Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 26 ( Epilogue )

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Recap : SwaSan Hot Romance n Swara Stuck in Curfew..


Destiny – Its All About Life!

Part 26 [ Epilogue ]

21 Yrs Later….

People Says Time Passes Like A Strong Wind n Never Waits fr Anyone..n Thats Exactly Same Happened wid Swara n Sanskaar..Time Flew Like A Wind fr Them n Its been 21 Yrs A Long Gap of 21 Yrs whr Everything was Changed in their Lives wid da Mixture of Both Happiness n Sadness..As Time Passed Both Swara n Sanskaar Became More Matured n their Bond was Even more Stronger n Unbreakable..Even their Maheshwari Mansion The House of their Happiness n Sadness was too Changed according to the Taste of New Generation + Old Generation keeping da Essence of Their Root Still Alive in da Mansion making dem Feel Happy n Proud of the Time Change..

Swara : ( Smiles ) See Sanskaar..Everything has Changed in these 21 Yrs..Our Childern has Grown Old Enough to Handle their Own Responsibilities..Aryaan has His Own Business like His Dadu..n Laksh is A Successful Doctor.. ( Sees A Young Girl n Smiles ) n Anjali is Done wid Her 1st Yr..n Kavya ( Will be Revealed Later ) She is in Her In +2..Kitne jaldi 21 Yrs Guzur gaye na..Hume pata bhi nhi chala…Everything is jst soo Perfect nw in Our Lives.. ( Happy )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Swara everything is Changed.Our Kids r Responsible enough Thr is still One thing wich is nt Changed Yet.. ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Confused ) Woh kya ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Dats U Mrs Maheshwari..U r still da Same Beautiful n Breath Taking Lady of My Life..( Smirks Winningly )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar..Haww ( Hits Sanskaar’s Chest Playfully ) Kuch toh Sharam karo..Buddhe hogaye ho phir bhi Yeh Romantic Andaaz nhi gaya na tummain se.. ( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : Haa toh..Kisi ne kaha kya Buddhe hote hi Romance khtm hojata hai Couple ke beech main se ?? Nhi na.Toh wats Wrong in it..n waise bhi M doing Romance wid My Buddhi Wife..kisi aur se thodi karraha hu ( Chuckles ) to have Shame.. ( Winks Naughtily )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Dnt U Dare to think to do Romance wid Some other Girl.. I will Kill U My Self ( Fuming in Jealousy ) Yeh ( Points Sanskaar ) Bhiddha sirf Yeh ( Pojnts Towards Herself ) Yeh Bhuddhi ka hai ( Angry ) Samjhe ??

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Aww My Buddhi Wife still feels Jealous haa..Hw ( Pulls Swara’s Cheeks ) Cute My Shona ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Haa toh its Obiviously..Ek Aurat kitni Buddhi hojaye Her Blood Boile wen She sees Her Husband Flirting or Mingling wid Other Girls..n Me too cnt see U wid any other Girl chahe woh Aurat kitni bhi Buddhi ho..Samjhe Mr Maheshwari ( Glaring wid Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Fear ) Offo..Ok Relax My Shona..I Promise I wont see towards any other Woman..( Lovingly ) maine pehle 21 Yrs Bak bhi kaha tha n Nw also after 21 Yrs m telling da Same thing..U r My Life Shona..N U r da Only Lady in My Heart who has a Spcl Place.n ( Holds Swara’s Shoulder Lovingly ) No One else cn take that Place in My Heart.Chahe tum kitni bhi Buddhi hojao..U r alwyz Spcl to Me. .Samjhi. ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) I Love U..n will alwyz Love U da Most.. ( Hugs n Kisses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly )

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) I Love U Too ( Feels Sanskaar’s Hug n His Warmth )

As Sanskaar was Assuring Swara abt Her while Swara was Hugging Him Tightly,A Lady in Her Late 60s comes on A Wheel Chair thr wid a Fake Anger n Disturbs Swara’s n Sanskaar’s Moment making dem both Embarrassed n Guilty..

AP : ( Fake Anger ) Accha toh wats My Place in Ur Heart Sanskaar ?? Hai bhi ya nhi ??

SwaSan : ( Shocked ) Maa !!

