Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 24

Hello Guyz . Firstly I have a Request fr U all..Plzz Do Watch Swaragini n Increase its TRPs n Make it Enter Top 5..We got this SwaSan Intense Trck on Our Request n On Our Continous Trending..So Plzx Watch it fr da Sake of SwaSan..This Trck is really Important fr all SwaSanians..Plzz Do Watch..Its a Request frm Me..Plzz ???..n M . Sure U all r Liking Sanskaar’s New Killer Attitude n His Devil Wala Tashan to Everyone ???? All Over agn.n M Sure Soon This Trck will be More Interesting coz Lost more to come on da Way..Real Hate Love Story of SwaSan is Yet to Begin..So Plzz Do Watch fr Our SwwSan b Save them Plzz ??..

Khair I wanted to Request U all fr Watching da Show..So i did..Nw Its on ur Hands to Save SwaSan or nt..Nw Here is da 2nd Last Part . Hope U will Like it :)..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments too at da End ?

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Recap : SwaSan Moments . Family Koments..Baby Naming Cermony n Named Her Anjali.


Destiny – Its All About Life!

Part 24

SwaSan Room

The Part Strts wid Both Swara n Sanskaar Entering their Room Happily wid their Lil Princess Anjali Hell Tired n Exhausted..As soon as they Entered their Room Sanskaar Bolted da Door where as Swara got Bzy in Sleeping Prepation making Sanskaar Smile Naughtily n Teasingly..

Swara : ( Making Anjali Lye in Cradle ) Sanskaar..U go n get Freshen Up..Jab tak main Tumhare Kapde ( Goes towards Wardrobe ) nikal deti hu ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Ahahaa..( Pulls Swara Closer By Waist ) Nt soo Soon Mrs Maheshwari..Infact ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Romantically ) Wats da Use of Changing Haa ? Abb jo Hum karne wale hai uske liye toh Kapde ki Zarurat hi nhia hai ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Ahh Sanskaar..Wwhhatt do U mean ?? ( Breathing Heavily )

Sanskaar : ( Huskily ) U Very Well Knw Swara wat i mean ( Smiles Naughtily n Moves More Closer )

Swara : ( Blushes ) Sanskaar Plzz ..Chodo..Its Late..n U have to ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : Sshh ( Keeps His Fingers on Lips ) Ya Ya.Nw Plzz dnt Strt ur Old Dialogues.I knw I have Duty Kal ( Makes Faces ) n U have soo much wrk Kal n Etc Etc..Sab ke liye Time hai Tumhare pass bt nt Fr Me ( Pout )

Swara : ( Chuckes ) Haa..Toh..Whats Wrong in it..Abb Joint Family main rehte hai toh jtna toh Sacrifice karna padega na..Nw ( Pushes Sanskaar to Washroom ) Go n Get Freshen Up n Come n Sleep ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Irritated ) Tumhe toh baad main dekhuga main Mrs Maheshwar..Huh..

Soon Sanskaar went inside the Washroom n Closed da Door in Frustration making Swara Smile n Giggle at Sanskaar’s Childishness n She too got Freshen Up in da Nxt Room n Soon Jumps in Sanskaar’s Embrace who was Alrdy Present on da Bed Sleeping wid An Angry Pout Making Swara to Laugh n Enjoy Sanskaar’s Irritation..

Swara : ( Sleeps on Sanskaar’s Embrace ) Aww ( Pulls Sanskaar’s Cheeks ) Mera Baby..Ghussa ho ? ( Chuckles ) Its Ok na.. ( Tries to Cheer Up ) Plzz ..

Sanskaar : ( Still Angry ) Swara..Plz..( Mockingly ) Its Late n I have Duty Kal so Lets Sleep ( Turns Other Side n sleeps )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Ohh God… ( Makes Faces ) Jaisa Baap waisa Beta..Thats y I wonder Y Aryaan is soo Stubborn n Arrogant sometimes ( Giggles ) Pagaal Hai Dono..Bt ( Sees Sanskaar n Sniles Admiringly ) I Love These Pagaals ( Giggles n Bak Hugs Tightly n Dozes Off Happily )

While Swara was Blabbering to Herself abt Sanskaar,Sanskaar who was Pretending to Sleep Heard Her n Smiled seeing Her Antics n Dozes Off Feeling Swara’s Full Weight on His Bak making Him Feel Happy n Relieved with Both Moon n Stars being A Witness of 2 Most Adorable Souls Sleeping Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace..


