Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 14


Today episode I introduce two new characters
Ananya – dhaani’s good friend…. so tallky and naughty like as Viplav… and main bridge for vidhaani’s love…?
Monk – he is monk who can tell human fortune. ?
Today onwards we are going to see vidhaani past love…. It will end soon and very short love story… I try my best to show their lovely and cutest moment…. I hope you all like it??…
The episode starts with, suman goes and picks that necklace by her hand it glows brightly …… suman feels slam force to her and closed her eyes…… some scenes were starts to run inside of her…… Someone (girl voice calling) calls dhaani! dhaani! that words are hearing by present suman…. One girl standing alone and looks at mountain View and wonders herself wow it looks beautiful….. those scenes are seeing by present suman aka dhaani…..yes suman is seeing her previous life as well as viplav fast….
All of sudden, angel’s’ head is shown into the frame….. She looks at the climate and describes us the crazy moment was started….

5 years before…..
Again we focus that girl in mountain…. Her hair feels the air flow, slowly we focus at her face bit by bit…. That girl hears that someone voice dhaani!dhaani! and turns back finally she shows her face to us and give a bright smile in her face …. Yes it’s our dhaani ….. some beautiful music is playing ….. ?????

Dhaani turns back and asks why you are screaming like that? My ears are still working….. and that someone is dhaani’s friend ananya…… she tells ok princess I am sorry for disturbing you…. but one interesting matter is waiting for you so let’s go…. dhaani asks what’s the matter? And where were you asking me to go….. ananya says in village one monk is sitting under the tree and all peoples were asking their fortune…. Let’s check out yours too…. Dhaani hears that and says I am not interested…. Ananya says but I am interested…. Then she drags dhaani there, where the monk seated….
The under tree monk has been seated…. Ananya and dhaani comes here…. Ananya says to him (monk) this is my dhaani we want to know about her fortune…. That our friends all are having boyfriend, even me too but my friend dhaani don’t have anyone…. She is waiting for her soul mate…. If there is someone like that or she will live alone like this… please check out that she asks like that and shows dhaani hands to him….. dhaani is keep staring at her (ananya) and signs what? Ananya seems that and smiles at her…. Then that monk have good humor sense….? He hears that and smiles after says even an old shoe has a matching pair, why would a human being be matchless?… then he looks at dhaani face and says you have a clean and innocent soul… ananya hears that and says wow you’re too good tell more about her…. monk smiles and says “yes”…. He take a look on dhaani’s hand and shattered for a moment… ananya notices that and asks what really she would going to live alone… dhaani looks at her and signs to close her mouth first… Monk says “no” you’ll soon meet your match… after hear that dhaani gets excited and asks is it? how he looks like? Monk says with miserable face if you can, then you should avoid this fate…. Dhaani and ananya hears that and asks what? when ananya asks you said it’s fated na… then it’s decided by heaven na…. if she can avoid the fate mean then how can that be her destined match? Monk hears that and again insists dhaani to avoid that person and says if you meet him that may it be unavoidable but you can choose your destiny, even if you’re destined, if you don’t choose that path; so then your fate can change…. Dhaani hears that and looks on…. ananya hears that and says dhaani I think we got wrong person…. And asks dhaani to move, then they about to leave…. that monk again warns dhaani, then he says mountain under crescent moon (quarter moon) is a bad sign for you, if you meet anyone there, you should avoid him at all cost…. Dhaani hears that and mystified…..