AP : ( Cones Inside on Wheel Chair ) Haa Main.. ( To Sanskaar ) Haa toh Tell Me Sanskaar..If Swara helds an Important Place in ur Heart then wats My Place in ur Heart ?? Hai bhi Ya Nhi ?? ( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Blank ) Maa..Woh.. ( Sweats )

Swara : ( Fumbles ) No Maa..aisa kuch nhi hai.. ( Bends Towards AP ) U Obiviously Held An Very Important n A Very Spcl Place in All Our Hearts..N That Place No cn take it..Sanskaar to Bas aise hi mujhe samjhane ke liye was telling Me..Nthing else.. ( To Sanskaar ) Kyoun hai na Sanskaar ?

Sanskaar : ( Immediately Agrees ) Haa..Maa..Swara is ryt..

Hearing both Swara n Sanskaar,AP who was Acting as Anger n was Showing Her Fake Anger Bursted Out Laughing n Enjoyed SwaSan’s Tensed Face making both Swara n Sanskaar Confused First bt Later Embarrassed on Understanding AP’s Teasing Plan..

AP : ( Laughs ) Ohh God..See both ur Faces Swara n Sanskaar….its like a Small Kid who gets Guilty after Lieing to His Mother.Srsly U both r still da same..who gets Embarrassed at Small Small Maters..Relax..i was jst Kidding..Was Feeling Bored in My Room so was Passing by ur Room wen I Heard both ur talks n decided to Tease U both.. ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Maa..U knw hw much U Scared n made.Me Guilty by ur that Sudden Question..( Teary Eyes n Bends Towards AP ) U r Really Important to Me in such a way that I cnt Explain My Love n Respect fr U in My Heart in Any Words ..Plzz dnt ask such questions agn .. ( Upset )

AP : ( Teary Eyes too ) Arrey Pagaal..Bas ..I was jst Kidding n U took it Srsly..I knw Beta..U cnt Forget Ur Maa at anytime..M Sorry if U felt Bad by My Joke..Sorry Haa ( Holds Her Ears )

Sanskaar : ( Immediately APs Hands ) No Maa.dnt be Sorry..I was Lil Emotional coz After Papa’s,Tam Baaba Sujatw maa n Shomi Maa’s DEATH..U n Shekhar Baab r the Only Elder to Me..So Plzz dnt be Sorry..m Sorry..i was too Emotional..N i ( Intrerupted )

AP : No Beta..M Sorry..Mera Mazaak was nt Worth Joking..I shud have ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Irritated ) Offo Wjll U both Maa n Beta will Stop ur Sorry Sorry Game.U both Held An Very Important n A Very Spcl Place fr Eachother in Eachother’s Heart..Wich cnt be Explained by Words..Ok..Nw Dnt Forget ki We still have soo much Wrk Pending fr Tonight’s Function..( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Realized ) Ohh Yes..I completely Forgot abt it Swara.. ( While Leaving ) I will be Bak haa..abhi Bahut se Tayaariyaan karni hai..Bye..Will be Bak b4 Function..( Leaves in a Hurry )

Swara/AP : ( Shocked ) Arrey bt.. ( Sees Eachother n Bursted Out Laughing ) Pagaal..

AP : Yeh kbhi nhi sudrega chache kitna bhi Buddha hojaye.. ( Giggles)

Swara : ( Shakes Her Head Unbelievably ) Haa Maa..U r pata nhi kya karne wala Hai Sanskaar..M Soo Scared..U knw ma Maa iab bhi koi bhi Imp Function ho Ghar pe He definitely Plans Something Spcl wich is A Big Task fr Me ( Worried ) Aaj kya hoga ?? ( Tensed )

AP : ( Laughs ) Fikar mat karo Swara..All We cn do it jst Wait n Watch ( Giggles )

Swara : Hmm..U r Right..Accha Maa..Lets Go..abhi Bahut Kaam hai n Time is Less..

AP : Haa Chalo..n I also wanna see My Young Generation r Planning to do Today ( Exicted )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa..Come ( Pushes APs Chair n Leaves wid AP )

Soon AP n Swara too Leaves fr da Hall Happily n Excitedly thinking abt The Function Tonight Bringing A Bright n A Emotional Smile on their Faces..


