Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 11


The episode start with suman is standing in the road side, two roads on that way…. In centre suman is standing on the platform….. She don’t have place to go, she need to find answer to go back as angel, in middle viplav’s life is shaking…….she is is crying and standing alone on the road…. all vehicles are running side to side at fast motion. She still standing alone and asks (inner voice) who? Who is going to help me? god! She looks at sky and asks help me! god! I want to go back…. tears were rolled around her eyes…. she says now I am shedding tears like human, I can’t feel this before but now I am hurting….. I am crying alone, viplav was not in my side, it’s hurting me what should I do? help me! help me!…..

like that she speak with god……
At the Sam time in viplav rooms, he walking around and recalls first meeting with suman at forest, gazing star together at terrace, birthday party and her exercise dace….. He recalls all sweet memories with her and feeling miserable. Viplav is start to miss her. Moon already came out his eyes are start to looking for her….. In mean while suman walking alone on the road… While she thinks viplav’s words “I don’t know you anymore” … “it’s already hard and crazy enough for me without you” “I don’t know you anymore” get lost! Don’t follow me, he said like that and ran away…. Suman recalls those words and tears were fallout from her eyes….. Mean time viplav recalls her words that “I only know you viplav in this world” “don’t leave me”…. those words made him crazy….. ????

All of sudden, dark clouds surrounds the sky and lighting and thunder are passing in the cloud….. and suddenly its starts to raining….. suman starts to drenched. Then she runs under one tree and sits on bench…. She stares at rain with sad face….. That time angels’ head appears by her side….. suman looks at her sadly and says finally you came…. Angel’s head hears her sad voice and tells no joy in your voice and sad look in your face…. What happened to you?….. suman asks yes I am asking this you…. what happened to me? why I am crying? Why I am aware of viplav’s future? Angel’s head breaths hard and says you’re crying because you are recovering your human feeling as a human soul…. And your second question, for answer was inside you….. suman asks slowly it’s also secret then she smiles hopless….. Angels’ head hears that and says without answer there is no question, all thing are happening by fate….. Some reasons are behind all those things, when the time comes everything will be solved out…. you need to wait for that time, when that time come then you will found out by own…. Suman doesn’t say anything and sitting silently, angels’ head look at her and strokes her hair slowly ….. suman seems that and wonders…. She stares at head angel and says finally I got some mercy from you….. angels’ head smiles and says it’s not mercy you crazy girl. She said like that and disappears….. suman seems that smiles herself with tearful eyes….. finally angels’ head shows her loving side to suman ???
At raj residence, raj lakshmi blabber around, where this girl gone at late night? rain won’t to stop…. I don’t know how she is suffering. Raj thinks and says why viplav did this to her?…… that time viplav comes to down stairs and runs out at like thunder fast……. Raj and his wife look on…. yes our hero running out in this rain for his heroin….. ?

Suman still sitting under tree…… viplav comes to the place where he dropped suman and looking for her but he doesn’t see her around the place….. Viplav is walking forward to find her…. finally viplav come to see her under tree and gives relieved sign in his face ….. suman stares at rain and shows her hand out, rain drops are filled in her hands…. suddenly another hand shows out next to her….. suman looks at that hand and wonders who’s hand is this? then she turns aside and looks on…. it was our viplav….. she looks at him and tears were filled with her eyes. Then she turns around her face with angry…. viplav seems that and says I am the one who mad at you for your wrong doing but it’s seems different now….. then he pulls suman hand and says lets go…. but suman won’t that, she shouts you told me to get lost and don’t follow you and even you said you don’t know me…. then why you are here? Viplav looks on….. and shout yes I said that so what? sumans looks at him with teary eyes…… viplav seems that and says slowly I am sorry for that….. suman hears that and asks what? viplav shouts I am sorry for that so let’s go home and again he pulls her hands….. suman looks at him with teary eyes and her anger goes down…. They were staring at each other…. The same sad song is playing …. ???? the rain is stopped lightly….. viplav grabs her hand and they ran fast to home……

At home, raj and raj lakshmi were waiting for them….. They are reached at home, raj and raj lakshmi were happy by seeing them together…. Viplav about to go his room but suman says I am only saying truth about him (arnav) viplav…. Viplav turns back and says just leave it suman and don’t talk about this again, I hope you can understand he said like that and goes inside….. suman looks on…..

