Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 13


The episode start with, suman appears inside the lift and again holds arnav collar and asks how the travel experience was? It’s hurting? Arnav hears that and again smirks like a crazy idiot… suman shouts I told you don’t bother my viplav, then why you did that? then she lifting up him again…. arnav smirks and says I am not afraid of you anymore…. You blo*dy ghost….. suman hears that and asks what? he replies I knew who you are now….. I knew why you came back. Suman hears that and asks who I am? Arnav smirks again, she seems that and gives hard force to her hand, it hurts his throat…. then he shouts you are dhaani! suman look at him and asks what? dhaani? F.b shown to us…. arnav goes to orphanage and asks about dhaani to mother superior…. She take him to the one grave its under name dhaani…. orphanage mother tells to arnav that dhaani was died 5 years ago…. Arnav seems at grave and shocked….. Then he thinks it means dhaani died that day…. Then right now being viplav side is her soul…. he thinks like that and gives a shocking expression….. F.b ends…

In present, at lift arnav again shouts you’re dhaani! thum viplav’s love dhaani! yae…. suman hears that and tears were filled in her eyes….. she is shattered…. lift has open slowly that time….

Suman hears those words that thum viplav’s pyar….. tears were filled in her eyes, she is shattered and asks what me dhaani? viplav’s love?…. arnav says why you are still acting? I know your true color, don’t act anymore…. then suman leaves him and tears were rolled around her cheeks….she is confused and don’t know about what he is saying, she cannot remember anything….. She feels her heart is rib into two….. She leaves with tears silently without say anything…. Arnav holds his throat and cough…. He looks on…

Later, suman walks slowly on the road and recalls that photo her face with viplav…. and asks herself dhaani? who is that? its me? no….its not like that, he must be wrong….. how I could be viplav’s love…. I wish that girl was not me…… she said like that but her tears won’t stop…. She’s still shedding tears…. Suman feels that and says but why my tears won’t stop….. the same sad song is playing…. she is crying with grief…..????

Later, in hospital suman appears infront of viplav’s room…. she enters to the room slowly, viplav is already woke up and sitting on the bed….. suman looks at him with tearful eyes without knowing…. viplav looks on…. he asks what’s wrong? I am alright…. Why you are crying? Both were staring at each other utterly….. ???? suman wipes her tears and says no I am not crying….. Then she lays the hand on his head and asks is it hurting much? Viplav says “no” it’s lightly scratched that’s all…. then he asks but who saved me? and who informed at you? suman thinks and says I don’t know who is that, someone was there to save you….. that someone was informed me….. viplav wonders and thinks who was that…. Suman still look on with sad face…. Viplav look at her face like that and feels miserable, then he puts suman hand on his forehead again and says I am okay…. Then why this sad face?…. Suman hears that and says “no” I am ju…st…. Her tears dam is open…. She starts to cry and can’t stop her tears….. Viplav seems that and says oh god I could not ask this…. Then viplav asks her to come close to him…. Suman moves on…. Viplav just hugs her and says I am okay so don’t cry , I am not feeling good when you cry….. he said like that and strokes her hair….. Suman cries out on viplav’s chest…. ???? Suman gets viplav’s warm hug and feels better in his arms…. They’re stay like that for a moment…..

After that viplav let her free from his hug, then he takes his credit card and shows to suman…. She looks that and asks what’s this? Viplav says this is my card, my dadaji revived it… we can buy anything we want….. Tell me what do you want? I will buy for you…. suman says I don’t want anything…. Viplav looks at her and says how women can be like this? No I will buy something for you….. Then he takes her to shopping area….
Viplav looks so many things for her but anything was not satisfied to him….. Finally he buys couples t-shirt…. And he shows to her and asks how is it….. suman says nice and smiles….. Both of them get wear it…… after that they’re starts to walk on the street with those outfits, everyone looks at them and thinks couples….. viplav grabs her hand slowly and says it’s fun na? suman smiles at him and signs yes… then he says if anything you want ask me, I will buy for you….. suman says yes and they keep walking like that….. when suman seems one couples are riding bike on that same road…. She looks at viplav and asks viplav I want to ride that…. viplav seems that and asks you want to bike ride? Suman signs “yes”….. Scene shift to the bike show room, suman picks one her favorite….. Viplav look at that bike and says?… Then both were smile at each other…..?

Later both are riding together by bike….. They are wearing helmet, safety first na?? suman holds viplav tightly….. it has be a smooth ride. They did not speak with their mouths but their hearts starts to speak… (inner voice) suman asks in your past what kind of person you are? viplav says i don’t know, I think I was bad guy…. Suman asks who said that? viplav says my heart feels that way…. Suman says no you must be a good soul…. Viplav smiles and asks is it? suman says yes I wish you a long and happy life….viplav says let’s hope on…. like that they talk each other through their hearts in long ride….. They won’t end it and want to go long so they’re keep going like that…. ????? that night passed out….

