destiny of love (Episode 11)


Hiii guys…this is last episode….as I told you already I wasn’t feeling well so update is late..i hope you all will understand….and am sorry to disappoint you…..comming to the story…

Pragnya and bubul with teary eyes standing there….purab and abhi stood and all four of them came near the stage…abhi took mike and announced their marrage date….sarala maa and dadi were sooo happy….their marrage was after a month…..abhi announces for couple dance and asks all couples to participate….abhigya and rabul also dance…here is a romantic song played…..all the pairs are dancing….abhigya and rabul are haying eye lock……song stops and they come to their sence……..

Pragnya talking to some one,abhi stares at her…aliya comes there and says bhai wait for a month after that she will be here only…you are staring at her as if youu are going to eat her and laughs….abhi pulls her ears and asks her to leave…..purab signs something to bulbul…she says no…purab forces her to come a side…she excuses herself and goes. Tanu comes to the party and keeps searching for some one,she asks robin where is pragnya.?? He shows pragnya to her….she goes to pragnya nad congragulates her….and says as per our bet you won so I should leave from here am say this I came here am flying to night…pragnya says thank you…you are even a sweet gir ad you will find your soul mate don’t be dissaponted ….tanu says its fine and they both have a hug…abbbhi sees tanu and pragnya hugging…after tanu left from there abhi came to pragnya and asked why did tanu came here and whats the matter???

Pragnya then says about flash back…one day tanu came to pragnya’s office….pragnya comes n meets tanu..tanu says that she is loving abhi since a long time…as he is having some wrong impression on her he iws not responding to my love…but with in few days all miss understandings will resolve and he will accept me….as am not here for many days may be he is relation with you for timepass..and you are back of his stardom and money so you are in relation with him so its better for you to forget him…to do this I will pay you how much you want..say how much you want..?pragnya replies her you cant pay for real love…you can’t buy it or estimate it….he loves me truly and even me..i love him truly,am not back of his property or stardom you better know this….tanu says all these are filimy dialogues…its better you try in filims….i bet you that abhi will not marry you and he will marry me only….he is a rockstar and you are a middle class girl how will he marry you..aam a model he will marry me only….pragnya says for true love there is no high class and middle class he will marry me am sure and I will also bet you…who will loose the bet should leave this place and forget abhi …tanu agrees for that and leaves from there…..flash back tanu came to congratulate me…

Abhi says with knowing to me you runned all this drama but till now you didn’t say me about this any thing…you are soo bad you should get punishment..pragnya with smile,,acha what punishment I will get….?????abhi says you should come out with me for a long drive. Pragnya says now it won’t be good tommrow we will go…but aabhi won’t listen to her and drags her out…….screen shifts to purab and bulbul…they are sitting near swimming pool purab bends towards bulbul to kiss her …bulbul with nervous says no purab any one may see us..purab wont listen to her and presses his lips on hers,bulbul carses his hair…they break their kiss and hugs..abhigya comes there and teases them…all four of them goes for long drive..

Its been a month and day of marrage,,,all aree busy with their work abhi and purab are sitting in mandap waiting for brides…pragnya and bulbul comes to mandap….abhi and purab could not take their eyes from their loved ones…pandit asks them to do some rituals so they both comes to their sence…pranya while doing rituals thinks of her life ….her childhood…her first meeting with abhi…answering dadhi’s questions…. She thinks about her destiny…fist tanu in their life later sarala maa saying no to her life with abhi…and thinks her destiny is with abhi so even after many hurdles she is sharing her life with him..abhi ties mangalsuthr tears rools down her eyes…they have seven rounds and all the rituals are completd its time to leave sarala maa…pragnya and bulbul cries and hugs sarala….sarala too cries….later abhi and purab consoles them…pragnya and bulbul rubs their eyes and goes with abhi and purab..screen freeses…

I hope you all liked it…and thanks for reading it…..i hope you will not have have my tourture…so be happy……bye guys……

Credit to: shaanu

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  1. Sakshi(rabul forever)

    It was amazing especially the rabul kissing pt? !

  2. lovely epi yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    take care 2

  3. superbb yarrr

  4. ur so bad u end ths ff so early
    bt it wat was nice tc

  5. Stupidstarakshaya

    Need a epilogue sweetie
    The epi is awesome

  6. Nice episode yaar bt y suddenly completed yaar…

  7. Very sad, I am going to miss this ff but episode was really awesome

  8. Asmithaa

    Very nice…

  9. swt nd awesome

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