destiny of love (Episode 4)


Episode 3:
Pragnya is surprised to see that she is near beach and she asks abhi why did her bring her here??Abhi replies her that as she liked to be in beach when it was raining,and sit there after it stopped raining and have a candle light dinner so he brought her to beach…listening this pragnya feels happy as he is giving values to her and her wishes and feel happy…..she then asks him that I did say that now I wana go to beach…..he then says that he thought of bringing here before it stopped raining but,It stopped and asks her to get down the car and enjoy the weather….she gets down and they both walk in beach along the water and they sit at place and are involved in a deep conversation….they are in a state that they didn’t notice time also…it is about 8:30…a man comes to abhi and says sir everything is ready…..abhi says ok we will come you go….pragnya asks where…abhi asks her to wait and see….abhi closes her eyes and asks her to come with him….pragnya again asks him where….abhi asks here to come silently…he opens her eyes and she is surprised to see a table with candles,decorated with flowers…and food placed on it…pragnya asks him what is this…abhi says that you told that you like to have candle light dinner in sea shore so I arranged it you liked it…??pragnya answers him that she liked it soooo much…he have dinner and abhi drops pragnya at her home…
In pragnya’s home Sarala ma is tensed about pragnya as it is late night and she didn’t turn up till now….bulbul and janali ma asks her not be tensed she will come back soon….bulbul gets purabs call…..bulbul says him that pragnya is not to home till now…purab says that abhi told him that he is going to luch with pragnya this afternoon…might be they both are together….bulbul is shocked to hear that pragnya and met….pragnya comes home and Sarala ma is happy to see her and asks her where did she go and why isn’t she back till this late night………pragnya replies her that she went to her colleague’s birth day party and there it became late so,a friend dropped me…Sarala ma says that ok go and fresh up and go sleep…….pragnya goes to her room.Bulbul asks pragnya where did she go…???pragnya says that she went to luch with abhi and says her about the complete day….bulbul is shocked and happy to listen….she says wow di and hugs her…….they sleep.
Next day morning in purab’s house tanu is shouting on her gand parents…..purab in his room getting ready to office hears tanu shouting on his grand parents…he comes and asks her what happened she tells him some nonscence reason ….purab asks her to stop and warns her to behave properly else asks her to go back to US…servent comes there and gives juice to her,by mistake juice falls on tanu’s leg she gets irritated and beats that servent….mean while Aliya comes there and sees tsnu beatin the sevent…purab is adout to shout on tanu…in a vain Aliya calls purab…purab sees her and asks her to come in..she comes in and says that she is having some work with him so she came…purab asks her whats that and they both have conversation about that…..after Aliya’s work completed purab introduces tanu to Aliya and Aliya to tanu,Aliya thinks what kind of a girl is she…tanu likes Aliya and asks her shall we go out???aliya is about to say something purab cuts her and asks tanu to get his car’s keys from his room to go out…tanu feels happy and goes in to get…purab asks Aliya that please go out with tanu else will kill me and doesn’t allow me to do my work….aliya says ok,tanu comes and three of them leaves…
Its been five months,abhi n pragnya meet regularly n are attached to each other……….they both love each other but they didn’t confess to each other….they feel scared if other person rejects them…..but they are waiting for perfect time to confess….
There are two days for pragnya’s birth day…abhi is busy with preparations for her birthday and plans to surprise her and confess her on that day…..since two days abhi doesn’t talk to pragnya properly as he is busy with preparations…pragnya is soo irritated and is angry towards abhi…she shows that anger on bulbul and scolds her for every silly reason…bulbul doesn’t understand why is she like this…..she then asks her what abhi is doing…… pragnya shouts on her and says that why are you asking me go and ask him only…he is not even having time to talk to friends and is busy with work….bubul then understands and smiles and asks her whether she is loving abhi….??pragnya replies nothing that….bullbul says that she even feels in the same way when purab won’t talk to her two days….pragnya is in deep thinking about this,then her phone rings its abhi she picks the call,abhi says sorry to her and asks her to speak with him…..pragnya blushes on listening abhi pleasing her to speak…..pragnya then speaks to him….its 12:00 abhi wishes her first and ask her check her cupboard…she checks and finds a box wrapped with paper she opens it and finds diamond ear rings in it and is surprised…screen freezes…

Precap:pragnya gets down the car and finds the way completely filled with flowers and happy to see that …….

Thank you guys for all of your support…..for your support only am intrested to write the remaining part….thank you one and all for commenting and please say me if there are any mistakes and if I should change any thing…bye and will be back soon with new update

Credit to: shaanu

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