Destiny of love (IKRS) Episode – 1

I know guys, you all excited to read first episode, so directly I jumped at first episode OK….?
Note: In this episode I introduces arnav (viplav’s uncle son) and ahamad I forgot to mentioned him at intro, he just come with angel (eisha) intro…..
Story starts with a deep forest, big big trees are there, birds and animals are making sounds….. crescent (quarter) moon light was little brightening the place. In center of the forest, river was flowing…. Wow it’s beautiful na…. I love it, I hope u guys too like it na….?
let’s go to the story ok, one side of the river some guys were badly beating the one young man, let’s see who is that man?? Omg……that is our viplav? what happening yar? Hero introducing scene was bad na… Beaten by hooligans it’s really aweful na…. But why they’re beating him? Let’s check it out….. Wait wait before that guys did you see anything?…… I can see someone is standing from the other side of river and watching over this…..who is that? Any idea? no clue it’s so dark…. let’s focus and find out who is that okay.?
Out look seems like girl and she wearing shot white sleeveless gown with free hair, guys I am really scared because this late night, one girl with white dress may she could be a ghost na?? but you guys were with me na, so I am not scare at all….let’s see what’s going to happen….oh god where she is? She is not there, where she’s gone…..? shift our eyes to opposite side, I mean viplav’s side, omg now she’s this side (where viplav was beating by goons)of the river….how she crossed that river, what? is really she was ghost? But ghost means she must have aweful and terrible face na…. let’s see how see looks…. oh god what a beauty does she have….she like alike a angel!??
I think you guys are found out, yes she is our cute and lovely angel (eisha) whenever I mention about angel name please imagine eisha’s face and don’t confused……but you guys have one doubt na….. That why she’s here ena? Wait I will explain k….let’s go to the story…..? yes this time definitely I get into the story okay?
Now time(in story?) is 10 PM, but today morning 10am I mean 12 hours before what happened, why viplav was beating by these goons? Why they want to kill him……. let’s hit rewind button….
12 hours before…..
Big house has been shown, it looks like a heaven yes that’s our viplav house, we slowely moved into to his room, right now he is sleeping on his bed and covering his face with blanket… man(arnav, viplav’s uncle son and viplav’s brother figure) comes and asks him to wake up….then he tells viplav get up! get up! this is time, we have to go to meeting for our new business….viplav hears that and slowly removes his blanket from his face….. he wearing one angel symbol pendant around his neck, it’s silver color, sun rays falls into that pendant and that pendant reflects the bright light to arnav eyes. He blinks his eyes and tries to blocked that light with his hand…. viplav slowly opens his eyes and yawning in sleeping mood….
Arnav seems that and smiles…… Then he says hey bro get ready soon, we need to leave…..viplav slowly asks where? Arnav looks on …….and says where? Our office. Viplav smiles and tells bhai you’re kidding me na?….Arnav hears that and asks what? kidding? When I did it? Viplav looks at him and smiles…. Then he says very funny bhai but my mood is not enough to laugh….arnav smiles and asks why? Viplav takes a deep breath and says bhai you know me very well, I am not interest in your business…..arnav says yes I knew but this is dadaji wish so…..viplav hears that and says”no” “no” I can’t bro please understand me and make understand that old man first (he mention his dadaji?)…… arnav hears that and says OK, okay just come for today…. later we should talk about this to dadaji, what do you say? Mmmm…. viplav looks at him and asks bhai really? can you do that….arnav smiles and says yes….. Viplav smiles and says then OK I will come only for today….then he leaves the bed to fresh up…… Arnav looks on with smiling face….
Later viplav gets down from upstairs everyone(arnav and his parents, and all servants) looks at him with smiling face except his dadaji…..he comes down …… viplav and dadaji glaring at each other….. arnav understands that atmospher and asks them to go out and get in the car first….. viplav signs yes and leaves out. Then they rush to company (SBC corporate Limited… something came in my mind?)
Later at office meeting was started, every one sits around and listening the presentation, (arnav present the presentation) our viplav sits in center (C.E.O chair)……he also tries to listening the presentations but he can’t, he lost his patient that makes him tired and the final result is, viplav falls asleep at chair…..dadaji seems that and his BP raises to the peak….. interstingly everyone were watching presentation, that time dadaji throws pen cap at viplav face to wake up but pen cover less wait na, so first attempt fails….then dadaji tries his second attempt but this time he throws a pen towards viplav’s face and finally pen hits at viplav face, he wakes up in middle and claps alone without knowing anything and says amazing bro….. Everyone looks on…..our viplav seems that and smiles? to make situation normal….. dadaji glaring at him…. viplav seems that and turned out his face…..? and says you continue bhai….. arnav looks on and smiles…
Meeting is still going on…… now some others presenting the presentation our viplav still not mood to listening……. He starts to play angry Bird game in mobile under his desk, everyone attention has falls into his act, dadaji gets irritated by his lovely grandson….arnav looks on….. Like that whole meeting passed out…..
