silently…. After few minutes she again brings juice to him….. and placed near to him , he again break the glass and shouts at her… don’t you hear me, I don’t want anything….. And you said na you have to leave then why still you’re here just go, I don’t want anyone…. I can stay alone just go away…. dhaani hears that and shouts at him “I won’t go viplav” “I can’t go”… I am going to stay next to you…. cry whenever you want to cry…. I will hear you…… tears were fallout from viplav’s eyes after hearing that….. dhaani seems that and hugs him with tearful eyes….. viplav were hugs her tightly and says I am sorry! I am sorry! I am scared because I feel I am the one who left alone in the world, I am scared very much, don’t leave me alone. Suman aka dhaani hears everything and nodes I won’t go viplav….. dhaani made him strong somewhat by her words and love….

    Later at terrace, dhaani is standing alone….. Angel’s head appears next to her and asks are you okay? Dhanni is breath heavily and says I am not okay…. Head asks, what you are planning to do next? Dhaani says dada ji left alone viplav, he is in pain….. I am sure arnav was behind this…. I don’t know what to do…. right now vipla’s life is more in danger….. Head hears everything and asks what you think? who can stop arnav? dhaani looks on…. and asks what? Head again insist try to think who can stop arnav….. dhaani thinks for long time and asks it is viplav…. angel head’s hears that and smiles…. there is no time left over, you should take him (Viplav) in your battle….. or you will loss yourself as well as viplav….. dhaani looks at angel’s head and says I can go any extreme to protect my viplav….. Before I leave his world, I will make his world little better and safe……angel’s head and dhaani looking at each other…. Little hope has shown in dhaani face…

    Next morning in viplav’s room, he is sleeping on the floor…. Dhaani enters his room with dada ji photo…. She places the dadaji photo in his room….. viplav were wakes up slowly and look at suman aka dhaani and her doing…. Then she looks at viplav and asks how much you loved your dada ji…. Viplav is quite shock after that question and asks what…. dhaani aks Suman says no I have little doubt, that you really loved your dada ji or not…. Viplav gets mad and shouts suman!…. she looks at him and asks why you’re getting mad at me? I just thinking like that…. viplav hears that and looks on…. dhaani says if you really loved him means you should respect his wishes and dreams…. Dadaji lived his whole life full and full for you and your happiness… but you did not use it properly. Now after he gone you’re regretting…. If you really loved him then fulfill his desire…. (Dhaani indirectly approach him to go to office and take his responsibility back as before as dada ji wish) viplav is hearing everything and looks on without saying anything…Then dhaani says locking yourself inside the room and skipping the meals…. Those things are not going to get him back but if you live as his wish…. Dada ji will be happy from where he is…. While tears were filled with viplav’s eyes, then dhaani leaves the room… she comes out and tears were rolled around her cheeks… then she says I am sorry viplav for hurting you like this…. you can’t stay like this, you have to live your life….. she said like that and looks on….. Inside viplav is taking his dadaji photo by his hand…. He recalls dadaji words at office (how long you’re going to live like this viplav, don’t you think about your future…. You want to kill me na, and he thinks about their last hug in office) viplav were thinks that he is the one who gave more pain to dada ji, tears were fallout from viplav’s eyes….. Full day passed out…..

    Next morning viplav is makes himself ready with different attires (office clothing), yes he have decided to full fill his dada ji wish…. He ready to go and face everything whatever… viplav comes downstairs dhaani, raj and raj lakshmi seems at him and gives happy signs in their face…. Viplav looks at dhaani aka suman and says now are you happy? Dhaani smiles at him and nodes yes…. Then she says viplav I will go with you everyday to office because she have to protect viplav from arnav na…. Viplav hears that and asks what you are going to do in that place? She replies I just want stay next to you and I am going to watch over you…. viplav hears that and staring at her….. vidhaani were looks at each other for a moment….