Next morning shop opened, suman come outside from her room and looks for viplav….. he is not around here. She thinks how she can protect viplav from arnav and thinks on….. finally she got idea….. She decided to meet viplav dadaji and planning to tell about arnav but afraid to say that because arnav also his grandson…. So she thinks (inner voice) just informs about viplav’s life is shaking, viplav dadaji will protect him….. then she goes out to meet dadaji…
She directly goes to office and meets with him….. They sit together and talking about viplav….. Suman says you misunderstood viplav, I am the one who follows viplav and chased to his house but you sent him out, it’s not his fault….. dadaji hears that and says I know that, our first meeting was not pleasant but I am not upset or mad with you…. I just did that for viplav sake….. I thought if I chase him out….. This world will teach him what life is? And what money is? But he didn’t realize yet….. I want to make his (Viplav) world little better to him; I want to settle his life before my eyes closed…. But it’s nothing worked…. Suman says no dadaji, Viplav is like this not because of unrealized…. He want to overcome his pain, he is thinking that he lost something important to him, he is trying to find out that without any loss….

it need some time to take but sure he’ll come back for you….. dadaji hears that and smiles at her….. Then he says you’re well knowing about him better than me…. suman says yes I know about him little, Viplav loves you lot and missing his papa, mama and dadi badly….. he is warm hearted person with lots of love and caring…. But I want to speak about him to you, it’s something important…. Dadaji hears that and asks what’s the matter? suman slowly says dada ji viplav life’s in danger….. dadaji hears that and shocked…. she says everything what happened to viplav in forest and birthday party…. Dadaji were speechless for a moment….. then he asks who is trying to kill my viplav and wonders….. suman thinks (inner voice) it’s your other grandson….. then she says viplav well know about this but he doesn’t care….. Suman asks dadaji to protect viplav from his side….. dadaji says yes! I will do something about this, he is my grandson how could I careless about my viplav life and dadaji says he will speak about this to police…… suman thanks him and says then I will take my leave…. dadaji signs yes and says from mean time take care of viplav .… suman signs yes and leaves, dadaji looks on …..

Suman comes out from office….. at the time arnav car enters into the office….. he gets off from the car and looks at suman and gets surprised….. suman as usual glaring at him with her powerful eyes…. arnav smile at her and says wow what a pleasant surprise! You came here to see me, did you miss me like that? suman looks on….. then arnav lean closer to her and whispers into her ears that you don’t know one thing, I am not the kind of person a girl like you can deal with….. the reason why you are still alive is because I am letting you live, it is same about for viplav too…. so don’t come to my way or If you then will kill you, he said like that and smirks…… suman hears everything and doesn’t say anything….. Then arnav smirks at her and goes inside. Suman looks on….
Inside arnav get in the lift alone…. Lift starts to go upstairs and it reaches 10’th floor, lift door opens slowly….. arnav rasie his head and looks on, where as our suman standing alone and looking at him…… yes she used her power and reappears there within a seconds? but it’s not doesn’t clear to arnav and he thinks how it is possible….. suman looks at him and says just stop it here arnav or I will stop you…. and don’t dare to touch my viplav, if you do something…. Then I will revealed your true identity to this world….. I can do that….. arnav still under shocked and looks on…. suman goes closed to as him and whispers to his ears…. there is something you don’t know about me…. That you can’t never ever kill me….. arnav hears that and looks on…. suman step back from the lift, both were glaring at each other……