Next morning raj hangs the board outside of the shop…. It mentioned today shop is closed….. viplav seems that and asks why? raj replies today is my 5th wedding day …..viplav asks is it? he hugs him and says happy anniversary day raj….. suman hugs raj lakshmi…. raj smiles at him and says I never miss that day and I only spend the whole day with my lovely wife…. And now we are heading to theater….. viplav asks then what about me and suman….. raj says that’s your wish we need privacy today, so excuse us?….. he said like that and leave with his wife…. Viplav looks at suman and asks where should we go?….. suman looks on and asks what?….
Scene shifted to water area….. That place is fully covered with water viplav and suman were standing in the bridge (small bridge not heighted that much just they can dip their leg in water)….. so many people’s are there….. suman asks why we are here? Viplav replies today raj anniversary na? suman asks so? Viplav asks what… so we are here to celebrate that…..? suman looks on?…. viplav seems that and says wait for me I will buy some ice cream for you…. then suman stops him and says I will buy for you….she said like that and leaves…… viplav looks on with smiling face.…?

Suman is busy with buying ice creams for viplav?…. after wards she heading back to him… she looks around…. all peoples are enjoying their own life with their kids and families…. She feels something inside…. that second Suman looks at viplav ….. She feels and want to live like that with viplav….. he is still standing there…. she is keep staring at him from little far away……???? the same sad song is playing….. mean while someone has come and stand behind as viplav with masked…. Suman seems that person and gets shocked…. And she recalls that arnav is the one who wore those things and pushed viplav from the mountain…. so she has come to the conclusion that was arnav and he is trying to push off viplav to water….. Actually that person is not arnav…. He is someone just standing and enjoying sight seeing from viplav’s behind….. But Suman startled about that person because of insecure feelings around viplav?….. Suman is tensed and shouts viplav! But he can’t get it….. So suman starts her hurdles to save Viplav?…. She rushes towards him…. Viplav seems at her and asks why she is running towards me like this…. is ice cream melting away?… She shouts viplav move aside…. Viplav hears that and asks what? in mean while she come closed as him and make him move aside but they tripped over one another and about to fall into water….. Scene shown to be slow motion that time suman holds viplav anklet by her hand….. (viplav always wearing one necklace around his neck na with angel symbol I hope you guys are remembering) then both of them fall in to the water……. They’re submerged in to the water….

Both were drowning under water….. That necklace remains in suman hands, its starts to glow inside the water….. when some scenes are starts to run in sumans eyes….. that’s like a one girl is drowned under water but not suman is not sure who is that… suman closed the pendent by her hand, pendent glowing was starts to dim….. And that brightness disappears…. then she looks for viplav both of them found each other inside and move towards upper surface of water …. They came out from water and breathing hard….. suman asks viplav are you okay? Viplav shakes his head and says if you want dive into water, the go solo why you took me in?? suman hears that and asks what? viplav says ah! it’s very cold…. suman hears that and looks at him hopeless…. from outside that masked person removes his mask and asks them you guys are okay na? Suman seems that person and realized that was not arnav and looks on with her big eyes…..? Viplav says yes we are OK…. ?

Later in raj residence, viplav is drying his hair and asks himself what’s wrong with her (suman)? Earlier why she act like that? Then he looks at himself in mirror and says but I am looking cool….. when he looks at his neck and found out his necklace was missed… and asks my necklace! where its gone? then he looks for it around his room….

At the same time suman sitting in tearrace…. she staring at viplav necklace and asks herself what is this? she recalls what happened when she was submerged in water…… she had saw some scene in her mind that one girl were drowned under water and that time viplav necklace was glowed under water ….. while angels’ head were appears next to her and asks what happened? Why you are starring at necklace like that…. suman asks dadi you came, then she says this necklace is something and it tries to say something to me…. what is that? dadi asks how could I know that? suman looks on…. and asks how could I find that? dadi says you don’t need to find, it going to reveal soon…. Wait for that moment…. Suman asks wait for what? Angels’ head says today the heaven have to go crazy for a moment, that time it will reveal to you so wait for that moment until keep this with you…. suman asks what? the heaven go crazy for a moment?…. angels’ head signs yes and says when heaven go crazy, rules of heaven also forbidden for a moment….. that time some crazy things would happen… So don’t be shock suman looks on…. angels’ head look at suman and says whatever you’ve see that’s all fated, nothing left to change so be strong ….. Suman doesn’t not get what she is saying… She just look on… That time viplav enters in to the atmosphere…. Angels’ head disappears from the place…

viplav goes to suman and asks did you see my necklace? She hears that and hides his necklace from viplav sight and says “no”…. viplav looks miserable without that necklace…. She asks is that important to you? Viplav says “yes”….. and starts to search in terrace…. Suman says (inner voice) I am sorry viplav…. I need this necklace for one day…. Viplav is searching around and suman looks at him…..

