destiny of love (Episode 8)


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Episode 8:
Abhi and pragnya are shocked to see tanu getting blessings from dadi…..abhi goes to dadi and also takes pragnya with him…..he says to her that dadi am loving pragnya and I wana marry her am serious about it,I can’t think anyone else in her place…incase if any thing such happens I can’t be alive….pragnya holds his hand tightly listening to that………he continues dadi I hope you like her what do you say..???

Dadi says……tanu even likes you,she wana marry you then what about her…???tanu smiles by dadi’s words………abhi says am sorry to say this dadi……I can’t hurt you at the same tome I can’t hurt pragnya also…..she is my life…..if I accept tanu for your sake I cant make her happy and her life will be ruined….i don’t want anything to happen like this…… once you think about me dadi…dadi says ok I will keep few test to both of them…who wins will become bahu of this house…tanu says am ready…dadi asks what about pragnya then??
pragnya says abhi is her life…without abhi there is no pragnya…she can and will do anything for him to be happy..and she is ready to do any thing…..abhi stares at her………dadi says that good and she direct them both to a room…they get into that room…that room is full of abhi photos since childhood and there are trophies and shields for his talent…dadi asks them both to see those photos….they both go through all the photos…dadi asks them completed seeing photos….???they say yes…

all of them are in hall except abhi,dadi says I will ask you three questions you should answer…I will ask the same questions to abhi which are related to himm…if your answer matches to him you can understand who loves him the most…they agree for that….
Question 1:among all the photos which is abhi’s favourite photo??
Tanu:abhi with his guitar…because he loves music si he wana be with his guitar all the time..and it is his profession
Pragnya:abhi with Aliya…because it is aliya’s first picture with him…and his last photo with his parents at his 5th birth day..
Question 2:it is a family function which is celebrated simply….wwith out any media what dress does abhi likes to wear???
Tanu:he wears sharvani because he is a rock star how can he be so simple..???
Pragnya :abhi thiks to be simple…he just wears a white shirt……even if media is there he thinks to be so simple
Question 3:what if suddenly abhi’s stardom is gone and he is inn totally loss.??
Tanu:I can’t see my abhi in loss and struggling for money..I will take him to my dad and ask my dad a job for him and we both stay happy
Pragnya:abhi first he feels sad for you and aliya…I will give him hope that am there for him…along with abhi I will also work hard or atleast we wil start some or the other business…even of income is low we can be happy with that…he cant leave you both even in his worst night I will be along with him…
Dadi silently listens to both of their answers and feels happy for pragnya’s answers…dadi calls abhi and asks him first two questions he replies same answers as pragnya’s answers and reasons…third question she asks what if suddenly your stardom is gone..??he says that I will feel sorry for you and aliya…I can’t leave you both I will try my level best with music if it is not happening,,I will start a small business and be happy with that evenif it is less income we can be happy….dadi feels happy,tanu gets irked…

Dadi says that do you know why did I aask you both to see abhi’s photos.?? So that you will observe him and his childhood..and his mind set….pragnya did that…and tanu she simply saw them…and last question is to know what will you do..will you stay on abhi’s side or leave him…pragnya did that but tanu,,she didn’t..she wants abhi’s stardom and his money only..not his love…. Pragnya is correct bahu of this house….pragnya and abhi feels happy tears rolls down from abhigya’s eyes….tanu gets irked and leaves from there….
Pragnya takes blessings from dadi..dadi kisses on her fore head and says she did this to make tanu understand not because that she is against pragnya….am really happy that a loving carin and understanding wife abhi got…pragnya smiles…dadi asks Aliya to show their house…Aliya abhi and pragnya are only left in hall…abhi says meri pyari pragnya…love u babie….and he is about to hug her..she goes away from him and says I hate shouted on me….abhi is shocked..aliya smiles and takes her fromm there…
She shows complete house and at last she takes her to abhi’s room…Aliya sasys this is your room and teases her…abhi comes there and signs Aliya to go out…Aliya goes out….abhi pulls pragnya near to him….she trries to get free but she can’t they both have a eye lock..she says don’t see aa me like this,…he asks why??she says I will foreget everything…I can’t see anything except those eyes..there is some magic in them..he smiles and kisses on her lips….screen freezes

Precap:sarala says to pragnya that get ready fast ladka ka family aa rahe hai thuje dhek ne ke liye….pragnya calls abhi but he doesn’t pick

Guys I know you all are angry on me for the please wait…I hope you all like this episode please say how is it…

Credit to: shaanu

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