Next Morning

SwaSan Room

The Whole Night Passes Away n its da Nxt Morning n As Usual Swara was Bzy in Making Aryaan Ready fr School while Sanskaar was Bzy in His Morning Files Srudying A Case..As Swara was Making Aryaan Ready,Aryaan like Alwyz was in His Masti Mood making Both Swara n Sanskaar Admire n Smile on Aryaan’s Antics..

Aryaan : Mumma..Did U Talk to Principal Ma’am abt that Bak Bak Teacher ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Beta i did..n dnt worry Ur Principal Ma’am She Herself dnt like ur Maths Teacher..N She was abt to Remove Her by Nxt Week bt on seeing Mny Parent’s Conplaints She Decided to Remove Her This Week Only.Nw Happy ??

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Wow..Mumma..U r da Best..Love U ( Hugs Tightly )

Swara : ( Laughs n Hugs Bak ) Love U too.Mera Baccha.. ( Released da Hug ) Accha nw Come Get Ready Fast..School ke liye Late horaha hai na ??

Aryaan : Haa Ok Mumma.. ( Nervous ) ) bbt Mumma..Woh..I wanna Aasskk U Something..Can I ?? ( Pleading Eyes )

Swara : ( Understands ) Aryaan… ( Strictly ) If U r Asking Me abt ur Field Trip to Water den M Sorry m nt gonna Allow U to go thr..U knw U have Allergy wid Pool Water..den phir bhi U wanna Go ??

Aryaan : ( Pleads ) Bt Mumma Plzz Na..Only One Time..U Listen to My Every Thing na den Y nt this ?? Plzz na Mumma..I Promise If U Allow this Time na Nxt Time I wont Ask ..Bt Plzz Allow Me this Time..Plzz ( Pleads )

Swara : ( Angry ) Aryaan..Kaha No Means No.Aur Jar Baar Baath sunti hu it doesnt mean ki yeh bhi sunu..The Things wich is nt Good fr U m nt gonna Listen to it..Nw Be Quite n Go n have ur Brk Fast..

Aryaan : ( Teary Eyes ) Bbt Mumma Plzz na..My all Frnds r going..Hw cn I Miss this..Plzz Let Me Go..Plzz

Swara : ( More Angry ) Bas Aryaan..Tumhe Ek baar main Baath samajh nhi aati..I said Na No wich Means No..Samjhe ??

Aryaan : ( Angry too ) Mumma..I want go mean i wanna Go..U cnt Stop Me.. ( To Sanskaar ) Papa see na Mumma is nt Allowing Me to go to Field Trip..Plzz Say Her Na.. ( Teary Eyes )

As Aryaan Requested Sanskaar,Sanskaar who was Watching Swara’s n Aryaan’s Arguement Tried to Convince Swara bt Swara being a Good Mother Denied agn n agn making Aryaan more Angry n Stubborn..

Sanskaar : ( Comes Near Aryaan ) Sshh Champ ( Wipes Aryaan’s Tears ) Stop Crying..I will Try to Convince ur Mumma U ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( Strictly ) Sanskaar..Nw u dnt take His Side..U also knw Hw Badly He is Allergic to Pool Water n Mud Water bt still even after knwing all these u r Taking His Side..Hw cn U ??

Sanskaar : ( Calms Swara Down ) I knw Look at Him na He Badly He wanna go thr..Let Him Go..n rahi baath Pool Water ki toh I will Talk to His Teacher n Tell them to nt to Let Aryaan go in any Water or any Muddy Places n Will Tell Aryaan too nt to go any Of them ( To Aryaan ) Ok Na Champ ?? U wont go na in any Water Pool or any Muddy Place na ?? Bt Let Him Go nw..

Swara : ( Still Strict ) Sanskaar..My Decision is Final No Matter wat all Excuses U make..I cnt Risk My Son’s Life fr jst His Fun n Enjoyment ..agr He wants to Enjoy wid His Frnds na toh I will Arrange A Spcl Party fr Him n His Frnds at Home or somewhere else bt nt thr.n That’s Final..No More Arguements on this..Abb U go n get Ready..Duty ke liye u r getting Late.. ( Takes Anjali frm Cradle ) jab tak i will See ur Brk Fast.. ( to Aryaan ) n U Aryaan Stop Crying n Go n Wash ur Face..School k liye Late horaha hai.. ( Leaves bt Shocked )

While Swara was abt to Leave da Room Angrily,Sanskaar n Aryaan were Standing all Helpless bt Aryaan being Stubborn Bursted Out His Anger making both Swara n Sanskaar Shocked n Surprised..

