destiny of love (Episode 7)

Am really soo sorry guys for my late update…actually I was stucked up with some other work so I couldn’t update…..please say if my ff is boring to you ….???

Episode 6:
Episode starts with abhi getting shocked by seeing Aliya.abhi says Aliya yeh…vho….iss…Aliya cuts him and says she is the girl who kissed you yesterday night right..??pragnya feels embarsed and keeps her head down.abhi says Aliya we both love each other thinking to marry….aliya smiles and says that she is happy to listen this but why didn’t you say me before..??abhi says he thought of saying to every one at once so,he didn’t say now…Aliya hugs abhi and pragnya,all three of them take selfie and they leave.

Its purab’s office,in his cabin bulbul is shouting on can you do this purab… do you how much big mistake you did…??purab says sorry baba I won’t repeat it..she says if you say that is it enough..?? what will you do with this now..?? he says bulbul am your boss and youu are shouting on me that I made mistake…she says if you are boss so what mistake is mistake and keeps on blabaring…purab,to stop her kisses on her lips.tanu,opens his cabin door and gets more irked seeing them both.she leaves from there also.bulbul keeps him away and asks what are you doing??he says I don’t haveany other option other than this..bulbul beats him and they both have a hug.

Ahi comes to purab’s office,seeing them both hugging and he coughs.they both come to their sence and leave….bulbul goess fram there..abhi says oh this is the work you are doing in office..purab says no no nothing like that its just….abhi cuts him and says leave it man pyar aur zindagi me sab cheltha hai….they both hug and goes from there.tanu in purab’s home breaking all the things and cries saying that he doesn’t love me he loves her only…Jhansi (puraab’s dadhi) asks her wat happened..tanu says she came from US to marry abhi but now he is loving someone else.I went to purab to say this but he is busy with romancing with his assistant.jhansi is shocked to listen this but she consoles tanu.tanu says I hate her

Purab comes to his come and shocked to see all broken vases and all the other stuff.he asks Jhansi what happened,by that time tanu slept and Jhansi explains him what had happened,purab listens to her and says her about bulbul and how they thought of marrying..jhansi pats his back and says I have no objection with her if you are happy with marrying her and she kisses him on forehead…purab thanks her and asks her about his dada..she says I will talk to him he will also accept her.he feels happy and goes from there.

Tanu listen to their conversation and thinks she should do something to separate abhi and pragnya so that she can marry him.tanu goes to pragnya’s office and meets her in caftetaria ….tanu says to her as you told abhi loves you and he confessed you…so now are you going to marry…??? Pragnya says I already told you am going to marry him….
[I know you are thinking about how pragnya and tanu know each other…there is a flash back between them… will be revealed later………]
Tanu gets irked amd goes from there…….
Jhansi goes to abhi house…dasi welcomes her…dadi joins them and they had few things to chat and then jhansi came to the point that purab is loving bulbul….dadi feels happy for purab….jhansi then says that tanu loves abhi but he loves some other girl…dadhi is shocked to listen this……Aliya listen to their conversation and is shocked about tanu…she then calls to abhi and says every thing that had happened…..

Dadhi still in shock…jhansi says that tannu loves abhi but she is not correct for abhi….if I say her this she will not listen to me and do some kind of nonsence or she may effect abhi’s wife…I don’t want anything to happen in this way….so you should only make her understand dadhi listens to her and says I will think about it you don’t worry….jhansi feels relieved and leaves from there…
Abhi is shocked hearing tanu’s words and he says that he will be in home with pragnya with in few minutes……abhi goes to pragnya’s office asks about pragnya….thry direct towards her cabin….all are shocked to see him and more shocked that he came for pragnya…abhi goes to her and asks her to come with him…she says she is having some work wait for an hour I will come…abhii says it is important so you come fast…she asks him to wait as it is even important works…..abhi shouts at her…will you come or not it is our life….we shput talk to my dadi..and he drags her…pragnya doesn’t talk to him anything in car…..they reach his home…abhi and pragnya enters the house and they are shocked to see tannu taking blessings from dadi….screen freezes on their faces…

Precap:pragnya says abhi is her life…without abhi there is no pragnya…she can and will do anything for him to be happy..and she is ready to do any thing…..abhi stares at he………

Am so sorry guys for late update…I hope you guys like it please say me if it is boring….should I continue or stop it also you say…….

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  1. Hey don’t think like that it’s not all boring it’s really awesome i just loved it n i am scared of precap pls update nxt epi soon.

  2. awesomely blossom☺☺???? but as soon as close chapter of tanu whenever is like tanu in positive role anyways usually awesome blossom??????????⭐??⭐?????

  3. i like aliya in positive

  4. this not boring if u repeat surely I will kill u ?????????????

  5. Create it abigya union tanu stay away from abi life…else again send her where did she come der…she is only problem of abigya family…

  6. Nice episode yaar eagerly eagerly eagerlyyyyyyyyyy waiting for next part…. Plzzzz don’t stop it yaar continue its really nice n superb

  7. Please don’t think to stop. You’re amazing. I am loving your ff.

  8. super….

  9. Sakshi(rabul forever)

    Awesome specially rabul’s part and continue?!!

  10. Krish

    awesomee…..waitng fr te nxt epiii………

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