destiny of love (Episode 5)


Pragnya is surprised to see those diamond ear rings…….abhi asks her how is the gift…???she replies it is really awesome and she liked it very much……abhi says her that more surprises are waiting for her and asks her to wait till he give her all the surprises…pragnya is very happy to listen to this and thanks him a lot.she hangs up the call and bulbul n all her family members comes to her wishes her they have a sweet conversation….sarala ma says to pragnya that this year you are going marry,am searching matches for you once when I find a perfect match you can marry……..on listening this pragnya feels uncomfortable and leaves from there,bulbul notices her and goes to her and says,don’t worry you will marry the person whom you loves….pragnya smiles and they both goes to sleep.

Pragnya wakes up and freshes up ,then she finds a gift and a letter written some thing on it on her bed….she opens the gift and sees a beautiful light blue colour saree…….she really feels happy on seeing that saree and reads that letter
Happie birth day babie,
It took long time for me to select this saree because I didn’t find a beautiful saree that is more beautiful than you,then I realised that nothing is beautiful to me other than you….then I found this light blue saree……I felt that you will be more gorgeous and bright in this saree…so ,please wear this saree I will be waiting for you to see you in this saree…….

Bye your abhi……..

Seeing this letter pragnya felt touched and tears drops from her eyes,bulbul comes there sees that saree,letter starts teasing her……pragnya blushes and gets ready and goes pray to god in her home…………she then finds a small box and a small letter….. she opens the and finds a bracelet in it,shocked to see that and reads it…….wear this bracelet and ear rings I eill be waiting for you is written in that letter……..seeing this pragnya is happy on one side and is confused on other side by not knowing what abhi is doing……pragnya comes out of her room and her family members are sttuned on seeing her and praises her that she is looking so beautiful……..all are in hall and then Sarala ma gets some call and she leaves,dadhi asks janaki to prepare food and thaey both goes in…….bulbul then says to pragnya that she is looking soo beautiful and now if jiju sees you he will kiss you may be and teases her……pragnya asks who is jiju…??? Bulbul says it is abhi…pragnya beats her and they both have a small fight……mean while the bell is rung…pragnya opens the door,a persons asks her who is pragnya ..??/ she says that its her only…then that person gives her a car’s key…she asks who gave this…he says that abhi sir booked it and gave tthis address to deliver….shee is really surprised……another person comes ther and says her that mam abhi sir asked you to come to him and asked me to bring you to him….pragnya says ok yoou wait I will come….

Pragnya gets down from the car and she finds the path is completely filled with rose flowers she goes inside along the path and there she finds no one is there…she says is any one there…??? Then she hears abhi’s voice,abhi says since many years I saw many girls but I dindn’t feel anything when I speak to them or when I touch to them….but once when I saw you for the first time I felt like some thing happening to me..and when I toched you I felt you so precious and felt like not to loose you in my life…..when you went away from me I felt like some one is crashing my heart……..i loved you since I saw you for the first time but I was afraid to tell you that I loved you because in case you reject me I can’t bear that but now if I won’t say I felt like I will loose you so now am saying you……..abhi comes front of pragnya and say “I love you” if you even like me come to me …today is your birth day its 5th june …so I thought of giving you five gifts….first give which I gave you is ear rings that you can hear my voice life long….second it is sare saying that I will cover you like a shield,third bracelet its says that I will not leave you forever,fourth it is car asking you will you join my llive journey..???the last and final one its gifting myself to you will you accept me…???? you mean to me that much.and abhi turns back……..pragnya with teary eyes comes to abhi,hugs him from back and says I love youu I cant live with out you………….and she sobs…abhi is happy to hear this and turns back,holds pragnya’s face and kisses on her forehead and says I love you babie…….they hug each other screen freezes……..

Precap:aliya and tanu comes to a hotel and they are shocked on seeing some thing…..

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Credit to: shaan

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  1. just love it yaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. A beautiful epi ? precious proposal by abhi ?

  3. shriti (real name shivani)

    awesome plz updated next episode soon

  4. nice………….

  5. Proposal scene was extra ordinary

  6. Superb proposal…

  7. Superb

  8. wow..very lovely…suprb….

  9. Vaishali

    awesome proposal lovely episode no words to say dear

  10. Awesome…. Loved it..

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