Maheshwari Mansion Hall

Soon Swara n AP Reached da MM Hall n were Happy seeing their New Generation Bzy in Preparations of Tonight’s Functions all Happily n Enjoying Eachother’s Company Teasing n Pulloxhill Eachother’s Legs…As Swara n AP were Lost in Seeing their New Generation,A Girl in Her 18 Looks Swara n AP n Smiles Brightly n Rushed towards dem n Dragged dem to the Centre of the Hall Bringing Both Swara n AP to come out their Thots n Making them Shocked..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Arrey..Kavya..Kya hua Beta ?? Aaram se..

( Keep Thinking who is Kavya ? )

Kavya : ( Excited ) Arrey Badi Maa..Relax..U jst come na ( To AP ) n Dadi u too come.den i will tell.u wat Happened… ( Brings them in Center ) See na Aryaan Bhai..Anjali Di all r Teasing Me..Function Aradhya BHABHI ka hai bt See All r Teasing Me ( Pout Face ) No One is Teasing Her ( Fake Anger )

Swara : ( Giggles bt Controls ) Aww Mera Baccha ( Hugs Side Ways ) its ok ..Dnt Pay any Attention to them..U knw them na.. ( To Aryaan..Anjali ) n U Both..Dnt U Both anyother Wrk dan Teasing My ( Sees Kavya Lovingly ) Kavya.( Sees Aryaan n Anjali Angrily ) Dnt U Dare Tease Her Agn ( Strictly ) ( To Aryaan ) N Aryaan Have U taken Aradhya to Doctor ?? Iska Check Up hai na aaj ? ( Sternly )

Aryaan : ( Gulps ) Oops..Main Bhulgaya.. ( Sees Down in Fear )

Swara : ( Angry ) Heyy Bhagwaan.. ( Holds Aryaan’s Ears ) kab bada hoge tum Aryaan ?? Ek Bacche ka BAAP ( Father ) Hone wala hai bt still U r soo Irresponsible..Hw Shamefull it is Aryaan..

( Hehehe..Yes Aryaan is Shravan of Krishna Daasi n Aradhya is Sana His Wife ?? )

Aryaan : ( Wines in Pain ) Aaowoww Mumma Sorry.. ( Tries to Free His Ears ) Ouch..Sorry..Plzz Leave Me..I will Take Her nw ..Bt Plzz Leave.Its Paining ( Pout Face )

Swara : ( Leaves Aryaan’s Ears ) Accha..Ok Fine..Choddiya.nw Go n Take Aradhya to the Hospital ryt nw..n Inform Me wat Doctor Told U..

Aryaan : ( Makes Faces ) Ya ..Ya..Obiviously I will Inform U..Warna U will Give Me Punishment Agn like U give Me Since My Childhood ( Angry Pout ) U dnt Love Me anymore Maa.. ( Pout Face )

Swara : ( Unbelievable Look ) ARYAAN!! U r srsly Unbelievable..Have some Shame Aryaan.U r Elder Son of Maheshwari Family’s New Generation..U have soo mny Responsibilities being An Elder Son n on that U have 2 Younger Sisters n Nw U r gonna be A Father still Behaving Childishly..Unbelievable Aryaan Maheshwari ( Angry )

As Swara was Scolding Aryaan Madly,Anajali n Kavya who was Watching it frm a Quite a Long Time Giggled Under their Breath Enjoying seeing Mother n Son Cute Bonding along wid AP n Aradhya makinng Laksh n A Lady around in Early 40s Come Out of their Room Hurriedly n Confusingly..

Laksh : ( Comes Down Confusingly ) Arrey Kya horaha hai yaha ? Y is thr Soo much Noises Over Here Today ?? ( Confused )

Kavya : ( Giggles ) Woh toh PAPA ( Goes towards LAKSH ) U ask ( Giggles ) Aryaan Bhaiyyia Only ki Y Badi Maa is Scolding Him ?? ( Chuckles )

Laksh : ( Understands ) Dnt Tell me Kavya ki agn Bhabhi is Scolding Champ fr Forgetting His Responsibility ( Giggles )

Aryaan Glares Laksh Angrily while Making Faces..