    Scene shifted to office, where viplav and suman aka dhaani enters to the officr. everyone wishing him…. in mean time news were approaching to arnav’s ears through his right hand varun…. Arnav’s comes out from cabin and welcomes viplav…. dhaani looks on, then arnav sayd what a pleasant surprise viplav…. and he asks all of sudden why you’re here? Is anything wrong? Viplav looks at him and says why you’re asking me like this bhai, this is my office today or later I would come one day…. And yes place all files I mean last five years before when I worked with whom and current files everything would be in my cabin in ten minutes fast! Fast! …. Viplav said like that and goes to cabin…. Arnav is shocked that he never expects viplav will back…. dhaani seems at his face like that and cross him with full smirks… he seems that and gets irritated…..

    In viplav cabin, he glances out all file…. When first he little confused and after that he starts to work as five years before how he used to work…. His speed and knowledge everything is same as before…. Dhaani is staring at him from sofa inside his cabin… she is really happy to see him like that… viplav looks at her and smiles. At the same time arnav looks at them from outside through glass surroundings, he smirks and plan something in his mind….
    Later viplav gets call from the share holders and they ask him for to join share holders meeting…. Viplav have agreed and he look on like little puzzled…. Yes that is arnav plan, he have planned something to take down viplav from his place….

    Next morning….
    Meeting is happening…. All share holders are there and have serious topic…. Viplav were looks them unhappy… arnav smiles himself and watching over the big drama… Dhaani is standing outside and watching over that…. that one side of peoples is opposed to viplav as CEO…. (They are arnav’s people) and other group of people is supporting to viplav (They are dada ji closed friends, well known about viplav) one of the dadaji friend asks them to why you guys are reverse to viplav, he is talented person with lots of skill in business…. He was the one who empire this big corporation when five years before…. Now what?… one of the arnav’ man says, it’s all five years back and now he is not eligible for CEO… because he lost his memories five years back and he lost himself too…. Viplav hears that and looks on without hope….. dhaanii watching over him, she is not sure about what happening here…. That man is questioning against viplav…. he says even viplav can’t remember his bank account and important pass code of our business… how can he manage everything without his memories…. Then that man look at viplav and asks do you remember me… you are signed lot of contract with me, try to remember me or try to say about your personal pass code of our company account…. Like that he asks so many questions to viplav…. viplav is trying to remember something, but he can’t final result his head starts to hurt…. as well as viplav gets mad and shouts stop it ….. Everyone looks on…. arnav were seems that and smirks…. Dhaani seems that and enters to the room…. Viplav holds his head and tries to get up from the place…. But he feels too much pain in his head so he about to fall down…. Dhaani aka suman holds him before he fell down…. while arnav’s man asks everyone to see viplav, that he is mentally sick how he can run this big company…. He is sick… he persistently insists that word…. he is sick…. Suman aka dhaani hears that gets mad…. she looks at his coffee cup and making that falls down from table by using her eye power and that coffee drenched his (arnav’s man) lap….. that man feels the hotness of coffee and shout ahaa! ahaa! It’s hot! Hot! Everyone looks on… in mean time dhaani escort viplav from there…. arnav seems that and understands it’s dhaani one who did that, then he smirks…..

    Later at raj residence, viplav lies on his bed…. One voice comes in his mind that he is a sick person! He is a sick person yes earlier arnav’s man said that na….. Viplav slowly wakes up, those words starts seize his Peace…. he lost his all patient and hope…. His unknown past is killing his ordinary life too….. He can’t remember his own past…. It’s made him angry he can’t face his future because of his past…. All things are made him like a crazy person…. he starts to break everything …. Photos, glass, flower pots everything whatever has in eye sight and shouts like a crazy man….. Dhaani and raj hears that rushes to his rooms…. But viplav locks the door and starts to hurt himself….. Dhaani and raj shouts to open the door…. Dhaani aka suman shouts to open the door viplav…. But no response from viplav, he keep hurting himself by breaking things… Inside viplav walk all over the room and break everything while all glass pieces on the floor were starts to hurt on his foot…. And he getting hurt himself and starts to bleeding….. Dhaani can only hears his voice and breaking sounds…. She gets scared and tears were rolled around her cheeks…. dhaani shouts with teary eyes viplav you can’t be like this! You can’t be like this! you can’t give up your life just like that….. You have to go on….. You have to live your life. she said like that and sits on the floor (outside). Then she says viplav for me! You have to live your life…. You would live your life happily for my sake viplav please viplav!….. Dhaani said like that and cries…. Viplav were hearing her words and stopped the breaking…. After heard her tearful words, viplav is just stunned and remains silent….. His foot and hands all bleeding…… Blood dropping off from his hand and falls on the floor….. Outside dhaani cries out…… Scene freezes like that…..

