destiny of love (Episode 10)


Hiii guys am really sooo sorry for my late update…this is because….actually my ollege starts and travelled to Chennai…after coming to her I was infected with flue and had high temperature so I could not update am really sooo sorry…………coming to episode

Dadi asks sarala to listen peacefully…..she then continues actually after nithin started business in abroad…he started to get get more profit so,he started to send money every month to sanjai…he used to give that money to kiran(mamatha’s brother) to pay in bank…but he did not pay n more overhe totally transferred our property on his name….after my son’s death I got to know about all these….sarala and others are shocked to listen this.

Sarala cries badly and pragnya and bulbul started to consol her…sarala feels bad towards dadi as she thought bad about her till now without knowing the truth…she goes to dadi and asks her to excuse and continues I was like that because we were left alone on roads that time I was angry on you so I was rude with you please excuse me….dadi says I can understand your situation even if I was in your situation I used to do the same atleast now you got to know the truth its fine I will excuse you but you should not say no to abhugya’s and rabul’s love……sarala smiles with teary eyes and says ya I will accept them all of them will have a happy smile on their faces……..janaki ma brings sweets to them abhi and purab feeds sweet to pragnya and bulbul…..

Abhi signs to purab and Aliya to come out ,they both comes out and asks him what abhi says as we arranged party in the evening it will be held and will be surprise to pragnya and bulbul….aliya you say this to sarala aunty and ask her to bring them both along with her to party by saying some other reason to them…Aliya says ok bhai and leaves from there…..abhi talks to purab regarding the party…bulbul comes there and asks what are they talking about…they both are shocked to see her and says some bluff to her….later abhi and family leaves from there….

Sarala with loud voice asking pragnya and bulbul to get ready fast its being late to the party.. bulbul says maa its not our that they will be waiting for us to start the party so be cool its fine even if we are late no problem…sarala pulls her ears and says will to go to party for eating or what..?? we should go fast come…pragnya comes there and says she is ready…bulbul sees her top to bottom and says di you are looking awesome if jiju see you like this he will says he wana marry you now itself…..pragnya pulls her earsand smiles

Abhi and purab are excited about party…..aliya sees them both in excited state and asks them to be calm and asks them why are they so excited…???abhi says after many hurdles am going to marry pragnya….she is coming into my life….purab says actually bulbul took long time to accept my love…after that today in her house when I saw saarala maa I thought I should marry her by eloping….but atlast ger mom did not object for our marrage so am soo excited….aliya smiles and says congrats to both of you……
Pragnya and bulbul are shocked as they came to mm and asks sarala why we came here…she says party is here only…..pragnya and bulbul enters there is a spot light on them both and flowers falls on them both….they are surprised….abhi and purab comes to them falls on their knees with a rose in their hand asks them both will u marry me…..???they both are touched and takes rose from them…..screen freezes on all four of their happy faces..

Precap:abhigya and rabdul dancing for a romantic song…….tanu came to party and searching for some one

Guys I know that it tooo late am may be you forgot the story I will try to update as fast as possible….am sooo sorry…and please give me your comments is the episode good or not……and forgot to say this ff is coming to end…till now am soo thank full for your support….reading my boring ff….thank you all

Credit to: shaanu

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  1. really super epic.. take rest… update regularly….

  2. so nice but please don’t seperate abhigya

  3. What question you are asking episode was awesome and don’t dare to say that this ff was boring. Really feeling bad for ff ending. I am going to miss this ff

  4. It’s awesome yaar y u r thinking it may bore us thn take care of ur health yaar…

  5. Trisha

    Superb… ?

  6. super!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. super…

  8. 2 good yaaaaaaaaaa

    never forgot it yaaaaaaaa

    miss it lot n very nice ff

  9. Vaishali

    awesome yaar shanu dii it was superb no words to say lovely

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