lift gets closed and again it starts moving up……. Inside the lift arnav just stunned and looks on….. Outside suman thinks here is he working, if I follow him I can get some evidence against him to prove to viplav…..
Arnav gets into his cabin with confused face, he lost his thoughts about earlier incident….. someone (arnav’s spy or his right hand varun, like bad as arnav) comes inside and says that he can’t find anything about under name Suman ( arnav asked someone to find about her (Suman) when viplav birthday party after seeing her…. I hope you guys are remember?) Arnav hears that and says then search about dhaani, I want to know about her immediately….. varun gets surpised after hears that name dhaani and he says yes sir then he leaves the place…..

Later at night, viplav is waiting outside for suman and thinks where she is gone? Still she is mad at me? Really she is a big trouble maker….. then he look on…. at the same time suman is waiting outside for arnav in front of the office….. arnav comes out and gets in the car…. ?the car starts to move, suman follows the car by taxi…..? arnav car goes far away and stopped at one place (its empty ground) and yes he found out earlier that suman was following him, so he planned everything before…. Suman doesn’t aware of this…. She seems that and cut off the taxi and hide behind something…. Arnav gets off from the car and laughed loudly…. Suman gets confused and looks on…. arnav shouts how long you are going to hide….. suman hears that and realized that he was talking about her so she comes out……

They are standing each other face to face…. Arnav look at her and says what I say? you and viplav is alive because I am letting you guys live but no more I can…. Then he take one gun and point out her, if I clear you first then easily I can clear viplav….. suman looks on, arnav smirks and says usually I don’t do this kind of things but you provoked me…. suman looks at him and thinks angels’ head words (you don’t revealed your true identity to humans, it will cause dangerous to you, if they find out you are an angel then your soul get vanished…..) arnav smirks and says take care and hits the gun button, bullet force in to the air towards her…. suman disappears from the place before bullet hit her….. arnav seems that and gets shocked and looking around for her….. Again suman reappears behind him…. arnav feels her as behind and looks on dreadful….? suman is whispering his ears, what did I tell you? I told that you can’t ever kill me…. arnav hears that and starts shaking….. and turns back, suman again vanish in thin air….. arnav is startled….. she again appears in front of him and says listen me, just stop here don’t do anything…. Arnav gets panic and shoot again, she is vanish again….. he seems that and shout like a crazy man how dare you order me, stop your black magic and come out! come out! she appears again as behind him….. arnav is under shocked that leads him faint…. He falls down…. Suman look at him and her expression is like that ?? then she thinks it’s late and viplav is worrying about me, I should leave. ? Afterwards she disappears from the place…… (actually these scene is not my idea…. I watched this one drama…. It perfectly fix for this story so I add it…. So don’t say me a copy cat?….. And she doesn’t reveal herself as angel but she is taking risk to make arnav understand that he can’t kill her as well as viplav too…)

Viplav is waiting for long time for suman at last he fell asleep at step….. suman comes here and seems his sleeping…. Then she sits next to him and makes his head lays on her shoulder and looks at him with lots of love….. all of sudden viplav wakes up from his sleep and looks at suman…. Both were staring at each other…. the sad music is playing????….. He asks where were you have been all day? Why you are late? Suman says I just get some fresh air out…. viplav asks is it? I thought you are mad at me…. suman says why I should? I can’t mad at you…. viplav hears that and looks at her…. suman seems that and change the subject…. She says I need to do something in, then she goes inside…. Viplav looks on….

Next morning arnav wakes up from his big shock but in different location yes in hospital, his right hand I mean his spy varun next to him…. he says sir you were collapsed last night so I brought her…. arnav asks did you find out anything about her (dhaani)? that man says yes and tells one orphanage name….. arnav looks on…. he recalls last night incident and thinks she is not human….. She is something and his face? is like this…
At raj residence suman asks to raj, where arnav have been staying? Raj says where? in viplav house only, he was grown up there…. Suman looks on and thinks I should find some evidence against him…..
Later night time suman appears in viplav house by using her power…. And looks for arnav rooms by secret manner…. finally she found out and enters his room slowly…. She looks around and searches for something against him….. at the same time one orphanage has been shown, arnav enters to the orphanage and asks about dhaani to someone (orphanage head mother)….