Laksh : ( Laughs ) Stop Glaring Me like that Champ..Truth is Truth..U r still a Small Child even after Marriage.. ( Giggles )

Lady : ( Goes Towards Aryaan ) Ohh Come On Laksh..Stop Teasing My Aryaan..He is nt a Child Haa..He is Much More Responsible n Matured dan U ( Kisses Aryaan’s Forehead ) He atleast does da things wen He gets to knw abt it nt Like U who keeps on Ignoring things even after Remembering It ( Glares Angrily while Aryaan Giggles Teasingly ) Huh..

Laksh : ( Shocked ) Ohh God KANCHI…Y do U alwyz Support Champ Haa wen U r MY WIFE.. ( Makes Faces )

( Note Kanchi is Kanchi Singh frm APHG ?? )

Kanchi : Coz Aryaan is My Son..n He is My Responsibility First after Bhabhi..( To Swara ) Hai na Bhabhi ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Kanchi..Aryaan is Ur Son too after all He was da One who Noticed U r Perfect as His Chachi ( Giggles n Teases Laksh n Kanchi )

Kanchi : ( Blushes ) Ahmm Bhabhi..Lagta hai I Forgot My Mobile in My Room..I will be Bak Haa ( Diverts da Topic n Runs )

Laksh : ( Leaves too ) Bhabhi.woh..I top need to Leave fr Hospital..M Getting Late..Ek Emergency Case aaya hai ( Feels Shy n Leaves Immediately ) ..

Soon both Laksh n Kanchi Leaves da Hall in Shyness while Swara n Others who were Present Thr Enjoyed seeing Laksh n Kanchi Blushing n Bursted Out Laughing Enjoying da Family Moment Whole Heartedly making Anjali Lil Upset n Sad wid A Naughty Smirk on Her Face giving A Small Hint to AP making Her to Understand n Smile on Anjali’s Naughtiness..

Anajali : ( Pout Face ) Dadi.. ( Goes to AP n Winks Secretly n Strts Her Drama ) No One Loves Me here..Dekha na aapne Hw Maa..Chachi n Chachu Everyone Loves Only Bhai.. ( Fake Crying ) No One Cares fr Me..Only My Papa Loves Me bt He is nt here..I Miss MY PAPA ( Cries Lil Loudly )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) ANJALI..Bas..Stop ur Drama..i knw U Very Well ( To AP ) Maa aap na iske baathoon main mat aaiye..Its all Her Drama to Seek Attention..( Glares Angrily ) Iska toh Yeh Roz ka Drama Hai ( Irritated )

Anjali : ( Fake Crying More Louder ) Daadii..Dekha aapne phir se..Maa Dnt Loves Me..Tabhi She is telling My Crying as Drama..Papa..I Miss U..Kaha ho app ?? ( Cries Dramatically Even More Louder )

Aryaan : ( Irritated ) Arrey woh Dramae baazz..Bas kar yaar..i knw Ur all these Dramas..bas karo..n R u feeling Jealous Haa ki Maa Loves Me More ( Giggles )

Kavya : ( Supports Anjali ) Bhai..Plzz Stop..dnt Tease Anjali Di this much..n Anjali is Ryt..All Only Loves U..No One Loves Us ( Fake Crying too ) My Maa n Papa too Loves U more dan Me ( To AP ) Dadi..Anjali Di is Ryt..No One Loves Us..nt Even U only Bade Papa Loves Us ( Continues Her Drama )

Swara : ( Frustrated ) Offo..Bas karo tum dono..Wat Rubbish r u both Talking Haa..We all Love U both too..

Anjali : No Maa..U r Wrong..Only Papa Loves Us..No One else ( Pout Face ) tabhi U alwyz Care fr Bhai n Loves Him More ( Fake Tears )

Swara : ( Angry ) Ok Theek Hai..If u both think ki We dnt Love U n only Sanskaar Loves U both na..nt even Me Ryt ?? .Ok den Theek Hai Kal U both need nt come to Me fr Asking Permission frm Ur Papa/Bade Papa fr Ur Girl’s Stay Bak Plan at ur Frnds House..U Directly Ask Ur Papa/Bade Papa Only Ok ?? M sure He will Agree to U as U both r His Favourite Princess na..( Makes Faces ) Huh.. ( Leaves )

Hearing Swara,Anjali n Kavya who was Smiling Naughtily in their Naughty Plan was nw all Shocked n Surprised while Swara Smirked Naughtily by Back Firing The Plan of Kavya n Anjali making Aryaan to Burst Out Laughing..

