Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 10


The episode is start with…. Viplav is sitting at front side with arnav, arnav drives the car…. Raj Lakshmi and suman are sitting back side…. Car slowly moves on….? while all of sudden arnav eyes looks at suman through front mirror…. suman noticed that and looks on…. Arnav seems that and changes his eyes on somewhere then he starts to speak with Viplav….. Suman leave that and don’t mind it first….. Arnav continuously speak with viplav and smiles….. At one point suman noticed his eyes with that smile through mirrors….. And some past scenes were runs in Suman’s eyes….. That day one masked man tried to kill viplav in forest, when that masked man smiled like evil to viplav and pushed viplav from cliff…… angel (Suman) well noticed his eyes with that smirks in that day… those scene are running in to her eyes……. but one thing was sure to suman that masked man eyes are same as arnav ones…. Suman feels some force when she seeing those scenes and looks at mirror again arnav fire full eyes and his evil smile makes her realized again that was him…… Suman looks on mirror shockingly….. In mirror his eyes shown with his devil smirks…. Scene freeze for a moment…..
Suman looks at him and thinks (inner voice) arnav was the one who tried to kill Viplav……
f.b shown to us that first episode viplav and arnav enjoying party at bar na? when they dancing while arnav excuse himself and goes to wash room…. Where he calls his man( varun) and says I had enough these past five years…. Today viplav come to office and seated in CEO chair… I thought he is small insect but he crossing my way always….. in anyway his alive dangerous to me….. So today end his life he said like that smirks in phone….. After you guys well know arnav pretend like leaving to airport…. And he plan to trapped viplav alone to that goons….. At forest he again entered with masked and pushed viplav from mountain….. While angel Suman saved him…… F.b ends……
Suman gets panicked and don’t know what to do…. She is shocked…. Suman gets one thing clear that arnav is dangerous to viplav….

Finally the place has comes where Suman and raj lakshmi get off….. Car is slows down and stopped in market…. They gets off from the car…. Viplav comes out and says to suman take care and go home safely Mmmm…. then he about to go …. When Suman grabs his hand and says don’t go viplav…. He looks on and asks what? Arnav seems that and gets off from car and asks is anything problem viplav? Viplav replies no bhai she just playing with me….. Then he let’s his hand from her and turns to go…. Suman shouts I want to go with you viplav so let’s go together…. Viplav turns back and says Suman don’t be an stubborn, we are heading to boys party, you’re not allow in so go home…. I will take you some other time Mmmm…. After he gets in the car and asks arnav to take the car…. Arnav looks at suman…… She looks on, he gets in the car and about to starts the car….. arnav hit the key but it doesn’t work….. why it’s not working hey friends look at Suman, yes she controlling the car by her eye power….? arnav and viplav are wonders why it doesn’t start…. Raj lakshmi seems that and asks suman what happened? Why its not moving? she looks on….. arnav tries hard to move forward but it doesn’t because Suman won’t take eyes on from car, the car fully controls under her eye power and it’s not arnav day…… arnav gets off from the car and opens car’s hook and checks out what’s the wrong with this car…. But he can’t get it clear and confused…. Suman looks at him and says (inner voice) I never allow you to my viplav side, even you can’t touch viplav ….. when I am with him…. in mean while arnav feels some rough air on his face and looks at suman…. She is glaring at him, arnav seems at her angry eyes and found it…. that something is wrong…. Viplav comes out and asks bhai is everything okay? arnav replies “no” I don’t know…. why it’s not starting…. I think my car need good mechanic….. Viplav smiles and says so we can’t go out today….. Arnav I think so…… Viplav smiles and says okay let’s make it next time. Suman seems that and says yes you’re correct try next time, arnav hears that and looks on….. Suman no I mean go next time now let’s go home…. Then Suman grabs viplav’s hand and leaves….. arnav looks at them leaving and calls his man (his right hand varun) and says abort the plan…. (like thani oruvan aravind sami ….?)

