Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 15


Today I joined two episode and made it long…. I planned to end this fan fiction in five days…. So upcoming episodes are quite long with two episode…. I hope you guys are like it…. Let’s go to the story…. OK?? vidhaani past will continued…☺

The episode starts with dhaani and ananya roaming around with their friends, that time that same monk crossed over them…. Dhaani seems that and follows him… she calls him, excuse me…. monk turns back …. Dhaani asks do you remember me? He signs yes of course I remember you…. Dhaani asks yesterday you talked about my fated love na? if I don’t avoid my fate then what will happen? That monk looks at her and says slowly one of you may end up dying….dhaani hears that and shattered….. ????

she asks what? one of us might die… who will? Me or him? Monk says only heavens can determine the life and death of human beings…. This is all I can tell you…. dhaani looks on miserable…. That time monk looks at her necklace (angel symbol) it glows brightly….. again he found some fortune and feels something about her destiny…. After he asks oh this necklace was the one which have power to get away off devil powers…. Dhaani signs yes and look at him…. monk looks at her and says (inner voice) your destiny was already written, there is no way to avoid this fated love… oh god what should I do for this child you should protect her from everything….. Then he goes without saying anything….. dhaani asks herself one of us may die? she lost her mind about this and turns back….. where as all girls are surrounding with viplav and seriously chat with him….he looks with very joyful and smile full face…… dhaani is staring at him sadly…. ????
Everyone back to camping site….. Girls are start to prepare dinner for them. At the same time our viplav is hungry to death but nothing much he prepare for dinner….. arnav goes to bed earlier…. viplav is roaming around girls place….. Where dhaani and ananya were preparing dinner for every one….. he goes to them and asks can I get something to eat….. ananya replies “no” we have enough stuff for us, no extra food so go down to village and get some food from shop and have full your stomach?….. viplav hears that and smiles at her then he says go to hell….. ?

after he looks at dhaani and signs that he is hungry to death…… and do something for him. dhaani seems that and smiles herself…. after that he goes and sit in front of his tent. They finished their cooking and serves to their girls, all were sitting around in center they set camp fire…… viplav looks at everything from his place, dhaani seems at him and feeling bad for him…. She gives her food to ananya and asks her to give to him… ananya says if you want you should go and give yourself….. dhaani can’t force her, so she goes alone and hesitantly gives the food to him (viplav)…. and says have it. viplav looks at her and asks its really for me….. Then what about you? She says I already done dinner…. Viplav smiles and says hey don’t lie to me…. I am watching you full day and you don’t have anything…..

dhanni looks on…. Viplav is pull her hands and says let’s share it…. dhaaani says no eat your full appetite…. And goes to her place and sits with her friends. As behind her viplav goes to them and asks can I sit with u guys? All girls are like him lot na so they shouts yes….. but he likes only our dhaani. viplav thanks to them and sits in-between dhaani and ananya….. dhaani looks on and move aside, then he also move with her side again… she moves again viplav follow the same way…. finally dhaani is glare at him, he smiles and says no space to move after that….. After viplav compels dhaani to share the food, but ananya gives her food and asks dhaani to have it….. viplav looks at annaya and murmuring himself ugly duck…. Ananya can’t get it so she asks what? viplav says no nothing! eat lot.… then he looks at dhaani and smiles, ananya seems that and says you’re drooling?…. Viplav smiles (he he he)? at her and says thank u for remembering that…? dhaani seems everything and smiles… viplav is mesmerizing by her smile and beauty?….. ?

Later everyone goes to bed, in middle of night viplav thinks about dhaani and lost his sleep that compels him to want to see her again….. He slowly comes out from his tent and goes to dhaani’s place…. He gets in slowly, two girls dhaani and ananya are sleeping together by covering their face… first he take blanket and see ananya face and his expression….. ?oh god ugly duck…. then he goes next to her and takes blanket away and looks at dhaani….. Then he says wow my sleeping beauty is here and viplav keep stay at next to her, he about to touch her nose…. that time dhaani awakes from sleep and about to shouts….. viplav closed her mouth and falls over on her…. and he whispered don’t shout it’s me viplav….. both were sharing their eye lock.?? Then viplav says when I take my hand you can’t shouts Mmmm… Dhaani signs “yes”. viplav says thank u and takes his hand away…. Viplav smiles at her and leaves…. Dhaani is stunned and looks on….. all of sudden ananya voice came here, she says I think he is going mad on you dhaani but Ananya doesn’t open her eyes (she saw everything silently)… that was double shock to dhaani, she goes into her blanket again silently….

