destiny of love (Episode 6)


Episode 6
Abhi and pragnya break their hug,purab and bulbul comes there shouting congragulations………bulbul hugs pragnya and purab hugs abhi…….bulbul asks pragnya why did you hide near me that you are loving abhi……..????pragnya feels shy and doesn,t reply anything but just givs a smile…….purab and bulbul teases abhi and pragnya…….all four of them have their food……..purab signs to bulbul to come to a side,bulbul goes and asks purab why did you call…purab says that to leave them alone I called you…bulbul says ok and stands there enjoying the weather……..purab hugs bulbul from back and says babie lets marry,I can’t wait for you………..bulbul turns back and say still there is time for that…. Purab asks still how much time..??she says le dhi get married….then purab says that abhi and pragnya are loving so they will marry,we even get married at same….how is the idea……..?? bulbul pulls his cheeks and says my cute darling has grown up and getting good ideas these days…..purab asks her am I a child till now saying that am grown up….?? Bulbul laughs and says that you are child to me even if you are aged……purab hugs her…..purab asks her shall we go for a long drive…??? Bulbul says ok and they leave…
Abhi holdes pragnya’s hand and kisses on her hand…pragnya asks will you hold my hand life long…???abhi says why will I leave your hand…..if I leave your hand it means am leaving my own heart……how can I live without my heart….??you are soo precious to me I will take care of you,you don’t fear… I will say about us to my dadhi she will come and speak with your mom and lets get married….pragnya hugs him with teary eyes……..abhi says pragnya that yoou are looking like a small child crying for a chocolate when you are crying now…pragnya beats abhi and smiles……they are walking towards the car,pragnya gets her leg twisted and is unable to walk….abhi massages her leg and they have a eye lock….pragnya’s phone rings…..pragnya shouts its maa abhi…she’s gonna scold me for sure its been late…I can’t attend the call…and she is so paniced…abhi asks her to be cool and pick the call and answer……pragnya picks the call,Sarala maa in a tensed voice asks her where is she and why isn’t she back till this late night…???pragnya says that she is stuck in traffic and will be in home with in half an hour……..sarala asks her to be back soon and asks her about bulbul….pragnya then thinks about bulbul whre did they go and replies to Sarala that bulbul is with her and they both will be back soon and hangs up the call….. pragnya says abhi lets go its been late by now..abhi says ok and holds her hand so that she will get up…but she can’t…abhi holds her in his arms and takes her to the car…while going pragnya stares abhi….
Pragnya is tensed as bulbul’s phone is not reachable…….abhi tries to purab’s phone,but he is not picking…..abhi asks pragnya to be cool…they see a car to a side on rode and a cuple standing near car….abhi slows down his car and they notices that couple is purab and bulbul….abhi and pragnya gets down the car and asks them what happened… purab says that they went on a long ride and while they ar back on their way car got break down…so they are waiting for any vehicle….abhi says ok and asks them to get in the car….they reach pragnya’s house pragnya and bulbul gets down the car….they are about to leave,abhi calls pragnya to a side,she comes and he asks her can I take your car for my car is in trouble I left it there on the road…..pragnya says keep this car with you if I take this car now my mom will asks me from where did I get such costly car,then I will ne in fix..its better you keep it with you after our marrage we will use…abhi says ok and they have a hug…..they come to purab and bulbul….but they are not in their sence as they are in deep hug and closing their eyes…abhi and pragnya smiles seeing them…pragnya then acts as if her mom is calling them and says ha maa coming then bulbul comes to sence and leaves purab…abhigya teases rabul and asks them to be in control till they get married…pragnya and bulbul goes inside and abhi and purab leaves..
Sarala maa is waiting for them,when pragnya and bulbul comes in she shouts on them for being late and asks them to not to be late next time…else she will not bare and take a serious action on it…they go into their room…abhi in his room,Aliya then comes to him and asks him where did he go and why is he late…abhi says that he was with his friends…aliya then notices lip maark on abhi’s neck…Aliya asks were you with your girl friend…asks says no no why did you ask like that …Aliya says then how did that lip mark come on your neck..??abhi then recalls pragnya kissing him on his neck when he was holding her in his arms….o allah wariya plays…abhi blushes and says its nothing a small girl kissed she is my fan itseems…Aliya asks why will a small girl kiss on neck..???abhi asks her to stop and he goes…aliya thinks am sure bhai is having girl friend and she too leaves……
Next day abhi calls pragnya and says he wana see her…..pragnya asks him to wait till evening……..abhi says he can’t and now am comminng to your office pragnya says no I will only come to you and they meet up in a hotel….aliya and tanu lso come to same hotel and they are shocked to see abhi with pragnya…actually pragnya leened on abhi’s shoulder…Aliya says oh is shethe girl who kissed bhai yesterday night…and feels happy for abhi…listening this tanu gets irked a leaves from there……abhi feeds pragnya and notices some one standing beside,he lifts his head and shocked to see Aliya there screen freezes then…

Precap:Aliya pragnya and abhi takes selfie…..tanu in her home breaking all the things and says he doesn’t love me….i hate her..

Credit to: shaanu

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