destiny of love (Episode 2)


Abhi and pragnya have a stare at each other.purab asks abhi shall we leave..?abhi says ok and all four of them leave.its next day morning,pragnya and bulbul leaves for their is purab’s office shown,bulbul enters office,others in the office gossip back of her about their affair.she thinks whats wrong with them but she then gets call from purab asking her to come to his cabin along with the file.its lunch time bulbul is waiting for purab,he comes and bulbul asks him why is he late,he apologises to her.they both have lunch…bulul goes to wash her hand,there two women are there and on seeing her they start talking about her and says that she trapped purab for his property,hearing this bulbul gets angry and shouts on them what are talking and who told you this…????one of the women says that complete office is talking about this….bulbul says without proofs you can’t talk in this way…that women says that they have proofs and shows her a pic in which purab and bulbul are hugging other day.

Mean while there is crowd formed and they start talking about her,she feels shame standing in front of them in that situation.purab is waiting of bulbul and thinks why isn’t she back till now,he sees the crowd and goes there,seeing bulbul standing there he asks what happened …a person from the group says purab about what had happend …..and shows the pic..after seeing that purab says to the crowd that they both are loving and they are going to marry and ask them to go to their work.bulbul is shocked to here that they are going to marry she is about to ask purab something but in a vain he stops her and takes her to lawn,he says to bulbul that lets marry else there will be such rumours spread,its not good for u and me even….bulbul replies him that she should take care of her family first and without her sisters marrage done she can’t marry first , first.purab listens quitely and says that ok after some time we will marry but we will inform our parents about our marrage.bulbul says that she can’t say to her mom alone as she is afraid of her mom.purab says then first lets this to your sister and after seeing her reaction abhi comes to your mom and speaks to ypur mom.bulbul says that idea is good and we will say to pragnya and abhi at once in the coffee shop this evening.purab says ok.

Its mehra’s house shown,abhi is in his room playing guitar,dadhi and Aliya comes to his room.Aliya says to dadhi that these days abhi is totally busy with his concerts and not even having time to spend with her.abhi says its not like that you are even busy with your work so how can I spend with you….they both have a small fight….seeing this dadhi feels happy and prays god that they should be happy life long…….they are not having parents they went on with many hurdles till now but from now they should not have sorrows and they should get understanding life partners……..abhi and Aliya comes to dadhi.she hugs both of them and ask them to go out and have some time .they say ok and they get ready,abhi gets purab’s call,purab says that he wana meet abhi and talk to him personally.abhi say ok and hangs up the phone.aliya comes to abhi and says that she is ready and asks shall we go…???abhi says that we shall go some other time he should meet purab.aliya says that whats there in that he will also join us lets go .abhi says that purab wana talk to me personally so, I shold go alone.aliya says ok and abhi leaves.

Bulbul calls pragnya and ask her to come to coffe shop after her office time,pragnya says ok.purab and bulbul are in the coffee shop waiting for abhi and pragnya.bulbul feels tensed and says that how will dhi react on listening this..purab consoles her an says that every thing will be fine.pragnya comes there and sees purab holding and is shocked.bulbul notices pragnya and asks her to sit.abhi also comes there and abhi is shocked too,to see pragnya and bulbul there.while sitting pragnya is about to fall and abhi holds her,they both have a eye lock,and then he leaves pragnya.

All four of them sit and bulbul starts the conversation and tell about their love and asks pragnya about her decision.pragnya says that she is not having any problem but will purab’s family accept you..???because we are from middle class family once think about that.purab says that there will be no problem from my side am not having parents…my grand parents are every thing to me and abhi is my bestie all these people will accept bulbul,once if you accept me abhi will come to your mom and speak to her,what do you say..????on listening this this abhi scolds purab for not telling him that he is in love that to since two years and now asking him to go and talk to her mom..purab says sorry to abhi for not him but wont listen to him and says that he is having few conditions.purab is shocked and asks him what are those…abhi takes him to a side and says that he likes a girl and he is going to confess her with in few days so,if she accepts him dadhi will look after our both marrages…..purab is shocked and asks him with out my knowedge when did u like and whom did you like….?????abhi replies it is pragnya…….bulbul hears this from a side and shouts in excitement its pragnya dhii…..abhi and purab are shocked to see bulbul screen feeezes..

Precap:purab calls abhi and says that he is busy with work will you do me a small favour..??abhi replies yes and purab ask him to pick up tanu from airport.In airport,tanu on seeing abhi comes to him and hugs him…abhi fells uncomfortable….

To be continued the remaining ….please give me your comments bye

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  6. Superb yaar abhi loves pragya it’s really awesome bt precap s somewhat shocking n irritating tat how can she hug abhi… I mean tanu…anyway abhi s only 4 pragya na…???

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