Anjali : ( Shocked ) MAA..Hw do u knw abt Our Stay Bak Plan ?? ( Worried )

Swara : ( Smiles Winningly n Turns towards Anjali ) Coz M ur Maa Beta ( Pats Anjali’s Cheeks ) n I knw abt Ur Each Step..

Kavya : ( Shocked ) n Badi Maa hw did U come to knw abt Me?

Swara : ( Smiles n Pats Kavya’s Cheeks too ) coz M Ur Badi Maa..n Maa knws Everything abt Her Kids chahe She is Only ( Sees Anjali wid A Winning Smirk ) Maa or ( Sees Kavya wid Winning Smirk too ) Badi Maa.. ( Holds Kavya’s n Anjali’s Ears Samjhe ?.

Anjali/Kavya : ( Winces in Pain ) Aaow…Ok Fine Maa/Badi Maa..Sorry.. ( Pout Face )

Swara : ( Leaves their Ears ) Nw Go both of U..Bahut Badmaash hogaye ho tum dono..( To Anjali ) Anjali..Sudhar Jaa Bacchi..U r nt A Kid anymore..U r in Ur 20s..kuch toh Maturity dhikha ( Strictly )

Anjali : ( Laughs ) Maturity n Me ?, ohh Plzz Maa..M ANJALI MAHESHWARI ( Proudly ) The Only Daughter of SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI..Y shud i be Serious in Life Haa wen My Papa Fullfills all My Wishee in One Word ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Unbelievable Look ) U n Ur Papa..R the Same.Pata nhi Tum dono ko kya Maaza aata hai Mujhe Iss Tarrah Satake ( Anjali Giggles ) n Irritat karke ( Makes Faces )…Ek Taraf Ur Papa who is in Mid 40s n A Gr8 Commisioner of Kolkata n Other Side U who is Grown still U both have Childishness in U both.. ( Irritated ) God Knws Wen U both will be Serious ( Shakes Her Head Unbelievably n Diverts da Topic Irritatedly ) Anywyz. I dnt have Time fr Ur Rubbish Talks..Go n Call Ur Nanu n ask Whr is He nw..Kolkata Pahuche ya nhi..Till then i will Chk other Preparations..

Anjali : ( Giggles ) Ok I will Chk..U Go..

Swara : Good ( To Aryaan ) n Y r U Still Standing Here n Giggling.. Tum gaye nhi abhi tak Hospital Aradhya ko Lekar ?? ( Angrily )

Aryaan : ( Gulps ) Haa..Maa..Going.. ( To Aradhya ) Chalo Aaru..Lets Go ( Supports Aaradhya n Leaves )

As Aryaan Left wid Aaradhya to Hospital Kavya n Anjali along wid Aaradhya Giggled Teasingly Yet agn seeing Aryaan’s Changed Expressions making Aryaan more Irritated n Frustrated..

Aryaan : ( Angrily n Mockingly ) Haha..V.Funny..Badi Hasi aarahi hai tumhe ?? Jabse Dekhraha hu..Maa jabse Mujhe Daandh rahi hai U r Going On Laughing n Teasing Me wid Anjali n Kavya..

Aardhya : ( Controls Her Laugh ) main kya karu..I never thot The Gr8 Aryaan Maheshwari who Rules da Entire Business World wud be soo Scary Chicken in His Home.Pura Business World gets Scared of U even if they Hear Ur Name Only bt unhe kya pata ki The King of Business World is soo Scary Chicken in Home…waise toh badi badi Attitude Flaunt karte rehte ho Bahar..Ghar main kya hojata hai tumhe especially infront of Maa n Papa ( Giggles )

Aryaan : ( Stares Angrily ) Aaradhya!!

Aaradhya : ( Stops Giggling ) Ok Sorry..I wont Laugh anymore..Nw lets go..