Next day viplav wakes up from bed and comes out….. he looks around but there is no one and ground seems empty… some new peoples are come and prepare their tent for them…. Viplav goes to them and asks about college students…. They say that they leaved early morning….viplav hears that and gets shocked…. He runs to edge of the mountain and looks for them….. nothing can’t see…. Viplav looks miserable that because he missed dhaani….
After few days…..
Scene is shifting to Mumbai in meeting hall, Arnav present the presentation….. our viplav sitting in CEO chair and lost his mind dhaani meomories, how they met first time at mountain and tent incident everything…. Arnav finished his presentation…. After that viplav also execute his plan in the meeting….. everyone appreciate and finalized his plan…. Arnav gets irked because his plan rejected…. Finally meeting get over.

Later viplav sits in his cabin and think about which college were dhaani is going…..that time arnav enters to the room and asks what you are thinking.? Viplav says nothing bhai…. Then arnav shows his camera and asks thinking about this girl….. and shows dhaani pictures to Viplav…. viplav seems her face in photo and gets happy and says wow bro you’re great….. When did you click it…. its amazing get print it for me …. Arnav signs yes and asks did you find anything about her? viplav signs no I only know her name dhaani…. arnav smiles and asks how did you found that? viplav says that ugly duck ?(ananya) na, (he imitate like her) “dhaani don’t go”, “dhaani let’s play” like that she always torture her?…. arnav hears that and smiles….. That time phone rings, viplav picks it… in phone dadaji asks him to attend for his business partner daughter marriage…. Viplav says I am not interested dadaji go solo don’t ask me to go…. but dadaji insists him to go…. viplav is hopeless so finally he agrees…

In marriage function, viplav is come there and sits alone and says what kind of marriage is this? no one here to welcome me…. he starts to play on his mobile one girl comes there and supplies soft drinks to everyone, she goes to viplav and asks him to take drink…. He didn’t see her face and takes drink from the plate…. That girls seems at his face and shocked…. She turns away… (yes thats our dhaani….) viplav seems that and calls excuse me! My drink is without cool… but she doesn’t reply and about to leave. All of sudden one voice is coming here yes that’s our anannya, she calls dhaani! what are you doing here? And she seems at viplav, he is sitting behind her (dhaani)….. viplav seems her and smiles, he asks hey ugly duck thum? Dhaani glares at ananya and says you ruined it all …. Ananya says how could I know he is here? Viplav goes front to them and looks at dhaani face and gets happy…. Then he smiles at her and says finally I found you…. dhaani doesn’t say anything and stares at him…. then she leaves… viplav smiles and about to follow her…? ananya calls him and asks hello where are you going? Viplav is stopped and thinks (inner voice) first I should cut this unwanted line. He turns back and says don’t follow us you ugly duck…. Ananya hears that and asks what? viplav smiles and says excuse me….

viplav starts to follows dhaani while he asks about her college name and where she has staying… but dhaani have been tight lipped and says we are not much close to share our personal details so stop keep following me and go sits somewhere quietly … viplav hears that and asks what? And looks on… dhaani leaves the place, viplav realized that she is not going to say anything and thinks what should I do? When ananya get closer to him and laughed loudly…. Viplav seems that and again realized only hope for his love is ananya, then he smiles at her oh you look like a little princess…. Ananya asks oh is it? Then where that ugly duck was gone?…. viplav smiles at her and says naughty when did I say that…. ananya smiles and says I know why you are talking like this, if you want to know about dhaani then you should promise me…. viplav hears that and asks promise? What promise? Ananya says you should give what I ask…. Viplav asks what you’re going to ask me? Ananaya hears that and says you don’t want then okay no problem to me, she said like that and about to leave…. when viplav were stopped her and gives promise to her, then he says I’ll give as your wish… happy? Ananya smiles and says okay and tell about dhaani…..

