destiny of love (Episode 9)

Hii hello every one….am really happy to see your comments……some of you gussed that that boy may be abhi…your guess may or may not be correct…lets see…and coming to the story
Episode 9:

Episode starts with abhi and pragnya hugging……dadi along with dasi comes to bhi’s room….on seeing abhigya hugging…dadi coughs…they comes to their sence and break their hug….dadi comes to pragnya and says that very soon she will come to her house and talk about their marrage…pragnya’s feels happy and leaves from there…
Pragnya goes to her home…she explains every thing that had happened to bulbul……she feels happy and hugs her….bulbul is really happy…she calls to purab and explains him..he even is happy to listen to this and says that even his dadi will come and talk to sarala…..bulbubl says ok and hangs up the call…

Next day purab calls abhi and shares his idea…abi says its really exciting to think of both marrages at the same time…and he says that he is arranging party to night and we will announce about both the marrages..purab says its a good idea…but it should be a surprise to them both..abhi says ok and daadi is going to their house today and hangs up the call…abhi goes to aliya and says about his surprise party…aliya feels happy…and says even am going to bhai’s house along with dadi..adhi says its good and leaves from there…….

Its pragnya’s house shown….sarala is busy with some work..pragnya comes there and asks her what is she doing and why is she soo tensed..??sarala says to pragnya that get ready fast ladka ka family aa rahe hai thuje dhek ne ke liye….pragnya calls abhi but he doesn’t pic…she gets tensed…abhi thinks he should not talk to her till he give her surprise…..sarala asks pragnya why is she not ready till now…pragnya is adout to say something but sarala cuts her off and asks her to get ready fast…..pragnya thinks what to do……and she is soo tensed..

Boys family comes….sarala brings pragnyna….boy and his family likes pragnya,sarala feels happy…and they are about to fix the date for engagement….pragnya with teary shouts loudly I don’t want this marrage….i hate it..and she goes from there….boys famiy leaves from there..sarala shouts at pragnya…why did she say like that…it was a good match for her and thry did not ask much dowry even…do you know how difficult it is keeping a girl at mothers home at the marrage age without getting her married..??you don’t think of all these…why don’t you want to get married..??

Pragnya says that she wana get married but not to this person there is some other….sarala is shocked to listen to this…she asks what did you say..??pragnya says that there is some other person whom she is loving…sarala asks her who is he..??pragnya says it is Abhishek prem mehra…sarala is shocked to listen his name…sarala asks her how do know him..??she says bulbul’s boss’s friend….sarala asks why are you both close to her boss.??(bulbul and pragnya)…bulbul says that she is loving him and he too loves her….sarala is more shocked….and she is about to beat her…but she hears some voice from back to stop..she turns and is shocked to see dadi…

Dadi is also shocked to see sarala….dadi says sarala you are pragnya’s mom..???sarala says ya am her mom and we are living peacefully staying away from you people…I thought of staying away from you but I don’t know why I met you now…I know that your potha loved my pragnya intentionally…we are happy now but now because of your abhi for the first tome my daughter is against please leave from here…I don’t wantmy daughter to get married with your abhi…dadi says please listen to me once then only you can understand what had happened…sarala says she don’t want to listen anything….

Pragnya’s dadi asks to listen to her once..sarala says ok……meanwhile pragnya bulbul and Aliya are shocked to listen to sarala’s and dadi’s conversation….dadi says first your daughters and my grand children should know everything…..dadi calls abhi and aasks him to come to pragnya’s home…abhi asks her why is her voice so serious…????dadi asks him come ass fast as he can and also ask purab to come with you…abhi says ok….with in few minutes abhi and purab reached there …dadi asks them to sit and she starts her conversation..

dadi introduces abhi and Aliya to sarala….dadi says abhi and pragnya are loving each other…bulbul and purab also loving….but before their marrage there are many things to be settled..abhi asks what are those…??dadi says your father Nithin Mehra and pragnya’s father sanjai Arora are best friends and business partners….all the youngsters are shocked. Few years both of them did their business in India only…they are happy with their income …nithin thought of starting their business in abroad….sanjai what ok with that proposal….but he told that her can’t stay away from his family and asked nihin to take caree of abroad business…nithin told ok and left to US along with mamatha(abhi’s mom) there was good improvement in business…all were happy…

but suddenly there was a news from bank that sanjai’s property is kept for auction because did not pay bank loan….seeing that news he got heartattack and he is dead…..knowing sanjaai’s death news nith started to india…but he and mamatha were dead inn flight accident…..afterr all the rituals I came in search of sarala and her family but I couldn’t find them….i thought bringing sarala to our home but I could….sarala says that how did you think that we will come with you..?? because your son betrayal my husdand died and we were on roads and she cries…and screen freezes…

precap:sarala cries pragnya and bulbul consoles her..they are even crying…….abhi is sitting without uttering any word….

Guys I know today’s episode is sooo boring am sorry…but I will try my level best to make it intresting in next episode…please give me your comments on this….am really sorry

Credit to: shaanu


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