Aryaan : ( Angry ) Mumma..Agr Ragini Mumma hoti na toh She wud have Allowed Me..coz She is My Real Mumma na n She wud have Listened to My All Demands..nt Like U coz u r nt My Real Mumma na..( To Sanskaar ) Papa..I want My Real Mumma Bak ( Angry )

Swara : ( Shocked n Turns ) Aryaan !! ( Goes towards Aryaan n Keeps Anjali in Cradle n Bends Towards Aryaan ) Wwhaatt r u saying ?? ( Teary Eyes ) Mm nntt urr Reaal Mumma ?? Hw cn u ( Intrerupted ).

Aryaan : ( Unknowingly in Anger ) Haa..M telling Ryt..U r nt My Real Mumma dats Y u r nt Listenimg to Me..Ragini Mumma wud have Listened to Me. ( Angry ) I dnt wanna talk to U ..U r nt My Real Mumma ( Angry Pout )

Swara : ( Blank ) Aarryaannn..Aisa mat kaho .M telling fr Ur Good Only Baccha.. ( To Sanskaar ) Sanskaar dekho na wat Aryaan is telling..M His Mumma na..Tell Him na Plzz ( Hugs Aryaan Tightly wid Teary Eyes ) M ur Mumma Baccha..M Ur Mumma ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked too ) Haa Swara ( Holds Swara’s Shoulders Concernly ) He is ur Son..n U r His Mumma..Stop Crying..Aryaan is telling all this in Anger warna U knw na hw much He Loves U..So Plzz Calm Down ..Its nt good fr Ur Health.. ( To Aryaan ) Champ Come on Stop all these Nonsense n Say i r telling all these in Anger.. ( Strictly )

Aryaan : ( Jerks ) No Papa..M nt telling this in Anger.M Serious ( To Swara ) U r nt My Mumma…I dnt wanna talk to U..I Hate U..( Runs Leaves in Anger )

As soon as Aryaan Left in Anger,Swara was all Shocked n Numb wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously Listening to Aryaan’s Harsh Words n was Loosing Her Senses wen all of a Sudden Sanskaar Holded n Swara n Saved Swara frm Falling Down making Sanskaar too Shocked n Surprised on Aryaan’s Behaviour n Stubbornness..

Swara : ( Blabbers in Unconscious State ) Aryaan..No Baccha..dnt Leave Me..Plzz Dnt..M Ur Mumma..Plzz ( Sweating )

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Swara..( Pats Swara’s Cheeks ) Swara..Utho Princess..Aryaan is ur Son only..Plzz Utho ( Teary Eyes ) Plz Utho.. ( Monologue ) Aryaan ( Angry ) Wat have U Done Champ ?? U Hirted Swara in Ur Stubbornness…Hw cn U ?? U need to Realize ur Mistakes..N i will make U Realize it.. ( Determined ) ( To Swara ) Dnt Worry Princess..Ur Prince is Still Here wid U..Nothing will Hapen to U..I will Make Ur Aryaan Understand His Mistake n will Bring Him Bak to U..Its My Promise.. n U knw Ur Prince will never Brk His Promise ( Teary Eyes ) ( Caresses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly ) Jst Wait n Watch ( Determined )

Soon Sanskaar Left fr His Duty by making Swara Lye on Bed Comfortably making An Excuse to Others abt Swara’s Health arising A Doubt in their Mind..


Maheshwari Mansion


Its Evening n Its Time fr Evening Aarti where AP was Waiting fr Swara since Past 15 Minutes n As Time Passed AP Strtd Searching fr Her in da Entire Mansion Restlessly making Her More Tensed n Restless fr Swara..

AP : ( Worried ) Heyy Bhagwaan..Kaha Gayi yeh Ladki..Its Evening Time n abhi tak nhi aayi..Whr cn She Go widout Informing Me ?? Itni Irresponsible toh Swara nhi then wat Happened all of a Sudde to Her ?? ( Scared ) Heyy Bhagwaan Plzz Mere Bacchoon ki Rakha karna..Meri Swara jaha bhi ho bas Safe Ho ( Restless )

As AP was Praying Laksh who was Passing frm thr All Bzy in His Mobe was Stopped by AP Worriedly making Laksh Confused n Worried..

