Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 12


The episode is start with suman appears in viplav house by using her power…. And looks for arnav rooms in secret manner…. finally she found out and enters his room slowly…. She looks around and searches for something against him….. at the same time one orphanage has to shown, arnav enters to the orphanage and asks about dhaani to someone (orphanage head mother)….

In arnav room some files are kept in cupboard, she get them out and looks on…. suddenly one file were dropped by her hand… some photos were flows out and lays on the floor suman gets them back and give a glance at photos…. (That’s all viplav photos. In some photos viplav were close with one girl, that girl looks like a angel suman….) She looks that photos and shattered ….. She is stunned and raised her head towards cupboard mirror …. Suman looks at her face herself in mirror…. Then she looks at photos and asks herself what is this? this is me?….. tears were filled with her eyes….. At the same time orphanage mother shows something to arnav… he looks that and shocked….. Both were freeze under their respective place…

Suman is shattered and confused….. she keep staring at photo and says what this is? We actually look quite alike….. But exactly who she is? is it me? then she says “no” how could it be possible? If this is me mean why viplav couldn’t find me…. after that she recalls raj words that viplav forgotten about his past…. Suman recalls that and looks on with tear filled eyes… but suman keep says “no” “no” It”s not me…. it’s not possible and I am an angel of death, how this girl is me….. like that she convinced herself and ran away from the place with that photo….

Later she sits under the tree and keep staring that photo….. she touches her face and says did my face is borrowed by this girl….while angels’ head appears next to her and says even is it possible? Suman seems her and calls dadi! with puppy face…. angels’ head asks what again? Suman shows that photo to her…. and asks is it me? Angels’ head replies how could I know that? Is it you or not? Can’t you find it? Dhaani says we look alike… but I am not sure…. Before my end of term as an angel I can’t remember my previous life….. How could I find it….. angels’ head yes you’re correct then why this confusion, let’s wait until your terms end….. suman hears that and says asking this you is no use and its total time waste…. How person can became so thick? Angels’ head says I am not a person to being thick, after that she disappears….. suman seems that and shouts ahh such a old senile….

After wards suman goes to house there raj, raj lakshmi and viplav are waiting for her, Suman lost her mind with those pictures …… like that she enters into the house, raj and raj lakshmi are try to call her but no response from her then viplav say If he calls, she will react…. ? Raj asks is it? let’s see try it…. viplav smiles at him and calls suman!….. again no response from her….. raj and RL were laughed at him. viplav seems that and what’s with this girl and goes to her and calls suman! At last she comes to her sense and asks what?…. viplav asks are you okay? Suman seems at him and hide that photo from him…. Then she stare at him and says (inner voice) viplav! no I am not okay viplav…. its tiring, I have no one to share this, being your side is a grateful thing I have….. Like that she looks on….. viplav seems that and asks what? Why you’re looking at me like this….. suman says no I just think about something….. I feel like tired I think I need some rest…. she said like that and goes inside viplav looks on and thinks what wrong with her?…..

Inside the room Suman is sitting on the floor without hope…. And keep staring at photo…. She slowly touches that photo….. and says it’s not possible…. Tears were filled with her eyes….. The same sad song is playing…..????
Next morning viplav and suman were working together….. suman still confused with that photo matter so her face is looking very tired…. Viplav goes to her and asks is anything wrong? Tell me…. I will help you…. suman smiles at him and says “no” I am fine….. That time viplav gets one sms in his mobile, he checks out… that message said that his all card have been activated…. Viplav gets surprised and asks what is this? my card all were revive….. who did this? dadaji?….. suman asks what? viplav look at her and says I need to check something…… he said like that and runs out…. suman thinks what’s wrong? Did he was hit any lottery… ?

Scenes shifted to viplav office where dadaji seated and doing his work….. viplav enters to the cabin…. Dada ji seems that calls viplav!….. He calls dada ji! Dadji smiles at him and asks what’s the matter? My grandson surprise me by his visiting…. Viplav asks dadaji did you revive my card again? dada ji signs “yes” have anything wrong with that?…. viplav says “no” aren’t you angry with me? dadji replies yes a little I am upset with you but it’s okay you are my lovely grandson na, I can’t be anymore….. viplav hears that and smiles at him, then he hugs dadaji and says I missed you dada ji…. Dadaji smiles yes me too missed you very much and this is time to come back to our house…. viplav hears that and let him free frome hug…. And asks to our house? and he says but dada ji I promised to suman that I have stay with her two month its already one month passed, just few day are left, so I have to stay with her…. dadaji hears that and asks suman? Viplav signs yes…. And says but I will think about it dadaji… okay. I need to go now he said like that and leaves…. Dadaji shouts but viplav listen to me…. viplav is leaving out….. dadaji thinks about suman words (that Viplav life is in danger) then he worries about his grandson….