In arnav room some files are kept in cupboard, she get them out and looks on…. suddenly one file were dropped by her hand… some photos were flows out and lays on the floor suman gets them back and give a glance at photos…. (That’s all viplav photos. In some photos viplav were close with one girl, that girl looks like a angel suman….) She looks that photos and shattered ….. She is stunned and raised her head towards cupboard mirror …. Suman looks at her face herself in mirror…. Then she looks at photos and asks herself what is this? this is me?….. tears were filled with her eyes….. At the same time orphanage mother shows something to arnav… he looks that and shocked….. Both were freeze under their respective place… scene freezes….
Who is that girl like a suman in photo? is her name is dhaani? What relationship she had with viplav? Is Suman as dhaani….. Are they are doing double roles like that?….? what orphanage mother showed to arnav for knowing that keep reading……?

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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Omg this suspense is going to kill me!!!! Please post it soon… i want to read the whole story at once yaar!! its just awesome di… love you for this treat!!

    1. Hey thank you maria…. I will post next part as soon as possible…. Keep reading….??

  2. Kaviya….. Its awesome…. I could not comment on previous episodes…….but trust me I enjoyed it to the core…..
    You are not a copy cat dear….its your creativity 🙂 🙂
    Well done
    is dhaani=suman….that would be fantastic

    1. Thank you sujie keep reading… And no problem you always welcome to comment….??
      Is Suman=dhaani for knowing that you have to wait for tommorow…. Tommorow I will give hint you can find easily…. ?so stay tuned…?

  3. Hiii I am back…….sry yaar I dnt comment dese days… war an epi……it’s super…..and u r nt copy cat yaar.. I think u am d only one who saw dat serial……BT I am nt sure…..and I can imagine all d Cns soon easily……u gave a super duper twist in d end……I tnk she(angel) may be dhani…. n ur epi I tnk I rd sometng I like dat..I mean mentioned something like dat…I dnt remember d exact words…..and it’s only guess I am nt sure…..

    1. Hi riya finally you’re back…. A very big thanks for your came back…. I miss your comments…. After see your comment I can see some life in my story…. So keep trying to comment more or less 12 episodes are left OK ….so try to comment….?? And what that word I can’t understand please explain me…. ?

      1. Will comment for sure?dnt worry…I am back…..and I too dnt remember the words….and on which epi u said something like dat……??

      2. angel head said dat u still have some quality of human left in u……I still can’t remember d exact words…..

      3. Thank u riya…. Yes she said that still some human feelings are left…. Like that helping, loving …. That’s why you can’t recovered those things and keep helping to human…. I think this was she said in 3 rd episode….. Moreover today you can find out what exactly angel is ….. So keep reading….? And thanks a lot my dear you say that you comment daily …. Keep it up too??

      4. Kkk… eagerly waiting for today’s epi….post it soon ya…’s hard to wait……here after I won Miss to comment for even a single epi……

      5. Yah sure riya I will update as soon as possible…. Keep waiting??

  4. Kavya it was very long??episode was awesome.. finally viplav brings suman back?that angel head (dadi) is quite lovely?.. best line was don’t dare to touch my viplav.. Aww !! Her viplav??she loves him but I think she didn’t realized it till now and so as viplav..
    Suman is very adorable she did good with that arnav??..
    I think dhani is suman .. dhani died due to some reason which made her angel it’s my guess but I know for further information I should read Destiny of love??..
    Keep rocking and waiting for the next one?
    And yeah thanks for posting daily??