Later it’s starts to dark…. Moon came out. suman is laying on bed and thinking about necklace secret, it was kept in table…. time is running,…. All of sudden dark clouds cover the moon, wind current was speed….. Thunder and lightning passing the sky… suman hears that and looks on…. she goes near to window and looks at out…. at that moment necklace starts to glow…. Suman seems that and stunned…. she slowly goes near to that and recalls angels’ head words…(A time when heaven go crazy, that time some crazy things would happen)…. She goes and picks that necklace by her hand it glows brightly …… suman feels slam force to her and closed her eyes…… some scenes were starts to run inside of her…… Someone (girl voice calling) calls dhaani! dhaani! that words are hearing by present suman…. One girl standing alone and looks at mountain View and wonders herself wow it looks beautiful….. those scenes are seeing by present suman aka dhaani…..yes suman is seeing her previous life as well as viplav fast….
Again we focus that girl in mountain…. Her hair feels the air flow, slowly we focus at her face bit by bit…. That girl hears that voice dhaani!dhaani! and turns back finally she shows her face to us and give a bright smile in her face …. Yes it’s our dhaani ….. scene freezes with music….. ?????
You guys are having one doubt na how angel Suman aka Dhaani remembering her previous life before her angel term end ena? OK I will explain yes that’s the rule her memories come back when her term end but when heaven go crazy for a moment…. that time all heaven rules are forbidden so anything would happen that moment…. So its possible and its fated…. So doubt clear na….? And that necklace is something important in vidhaani love… that pendent was the memories of their love…. so what is that? Let’s check it out in future episode….?

If you want to read previous episodes of destiny of love, here below is the link….?
(on this page you can see tellyupdates ping back of 2-7 episodes)
Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Waited for ur epi for long time…. finally it’s updated…..ncz epi…. pretty long one…… waiting to c full fb…..I dnt remember dat necklace….u mentioned dat “hope u remember”I can’t remember….can u tell me???? good job keep it up….

    1. Oh really riya sorry for delayed update…. I am little busy at yesterday….? And the necklace was mentioned in first episode…. In first episode viplav is sleeping on his room, that time arnav comes and tried to wake up him…. When viplav remove his blanket and he wearing that necklace (angel sympol and silver color) around his neck…. Sun rays fell in that pendent and that light reflected towards arnav face …. This what i said…. Want to more click episode 1 link I explained well so check it out…..? and thank you very much dear…. Keep reading…..☺?

      1. Kk let me check….thzz for info…

    2. Oh sure riya plz check out…. ?

  2. Kavya it was fabulous .. I loveeed it <3 whole episode was perfect 🙂
    That hug part was so lovely and when dhani was crying in pain Huh !! that was a painful part .. feelind bad for her, she don't know anything about her past :-'(.. when dhani misunderstood that man as arnav, this entire part was very funny 😀 waiting for the upcoming episodes whivh will be full of mysteries .. keep rocking with this beautiful and unique story and yeah u are an amazing writer :-*
    Last but not least a big thanks for this long update.. enjoyed every bit of it <3

    1. Thank you maha….. Yes Dhaani cried out in viplav arms was most painful moment to Dhaani aka Suman…. She have no one to share her pain….. Except Viplav and angels’ head…. But Viplav lost his memories and angels’ head trying her best to give support to dhaani….. I hope you enjoyed well …. Keep reading….??

  3. Shruthy

    omg this was so perfect! <3

    finally Suman "in love" with Viplav. *__* her surprise when knowing she is Viplav's real love. i just started imagining so many kinds of poses they could have struck in that picture. xD gosh I cant wait to know more about ViDha's flashback. how they met, how they fell in love with each other (or may be they were already in love from the beginning of it), what happened between both. as long as the story goes, we also know Dhaani was an orphan. i feel ViDha were together when Dhaani got to die. and even her death might have been a planned murder and not an accident. why could i feel they were together is because even not having any information about his old love, he can feel that something important in his life has been left behind him (well that's maybe also he really loved her so he couldn't forget her entirely). but yeah, it's also because fate again made ViDha meet each other as ViMan, and not even aware of their true identity, they cannot bear anything wrong against each other, starting from Dhaani saving Viplav from death while she was supposed to take away his soul to heaven, and from Viplav taking care of an alone Dhaani, to Dhaani always crying when anything happens to him and to Viplav not able to bear her teary-eyed. <3
    that necklace mystery is so thrilling. so excited to know what it is, and want to know why an angel? i mean, all were predicted from the beginning na, as you say it exists in Viplav's life from ViDha's love story.
    And what is Arnav's problem? Enna than pirachanai avanukku? Why does he want to kill Viplav? If he wants that CEO seat, then ask him na. Viplav doesnt even want it.
    Cute couple Raj, celebrating their wedding anniversary. Haha they want privacy xD they were funny saying so. And Viplav celebrating it alone with Suman. Pagal boy!