    Actually I don’t know where I should add this scene so I added this scene in epilogue…. Just short one. After that cliff incident Viplav was hanged on rock while he was rescued by someone and admitted to hospital and dhaani dead body was took out from other side of lake and identified by police…. Then they hand overed the body to her orphanage….. After two months viplav woke up from his vegetative state…. With different man by lost his memories…. So Arnav spare his life for past five years but dadaji were keep adamant about CEO post is viplav’s one….. So it provoked arnav again to kill Viplav… so he tried so many times to kill…. OK
    And some friends have doubt why raj doesn’t aware of dhaani? Yes why? it will be tell by viplav’s own mouth in future episode…. And vidhaani loves only known by two peoples Arnav and Ananya…. Otherwise Viplav dadaji and raj are don’t know about dhaani… if vidhaani love have little long may raj has come to know but it ended soon …. So he doesn’t aware of that OK…..

    what wishes dhaani had? If she fulfilled her wishes, is dhaani will disappear from viplav side? And Arnav is moving faster than dhaani assumption. What Arnav’s next move… Can dhaani able to save viplav from Arnav? can viplav able to remember his Dhaani? If we want to know that, we have to wait for little long…. I mentioned four episode na I am sorry now two episodes are left…. So keep reading and share your precious comments….??

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    Credit to: Sri

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  1. Angel20

    I just wanna ask you something why are you in a hurry to end this?? I will comment about the episode once I read! So wait till tomorrow!

    1. Some personal works are approaching me badly….. That’s why I am rushing…. Otherwise nothing much dear…. So two more episodes keep reading and share your views OK…….??

  2. Nice episode…

    1. Thank you Nikki…..two more episodes so keep reading and share your precious comment OK…….??

  3. Renuverma

    Sri dear . Uts adorable. First of all its not at all boring n rather so interesting thatvi had krpt mulk on the gas gor boiling n engrossed in reading forgot sbout it until i smelt the milk burning which had ozed out.?????


    LOVE U.☺?

    1. Thank you renu today your comment made my day….. I am really happy that you loved it…. and yes more emotional things still in this story. I’ll try my best to give a proper end…. And Ananya will back in story….. Well two more episodes are left keep reading my dear…. And I am sure you made coffee with that burned milk na ?? thank you renu for your loving….? but you should more careful in your kitchen…. Its my sincer and caring words?

  4. Renuverma

    Hi sri thks for concern. Dear i have been cooking for many years now since 1996. But small incidents do happen when u r thinking some thing else as kitchen is multitasking. But today i wloved story so much that forgot every thing else ☺

    1. So you have good experience in cooking like my mom……so I take back that words…..?? yes kitchen work is multitasking…. I am daily wondering my mom…. How she can manage everything…. But today my story made you like that na….. ?…. ? thank u renu Dr….?

  5. Ncz Epi….i Had Some Prb In My Ph So Only i Coudnt Comment Earlier….jst Two Epi More Too sad….

    1. Thank you riya…. You always welcome my dear yes two more episodes are left….. I hope you would love it….. Keep reading….??

  6. Sujie

    Sri….. It’s not a torture dear…it’s our luck that we gotta read such a beautiful story and Imagine every bit of it…. You know what I feel that the fan fictions are far better than the way IKRS is moving on ……wish to see more lovely stories from you dear …
    Love you kaviya dear for this???

    1. Thank you sujie dear…. For your loving keep loving like this….. Two more episodes are left …. Keep reading…. ??….. Once again thank you for your loving….??

  7. Angel20

    This was not at all boring OK? Don’t dare call it boring! It was as usual awessssome!! Dhaani worried for Viplav Awwww so cute!?? OK I can understand there must be some reason, I will not wait for your ff for a long time OK? You have to post it as soon as possible jaldi plssss??