    1. Thank you maha and yes tommorow you can check it out your guess is wrong or right OK….? I am happy that you enjoyed thoroughly…. More suspence are waiting for u…. So keep reading and stay tuned…..??

  5. Wow wow wow

  6. It is full of suspence :-/ … Lub it :-* … Want to read all story :-D.. U r toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gud writer B-)

    1. Thank you Nikki yes more suspense are waiting for you…. So keep reading I will post without fail then soon you can read full story…. Stay tuned??

  7. I don’t know what to say. You are driving me crazy. Episode was awesome loved it soo much ??.I think my guess is coming correct. Yesterday itself I read it but was little busy so I became late for commenting. Finally viplav brought Suman back ❤.I think in today’s episode dhani’s past is going to be revealed ☺☺

    1. Thank you aiswariya you always welcome to comment? and yes today you can find out your guessing is correct or not…..? then I will tell you are win or not….? Viplav can’t leave Suman like that na…. So he went back and took her back…. That’s his love…..?…. Keep reading…..?

  8. Latha

    Again superb episode Sri. Enjoyed very much and u r not a copy cat yaar and again suspense. Waiting for the next one post it soon but u r very sincere and posting daily. Keep it up dear.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation latha… It really encourage me… Yes I want to be sincere and regular…. I will but some times it’s not worked . I always try to be regular…. And yes I will post next part as soon as possible….. Thank u latha??

  9. My dear kavya u rocked again. I was out gor 3 days so read áll yr episodes 8 ; 9 n 10 in continuation n it was a big treat for me. ? sumans finding out true face of arnav her confrontation with him n viplavs ĺeaving her in middle of road in episode 10 did remind me of IKRS. IN THIS EPISODE BOTH MISSING EACH OTHER ; THEN SUMAN SEEING LOVELY SUDE OF ANGEL HEaD; VIPLAVS BRINGING HER BACK TO HOME; sumans gettinh emotional n fearing for viplavs life ; going to Viplav’s dadaji to ask for his protection n her frightening arnav by using her powers was awesome such that i just was lost in it. Now I THINK I HAVE GOT THE SUSPENSE. VIPLAV N DHANI; AN ORPHAN MUST BE BADLY IN LOVE N AFTER VIPLAV S ACCIDENT MUST HAVE DIED N BECAME AN ANGEL. THIS IS WHY ARNAV WAS DHOCKED TO SEE HER LATER WHEN VARUN CUD NOT FIND ANY DETAIL OF SUMAN HE TOLD TO FIND ABOUT DHANI. THIS MIGHT BE THE REASON OF ANGELS ECTRS CARING ATTITUDE TOWARDS VIPLAV N UNKNOWINGLY SAVIG VIPLAV FRPM FALLING FROM MOUNTAIN CLIFF AGAINST HER EISHES. OK EUD WAIT GOF NEXT N ONE THING THAT THIS PLOT IS SUPERB . WOULD REQUEST U TO FORWARD TO EKTA KAPOOR N SHE WUD MAKE IT IN A HIT SERIES TRUST ME?

    1. Thank u renu…. So you went out last three days that’s why I can’t see your comments finally you came back gave your comments…. I hope you enjoyed three episode thoroughly…. ? and yes today episode you can find out that you’re right or wrong…. Yes me too want take my story as dramas or flims…. Sure I will try to forward to her… Your words may come true one day?…. Thank you renu dear… ??

  10. Avijit

    I didnot come from two days and your ff reach so far 😛 ..hehe… so this episode is mixture of love..emotion ..drama and last me suspense ..super episode ..sorry for very late comment ..waiting for next eagerly ..and my ff’s next part also will post today read di ..our most creative writer 🙂 🙂

    1. U always welcome avijit… And yes sure I will read… I have been wait for your ff from last day…. I am eagerly waiting to read your action story…. So post it soon….?thank u bro…☺

  11. Nima

    kaviya dear, it’s again fabulous episode really loved it

  12. Thank you nima… Keep reading….. ??

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