Later night Suman sitting with raj and raj lakshmi and working with them…. Suman recalls morning incident and thinks why arnav is trying to kill Viplav….. And lost her thoughts. Raj seems that and asks what happened? Suman says no I am just….. then she thinks for a second and asks what kind of person is arnav? Raj asks why you are asking this? She replies I just curious about him…. Raj says he is very humble and nice man…. Suman hears that oh is it? and asks but to viplav what kind of person him…. Raj looks on… She says no they seems very close that’s why I am asking…. Raj says yes they very close and strong brothers bond between them sometimes I am used to jealous to viplav…. Suman looks on…. Raj says I don’t have any brother like arnav so I am little jealous on him and laughs loudly….. ? Suman thinks about arnav’s next moves and worrying about viplav….

Next morning calling bell is ringing, Suman opens the door arnav standing in front of her…. Arnav looks at her…. Suman gets tensed inside but she faces him without fear. Arnav ask were viplav is in? she says no he is not in….. When viplav voice coming bhai I am ready…. arnav looks on and suman expression like this?….. Arnav yes let’s go and today I came with new car…. I think today no problem will take place and he shows the car….. Viplav smiles and looks at car…. Suman too looks at car…. while she seeing some scenes in her vision …. Its starts to run in her minds, she closes her eyes ….. scenes are runnning suman is seeing that, this car ? is going to smashed up by big truck ? in middle of the road (actually arnav plan is, in middle of driving he excuse himself to viplav and get off from the car to buy something …. In mean time that big truck have going to smash up the car with viplav…..) omg ? evil plan…… but our Suman seems that earlier before yes now some little things are changed all bad signs for viplav have been alarming first to suman, whenever it happen she feels the slam force in her soul…. she opens her eyes with panic…. Viplav ready to go but Suman holds his hand and says don’t go viplav….. Arnav looks on…. Viplav asks oh god why this girl behaving like this daily? and he says I told you na don’t be an stubborn…. But Suman doesn’t care about his words and keep blocking him…. Arnav asks miss actually what you are trying do? Suman hears that and glares at him…. Viplav let his hand free and asks her to go inside…. And he about to go…. Suman can’t control the situation so she blast out the truth like this…. She shouts don’t go viplav, he (arnav) is trying to kill you…. Viplav hears that and turns back….. Arnav looks on shockingly….. viplav smiles and asks just before what you said? Suman says yes I an saying truth viplav… He is the who trying to kill you…. Viplav gets mad and asks are you gone crazy? Do you know who he is? He is my brother…… How dare you blame him….. Suman says trust me viplav he is not good soul…. Viplav shouts Suman! But she doesn’t stop and says he was the one who pushed from the mountain…… Now he trying to smash you with this car…….. Viplav hears that and shouts shut up suman…. she looks on. Arnav hears everything and shocked, he thinks how she knew that….. Suman says viplav…… But he stopped her and says you gone crazy and you need treatment, he said like that takes her inside…… raj and raj lakshmi are comes and seeing everything …..

Inside viplav starts to shouts at suman and how dare you say that? Suman says please trust me viplav I am saying truth only….. Viplav asks why I have to trust you? Who are you to me? She hears that and asks what? those words ribs her (Suman) heart. Tears were filled with her eyes…. Viplav says you said other day that you’re just a traveller when you crossed the mountain you saw me in unconscious state….. But you were well known about what happened that day to me…… You lied to me…. How can I trust you? Suman is stunned and tears were falls from her eyes….. Viplav looks at her eyes with tears and shattered…… Both were staring at each other….. The same sad song is playing????… Viplav slowly asks are you crying? First time viplav seems her tears after they meeting, somehow that’s affect him…… Suman feels her tears and asks what happened to me? why I am shedding tears? Viplav asks why you are asking me that? He is total mess after saw that so he goes out…… Suman wipes her tears and asks herself humans can shed tear when they are sad or joy, but why I am? What exactly happening to me? Why I am aware earlier about arnav’s plan? Tears were rolled around her cheeks…..?