Later at camp site (at mountain) yes they came here for college trip from mumbai….. it’s a beautiful place with mountain view… under mountain there is lot of village nice na…? dhaani and ananya were under one tent other students are sleeping under their own tent…. Now dhaani lost her mind in monk words, ananya were sits next to her and under stands that…. Then she says dhanni don’t bother about that monk words, it’s just as words and not your destiny, we can create our new destiny…. So go to sleep without worry Mmmm. Dhaani smiles at her and go to sleep…. Time is already 11pm ananya falls asleep but dhaani doesn’t….. she still puzzled about monk words and asks answer to her heart…. dhaani slowly came out from tent and looks at sky, the crescent moon is smiling at her….. dhaani remembers that monk words that mountain under crescent moon (quarter moon) is a bad sign for you, if you meet anyone there, you should avoid him at all cost…. She slowly moves on to edge of the mountain there one tree is lay down….. she is standing along under the tree and looking at the moon …… At the same time one man enters in to the atmosphere and standing behind her…. Dhaani asks herself crescent moon is a bad sign for me, it’s not possible…. Then she thinks and says the moon looking very beautiful….. That man behind the dhaani were look at the sky and says yes its looks beautiful as you said…. Dhaani hears that voice and shocked…. She about to turn back but she step on the rock and tripped over and about to fall but our hero holds dhaani in his arms….. yes that man is our viplav…… ??? both were staring at each other and lost their mind……? viplav and dhaani falling for each other at the first sight ?…… the song is playing…. In my mind this Tamil song is playing….

“Veesum Velichathilae Thugalai Naan Varuvaen
Paesum Vennilavae Unakae Olitharuvaen
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Nun Silai Seithidum Pon Silayae
Pen Silai Seevidum Pen Silayae
En Nilai Kojam Nee Paarpaya
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Orumurai Paarpaya Iruthaya Paechai Kaetpaya
Marumurai Paarpaya Vizhigalil Kaathal Solvaya
Ada Adadadada Ooho
Ada Adadadada Ooho”

And yes that monk was correct, they were met each other at mountain under crescent moon……
viplav looks at dhaani face and mesmerized by her beauty….. he said wow pretty??….. dhaani hears that and comes to her sense and realized that they are meet each other under quarter moon… Then she gets off from his arms and run away…… viplav seems that and shouts really you’re looking pretty?….. then he smile himself…. Now another man enters to the frame yes that’s our villan arnav…. he comes and asks what happened viplav? viplav says nothing…. And asks why you were stopped in middle bhai …. Arnav replies that I got some important business call… viplav say oh, it’s not a business trip we are here to enjoy okay…. Arnav signs yes and asks where should we stay? I think no hotels are here…. Viplav says yes, let’s see may some place were placed for us and in village some people were said some students were camping here… arnav asks is it?…. viplav smiles and says yes…. then they walk towards camp site where dhaani and other student using to stay…..

Inside the tent dhaani has been shocked and recalls earlier incident… she looks on tensed… viplav and arnav comes near to the tent and calls excuse me!…. ananya wakes up from her sleep and asks who is that? dhaani looks on….. then both are comes out…. viplav seems at dhaani and gets surprised, then he smiles inside. Dhaani is under pretty shocked… after viplav asks can we borrowed your tent? Ananya hears that and asks what? viplav says “no” I mean can you adjust with your friends tent, I hope you are all student from same college…. Ananya asks who said that? viplav replies someone….? Ananya says ”no” we can’t allow mens inside our tent, it’s not safe at late night…. Viplav hears that and says hello we are good and genuine people and all women’s are sisters like to me except that girl and shows his hand towards dhaani…. dhaani hears that and glares at him … She asks what? Viplav wink at dhaani?…. dhaani seems that and looks on… ananya says oh story turning like this…. “no” absolutely no! you have no place to stay here so leave the place and get me some fresh air….. that time college lecturer (mam) enters in to the place and asks what is happening here? Ananya explain everything…. Mam looks at viplav and recognized that he is big business magnetic viplav tripathi … Then she welcomes him and says I am glad to meet you sir…. Viplav say me to mam can we stay here… she answers oh yes with pleasure… ananya and dhaani gets irked and calls mam!… Mam asks them to share the tent with their friends…… viplav looks at them and gives preety smiles on his face…. Dhaani and ananya looks on…

Ananya leaves with her stuff… behind that dhaani gets her all stuff and about to leave, when viplav blocks her way and asks why did you ran away earlier? Do I look like a monster to you? Dhaani pretends like nothing happened earlier and asks me? ran away? When? Where?….. I just seeing you now…. Viplav asks what? and confused… Then dhaani steps forward and laugh herself….. viplav asks himself what? then what was that? Ghost or something….. and goes inside with anxious….
Later inside the tent viplav and arnav are lying on their bed ….. viplav thinks about dhaani and lost his sleep, then he says bhai how she look? Arnav asks who? Viplav replies that girl… arnav asks which girl? viplav says with pretty face and cute looking girl…. arnav understands he talk about dhaani but he said I don’t know let me sleep…. At the same time dhaani lost her sleep by thinking about viplav words….