Aryaan : Hmm Good..Haa Lets Go ( Makes Aaradhya Sits in Car n Leaves )

Soon Aryaan n Aaradhya Leaves fr Hospital in their Car while Swara n Other Gets Bzy in their Daily n Preparations of Function naking all of them Hell Bzy n Engrossed in their Own Wrk..


Maheshwari Mansion


Time Passed n its 8 in da Night n The Entire Maheshwari Mansion was Beautifully n Magnificently
Decorated and Well Presented to The Guests Arrived fr The BABY SHOWER The Most Imp Function of Maheshwari Mansion after 21 Yrs Long Gap of Their Daughter In Law AARADHYA MAHESHWARI …Everyone who Arrives n Attended da Party were Really Impressed n were Praising da Maheshwari Members fr Beautiful Decorations n Gr8 Efforts..As Guests were Arrived The Function too Strtd Aardhya was seen Sitting in Middle of Maheshwari Hall Full Ready n Looking Gorgeous in A Light Red Color Comfortable Lehenga wid Light Wrk on it Yet Looking Elegant n Beautiful wid A 7 Months Baby Bump Smiling n Blushing seeing Aryaan Looking at Her wid A Naughty Smile on His Face making Anjali n Kavya to Smile Naughtily n Teasingly..

Anjali : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Arrey Wah Bhai..Bade Fast nikle aap toh..I mean Last Yr hi toh Aapki n Aaru Bhabhi ki Shaadi hui thi n This Yr U r going to be A Father..Wow Amzing.. ( Giggles )

Kavya : ( Teases ) Haa Anjali Di..U r Right ( To Aryaan ) Bhai dmt tell Me ki after ur First Child U r gonna Plan another Baby widin another Yr.Dnt be soo Fast Haa..Warna U r inly going to Face Prblms in Future Handling them ( Chuckles )..

As Anjali n Kavya were Teasing Both Aryaan n Aaradhya Eberyone Present thr in da Party Laughed n Enjoyed Siblings Bond Making Both Aryaan n Aardhya Blush n Turn Red in Embarrassment n Shyness..Soon da Function Strtd n da Rituals were on Full Swing whr AP along wid Shekhar n Swara n Sanskar n wid Laksh n Kanchi Respectively n Blessed The New wud Be Mother n Baby Happily n Showered all their Love n Affection to both Aryaan n Aaradya n their Baby Praying fr their Bright n Happy Future making Swara n Sanskaar Lil Emotional n Overwhelmed seeing their Son n His Family Enjoying Their New Life.


1 Hour Later

Soon da Party got Over n Guests had alrdy Left Blessing da Baby n New wud be Mother n Father fr their New Life making Maheshwari Members Happy n Exicted fr the New Member in their Family..

Anajli : ( Excited ) Ohh God Maa..I cnt Believe another Day Passed n da Day of Bhabhi’s Due Date is More Near..Only 2 More Months n My Nephew/Niece will be in ( Emotional ) My Arms Playing wid Me..Aww..I cnt ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Yes Princess..Even i cnt Believe ki I will be Carrying My First Grand Child in My Hand..Playing n Making Him Ready Every Day..( Sees Aryaan Emotionally ) Mera Baccha kab itna Bada hogaya i did nt only knw abt it. ( To Sanskaar ) Hai na Sanskaar..i m feeling like it was Yesterday Only My Son was Born n Today widin One Day He has Grown Up n got Married too.. ( Overwhelmed ).Today M soo Blessed n Happy to see My First Grand Child . I knw I have Nt gjven BIRTH to Aryaan..n Bhale da Baby who is coming in this World is nt My Blood bt still.. ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Consoles ) Swara..Plzz Stop Ur Tears..its A Happy Day fr all of Us..n Who said ki da Baby is nt of ur Blood..its ur Blood only..Sirf Giving Birth to A Baby is nt Enough Swara..Takinf Good Care n Good Values n Morals to a Child is also More imp..wich U havw Given to Aryaan..n U also knw that 21 Yrs Bak jo Ragini ne jo kuch bhi kiya was nt Right ..She had Crossed all Her Limits of all Her Relationships..She did nt Leave da Most Pious Relationship of Mother n Son too..She Crossed Her Limits fr that Relationship too..n dat Time it was U who Proved to be a Real Mother of Aryaan..Bachpan se da Day Aryaan was Born U took Care of Aryaan like any Real Mother wud do..Even in His Marriage U Participated in Each n Every Imp Rituals of Aryaan jo uski Real Mother ko karnw chahiye tha..den hw cn U say ki da New Member is nt Ur Blood..Agr tum nhi hoti toh Aryaan nhi hota wid Us..So in Real Terms U r His Real Mother n No One cn Deny it..Samjhi ??