Viplav has come outside with sad face because he thinks that he was hurt Suman that’s why she is crying….. Out side arnav standing outside at tensed….. he is clueless about Suman and thinks exactly who she is? Viplav comes out and says bhai I am sorry! she is out of her mind….. I don’t know why she behaved like that….. Arnav starts his act and replies “no” viplav I can understand but I am not sure what she is trying to say….. She accused me as a killer na…. Do you believe in that? Viplav hears thar and hugs him …. And he asks what did you say bhai? How can I? Don’t think like that and leave this matter as it…. I can handle her…. And he asks arnav to go home let’s meet tomorrow….. Arnav acts like he is feeling bad…. then he goes out and smirks….. Inside viplav looks on…..
Later night…. at terrace Suman sitting sadly and thinks about her changing….. Viplav looks at her from little far and his foot forward to her but his hearts recalls her words that “arnav is trying to kill you” those words made him step off and goes back…. Viplav keep staring at her from little far away…… ?????

Next morning as usual suman working alone at downstairs…. No one surrounds her, arnav comes there…. Suman looks on….. He looks at her and smiles like a devil…… Suman doesn’t say anything and looks on silently…. Arnav says I know who you are? And I well knew you’re the one who know about my true face too. First day I am little confused because of your name but now I am cleared….. Suman glaring at him and asks what you are talking? arnav seems her and says don’t glare at me like this I am scared….. Oh what do I do? I am really scared….. He said like that and laughs…… Suman looks on….. all of sudden he looks at her and lean closer to her…. He smirks and says it’s me who tried to kill viplav….. You’re clear now and you know one thing that pot felled down na…. How that was happened? suman looks at arnav….. He smirks….. f.b shown viplav and raj are speaking together from outside when arnav puts that pot from terrace to kill viplav. when Suman saved him….. Fb ends Suman looks on shockingly and asks it was you? He smiles devily again….. Suman glaring at him….. arnav grabs her hand tightly and says I admit myself, now your turn what’s with your plan? Why this double role? Suman doesn’t get it and looks on….. She asks him to leave her hand and struggling with him….. that time viplav comes to the atmosphere but he doesn’t see them…. He comes behind them little far….. Arnav seems the viplav appears….. but suman doesn’t aware of this….. Arnav smiles and says I will kill viplav by my own hand….. Then what will you do? he tries to make herself angry and yes he succeeded too….. Suman gets mad and gives tight slap to him….. That slapping sounds reaches viplav ears ….. He seems that and shouts suman….. She looks on, arnav smiles mirthless to her. Viplav goes to them and grabs suman hand harder and asks just now what you’re done to my bhai? Suman bents her head and doesn’t say anything….. Viplav says you slapped my bhai….. Are you out of your mind?….. Suman looks on….. Arnav put more fume and says viplav I just asked her, why you blaming me, why I have to kill my brother? Why you want to apart my brother from me?…. For asking this she slapped me viplav…. You tell me viplav why I have to kill my bro? Mmmm? Like that he sheds crocodile tears….. Viplav is fell for his act and says why you are crying bhai? Today I will settle this matter…. Viplav looks at suman and says I had enough this…. Suman looks at him and nodes no and says viplav he is lying…… Viplav shouts at her shut up suman!….. She looks on, viplav drags her out. While she turns back and look at arnav, he smirks at her…..

After that viplav let her in the middle of the road and says I don’t know that you are find your something or not….. I had enough this, I don’t know you anymore….. He shows his hand towards road and says get lost….. Suman looks at him and tears were filled with her eyes ….. She says but I only know you in this world viplav…. Don’t leave me viplav…. Viplav hears that and says its already hard and crazy enough for me without you, I don’t know you anymore get lost from my life… Suman looks on and says no viplav…. Viplav says aren’t you going to leave? No problem…. I will leave and don’t follow me….. He said like that and runs away with anger….. Suman seems his leaving and tears were fallout from her eyes…. she says slowly let’s go together viplav…. He runs far away from her….. ???? the sad song is playing….