Next morning, dhaani woke up early and comes out…. she is looking at the sun rise….. At the same time viplav also come out from the tent…. He looks at Dhaani and says wow today sun shines brightly….. Dhaani hears that and look at him…. That time ananya comes out and covers the dhaani face by her face….. She done that unknowingly…. Viplav seems that and says why this ugly duck is covering the sun…. Ananya hears that and asks what? Viplav replies “no” nothing…. Then ananya looks at dhaani and asks is he mentioning me as a ugly duck…. Dhaani nodes yes… Ananya gets irked and says today he is dead…. ?And throws some waste things towards him…. Viplav shouts oh my god and runs inside…..?? Dhaani seems everything and smiles …

Later all girls are going down to village for sight seeing, our naughty viplav also follows the dhaani with arnav….. He runs behind her everywhere…. Dhaani seems that and tell to her friend ananya….. Ananya hears that and turns back, viplav were stop following and looks on?….. ananya smiles and wink at him?, viplav smiles and says oh god signal is came…. Arnav asks but from wrong person na? viplav replies any how it came na …. Now we can follow without worries…. ? Viplav is keep following the dhanni footsteps…. If she enters to one shop, he too did that…. if she decided to buy something, he gives his opinion to her, that is good or not…. Now dhaani is willing to by one anklet, but viplav is opposed her…. Dhaani looks at him and asks what? Did I ask view about these items…. Viplav tells” no” boys only knows how girls looking good at with attires and ornaments… your selection was not impressed me; you should buy this necklace and shows one anklet to her… dhaani asks what? Then viplav asks let me wear this to you….. dhanni looks on and asks what? after a second viplav makes her wear it by his hand…. And says wow it looks beautiful to you …. Dhaani is just stunned…. Vidhaani look at each other and lost their mind…. Arnav clicks photo of them from little far away and looks on….. (these photos was seen by suman aka dhaani in arnav room) Then dhaani looks at necklace, it pendent is look like a angel symbol. (yes that necklace was wearing by viplav from all these days…..) dhaani says “no” I don’t want this and about to take out…. when shop owner said it’s not just a necklace, it will protect you from all devil power so take this with you…. viplav hears that and says see I took valuable thing for you… dhaani looks on and leaves that place….. viplav seems that and smiles…..

It starts to get dark….. all village peoples were starts preparing to celebrate their temple lantern (light) function. Dhaani asks them why you guys are celebrating this event? Villager says this temple have powerful god….. If we have any wishes, we pray for that in this day and free this lantern with that wishes in the air…. then everything will be come true…. Dhaani hears that and asks is it?…. viplav also hears that from little far.
Then dhaani and ananya prepares their lantern for their wish, viplav also ready for his pray…. Dhaani write down her wish note that “don’t make me fall for him” (Viplav) and fold it…. viplav write “oh god please make her (Dhaani) fall for me” and fold it…. both were hangs their wish with lantern and let that free in the air…… all peoples were do their wishes…. All lanterns (light) are flying in the air…. It looks so beautiful….. viplav and dhaani seems that and gets happy and looks at each other in little distance…? village festival is going on….????
Later dhaani and ananya roaming around with their friends, that time that same monk crossed over them…. Dhaani seems that and follows him… she calls him, excuse me…. monk turns back …. Dhaani asks do you remember me? He signs yes of course I remember you…. Dhaani asks yesterday you talked about my fated love na? if I don’t avoid my fate then what will happen? That monk looks at her and says slowly one of you may end up dying….dhaani hears that and shattered….. scene freezese…????

Mountain under crescent moon interesting fate na… Now you guys should have remember that when viplav passed through angel soul in mountain under crescent moon…. (check it out on episode 2 link) again their fate stared that day?….