Afterwards, dadaji takes his anger out to viplav, then he asks why you’re like this viplav? why? do you want to kill me ena?……but our hero doesn’t gets into his ears he keeps playing in mobile….. That makes dadaji more tensed, so he grabs viplav’s phone and throws out……? viplav gets mad and looks on? both were glaring at each other….. arnav is watching over that….viplav asks what’s wrong with you dadaji? How many times I told you that I am not interested in your business… dadaji hears that and asks but why?…. you’re the one who mantained this big comapany alone at 5 years before, now what’s your problem?…..tears were filled with viplav eyes and and asks why? You don’t know why? Dadaji is looking at viplav’s tearful eyes and his heart feels pain…. Then he tells 5 years already passed out viplav, why you’re still stuck in your past? Viplav hears that and asks what? past? That past is my problem, everyone have past, their childhood, school and college days, like many happiest memories, but I don’t have anything like that, you told me that you’re my dadaji and arnav bhai said he is my bhai but I can’t remember anything, why dadaji I can’t remember myself, exactly who am I? it’s killing me dadaji…. tears were rolled around his cheeks?
dadaji says “viplav leave your past and think about your future”, viplav hears that and replies “without past there is no future dadaji “…… Dadaji tries to say something but viplav says I am sick person dadaji then why you want me to take over the business…..dadaji hears that and nodes “no” tears were filled with his eyes….. Viplav seems that and smiles, then he says dadaji please change your thoughts, just leave me alone. Dadaji and arnav looks on……viplav leaves the place, arnav follows him…..
Viplav was came out from office, arnav is stopped him and hugs him…. he says everything will be fine soon and tries to comfort him but viplav let him free from arnav and keep walking….arnav again stopped him and asks why my little brother looks sad, it’s not suitable for your face bro, and he starts tickles to viplav….. viplav gets tickles and laughs……?
Then arnav holds viplav arms, and says today night I am leaving India for my half month business trip, flight 9 pm, now 7 hours left….so let’s party OK…. Viplav signs yes…..later they get in the car…..arnav starts to drive a car…..then he asks viplav are you still afraid to drive. (some bitter past reveal soon) viplav signs yes. They stares at each other smilingly….
Car slowly moves in the road, suddenly they are trapped into the traffic….. infront of car some group of people were standing around something, They get off from the car? ?and go forward to see what happened….. Someone got heart attatack and collapsed on the road….. Viplav and arnav goes near to them and seeing that person…. they are freaked out, viplav goes near to that person and hold in his arms…..then he tries to wake up him ….at that time angel appears in that place (she has been unseen by human world, only dead people can see her), yes angel (our eisha) comes to that place with her golden death book….. she is looking at viplav and understands viplav is trying to save that person…. Viplav gives first-aid to him, angel looks that and says no use of that, anyways he is going to die in few seconds?…..
Viplav shouts at arnav to call the ambulance, then arnav tells let’s take that person to the hospital by our car…..viplav aggrees. Dhaani seems that and asks yah where you guys were taking him? hospital? he have some time only, and I have another schedule in this street….. Why? And she shouts at high pitch why?…… ? (how much she shouts they can’t hear) then she looks at them and says now a days lot of trouble makers are there to making trouble…..viplav and arnav were taking that person to the hospital by their car……dhaani also get in the car but they can’t see her? viplav holds that person and sits back side of the car, dhaani also sits back side. Arnav drives the car…..
Viplav was freaked out lot….he is so concerned and caring about that person…. angel is seeing everything from near to him, she lost her mind and stares at viplav unknowingly…..? one sad song is playing ??? I fixed one song in mind like that you should fix something?. viplav asks arnav to drive fast ….. angel hears that and come to her sence, and asks her self what? I like him or something, why I am staring at him like that, “no” he absolutely not my type….. then she looks at him and wonders….
later at hospital that person was admitted and Doctor gives treatment to him, in the end he died. Doctor come out and tells to viplav that he was dead. Viplav and arnav hears that and get shocked… mean time inside angel asks that dead person to come out from his body……he pops out from his body and looks on….? dhaani reads his name (ahamad), age (55) and finally she confirms that he died at may 10 from her golden death book…. ahamad hears that and turns around….he saw his own body by his eyes and gets shocked…. Then he asks what really am I dead? Then who are you? …. she says yes your’re dead and I just guide the dead people, in this situation humans were call me an angel, she said like that and give a cute smile in her face…..? ahamad hears that and looks on shockingly…… scene freeze
In next episode…..Rewind things will be continue….
Thank you all for your support, keep reading and share your views…..??