In my mind these Tamil lyrics are running…..
Uyirae Uyirae Piriyadhey
Uyirai Thooki Eriyaathae
Unnai Pirinthaal Ulagam Kidaiyaathae
Oh Oh Oh
Kanavae Kanavae Kalaiyaathae
Kanneer Thuliyil Karaiyaathae
Nee Illaamal Iravae Vidiyaathae
Oh Oh Oh ??
Suman is standing alone on the road side platform, all vehicles were crossing side to side at fast moment….. She is standing alone with tears…… Scene freezes with sad music….. ?????

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Thank you all for your support. Keep reading and have fun…. And share your views…..??

Credit to: Sri

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  1. Angel20

    Wow long episode again☺☺
    It was just awesome but really a sad episode.. Post the next one soon pls?

    1. Thank you maria…. Yes I will post next part as soon as possible….. Keep reading…..?

  2. Neil & Nikki

    Awesome… So emotional ….

  3. Neil & Nikki

    Update next part soon plzz

    1. Sure Nikki I will try to post next part as soon as possible…. So keep reading and thank you very much…..??

  4. Akka today’s episode was very emotional. I felt very bad for suman .I was just thinking what would be the condition of viplav when he will come to know about the truth.Akka Congratulations u completed 10 successful episodes ???

    1. Yes my dear I completed 10 the episode…. Thank you very much aiswariya after seeing your comment I realized that wow yes I finished my 10th one?….. Really thank you sissie I am happy….?

      1. Aiswarya

        Akka I was thinking that if you can write ff’s u can also write novals??.
        You can even publish ‘my girl is liar ‘
        Every one will love it? I’m sure. Akka u have a future as a novelist ☺☺

      2. Oh thank you aiswariya for your appreciation…. Yes sure I will try to publish “my girl is a liar”…. And you say I am a future novelist?? really its good to hear let’s see what happen in future?…. And yes i am planning to write novel too…? lets see how its worked…..Thank you my dear for your loving ….?

  5. Oh it was quite emotional episode but I loved it as I like senti scenes.. I know that arnav is doing all that for business?he is such a greedy person and I was damb sure that viplav will not believe suman .. poor viplav he can’t even think in his dreams that his own brother will cheat him?..
    Feeling pity on suman she is started feeling and acting like humans ..but viplav left her outside but he will bring her back for sure..
    Waiting for the next one..

    1. Yes maha Viplav can’t leave Suman like that…. He definitely do something…. So wait for tommorow episode…. Keep reading my dear thank you…..??

  6. Latha

    Tamil ponnae kalakura Po. Coming to today’s episode it’s emotional and superb Sri. Suman notice arnav eyes which was full of fire and with her super natural power and confirms he is the one who tried to kill viplav. Feeling sad for Suman that viplav left her on streets and poor viplav could never imagine that his brother will kill him. Keep writing dear …

    1. Thank you Tamil ponnu…. Yes really viplav could not imagine that arnav is the one who trying to kill him…. But everything will reaveal soon…. Keep reading…..?? more interesting things are on the way…. Stay tuned….?

  7. I don’t know whether my comment will get post or not.still

    1. Finally it got posted……? keep trying…. It may worked…..?

  8. Nima

    Kaviya, it’s again fabulous episode n emotional too….keep it up dear?

    1. Thank you nima….. Keep reading my dear…..??

  9. Shruthy

    omg this was an emotional end of episode? he believes Arnav more than Suman which is quite normal as he has known him for 5 years. But well… this separation might get them closer. ? and that song UFF! Senti …
    btw sorry late and short comment. i dont know what to say actually ?

  10. Thank you shruthy…. U always welcome…. Keep reading…..??

  11. Kavya dear i can compare arnavs confronting suman reminded me of dhanis confrontation with dashrath . In both cases the villain arnav or dt tried to provoke dhani n in fit of rage when dhani or suman got angry viplav took it wrongly n scolded dhani n left her on road. Superb. Good u have ecided to write books in fact i had told u about writing books n bollywood script earlier too also have told same ti saranya. Take care. God bless u.?

    1. Thank you renu yes I can pursuing my writing skills through writing novels like that….. So I definitely give a try…. Thank you very much for your appreciation renu….??

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