AP : ( Sees Laksh Going ) Laksh..

Laksh : Haa Maa.. ( Smiles )..

AP : Goes Near Laksh Worriedly ) Beta did u see ur Bhabhi ??

Laksh : No Maa..I did nt see Bhabhi since Morning..She is Ill na so She myt be In Her Y r U soo Tensed ??

AP : ( Worried ) Worry karne ki hi toh baath hai Laksh..Swara is No Whr to be seen..n I havw Checked Her Room too thinking She will be thr bt She is nt thr too..Pata nhi kaha chalegayi yeh Ladki.. ( Teary Eyes )

Laksh : ( Worried too bt Composes Himself ) Maa..Dnt Worry..Bhabhi Mandir gayi hogi..n Anjali ko itni Dhopp main lekar She cnt be Out fr Long..She myt be coming..dnt worry..

AP : No Beta..Anjali is wid Me..Wen Sanskaar told Swara is Unwell I m taking care of Anjali.. ( Crying )

Laksh : Accha ..Accha Ok..Lets do One thing..apne Bhai ko Pucha whr is Bhabhi ?

AP : ( Panicked ) Nhi Laksh..Main itni Tension main bhoolgayi..

Laksh : Ok Fine..Np..I will call nw..U come here ( Makes AP Sit on Sofa ) Sit Here..I will Call Bhai..n dnt worry Bhabhi will be Save ( Consoles )

Soon Laksh Calls Sanskaar n Sanskaar Hearing abt Swara,Sanskaar Immediately Understood da Matter n Made an Excuse abt Swara’s Safety n Leaves n Rushes towards MM making Both Laksh n AP Lil Satisfied n Relieved.



30 Minutes Later

As Laksh n AP were Worried fr Swara in Hall Here at Terrace A Girl ( Obiviously its Swara ) was Found Sitting in A Corner n was Weeping Silently Like a Lifless Body Showing Her Pain n Unknown Fear in Her Reary n Red Swollen Eyes making Her More Weak n Pale..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Why God..Y Alwyz Me ?? First My Parents…den My Frnd Ragini n Nw Aryaan ?? Y Alwyz Ppl Betray Me n Leave Me Alone ..Y Destiny Alwyz Plays Games wid My Happiness ?? Jo Insaan Meri Life bangaya tha..He Spoke such Harsh Words to Me..Y ?? ARYAAN…Aryaan made Me feel da Meaning of Being A Mother..Mana Maine usse Janam toh nhi diya bt still I Considered Him as My Own Child since Day 1..The Moment He was Born it was Me ( Sees Her Hands wid TearyEyes ) Who took Him in My These Hands….It was Me who alwyz Wished fr His Happiness n His Betterment..i knw ki Blood Relationships r above all..n The Truth is Ragini is Aryaan’s Biological Mother..She gave Him Birth No Matter hw is She in Nature..The Truth is Ragini is only His Real Does it Mean ki I dnt have any Right on Him ?? I dnt have Right to Think of His Betterment ?? M i soo Bad As a Mother ?? ( Cries Bitterly )

While Swara was Crying Bittely She Felt A Strong Hands on Her Shoulder,Feeling da Touch Swara Immediately Turned towards da Person n Hugged Him Tightly n Cried Even More Bitterly Bringing Tears in His Eyes too..