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  1. Arshdeep

    Loved the cover pic as it used to be of “My girl is a liar” too?❤
    Beautiful forest scene? but someone beating viplav ??? Why????
    Everything seems so interesting..wants to read the complete fan fiction all together??
    Aww viplav was very funny in sleeping between the meeting and playing games??but poor boy lost his memory??
    The word ANGEL suits Eisha❤?
    Enjoyed the first episode?✌

    1. Thank you arsh more interesting and mysterious things waiting for you…… So stay tuned and keep reading…….?
      And friends sorry for late update I submitted my article yesterday 4 pm around but tellyupdate was updated it today morning only….. So next episode will be publish tomorrow……

      1. Arshdeep

        No problem at all. Patience pays and in your case it actually pays. Whenever i read an episode i am fully satisfied? Its always more than my expectations?

      2. Oh thank u arsh cutee I hope you enjoy well…….. God bless u my dear??

  2. D way u describe d epi s superb…… waiting for NXT epi…… waiting for his past story…..

    1. Ramya how was it, it’s totally different na, I hope you like it…….thank you and all the best for your CLG…..??

      1. Thz dr…..i thought it would be slightly the same story…but made it different…..i think u made only dhani characters portrait as high school love on and my love from star ……story line s totally different…… waiting for next epi….

  3. Sujie

    Kaviya….this is fantastic….
    Angel Eisha….. Viplav aka Mishal …I’m loving it … ?
    Keep going.,,..

    1. Thank u sujie keep reading…… More interesting things are waiting for you…..??

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow this is so awesome and tempting keep writing kaviya love u dear

    1. Thank u joyee. Keep reading….. Love you too dear??

  5. Nice cover’s remains me that “my girl is a liar”.awesome episodes.that forest scene was superb as my favorite.I didn’t like the scene that viplav was beaten.but as usual superb.:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u midarshani, yes me too don’t want hurt Viplav but I forced to do that…. Upcoming episode Viplav have to cross so many disaster….. Keep reading….. ?

  6. Hey wat r dng nw??higher studies r going to job???

    1. Hey riya I am vetti officer ma, looking for job but I don’t know when I get that…. Keep waiting for job…. And I am boring myself so I started to write another one and our ikrs friends want me to write one more… So I came back….
      And yes you’re correct I took angel character and villan character from high school love on and my love from the star….. But I created new story with this character….. I created Viplav character….. So he will be unique and story also unique with my ideas….. We can steal characters and some scenes but we can’t steal story na then it will be not ours it must be someone else….. So I kept that in mind always…..??

    2. Yep we can steal some ideas?Ya ur thinking s great…. and good luck….ur thinking is unique and u will get a job soon… dnt worry✌…..wat did u studies????and which character u took as villain??I dnt remember dat villan character…..?

      1. Thank u riya yes my thinking is like that?? I finished my PG course plat biotech…. Me too not remember his character well, but in this story villan also same as he…. Afraid of nothing want to get rid of everyone who crossed his way…. For his desire he can do anything……. Very bad na?.

      2. Kk…ya very bad villan….and waiting to c how he came to viplav life and wat’s he s gona do….. waiting…..and post it nw so dat it will update in ngt?….