Now viplav is waiting for lift to go downstairs….. two eyes watching over him yes that is our smart and bad villan arnav….. viplav gets in the lift alone….. lift starts to move…. In other side arnav enters to lift operating room with his right hand varun…. He signs to varun….. That man understands that and stop the lift slowly….. lift has stopped suddenly….. Inside viplav looks on….. lights are fetching. At raj residence suman is feeling some slam force in to her soul….

Inside the lift viplav looks on and says what’s wrong with this? Then he swich on the emergency button…. That rings in operating room and viplav’s every move was seeing by arnav through cctv camera….. then arnav’s man varun is doing some false in operating system…. He again starts the lift, its starts to shake…. inside viplav is panic and tries to call his dadaji but phone is dropped by his hand…… this scenes are starts to run in suman eyes, she closed her eyes and feels everything in front of her eyes…. she opens her eyes with hard breaths and says viplav!…… at the same time viplav was trapped into the lift and asks for help…. Lift is starts to run with high speed and inside lights are keep fetching….. it directly going towards down with high speed…. All of sudden lift was stopped…. inside viplav is hit by steal bar due to the shaking, he falls down…. Viplav’s head got scratched and starts to bleed…. Arnav seems that and smiles…. again elevator restarts and moving towards down with high speed to hit the floor….. all of sudden suman appears outside of the lift and tries to control elavator by her eye power….. Red arrow was shown outside …. It was starts to struck by her power and she tries hard to control it…. finally it was stopped at last floor where suman is standing….. arnav seems that and asks varun to check out…. that man goes out to find what happened there……

Lift is opening slowly…. Suman looks on tensely, inside viplav was fell and lay down unconsciously…. Suman gets shocked and get him out….. She tries to wake up but it doesn’t work, then she rushed to hospital with him….. varun comes down and looks at them leaving….. then he informs to arnav…. Arnav hears that and smirks once again….

In hospital suman is waiting outside, viplav is laying on bed, doctors were treating him….. she looks at him through to glass mirror and tears were fallout from her eyes….. nothing big wound he had but viplav’s blood in head is made her crazy …. she looks on with firefull eyes…. All of sudden Suman disappears from the place and reappears in arnav cabin….. arnav looks on…. wind flow is very fast and that atmosphere its look alike min storm….. Actually suman revealed her full power to him…. arnav asks what are you doing? Suman move closed to him with light speed….. arnav is panic but he show smirks in his face… suman grabs his throat and lifting him up from the ground with her one hand…..? arnav struggles to breath…. And cough… suman asks what do you think? what I’ll do to you? arnav smirks again…. In a split- second he is inside the lift…. yes Suman did that by her power…. Outside suman operates the lift by her eye power like how he did to viplav…. arnav gets painc and shouted what are you doing?….. lift has closed slowly and starts with high speed….. lift going towards down at high speed…. arnav is hurting himself alike viplav by shaking….. lift experience gives some fear of death to him, suman were stopped the lift at lost moment…. she appears inside the lift and again holds his collar and says how the travel experience was? It’s hurting? Arnav hears that and again smirks like a crazy idiot… suman shouts I told you don’t bother my viplav, then why you did that? then she lifting up him again…. arnav smirks and says I am not afraid of you anymore…. You blo*dy ghost….. suman hears that and asks what? he replies I knew who you are now….. I knew why you came back. Suman asks who I am? Arnav smirks again, she seems that and gives hard force to her hand, it hurts his throat…. then he shouts you are dhaani! suman look at him and asks dhaani? F.b shown to us…. That arnav goes to orphanage and asks about dhaani to mother superior…. She take him to the one grave its under name dhaani…. Arnav seems that and shocked….. Then he thinks it means dhaani died that day…. Then right now being viplav side is her soul…. he thinks like that and gives a shocking expression….. F.b ends…

In present, at lift arnav again shouts you’re dhaani! thum viplav’s love dhaani! yae…. suman hears that and tears were filled in her eyes….. she is shattered…. scene freezes….

So here I can’t kept this suspense with me…. I knew you guys are come to know about dhaani….. Yes viplav’s past is dhaani ….. That dhaani is our angel Suman…. Both leads are facing the same problem that they forgot everything….. Viplav lost his memories….. Being angel her (Suman) previous life memories was deleted…. When the angel term comes to end…. She can remember and why she volunteered to angel…. Its all reaveal soon… now their past is a big suspense, what happened to them?…. For knowing that keep reading….??