Swara : ( Cries More Miserably ) Sansksarrr..Bolo na Sanskaar Kya Ghalat kiya maine agr maine Aryaan ko Water Park jaane se mana kardiya. It was fr His Betterment na..Agr usse Allergy Attack hojata toh..Toh Dard mujhe hota sabse zaada..Bhale He wud Suffer those Attacks bt Dard ( Broken n Shattered ) mujhe hota coz fr Me He is My First Child..Chahe Truth kuch bhi ho bt fr Me He is My Son n M His Real Mother..Hw cn He Say those Harsh Words to Me soo Easily..Kya Humara Rishta itna Weak tha ?? Was Our Relationship soo Breakable? Bolo na Sanskaar ( Hugs More Tightly n Cries Bitterly )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Bak ) No Princess..its nt like that.Urs n Aryaan’s Relationship is nt Soo Weak to Brk like this.. Aryaan Baccha hai n Ghusse main boldiya..U knw Him na..Infact U Knw Him More Better dan Me..U knw na Hw Short Tempered..Bas Apne Bachpane n Ghusse main Boldiya. .wich doesnt mean ki He Meant it..i knw He was Wrong bt U also knw He Loves U more than anything..n Maybe More dan Me also ( Feels Jealousy ) wich Makes Me Jealous Sometimes ( Makes Faces )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Hehe..Woh toh hai ( Serious ) bt Sanskaar U tell Me maine Sacchi main Ghalat kiya fr nt Allowing Him to go to Field Trip? ? Was it Wrong to think abt His Health n Safety ?? ( Sanskaar Nodes No ) ( Teary Eyes ) den Y did He tell Such Harsh Words to Me ?? Uss Words ko yaad karte hi I Shiver like Hell ( Shattered ) Y did He tell like dat ?? Bolo na Sanskaar ( Cries n Hugs Sanskaar Agn ) M I Really Bad as Mother ?? M I Really Failed as Mother ?? ( Cries Bitterly )

As Swara was telling Her Heart Out to Sanskaar while Crying,They Heard a Cute Yet A Upset Voice making Both Swara n Sanskaar Shocked n Teary Eyes.

Aryaan ( Obiviously it will be Aryaan ) : ( Sad ) Coz He is Mad… ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Aryaan!! ( Release da Hug wid TearyEyes )

Aryaan : ( Hugs Swara Tightly ) Yes Mumma..I M Mad..A Big Time Mad to Hurt U..M Sory..Plzz Forgive Me..I m Sorry fr nt Listenimg to U..I knw U Denied fr My Field Trip fr My Safety n Health bt I was soo Foolish to Hurt U..M Sorry ( Hugs More Tightly n Cries ) Plzz Dnt Blame Urself n Accuse Urself fr nt Being A Good Mother.. ( Release da Hug ) U r The Best Mumma in da World ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) Infact Bestest Mumma in da World n I DNT EVER NEED ANYONE ELSE.Ragini Mumma ne Birth diya hoga bt Its U who Made Me These Much Big n Took Care of My these 6 Yrs..No one cn Take ur Place..woh sab maine sirf Ghusee main kehdiya tha..M Sorry n I Love U ( Hugs Agn )

Swara : ( Overwhelmed ) I Love U Too My Baccha..Mumma is also Sorry fr Scolinf U Badly. Mujhe Ghussa nhi karna chahiye tha On U..M Sorry..Plzz Forgive Me too..

Aryaan : ( Release da Hug ) No Mumma..Aapko Sorrybolne ki Zarurat nhi hai..U were Right at Ur Place..I was Wrong..M Sorry..

Swara : ( Wipes Aryaan’s Tears ) Its Ok My Baccha..Np..Accha U wanna go fr Picnic na then Ok..U cn Go..I have Np ( Smiles ).

Aryaan : No Mumma. I Dnt Wanna go ..I Realized My Mistake..So Dnt Wanna Go…I jst wanna Spend Time wid U..Nthing Else.

Swara : ( Smiles ) Aww My Baccha ( Kisses Aryaan’s Cheeks ) I Love U..

Aryaan : ( Kisses Swara’s Cheeks too ) N I Love U Too ( Both Swara n Aryaan Laughs )

While Swara n Aryaan were Enjoying their Cute Bond Yet Agn Sanskaar sees Swara n Aryaan n Smiles Admiring their Relationship while Aryaan too sees Sanskaar n Smiles Bak Guesting Him A Thnk U Smile Making Sanskaar Smile Bak n Relieved..



As soon as Sanskaar Recieved Laksh’s Call,Sanskaar Immediately Left frm His Cabin n Rushed towards Aryaan’s Frnds House n Picked Him Up Much Early Making Aryaan More Angry n Frustrated..

Aryaan : ( Angry ) Wat r u doing Papa ? I N Y did U Pick Me soo Early ?? ( Angry ) Sure Ur Wife Myt have Told U na ?? ( Frustrated )

Sanskaar : ( Takes a Deep Breath ) Ohh toh Champ is Angry haa ?? Bt With whom r U Angry ?? On Ur Papa or on UR STEP MOM who Denied fr Ur Field Trip fr Ur Betterment ?? ( Smirks ) Tell Me wid whom r U Angry ??