That dhaani is an orphan; she lost her parents when she was 3…. Viplav hears that and stunned. then ananya says dhaani was grown up in one orphanage, her studies and everything about her have been taking care of by that same orphanage only…. Now she staying at college hostel with me, room number 502…. Saturday, Sunday part time job at pizza shop, She is athlete, loving, caring and affectionate girl, want to be alone with music…. Looking calm but it’s not her nature…. Most important think she is waiting for her soul mate… viplav smiles and asks that’s me na?… ananya smiles and says that’s what she and heaven determine…. Viplav hears that looks on… then he thanks her and asks what you want? Tell me I will try my best…. ananya smiles and says give some happiness in my dhaani life, which is my only wish to you as her friend…. Viplav hears that and smiles… Then he says I thought you’re a ugly duck but you’re an good hearted ugly duck…. She hears that and glares at him, viplav smiles and says I am full guaranty for your friend happiness okay… ananya smiles at him….?
Later marriage is happening…… everyone shower flowers to bride and groom. All eyes on marriage couple… but our viplav eyes are fully on dhaani’s only….he stand next to her and shower flowers over her and smiles at her…. both were staring at each other…. Scene freeze…????
Whenever Viplav follows Dhaani this song is playing in my mind…. Tamil song….
“Adiye Azhage En Azhage Adiye
Pesaama Nooru Noora Kooru Podatha
Valiye Valiye En Oliye Oliye
Naa Onnum Boodhamilla Dhooram Odaatha
Kaathoram Ne Ericha Vaartha Vanthu Keeruthe
Aanalum Ne Thelicha Kaadhal Ulla Ooruthe
Vaayaadi Peyaa En Thookkam Thooki Poara” ??

Oh god episode is two long na…. I hope you all loving…. Let’s continue ….?
Later night, viplav and dhaani are laying on their bed at their respective place and lost sleep….????? Viplav says tomorrow is Saturday…. Dhaani little wait for me okay…. Dhaani feels something in her place and looks on….
Next morning dhaani is working her part time job at pizza shop…. Now one order take place in that shop and dhaani is recommend for delivery to the customer…. Guys, who is that customer? I know you all found out yes it’s our viplav, he placed the order by different name…. shop manager insists dhaani name and send her to deliver the pizza to viplav office but dhaani doesn’t aware of this…. she rushes to his office

Finally she arrived and asks about him outside, they show way to his cabin …. Dhaani enters to the room…. And looks at viplv she is under shocked and asks thum? Viplav looks at her and says wow it’s really speed delivery…. I appreciate your hard work dhaani. dhaani looks on and asks why do you keep lingering around me? viplav smiles and says you’re the one lingering around me…. dhaani asks what? viplav yes you’re the one who came to my office…. Dhaani hear that oh god I am going crazy because of this immature man. Viplav asks what? dhaani says enjoy your pizza sir, before that please pay for that…. viplav smiles and says wait I have to taste na how it is… then only I can give review about your shop so serve me quickly… dhaani says Mr. viplav we do only delivering service, I am not her to serve you… viplav hears that and says oh what do I do? I am going to order daily to your shop but delivery service is this unfriendly…. I should inform you about your shop may they would fire you, be prepare for that and he is about to call…. dhaani holds his hands and says “no”, I will….. viplav smiles at her and says that’s good…. Go ahead. Dhaani serves him…. viplav keep staring her when she serving…. ? Dhaani looks at him and asks what? Do you want me to feed you…. viplav says its good idea; I will try next time… dhaani glares at him…. viplav starts to eat, while he gets chocked..… He gets cough and about to throw up. Dhaani seems that and asks what’s wrong…she gives water to him by her hand and rubs his back… viplav feels better, dhaani asks are you okay?…. viplav smiles at her and says until being with your side I am okay…. dhaani hears that looks at him, they are staring at each other….? Dhaani asks him to pay, viplav gives money to her….. Then dhaani leaves….