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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Kavya it was superb fantastic and indeed a long episode???? vidhani love story is adorable awesome and lovely??.. starting was awesome when camera was focusing on dhani?that monk was right but dhani can’t avoid her hero naa?they are made for each other?..
    Viplav’s entry uff !! No words to explain?.. when viplav holds her in his arms?? just one word to say fabulous?? and yeah I have remembered that scene.. poor dhani, crescent moon is unlucky for her?..
    But vidhani are leaving at same place what an idea Kavya madam??.. dhani as sunshine Awww!! Viplav u are too lovely man?? anaya is a true friend.. I loved her part alot?..
    Best part was when dhani was followed by our viplav and when anaya signaled him by winking?.. when viplav made her wear that pendent by his own hands was the most special scene??that pendent means alot?and haaan when vidhani write a note woh bhe totally opposite to each other was epic and cannot be define in words???.. poor dhani her fate doesn’t allow her to stay with viplav but then also she cannot avoid him and that’s why end up by dying??I think viplav will lost his memory while saving dhani and yeah this all will be planned by evil arnav?.. I guess so??.. but anyways now fate has to change because dhani is back in viplav’s life and they will meet for sure?
    Huh!! I am loving it kavya jee even I was wondering how u get such a wonderful idea?? awesome unique and beautiful story?? just keep entertaining us with ur marvellous creation? waiting for the next one? I have eaten ur brain?so bbye?

    1. Maha dear you loved each and every scenes….. I am really happy…. This idea is my own creation I am glad you loved it…. And yes Vidhaani stay together for two days after that tour event, today episode they suppose to be go back where they used before…. Thank you keep reading…… Keep reading….??

  2. Porkodi

    Wow kaviya beautiful episode… again again u r rocking with power packed episodes… loved their past… some romance , naughtiness, thrill and suspense… mixture of all this episode… pls add more vidhani sceness( like my princess)without arnav…

    1. Thank you porkodi…. Yes sure I add more vidhaani scenes especially viplav craziness for dhaani will shown….. In their past…. So definitely you would like it?…. Keep reading akka??

  3. Ncz epi… d full fb…..bitu bita vena?

    1. Thank you riya I want too but it really hard for me typing editing lot of thinks are there…. So I am not sure but I will try to post maha episode like that OK…. Keep reading I hope you loved it….?☺

      1. I dnt ask for maha epi….i jst asked to complete d fb fully……i mean dnt stp d fb in d middle and go d present scene…..hope u understand now…..if u write maha epi happy only?…..wat’s dis guy no one s commenting der s less comments….plz do comments….I request d silent readers to comment also….ur comment s only her inspiration…dnt forget to comment?

      2. Oh my dear ramya aka riya chellam…. How lovely you’re….. Thank you my dear for your support….. ???And yes like ramya said do comment friends it give some inspiration….. And riya daily readers are will do comment daily…. But it take some time in some days…. Because some friends are doing CLG and work…. So they will post comments at evening… That why I update my story at regular intervals…. So they will do comment sure so I am waiting…..
        And riya OK if you want their past in one episode na…. Then give two days time to me, then I will post all at one day….. But that two days no update…What do you say…. Think about it…..?as your wish I will do…..??

      3. Nooooooooooooooooo….it’s unfair……update daily……I disagree my lord…..etha na vanmaiyaaga kandikuren… update daily…I dnt need in one epi….I said fb with out break……

      4. OK riya actually story is going to end in next week…. So it won’t be long…. So I will try to post two episode at one update….OK so cheer up??

    2. Angel20

      Riya you also comment on kuch rang pyar ke ff Na? My love-A fan fiction?

      1. Ya I am only…I used to c only Des to serial….r u d same Maria?? Kuch rang pyar ke ff author???I am nt sure BT u used to write ff rgt???tell me d name of ur ff….