Aryaan : ( Hugs Swara Emotionally ) Haa Maa..Papa is Right.( Release da Hug ) Fr Me since Childhood U were My Real Mother n will.ALWYZ BE..U never Differentiated b/w Me n A Anjali..Infact U alwyz Preferred Me First b4 Anjali even after Anjali being Ur OWN BLOOD..den Hw U Talk like this anything Rubbish..itne Saal hogaye bt still U r too Emotional Regarding Me ( Giggles ) n Haa One More thing da New Member has Ur Blood Only..n No One cn Deny it..Nt even U ..Ok ?? U R THE BEST MAA in da World Fr Me.. ( Hugs Agn )

Anjali : ( Teary Eyes n Hugs Too ) Fr Mee too..

Kavya : ( Hugs too ) n fr Meee Three.. ( Giggles )

Aaradhya : ( Hugs too ) n fr Mee Four too. ( Laughs )

Aryaan/Anjali/Kavya/Aaradhya : ( Unison While Hugging ) WE LOVE U SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI ( Laughs )

Swara : ( Hugs dem too ) Aww..Love u too My Bacchas.. ( Kisses Everyone’s Forehead Lovingly ) Muaah..

As Swara n New Generation were having some Emotional Moments,Sanskaar along wid AP n Others i.e Laksh,Kanchi n Shekhar all were Overwhelmed n Happy seeing The Bond b/w Swara n Young Generation..Soon Everyone Went to their Respective Rooms Happily n as Aryaan n Aaradhya were going to their Room Aaradhya all of a Sudden felt a Pain in Her Baby Bump n Strtd Shkuting in Pain wid Sweat coming frm Her Entire Body Showing Her Pain making Everyone Shocked n Blank nt Understanding wat to do n Indicating its Delivery Time..


2 Hours Later

City Hospital

Soon as Aaradhya felt Pain in Her BabyBump She was Rushed to Hospital n was Admitted in Labour Room fr Delivery Princess making Everyone Especially Aryaan Worried n Restless..As Aryaan was Pacing Here n thr in Restlessness Doctor Comes out of OT wid Tensed Face n Expressions making Aryaan n Others More Shocked n Worried..

Aryaan : ( Worried ) Kya hua Doctor? ? Hw is My Wife ?? My Baby ?? R they Fine na ?? Plzx tell..* Restless )

Doctor : ( Fumbles ) Woh..Woh..Mr Maheshwari Actually..Ur Wife n Baby both r.. ( Swearing )

Aryaan : Kya Meri Wife n Baby ?? Plzz tell Me Clearly..U r Killing Me wid Ur Fumbling..

Sanskaar : ( Supports n Consoles ) Aryaan Relax. Kuch nhi hogs Aaru n Humare Pote ko..Jst Relax..

Aryaan : ( Worried ) Kaise Relax karu Papa..waha My Wife n Baby ke Health ke bare main kuch pata nhi chalraha n Here Doctor is nt Telling nthing..aise main Hw cn I be Relax haa.. ( Sweating )

Doctor : Relax Mr Maheshwari..Thr is nthing to Worry. Wen Ur CHACHU is Ur Wife’s n Baby’s Doctor den thr is nthing to Worry ( Giggles )

Aryaan : ( Shocked ) What do U mean Chachu ? U mean ki Aaru is Fine n Iii ( Fumbles in Confusion )

Laksh : ( Laughs ) Yes My Champ..U r A Proud Father of Baby Boy..Congratulations it’s A Baby Boy.. ( Smiles )