    1. Thank maria…. Yes its not at all boring okay…. I never used again OK dear?…. Yes some reasons are there…. And yes I will update as soon as possible?….. OK…. Thank you for your loving dear…. Keep loving…..??

  8. Sorry Kavya dear? I had read this episode at night but was feeling so tired that’s why didn’t comment..
    First of all ur episodes are not at all boring so don’t call them torturing dear?.. we love ur writing but we are sad because ur ff will end soon but no worries come up with a new story soon as u are an amazing writer??
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    1. Thank you maha again long and lovely comment….. I can see my story through your comment after once I post my story I never glance that it was correct or not….. But I could see yours and shruthy comments then I feel yes I did a good job…. Because when I wrote those scenes I feel the scenes and write….. Those feel was feeling by you too when you read and comment about my story….. So I love it….. Keep reading my dear….??

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      2. Don’t say maha ” that try to write small” I love your long comment…. That’s what I am saying….. I just love it… So please keep commenting like that OK….?? I can feel your comment… ???

    2. Ok madam jee <3

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    1. Thank you aiswariya….. Yes Arnav is too cruel…. He killed Dhaani and dadaji….. Now thirsting for viplav life…. Let’s see how it will end…. And thank you for reading… Keep reading…. ??

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      4. Ha ha ha?…. Then replaced my story as your English novel OK…. And read daily…. Only for you….?? then you are doing your school ena….??

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    1. Thank you latha I am glad you liked it…. Keep loving….. Yes I will post as soon as possible….. OK….??

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    It was just FANTABULOUS. I just loved it so much… So emotional! Poor Dadaji died 🙁 But at the same time, thanks to him, Dhaani stayed with Viplav. But now, I am scared of what Arnav will do to both ViDha.

    I am lazy for a long comment today. Ithodeye manage pannu mah xD eppadiyum, indaiyan episode irukkula?

    1. Thank you shruthy you always welcome…. Its okay it’s long or short your comment came so I am happy….. Yes two more episodes are remaining my Dr…. Yes idhey vatcha inaiku manage panikuran…. OK…. And final episode I expect full page comment….? OK How is it?? Just for fun yar….? No matter your comment short or long… You well enjoyed story na that’s enough for me ….. ??And where is your ff?

      1. Shruthy

        Hayyye you replied. Matlab your episode might come soon 😀
        Aww you’re so sweet kanna! :* that’s so sad :'(
        aama aama xD kandippaa! chellathuku, last episode comment’ku oru novel’ae eluthi kudukkuren, ok’va? :*
        I really enjoyed it so much to the core, really. <3
        Mine? … ESCAAAAAAAPE. No just kidding. I have to write more to post actually. And I am quite without porper inspiration, i take some time 😀 But will try to post it soon 🙂

      2. He he he I am waiting for your novel like comment…. ?And no my dear I am going to post next part tommorow only…. And yes I am waiting for your ff… I am big fan of your narration….??

      3. Shruthy

        Hahaa don’t expect so much! Yaarukku theriyum, enna nadakumo?
        oh! acha ok… Oh really? well happy to know that. thank you so much chellam

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    1. Thank you meghs… Why not you commented on my princess and my girl is a liar…. I am still remembering you…. You commented few times…. I am glad to know that you’re following my story…. And yes definitely I try to publish…. ??
      And my secrets are nothing yar I used to watch lot of Korean dramas… If you watch Korean and Taiwan dramas you can get lot of ideas…. Its all different story …. And when I write about the story I think about the plot first and made it as what I like… And it was liked by all too… And your ff also too good all the best my dear…..?

      1. Meghs

        Sry sri atthat time i am too busy with exams n all… but i done comments when i get chance so it only 1 or 2 comments i think.

        Korean drama now should i definitely watch… let me try ur technique

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  14. Yes joyee I inspired by two dramas…. High school love on and 49 days…. Both story is based on angel concept…. But my story is totally different from them…. I made my angel story with unique from them…. And thank you my dear for your appreciation…. ??

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    as always i said that you are such a great writer? as usual episode was superb we r not boring we loved to read your long long n long episode??

    1. Thank you nima… You always welcome… I am happy that you loved these long long episode….??

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