    3. Angel20

      Yes I am the same Maria who had written ff on that serial, but now I have ended it. It’s name was My love story

      1. Ya ya I remember wat happened??why u stopped it??it’s was a ncz story…

      2. Angel20

        My exams had started that’s why

  4. Shruthy

    Ok so couldnt comment yesterday noght as I was sleepy so when I was suppposed to type, my eyes got closed and phone dropped on the floor ? So here I am in the morning to comment. ?
    I would just say 100… No.. 200.. No yaar.. This deserves a 10000000/100 mark on the report. ?? i am in love with the flashback. gosh that innocent Dhaani and that naughty Viplav ??? I just love this Viplav so much, running behind Dhaani, flirting with her… Love at first sight hmm? ? Nice nice! Because of what monk told her, she is not ready to love him. But I am damn sure, she will fully fall for him soon, or to be more precise, Viplav will make her fall for him. ??
    and omg that somg selection! Paaaaaag kalakittinga ponga! ??❤️ the real scene was kinda the same like both seeing in nighttime, then they use that moon and all? that first meeting was so beautiful *faints*
    UFF! Cant wait for the following episodes. Please post today’s super fast ok? I will be checking ?

    1. Thank you shruthy dear…. Yes very cute love story na…. I made it that way I am sure you gonna like their past but it very short…. In anyways story is going to end soon…. So keep reading….??

  5. Sujie

    Kaviya…. you are doing wonders day by day….. every bit was intense ….and naughty Viplav …
    awesome one…..
    The necklace part is awesome…. keep rocking like this 🙂

    1. Thank you sujie…. Keep reading…. More interesting things are waiting for you…. so stay tuned…..??

  6. Angel20

    You know di now I am tired of writing long comments?? because how much ever I praise you, the next day reading the next episode I feel it was less??
    You are the best?? I guess you have set a standard of yours on telly updates and no one can beat you! ??
    Awwwww the flashback, ?❤?? it was so very cute!!!
    I feel like keep reading your ff the entire day! But!!! I can’t?
    I have a request can you please accept it?
    Post two such long episodes in a day!☺ I know it may not be possible for you but if yes then pls? you know 24 hours is such a big duration of time!??

    Now entirely coming to the episode!
    It was great, amazing, superb our naughty Viplav? he is so cute! And our bholi bhali Dhaani! But why such fate for them? Even God could not keep them separate! So after Dhaani’s death also she came back in Viplav’s life as suman! Loved the episode thoroughly!❤
    Post the next one soon!

    1. Yes maria your request is accepted….. Because I want to end this ff as much I can so I planned to post two episode at one update….. Riya also want that why not Nikki, shruthy all friends want that…. So I will try to post two episode in one update like maha episode…. OK…. So keep reading…..???

      1. Angel20

        But why are you ending it soon? Please don’t give me heart attack like this??

      2. Writing ff is a quite tiring thing na…. I loved to write but it making me tired some time…. Actually I have no idea about to write ff after my girl is a liar but you guys saran, porkodi, renu Dr, arshdeep, avijit, you, midarshani all want to one more… So I came back for you guys…..?? I hope you all love this ff… And after vidhaani past there is nothing much left in story…. So I would be end it as soon as well… keep reading….?☺

  7. Kavya shri u r the best as i always say ??











  8. Thank you renu…. I hope you enjoyed well…. Story is going to end soon…. More interesting things are left in story…. Keep reading…. Share your precious comments…. ?☺?

  9. Wow nice episode. Loved it so much ??

    1. Thank you aishwari keep reading……?☺

  10. Latha

    Fantastic and long one too Kaviya. Really u r rocking my girl. Loved it soooooo much especially the scene while viplav called Ananya ugly duck. Episode full of naughtiness and romance. Enjoyed thoroughly and waiting for next one keep writing dear????

    1. Thank you latha…. Yes I loved the same part ugly duck…. Its quite fun but loved it…. I hope you enjoyed well…. Keep reading….??

  11. Nima

    kaviya dear, again you rocked it awesome episode loved it?

    1. Thank you nima…. Keep reading….?☺

  12. D u rocked it naughty and lovely episode

    1. Thank you eisha whenever I see name eisha I am thinking about eisha aka dhaani…. ? after seeing your comment that one second I imagined you as her? …. Thank you for your comment eisha keep reading?☺

  13. Angel20

    Where is the next episode?????

    1. Maria I posted ma… Its on the way…..?

  14. When r u gona post next epi???post Panama post epi post pana poreengala??miss d update?

    1. It got updated riya so go on and check it out….?☺

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