destiny of love (Episode 1)

Hiiii guys….this is my first fanfiction I hope u all will like it…..i just started it with a love story in which there are two love pairs and all four of them are lead roles.comming to the story line.
Abhishek Mehra-a famous rock star
Aliya Mehra-abhi’s sister
Purab Khanna-abhi’s friend
Tanusree Mehta-purab’s cousin
Gourav Khanna-purab’s grand father
Jhansi Khanna-purab’s grand mother
Pragnya Arora-a simple job holder
Bubul Arora-pragnya’s sis
Other characters are same…dadhi,dasi,Sarala maa,pragnya’s dadhi,aakash,rachana,raj bhaiya,mithali bhabi,tai ji,taya ji……
Abhi is a famous rock star who loves his family and dhadi the most.while purab looks after abhi’s business along with his business.bulbul is assistant of purab who is in relation with purab since 2 years.pragnya is a software engineer works hard for her family and loves her family. Lets see how pragnya and abhi fall in love and how they marry.

Episode 1:
Pragnya’s house on the screen,bulbul voice is herd from inside asking her sister please dhi lets go it will be fun and its Sunday today we can enjoy a lot……..pragnya refesuses to go n says that she doesn’t like all these shows an all ande ask bulbul to go along with her friends….but pleases her sis…..sarala ma comes their room and ask pragnya to go along with her and she will take care about household work…..pragnya says ok..hearing that bulbul jumps…and they both gets ready.

A set is shown with stage on the screen…..purab is seen talking to the manager and ask him to take care of all the arrangements.bulbul comes inside the set along with the pragnya.purab sees bulbul coming and blushes.he goes to a side and signs bulbul also to come there.bulbul excuses from pragnya and goes to purab.bulbul searches for purab,mean while he pulls her hand and keeps her to wall and goes close to her and asks you told you wont come and why did u come…???she says that she did not come for him she came to see abhi’s performance as she is his big fan.he says ok and his phone rings a a girls name is seen on the screen ,seein that he smies and saya that here is Nisha its third time she is calling me today n asking for a date today evening and picks the phone and speakes so sweetly to her and even says that evening we will go out….hering this bulbul gets irked and pull phone from his hand and shouts with anger on the other person on the phone..she then hears a small girls voice asking who is this…bulbul then bites her tounge and feel shy….purab laughs…..she then trys to beat to him n they both hug each other…..

One of the employee sees purab and bulbul hugging and gets shocked and says to other person that they both are having an affair….with in a feew minutes this news is spread all over the set..a man standing behind pragnya says to other that puraab is having affair with his assiatant ,pragnya hears that.but,in a vain a man comes on to stage and introduces himself.mean while bulbul joins pragnya……and the achor annous that today Abhi is going to dance with one among you,croud shout then.and anchor says that on whom the splot light is stopped they are the lucky person to dance with light on a turns all around the croud..suddenly spot light stops on pragnya…bulbul screems with happiness.pragnya is shocked.bulbul pushes her oon to the stage..pragnya stands on the stage feeling very nervous.Abhi then comes on to the stage.they both see each other for the firsrt time,a song plays and they start dance…dring dance they both have a eye stops but abhi holdes pragnya in his hands…croud shouts an abhi leaves pragnya.pragnya leaves the stage and abhi continues with other songs and croud shouts.pragnya searches for bulbul and finds her dancing with purab,she thinks they both are from same office,might be they are close so,they are dancing.bulbul notices pragnya and comes to her.bulbul hugs her and says that her dance was superb and why din’t you say me that you know dance this much perfect.pragnya blushes and says that nothing like that ask here we shall leave its going to be late.

Croud is left and in the parking lot pragnya n bulbul waits for purab.purabcomes and bulbul introduces pragnya and purab to each other.abhi comes to purab and bulbul praises abhi for his dance and they both have a small conversation and bulbul introduces pragnya to abhi and they both will have a shake hand and screen freezes.

Lets continue the other part.

Please comment on my fan fiction.n say you opinion about it……give me your comments whether it is positive or negative.and also say me about the narration whether it is good or there should be any changes in the narration.

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