Aryaan : ( Shocked ) STEP MOM ?? Bt wen did I call Her Step Mom ? ( Confused )

Sanskaar : ( Smriks Winningly ) Haa Step Mom..Jisse U Fought n Came here..U only told Her na ki She is nt Ur Real Mumma…Bhale Directly nhi bt Indirectly toh U made Her Realize ki She is ur Step Mom hai na ?? Abb No Matter wat all Wrk She does fr U..No Matter wat all Demands She Fullfills even while Facing Her Prblms..n No Matter Hw much She Treats U as Her Own Son..Bt The Truth will be Swara is ur Step Mom..Hai na ? u did a Right thing Champ by making Her Realize ki She is ur Step Mom wen all She wanted was Ur Safety n was Concerned fr Ur Health….Good Champ..M Proud of U ( Teary Eyes )

Aryaan : ( Blank n Bursted Out ) Papa ?? Did I tell all these to Mumma ?? ( Sanskaar Nods ) Ohh God..What have I Done ?? ( Hugs Sanskaar Cryingly ) Ohh No Papa..Hw Cn I ? I Hurted Mumma soo Much in My Anger ?? Hw cn i ?? ( Teary Eyes ) Maine woh Sab Ghusse main Boldiya n Mumma took it Srsly? ? ( Feels Guilty )

Sanskaar : Champ..U r nt A Kid anymore..U r A Grown Up n A Brother of A Small Sister..U shud Think Wisely na b4 Blurting Out Anything frm Ur Mouth . Being Angry is Ok Champ bt Speaking Harshly in Anger n dat too Soo Badly is nt Good. . Abb nw U only see coz of Ur Anger U Spoke to Ur Mumma Soo Badly ki Since Long Time She at Terrace Blaming Herself fr Ur Harsh Words..She thinks She Failed as A Mother..Ur Mumma is at Terrace while all others r Searching fr Her kya baatau main unlogo ko Ur Mumma is at Terrace Only coz Her Son Spoke Harshly wid Her ?? Tell Me kya bolu ??

Aryaan : ( Shocked ) Kya? Mumma is at Terrace ?? ( Worried ) Hw is She ?? N hw do U knw Mumma is at Terracr ?? N Why u did nt tell anyone abt it wen U knew abt it ? ? ( Confused )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Champ I knw Coz she is My Wife n I knw Her In n Out..She goes to Terrace wenever She feels Really Bad n Sad..n ur Harsh Words made Her Feel Really Bad..n dats Y She went to Terrace..n rahi baath Y i did nt tell anyone coz i want U to Sort Out Ur MU wid Her..n to Convince Her n Bring Bak Ur Old Wali Mumma n My Wife Bak.Samjhe ??.

Aryaan : ( Sad ) Haa Papa..Plzz Lets go..I want to see My Old Mjmma Bak..Jaldi Chaliye Plzz ( Guilty )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Chalo ( Leaves )

Soon Both Sanskaar n Aryaan Left the Place n Reached MM n Rushes towards Terrace in a Hurry making Everyone Present thr Confused n Worried.

*********FlashBack Ends**********

As Swara n Aryaan were Bzy in their Cute Bonding,AP n DP n Laksh who were also Present thr n Witnessed da Whole Scn n was Teary Eyes n Overwhelmed seeing da Scns n Admired da Cute Bond of Son n Mother making them Feel . Proud of their Relationship..


1 Week Later. .

Maheshwari Mansion


1 Week Passed n Like anyother Sunday Everyone was in Hall Enjoying their Weekend wid Eachother Laughingly n Teasingly Eachother..

Laksh : ( Teases ) Bhabhi Wah..Wat A Pakode ( Eats Madly ) So Delicious Yummy..Nw i understood Y Bhai Keeps Playing wid ur Hands Under da Table in Brk Fast n Dinner.. ( Giggles )..

Hearing Laksh Both Swara n Sanskaar who were Playing wid Anjali n Aryaan were All Shocked n Turned Crinson Red in Embarrassed while AP n DP too Giggled n Enjoyed seeing their Family Happy n Settled.

