Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Shocking Teaser

Hii Frnds…Sorry cud nt Post since mny Dyz due to some Reasons n Today also nt Posting A Part bt a Small Yet a Shocking Teaser b4 Heading towards da End of da SS. Hope u will like it :)..Do Shower Ur Valuable Comments at End :).

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Destiny – Its All About Life!


[Maheshwari Mansion]


“Swara! Swara!” – AP called out, her loud voice ringing through the hall of MM. But there was no answer from her…

AP (Tensed) – Gayi kahaan yeh? She is not so irresponsible that she wouldn’t answer… Here, its time for evening arati… Laksh, tune Swara ko dekha??

Laksh who was passing by there engrossed in his cell phone looked up at his mom to find her tensed and confused!

Laksh (frowned) – Bhabhi! Nahin toh… Where is she??

AP – Wahin toh nahin pata… She never misses the evening puja, its she who does the first arati and sings the bhajan… Where is she? I searched the entire house but she is nowhere to be found!

Both were tensed and panicked… Where was Swara???


A faint sound of weeping came from the dark corner of the terrace. The sun was just set and there was a faint light of dusk making the environment more morose! Swara was sitting at the corner with her knees folded and face hid in her knees. Her occasional shaking of the body reflected she was crying profusely, but trying to hide the sound so that no one could here it….

“Why God! Why always me?? You know I have loved him selflessly then how could he utter such words to me! How could he even say I don’t love him or care for him!!! I I love him the most, apni zindagi se bhi zyada! Toh kya hua, agar maine usse janam na dea ho toh… I am his mother, yes that’s the truth… I am his mother! And he , he thinks that I don’t understand him!!! No, did I hear correct!”- her broken voice said to herself as she looked up…

“Yes! He said me, he actually feels those harsh words, those are his feelings! Today, I failed, failed as a mother! My biggest failure!” – she again looked down…

“Aap bahut buri ho!!! Suna apne, you are very very bad… I know why you are doing this to me, because you are not my real mumma!!! Yes, I understood you hate me… That’s so why you are doing this! Ragini Mumma hoti, toh she would not do this to me, neverr…” – Aryan’s harsh voice was ringing in her ears as she closed her ears nodding in violent no….

These lines said by him a few hours ago had turned her life upside down!!!

“I love you Aryan, I love you a lot! You are my son, Mera bachha!!!” – her broken voice came out with difficulty as she cried on!


Tadaaa !!!

Done wid A Shocking Teaser..Hw was it ?? Liked It ?? ?? Or Wanna Throw Tomatoes or Eggs On Me ?? ?? Do watever U want bt I wanna Give U all A Shocking Jhatka to All Of U b4 Proceeding towards da End ?..

So tell Me Guyz Hw was da Teaser ?

Why was Swara Crying n Telling abt Aryaan like dat ??

What Happened all of a Sudden b/w The Mother Son Duo dat Aryaan Spoke Such A Harsh Words to Swara ??

Does Sanskaar knws abt it ??

Will He Be Able to Solve The MU b/w The Mother Son ??


Will Destiny Play Yet Another Game in Swara’s Life in da Form of Aryaan ??

To knw all these Answers Come n Join Me n My SS “Destiny – Its All About Life” Tomorrow at 8pm [ 15th October,Saturday ]..N Dnt Forget to Shower Ur Valuable Comments on da Teaser Today n on da Part Tomorrow :).

Teaser Credit : #Sukanya ( My Sukku ) bt Idea is Mine ??.. ( So U cn Throw Tomatoes n Eggs on Both of Us ) ??..We will be Glad to Receive them frm U all ????..Thnk U ??..


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  1. Its swasan story then y in name u put ragsan name also

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      did u read da Strting Parts of da Ss ?? If i read those u will.Understand it ..

  2. Kaynatk01

    awesome goldie really waiting to know what has happened between them

  3. Omg waiting plz post soon??❤️

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Submitted da Nxt Part :)…

  4. Kakali

    I m throwing Pim pom ball on u for this teaser … hmmmm !!! waiting fir next .. thnk u..

  5. Vyshu10

    Oh God…aryan told those words to her. Is someone blackmailing him?

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      U will get to knw in nxt part..submitted da Nxt Part..TU will Update Soon 🙂

  6. Deeksha

    Omg….!!!! Shock pe shock…!!!!I am sure that ragini might have blackmailed him….!!!! Update soon

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Ya will update soon. Submitted da Nxt Part to TU..Will Be Posted Soon 🙂

  7. Most horrible shock…. Its next to impossible, Aryan cannot say such words…. I think ragini is behind this….

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      U will da all ur Doubts Cleared in Nxt Part :)..

  8. Praju

    how is this possible the most adorable bond ………. no yhis is some dream right?????

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      U will da all ur Doubts Cleared in Nxt Part :)..

  9. Sanjanaagrawal

    Goldie ???????????? My head is spinning …. t

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