When I had thought about this story…. I thought no one can find my story…. But aiswariya found out earlier that dhaani is viplav’s past as well as why that sad song is playing in background…. And yes this is the reason why I insist that sad song…. she found out very smartly so big applause from my side???? to her?…. Riya and shruthy gave some try so this is for you guys? maha and renu found out at yesterday episode?…. So I am giving big applause to them???? ??

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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Today I’m sooo happy my guess came true ??.today’s episode is mind blowing as always loved it sooo much ??.I don’t know what to say u made me speechless ??

    1. Yes aiswariya finally u won…. Yepee…. ????? when you said that dhaani is viplav’s past and you explained why that sad song is playing that day I am really surprised …. But I can’t say that day so I am saying now yes it is… Super guess ??keep it up….?and thank you very much….??

      1. Awww thanks kaviya chechi ??

  2. Angel20

    Oh so finally half of the suspense is revealed! Wow! But I have one question, if Raj is Viplav’s friend then he must be knowing Dhaani Na??
    Please post the next one soon! And this one was as usual superb, I am having exams so going to study bye? not appreciating more, but it was amazing! Totally different and I am loving it! Ok byebye??

    1. Yes maria you asked good question but why raj not aware of dhaani is will reaveal soon… So keep reading…. Actually their past love story is very short and cute…. But well register in our heart…. U will find out soon ….. Thank you my dear….??

  3. Nima

    OMG…..really great dhamakedar episode.
    so…finally Dhani n Viplav ka thoda sa suspense khul gaya they r in relationship but Raj to Viplav ka best friend tha use v pata nahi Dhani k bare me ……ye to aane wala episode hi bata sakta hai so keep writing ?

    1. Thank you nima…. You have same doubt as maria…. It will reaveal soon ,so keep reading you will find out soon…. Ok?☺

  4. Wow supeb yaar….osm….. want to know what happened in viplavs life earlier……give dat flash back also sooner….. waiting for d story to get relieved……

    1. Thank you riya and yes tommorow onwards their flash back going to start so stay tuned…. And keep reading….??

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow ur ff is too good wow it was totally unexpected twist haha and i read ur other epis now as I m big fan of ur ffs sri

    1. Ha ha ha….?Thank you joyee…. Keep reading… And you always welcome….??

  6. Wow sri thks for unrevealing the sudprnse☝☝ could feel dhsnis pain on seeing her in photos with viplav. Her only hope to tell her past was angel head n viplav. Angel head refused n viplav has a memory loss so she was totally devastated. Hut good thing is that she cud save viplav n timely take him to hospital. On showing her full power to arnav he was sure that it is dhanid ghost. Excited for next part. But i think after getting hit on his head again viplavs memory would revive n now he would be able to identify suman aka dhani. But worried about angel as she was told not yo reveal her powers to humans n now arnav kniw???

    1. Yes renu soon viplav revive his memories back but it take some time….. And Suman doesn’t reaveal that she is an angel but she showed her power to arnav…. Arnav is think her as dhaani spirit so no problem about that but in future we have to see how it will…. So keep reading….. And thank you very much renu ??

  7. Oh so finally it’s revealed and yaay we were correct???
    That arnav is ridiculous.. how he can smirk even in hard situations?I think he has taken some special classes for that? .. this story is fullll of suspense and I am loving it alooot??.. even I want to read ur whole story right now but I can’t?.. poor viplav and dhani they don’t anything about their past .. they must be feeling helpless?.. dhani’s grave was quite scary for me?.. but it has to be as she had died?.. I think suman will become human again her head will give her one more chance to live her life happily?it’s just my guess?I know I have to wait for further information?.. anyways it was a rocking episode as always???
    Thanks for that applauding??
    And whenever that sad song plays I always imagine “jo tu mera humdard hai” song from ek villain I hope u have listened it..
    Now enough of my blabbering?.. bbye and yeah eagerly waiting for the upcoming mysterious episodes??

  8. he he he…. if angel’s head give another life to dhaani mean then i would be happy…. let’s see what happen…. and thank u my dear…. and yes i heard that song when i watched that movie its awesome song its good to listen….. i will upload next part as soon as possible…

  9. Sujie

    Kaviya…..this is awesome…. Episode was awesome…..
    But let me tell you….. I was also brainstorming about the connections…. Trust me…???
    And Dhaani ……finally
    Waiting for the rest of the revelation ……. Good job…keep rocking like this ???

    1. Thank you sujie keep reading…… Rest of things will reaveal soon so stay tuned ….??

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