      3. I am going post next part tommorow itself so don’t wait for it…. Because I need more comments from regular readers….

      4. Kk sri….but it’s hard to wait?

  7. Sorry for this very late comment Sri.actually i waited a very long time yesterday for the update.
    Coming to the epi,i rate it as 4 out of is my trp calculation.super cool na.hahahaha.its intro na,that’s why its 4 otherwise it’ll be five out of five.
    Another impt thing i noted today is ur explation was superb and more clear,we can visualize everything more than usual.perfect cinematic style,i just loved viplav’s office scenes,arnav-viplav relation,dhani intro(omg that was beyond words,supernatural).
    Pls keep explaining like this bcz that makes me remember of our greatest writer Charles Dickens.u rocked it Sri.perfect cinema maker.

    1. Saran duper calculation but at least you should give 4.5/5…. ?Then I would more happy no problem I will make it next part OK…. Thank u very much ma…. And yes I will continue the way of same writing style like this okay…. ?? feeling overwhelming after seeing your comment…..?

      1. Hi saru n pshri i would gove 4.9 out of 5?

    2. Hi Samantha how r u???I thought dat ur comments will be d fst…bcz u used to comment first…’s k…what r u dng now???School r clg r job???

  8. Angel20

    Wow Kaviya di, it was superb? and the cover pic reminds me of My girl is a liar?? superb description, loved it, and I waited for so long yesterday night but…?? and today morning also it was not posted! Now finally I came back from college and read☺☺ keep going, post the next part soon!?

  9. Saranya….sry it was due to autocrt…..

  10. Angel20

    Wow Kaviya di, it was superb? and the cover pic reminds me of My girl is a liar?? superb description, loved it, and I waited for so long yesterday night but…?? and today morning also it was not posted! Now finally I came back from college and read☺☺ keep going, post the next part soon!??

    1. thank u maria….. yes me too waited for long time, sorry for delay…. and i will post next part as soon as possible….. keep reading ok

  11. Hi pethushree just love yr unique different style of writing which is fabulous. Just read in 1 dtroke without pause . Too good. Like the introduction when viplav gets up in morning one thing he is wearing angel locket??? Liked the conference room scene of dt throwing prn on viplavs face n his getting ip from the nsp n clappling alone?? but many unanswered things like why viplav was being besten what happened 5 yrs ago that he is not interested in his businesses ventute which was nirtured by him. But i know all would be answered in coming epidoded. Just want to say enjoyed every bit of it. ☺?

  12. Oh so many spell errors sorry

    1. no problem renu i understand it because of some technical problem….

  13. thank u renu and keep loving…… and yes lot of things covered up, soon one by one it will be reveal in upcoming episode…. more interesting thing are waiting for u…. viplav thinks himself as that he is sick person because of his memory lost…. so that’s why he afraid to take responsibility…. keep reading …..

  14. Shruthy

    omg this was so fantastic! ??? i just loved that. An angel&human wala love story. WOOHOO i adore it! ? Quite thrilled to know what happens to Viplav and what happened to him also 5 years and all… Cant wait for next part girl. Post it soon.

    1. Thank u shruthy…. Yes all veiled things will be reaveal soon… Keep reading I will try to post next part as soon as possible….. Thank you very much….???

      1. Shruthy

        YAAAAY <3 cant wait.

  15. Latha

    Kaviya superb episode ???? Forest scene beautiful???? Angel’s intro supero super. Viplav always naughty and funny sleeping and playing games between meeting. It’s hurting if someone beating viplav but interesting. Keep writing dear waiting for next one???❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Thank u very much latha keep reading…. More naughtiness of Viplav will waiting for you…..??

  16. Avijit

    so ..this is your ff .. I recognized from the cover pic is similar of my girl is liar … then confirmed from the name …. now coming to the episode … it was very awesome … title is also interesting … good start ..keep it up di .. all the best .. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u avijit, keep reading and try to comment when you get free time…. It seems like you are busy that’s why I am saying this OK… And thank u very much bro…. You should read intro too… ☺

      1. Avijit

        yeah I read the intro too was also good … keep it up 😉

  17. hi i am a silent reader. i love all your ffs kavya diii . dii i want u to write an ff on kasam plssss can u plsss plsss plsss plsss……………………………. this one is awesome .

    1. Thank u sreetstrff, …..☺i am glad to know that you like it…. Thank u very much…. And definitely I will try to write ff for kasam…. After finishing this ff I will try OK….?keep reading….?

  18. Love u diiii thanks for agreeing to my request, plsssss can u write it within 2 months ( for me your ff my girl is a liar is an awesome one) plss try kkk diii

    1. Oh sure sreetsrff….. I will try ok….??

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