Viplav seems her leaving and smiles himself….
After that dhaani get in the lift and think about viplav words…. when arnav enters to the lift and seems her…. he found out that is dhaani. Arnav asks her do you remember me…. dhaani looks at him and asks what? He introduce himself as viplav brother arnav… she hears that and says oh I do remember you, glad to meet you again… arnav asks were you here to see viplav. dhaani replies no I just came here to deliver the order….. Then lift is reached the ground floor, Dhaani leaves…. Arnav thinks viplav losing his mind behind this girl; this is correct time to execute my plan….
Next day sunday na viplav again ordered pizza but place is changed…. Yes at park full of meadow, viplav is waiting here for his dhaani…. dhaani comes in while she enters, she asks don’t you have anyone at your home to cook for you? Why you keep ordering at my shop? viplav signs “yes” will you do it for me daily? Dhaani hears that abd asks what? viplav looks at her and says after seeing you I feel something inside, like that did you feel anything to me….. dhaani looks at him and asks what?…..viplav looking forward to her answer, both were staring at each other…. Then dhaani shows her hand and says pay me first… viplav hears that and says oh god what I am going to do with girl….. Then dhaani says don’t order at my place…. Viplav hears that and says If you come whenever I call you…. then I won’t order, what do you say?…. dhaani hears that and glares at him and leaves…. Viplav smiles himself and says it’s get time to be a friend….

Next morning ananya and dhaani are goes to mall and have some fun, where viplav comes and looks at them and says wow what a coincidence, we are meeting again and again, it must be fated…. Ananya thinks it’s not fated you idiot, it’s our plan….. then she is smile at him. dhaani whispers ananya’s ears why he is here? Ananya asks why you asking this to me? Do you think I am informed him that you are here? Dhaani hears that and asks what? and says “no”. ananya says viplav is here, is his own will; we can’t do anything about that okay. Dhaani hears that and move somewhere, viplav about to follow her… when ananya holds him and asks how long you’re planning to run behind her… did you say anything to her? viplav asks what should I say? Ananya hears that and looks at him hopeless…. She asks do you have say that I like you dhaani or I love you dhaani like that…. viplav says “no”. ananya asks then how she supposed to know about your feeling? You should say that first….. viplav you are correct I should say that first…. after viplav says I am going to confirm my feeling towards her…. and he about to go…. Ananya again stopped him and says do you gonna say that now? Viplav says “yes”. Annaya hears that and says no, in love timing is most important…. if something went wrong, girls can slap in front of public… viplav hears that asks what? If I said that can she slap me? ananya says there is possible…. So wait for good time and tomorrow she have match… viplav hears that and asks what match? Ananya says international competition if she wins, that would be a great time for you…. so meet tomorrow at college… viplav hears that and signs yes, he says its great idea and I will be there on time…. ? ananya smiles at him and says okay then she goes to dhaani…..

While inside one shop, dhaani is looking sports shoe to her for tomorrow competition….. She likes one branded pair shoe and thinks it would be perfect for her and looks at price tag to buy that….. But she is shocked after see that because it’s really high price, she looks at her purse and there is not enough money to buy that…. she is staring at shoe and looks on hopeless…. Viplav seems that through shop mirror….. ananya get closer to dhaani and asks do you want that? dhaani signs “no” and says I just looking…. Then she placed the shoe as back and asks ananya to let’s go….. viplav seems her leaving and goes to that shop… He buys the same pair shoe for her….. Then he staring at shoe and says you are blessed because she likes you na and smiles himself…..??
Later night, viplav comes to hostel where dhaani is staying…. he comes and standing outside, actually its late night…. Inside hostel all girls are sleeping…. All of sudden dhaani mobile rings…. She wakes up from sleep and picks the phone, in phone viplav says it’s me viplav dhaani…. dhaani hears that and shocked, she asks why you have called me at late night…. Viplav says listen me dhaani now I am standing outside of your hostel, so come out quickly… dhaani is shocked and asks what? Standing outside? Are you crazy? I can’t go out; it’s against to hostel rule…. So she asks him to leave…. viplav says then okay I don’t have any rules so I can come in, wait for me ok….dhaani hears that no! no! that’s more dangerous I will come…. Viplav hears that and end up the call with smile….
Dhaani using the hostel wall to climb and came out…. viplav seems that and says wow you are so fast; I think you used this way before na?…. Dhaani glares at him and asks what the matter is? Viplav gives the shoe with box…. Dhaani don’t know about that na so she asks what it is this? viplav replies this is gift for you from my side for tomorrow match…. Dhaani asks match? who said that to you? viplav smiles at her, she realized it was ananya…. And says this girl is going crazy…. Viplav asks her to accept the gift…… Dhaani says no I don’t want…. Viplav hears that and says it seem like, you want spent the night like this with me na? dhaani replies fast “no” and grabs the box from him…. she thanks him and about to go in all of sudden its start to rain….. dhaani stopped in middle and covers her head, viplav seems that, and rushes to her….. He takes her back to the safe place….
Now both were standing under the tree….. dhaani says thanks to you because of you I am gonna drenched…. That time viplav takes his jacket and covers her head….. dhaani seems that and asks what are you doing? Viplav says if you wet, you may catch cold so you can’t wet…. dhaani hears that and staring at him…. She lost her mind…..? viplav keep covering her head by his jacket and try to fix it in her chin….. While viplav looks at her, she looks soo beautiful…. both were staring at each other……?? at that moment all of sudden viplav pulls dhaani as he and kisses her ?, tears are filled with dhaani’s eyes. Thunder and lightning is passing through a cloud….. scene is freezes for a moment…..
Viplav did not asks for permission to kiss, it was happened just like that…. after that viplav breaks the kiss and realized what he was done, he looks at dhaani and expects slap or something ? but it’s not happening…. dhaani is just stunned, no words from her….. (because she too loves him as much as he do) Silent is remaining in that place. Viplav is filling the gap by his sweet proposal, he looks at dhaani and says dhaani! I like you lot…… I love you dhaani….. I love you very much. Dhaani hears that but she is still under shock and stunned…. Scene freezes….. ?????
Ishq Ishq……