  4. Shruthy

    And really sorry I didnt comment on your last episodes. I read them but didnt comment.

    1. Welcome back shruthy I have been wait for your long comment from last two days…. Finally you fulfilled it…. Wow evallavu periya commentu really love it…. You are full exited to know what happened to them…. And so many questions raised in your mind…. Yes everything will sort out soon ??…. So keep reading…. Yes Viplav celebrating raj anniversary with Suman… Its really fun na….? I hope you like it….. Thank u very much and you always welcome…..??

      1. Shruthy

        Mudivae panniyacha, naan eppovum long comment’aave poduven’nu? ?? Anyways sorry for late and glad you like that. ? Of course I am fully excited to know what will happen. That is not even a question to ask ? Yeah I have so many. My mind is completely in confusion mode. Cant wait to read the following episodes. Will always read it don’t worry. Haan! He celebrates his friend’s happiness. Btw, the fact they are celebrating their 5th one is quite doubtful. I mean is there is any link to what happened 5 years ago ? My question might look quite strange but just got a doubt. 😀

      2. Yes nan mudivae pantan haan!? yes I love your comment…. Keep commenting like that…. So many questions are there and answers all on the way… Keep waiting …..??

  5. Porkodi

    Sorry kaviya, I couldn’t comment here for long time… but I m following ur ff…. fantastic episode… I m eagerly waiting for vidhani’s past…

    1. No need to sorry porkodi akka? u always welcome…. I am happy that you following the story… Keep following and keep reading….? And yes vidhaani past was really interesting ☺…… Stay tuned…..??

  6. Sujie

    Kaviya ………
    Everytime I praise your story…but today its beyond any appraisal ……….. Story is fantastic…… Not just that…. SUPER FANTASTIC???

    Go on….. Love you for this….

    1. Thank you sujie…. Keep reading dear…. Vidhaani pasr love story is waiting for you …. U hope you’ll like that to….??


  8. Angel20

    I am so angry on you!??
    Yesterday I waited for your ff and checked frequently but…
    Ok so coming to the episode it was beyond words… My memory is very weak to remember so many adjectives for you?? but it was awesome!! Dhaani aka suman aka angel remembering her past??
    I guess she died by drowning only and Viplav also would have drowned leading to some head injury and that’s why he does not remember anything… But waiting for it eagerly.. Now you have to post a mahaepisode like before for compensation plsss?? love you dear?

    1. Thank you maria….. Let’s see your guess is correct or not in future…. And sorry for delayed update my dear…. I will try to post next part as soon as possible OK….. Don’t mad at me?…..?? just for fun my dear… Keep reading….??

  9. Thank you renu…. Yes Suman aka dhaani insecure feeling around viplav…. That why he reacted like that?…. I hope you enjoyed well….. More interesting things waiting for u…. keep reading?☺

  10. Nima

    kaviya, you just nailed it again, really awesome episode and I enjoyed a lot of..keep it up dear?

    1. Thank you nima…. I hope you enjoyed well? ….. keep reading…..?☺

  11. Akka I’m very sorry I became late for commenting yesterday I was having 2 facilitation program and was tired. Today morning I read the episode but was getting late for my classes so couldn’t comment. The episode was awesome, enjoyed a lot.when our viplav will come to know about his past ??.

    1. Thank you aiswariya its okay you always welcome…. When Viplav come to know about his past… Then Story is almost end my dear…. So keep waiting and after their past revealing, it will happen my dear….keep reading….??

  12. Latha

    Kaviya it was fabulous one and quite long one also. Suman feeling that she was viplav’s real love and her non stop tears, viplav consoles that nothing has happened to him and finally the best one was that hug. Awesome Kaviya really loved it. I think Suman much needed that hug and vidhani’s pain was really interesting. Raj Bhai and RL enjoying their wedding anniversary so nice. Dhani doubt’s every one around viplav because of her love and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode dear. Sorry for not commenting on previous ff, but I read it. Waiting for upcoming interesting episodes and keep writing dear????

    1. Thank u latha… I hope you enjoyed well… You always welcome to comment… Keep reading my dear… Vidhaani past is going to reaveal so stay tuned…??

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