destiny of love (Episode 3)


Bulbl is in excitement state knowing that abhi likes pragnya.ahbi and purab run towards bulbul…abhi pleases bulbul to not say anything to pragnya he will only confess her when time comes.bulbul asks him when that time will come..???he replies her that if he confess now now itself,as she don’t know him properly there is a chance of rejection so,I will take some time,become close to her and then confess her my feelings…..until then you should not say her anything…ok..?? Bulbul says ok,dhi will suerly accept you you are soo sweet ….then purab asks her then what about me am I not sweet..???Bulbul replies him that he is her darling and he is more sweet and hugs him.

Abhi leaves them and comes to pragnya,she asks him whether all your conditions are satisfied or there are any more conditions left out…???Abhi replies her that every thing is satisfied but one thing is left out that I should do.Pragnya asks him whats that..he says I will tell u later,come I will drop you its gona become late for them as they are having work to be completed.Pragnya says ok and they both leaves.In car abhi asks pragnya whether is free tommrow to have a luch with him.pragnya replies him that she is having client meeting and we shall have lunch some other time.then Abhi says that this Sunday we will have lunch pragnya says ok,and they reached her home ,she gets down the car.

Abhi comes to home and is inn full excitement state,dadhi notices him and asks why is he this much excited….he says that there will be a good news soon and on listening tthat you will be so happy..dadhi asks what that news…he then says that that is a surprise ans will tell you later and goes back to him room and recollects him holding pragnya and dancing with her a song plays.In pragnyas home shee is even thinking about abhi and he holding her and they both dancing……bulbul is calling her from long time but she isn’t answering her as she is busy with her thoughts roaming around Abhi…bulbul comes to her and calls her even then she doesn’t respond and then beats pragnya..and asks what is she thinking of..pragnya comes to sence and replies nothing…bulbul asks her whether she is in love with anyone or what…pragnya replies no…..but bulbul teases her…..pragnya blushes and they both goes to sleep

Purab in his office busy with is work and gets a call from his grand father asking him to receive tanu from airport aas she is coming India after a long time..but purab isn’t intrested to receive her and is busy with work….he says that only to his grand pa but his grand pa wont listen and hangs up the call…purab thinks what to do and thinks to call abhi and ask him to recieve her from airport….purab calls abhi and says that he is busy with work will you do me a small favour..??abhi replies yes and purab ask him to pick up tanu from airport.abhi says ok ,purab thanks him and hangs up the call.Abhi reaches airport and waits for tanu…tanu on seeing him run toward him and hugs him…abhi feels uncomfortable and asks her to leave…tanu replies why should I leave you am loving you…Abhi says that am not loving you so you better behave properly with me and be in your limits..tanu theen asks him when you aree not loving me why did you come to receive me..??abhi then says as purab is busy with his work he asked me to recive so I came else I wouln’thave come here as I hate to see you even…on hearing this tanu gets angry and leaves.

Its Sunday as planned abhi calls pragnya and asks her to come to mention hotel,pragnya says ok.pragnya reaches the hotel before abhi and waits for him.the weather and the surroundings are so pleasant and she thinks to write a poetry,she takes tissue and starts writing,Abhi comes there and shocked to see pragnya in beautiful red sary,keeping leg on leg,her hair is kept free,due air her sarry is flying her curves can be seen,she looks more beautiful than ever he has seen her…he keeps staring at her and a song plays…pragnya then notices abhi and is stunned to see him in a black shirt with half folded hands,holding a bouquet in his hands and starts staring at him and a song plays…..abhi theen comes to sence and comes to pragnya and says that she is looking beautiful…..she thanks him and they both have lunch…..they come to the parking lot and notices that weather is soo cool,cloudly and about to rain…..seeing the weather pragnya says she loves to go to beach when it is raining,spend some time there in beach after it stops raining since it will be pleasant and have a candle light dinner,but till now my wish din’t come true……listening to this abhi is silent and asks her to get into the car…..they ride a long distance,mean while pragnya fell a sleep,abhi stops the car and wake up pragnya she wakes up and shocked to see that she is in beach resort screen then feezes……..

Precap:purab introduces Aliya to tanu and tanu to Aliya…aliya thinks what sort of a girl is she behaving this rudely with others….

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Credit to: shaanu

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