Ishq Ishq…….
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays….??
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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views….. ?? five more episodes are remaining ?….

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Angel20

    Omg wow such a cute episode?? Viplav following her everywhere?? just loved this one! He pulling her closer and kissing her was awwww??❤
    I loved each and every scene of it!!
    Thank you so much for this treat
    Love you❤

  2. Angel20

    Omg wow such a cute episode?? Viplav following her everywhere?? just loved this one! He pulling her closer and kissing her was awwww??❤
    I loved each and every scene of it!!
    Thank you so much for this treat
    Love you❤❤

    1. Thank you maria keep reading….. I hope you enjoyed well….??

  3. Wow cute epi… loved it…viplav s soon crazy…and u ended it in suspense…. waiting for next episode….hope s accept his proposal….

    1. Thank you riya….. Keep reading ….5 more episodes are left….??

      1. Only 5 epi?????y r u trying to end it soon???……

      2. Yes riya it have only five episodes remaining…. After vidhaani past story almost story has come to end my dear…. So I decided to post two episodes at one post so it will end soon….. So my dear keep reading I hope you would enjoy remaining part….??

  4. Wow !! Beautiful kavya?? the way viplav was following her every where was lovely?.. vidhani first kiss woh bhe without permission???.. I loved it .. Thanks for this looong episode.. big big hugs for this?.. finally viplav proposes her✌now waiting for the upcoming episodes eagerly.. keep going?

    1. Thank you maha…. I hope you loved it….keep reading….?☺

      1. Don’t know how these question mark appeared .. I had used emotions in place of it..
        Anyways Yeah I loved it dear .. keep going and I will keep reading?

      2. Yes maha I too noticed that…. Above my update also have to many question Mark….. I think it because of tu server problem…..

  5. wow akka really awesome episode ……loved it soooo much.the way viplav proposed her was mind blowing .thanks for the long episode. akka i’m very sad that you are going to end the episode in 5 episodes. i was shocked to see the line ” only 5 more episodes are remaining” .i”m going to miss u badly. Akka try to write novals after this ff , you have a potential in writing

    1. Yes aiswariya me too going to miss you bad….?? And yes I will try to write novels too as your wish…. 5 more episodes are left keep reading my dear…..? thank you very much for your support…..?

  6. Sri ita superb. Twice i had written long posts in appreciation but they got deleted n infact not saved also
    So mow o can say u r the best.?