Hearing Laksh Everyone Present in da Hospital were Over Joyed n Hugging Eachother in Happiness n Excitement…Soon Aardhya n da New Born Baby was Discharged n A Naming Cermony of the New Member of Maheshwari Family was Kept n was given A Name as ARYA ARYAAN MAHESHWARI making Everyone Happy n Overwhelmed n Leading dem to Live A Happy n A Prosperous Life Ahead fr All da Members of da Family making Both Swara n Sanskaar Hug n Hold Eachother’s Hands seeing their Entire Family All happy n Over Joyed Bringing Tears of Happiness n Overwhelmness in their Eyes Showing their Satisfaction n Happiness of Having a Happy Family in tneir Entire Journey of their Love n Struggle making dem More Overwhelmed n Emotional..

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Song : Tere Sang
Music : Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Lyrics : Manoj Muntashir
Singers : Atif Aslam
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Tere Sang Yaara
Khush Rang Bahara
Tu Raat Deewani
Main Zard Sitaara.
O Karam Khudaya Hai
Tujhe Mujhse Milaya Hai
Tujhpe Marke Hi Toh
Mujhe Jeena Aaya Hai.
O Tere Sang Yaara…
Khush Rang Bahara
Tu Raat Deewani
Main Zard Sitaara
O Tere Sang Yaara
Khushrang Bahara…


Tadaa..Finally Finally.. Done wid a Last n Final Part of da SS i.e Epilogue of “Destiny – Its All About Life”I knw Its Quite Boring n Very Family Drama Types..Bt Hope U will Like it..n Thnks fr the Overwhelming n Amzing Response of da Entire SS frm Strting till Ending..Hope U will Shower Ur Love n Support om dis la
Last Part of the SS too..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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  1. SNY

    Awesome dr….

  2. awesome.. loved it…
    loved swara and aryan relation nd swasanrelation in this ff very much.. its just mind blowing ff…. hope u come with another ff soon..

  3. awesome

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks alot..m glad u Liked it 🙂

  4. Shilpi99

    Wow awesome just loved it the episode was mindbloiwing just loved it????? please come back with another amazing ff i read this full ff in one day and just loved it???☺??

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks alot..m glad u Liked it 🙂

  5. Asmaara

    Awesome nice

  6. Simi

    Dear,, it was amazing…thanks alot for this ff…

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks ☺. .its My Pleasure U Liked it 🙂

  7. Deeksha

    Just loved it dear…!!!!! Awesome….!!!!! And the bond between all the members is awesome…!!!!! Loved it dear…!!!!

  8. Amazing.. Loved the epilogue

  9. Vyshu10

    nice….happy happy ep

  10. Wow loved it gonna miss this one a lot can you say me you’re other ff’s and ss’s name so I can also read them I also read it was a name with hamsafar sorry I forgo the name ❤️????

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks alot…n My other Wrk r in my FF Page like Love Ya Betrayal.Tu Mera Humsafar ( FF )..Beautiful Distraction OS Tu Mera Humsafar..U cn fond all these on my ff oage on fb..

  11. KrsytleS

    Superb epilogue

  12. Super

  13. Dharani


  14. Arunika

    No words for the whole journey of Destiny!!!
    It was AMAZING!!!!

  15. Love you to the core Goldie…thanks for adding Tere sang yaara in the Epilogue..n it wasn’t boring Yar I was beyond fantastic….love you N miss you…right now I am hearing Atif songs N reading N commenting here…

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thnks alot 🙂

  16. Kakali

    Goldieeee !!! u seriously made me cry …. this is d besttttt epilogue i have ever read… it’s sooo beautiful… i learned a lot’s of things from ur SS … it’s kinda sooo heart warming…
    Thnk u for writing it…
    God bless u… ;-*

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Aww..Thnks alot..M Glad U Liked My SA..Keep Supporting n Loving Me n My Wrk 🙂

  17. Mariyajap

    Awesome going to miss it

  18. Mahjabeen

    Awese…fab epilogue dear…love it??????

  19. Mahjabeen

    Awesome epilogue dr..loved it soo mch??????

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thank U soo Much ☺

  20. Amazing

  21. Amqzing goldie!!!!

  22. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome !!!!! Will miss ur ff

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