    1. Thank you renu….. Two days I am struggled with this tu to post comments I hope it will get post without problem…..

  7. Shruthy

    WOW! I’m in admiration mode girl. ❤️ I already get super happy when you post, and when the episodes get to be a double dose, I get even happier. And so, I was so happy reading. ?
    Chalo! Let’s move to the episode critics.
    Overall, I just love that old Viplav. The way he keeps following her and she gets quite disturbed as she also fell for him but still shows some “attitude” ? No just kidding. I know she just avoids him, but fate and her love make her stick to him all the time. I just loved the way Viplav smiled when he saw her again in the marriage function. I was so able to imagine him like that, with that naughty but cute expression, but also Dhaani’s disturbed feeling. ? And then the scene where Ananya tells about Dhaani to Viplav, I could so imagine both alone with Ananya talking seriously and asking him to bring happiness in her life, and then Viplav brings some fun calling her “good hearted ugly duck” and she glares at him. That was quite funnt and cute. I am happy both got together in planning on how to make Dhaani fall. ☺️ Cant wait for that moment btw when she will confess also. Or may be, she might die before ? that would bring more intensity in the fact Dhaani really meant to him but unfortunately they couldnt get together…
    Alright I know it’s your story but enna panna? Imagination is getting into my mind. ?? anyways…
    I also loved the way Viplav kept orderinf pizzas just to meet her and she gets irked of him because of that ? Naughty Viplav! He troubles our Dhaani chellam a lot, illa ? ?? And then he gifts her a pair of runners for her competition, how sweet! When he comes late night at the girls’ hostel just to guve her his present and then the way his blackmail makes her take the gift ? He’s a smart lover boy ! He knows what could make her agree. And then when they ran away from rain to get shelter under the tree. Dhaani scolding Viplav for having made her drenched but he softly covers her with his jacket. Athu eppadi than therila, correct’ana nerathula intha jacket enge irunthu varuthu? ?? he is the cupid of the day man. Paaah! The way he held her and got her closer to him and then…. KISS! Btw lip kiss or cheek wala ? I just got doubt reading. You know imagine panna easi’ya irukkum’la doubt clear aachu’na? ? Karthave, intha abala pennai mannithukkol. I am really tired at this time of the day. Tiring days are making me talk rubbish.
    Anyways! I jusy hope yu post the next one tomorrow (July 16th) because you already missed to post yesterday. Athu varaiyil tata byebye. This is Shruthy signing off
    PS : what is the song you used today?

    1. Latha

      Hai shruthy kutty tukkam kalakathula edhe edheto kekka tonutha. Enna unga ff post pandrathe illai.

      1. Shruthy

        Oh yes! Tukkathula nan rombave olaruven ???
        Quite bust nowadays mah! Eluthave time kidaikkurathilla. Will be free by tonight so let’s hope for soon 🙂

    2. Thank you shruthy… I couldn’t reply because of this tu server problem… I hope you loved the episode whatever lip are cheek which one is better you can fix in your choice……?? ithu eppadi irruku ha ha ha ha??.. Jokes apart thanks again for long comment …keep reading…..??

  8. Porkodi

    Kaviya such a cute and beautiful episode…. why are you trying to end soon yaar? No kaviya. Pls… I thoroughly enjoyed from start to end… ur creativeness is keep on increasing day by day…..I m very happy to have u as a sister… want to see u.. but u r not at all uploading ur picture in fb..

    1. Thank you akka….. Me too happy and blessed to have a sister like you….. Yes I want to upload my photos but i have no permission to upload … well known about south Indian Tamil people and family na….. They are tuned that way may after I get married they allow me to upload….. One day I will…. Otherwise I will send you to personal…..ok??…. ?

  9. Latha

    Omg superb and fantabalous one Kaviya??????. No words to say u r such a good writer dear????. Viplav following dhani everywhere and dhani also disturbed ????. I loved soooo much that good hearted lovely duck character❤❤❤❤❤❤ viplav coming to the hostel and the way he makes dhani to take the gift so cute. Coming to the rain scene ran away under the tree for shelter, dhani drenched and our hero cover his jacket softly and kissed dhani without her permission and finally proposes his love lovely Kaviya??????? thank you soooooo much for giving lovely and long episode????. Superb superb superb Keep writing my girl love u so much?????????????????????❤❤❤❤waiting for next one????

    1. Thank you latha…. I hope you enjoyed well…. I am glad you likeed ananya (ugly duck ) character…. I too liked her… Thank you very much for your appreciation…… Keep reading…..??

  10. I enjoyed too much… Very nice episode…

    1. Thank you Nikki….. Keep reading 5 more episodes are left…. So don’t miss it….??

  11. Nima

    awww kaviya dear u r a such nice writer, really this is awesome episode I loved it n enjoyed a lot, finally Viplav proposed his love to dhani 🙂

    1. Thank you nima… I am happy that you loved it…. 5 more episodes are remaining…. Keep reading…..??

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow finally love confession happened

    1. Yes it’s happened joyee…. I hope you loved his confession?…. Thank you.., keep reading….??

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