AP : ( Controls Laugh ) Laksh.. ( Fake Strictness ) Bas Kar..jab dekho jab U keep Teasing them..Stop it..Let Me see at ur Time..Hw u will feel wen They both will Tease U wen U will be doing da Same things wid Ur WIFE ( Chuckles )

Laksh : ( Shocked ) Maa.. ( Embarrassed ) Kya ..Aap bhi ?? ( Shy )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Kyoun kya hua Dever Ji .Sharam aarahi hain..Wow da Person who was Teasing Me n My Husband Few Minutes Bak is Ne Blushing Like a Red Tomato nw ( Chuckles ) Gr8..

Sanskaar : ( Teases too ) Waise Maa U r Right..We shud strt searching Proper Proposals fr Him maybe after Marriage He will Understand Our Situation..Kyoun hai na Mere Chote Bhai ( Giggles )

Laksh : ( Full Shy ) Bhabhi..Bhai..Plzz Stop it..Meri jab hogi so hogi.. ( Blushes )

DP : ( Serious ) Waise Annapurna ..We shud Srsly Think abt Laksh’s Marriage..Coz Nxt Yr tak He will . Complete His Education n Job bhi mil hi jaayegi..Abb jab tak Yeh apna Career Set karta hai We shud also Strt Searching Suitable Girl fr Him..waise bhi aajkal Acche Ladikyaan milna Mushkil hai..We have Alrdy Experienced it Once n Dubara I dnt wanna Face it agn ( Sad )..Dnt U think So ??

AP : ( Understands ) Yes Ji..U r Right..n Kaunsa Shaadi karrahe hai itni jaldi. Shaadi toh baad main hi hogi bt atleast We cn Strt Searching Girls fr My Laksh ( To Laksh ) Kyoun Laksh ?? R u Ok wid it ?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Off Course Maa..He is Fine wid it..Jst look at Hie Face wich is Red like a Pure Tomato ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Shut up Sanskaar..Stop Teasing My Dever.. ( To AP ) Yes Maa..U cn..I cn feel Laksh’s Agreement in ur Decision ..He is jst Shy to tell His Decision to U n Papa.. ( To Laksh ) Hain na a Laksh ??

Laksh : ( Shy ) Maa..Woh mujhe kuch kaam yaad aaya..M going..Bye ( Leaves Asap )

Sooon Laksh Left frm thr While SwaSan n AP n DP Laughed Seeing Laksh’s Shyness making them Feel Happy n Exicted fr Laksh’s Decision n Sad fr Sanskaar’s Announcement..

Sanskaar : Papa..M going to Delhi fr 3 Dyz fr a Conference of All Commisioners of India..So i need to go .its Really Important n Me being Commisioner of Kolkata I too need to go Today itself..

AP : ( Shocked ) What ?? Delhi ? N dat too Today only ?? Pehle Inform kyoun nhi kiya ??

Sanskaar : I wanted to Time hi nhi mila..n mujhe khud Aaj Subah pata chala..Tickets woh sab Preparations main Time hi nhi mila mujhe..M Sorry..

DP : Its ok.Beta..Np..we understand..being A Police Officer is nt at all a Easy Job n We Respect ur Job..U cn do one thing Take ( Sees Swara ) Swara along wid U..She will also feel Fresh n Good by going Out..

AP : Haa n issi Bahane U Two will get some time together..yaha apne Roz ke Kaamo main hi Bzy rehte ho..n dnt worry abt Aryaan n Anjali..We r Here..We will take care of them..n Anjali is also Comfortable wid Us nw..So U cn go.. ( Assures )

Swara : Bt Maa.Hw cn i ?? .Anjali ko I cnt Leave Her Like this..( Intreprupted )

AP : Swara..Kaha na..U cn go..No need to Hesitate..Ok ?? N If U want U cn take Anjaam wid Aryaan ko yaha rehne do.. ( To Aryaan ) Will U Stay wid Ur Dadi here ??

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Haa Dadi..Off Course.. ( To Swara ) Mumma u go..i will Stay here..Dnt Worry..

Swara : ( Still Hesitates ) Bt Aryaan ( Intreprupted Agn )

Aryaan : ( Irritated ) Offoo.Mumma..Kaha na..u cn go..wich means U cn..Final ( To Sanskaar ) Papa Book Mumma’s n Anjali’s Tickets too..Theyr going wid U n dats Final.. ( Strictly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Ok Boss ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Unbelievable Look ) Ohh God..Yeh Dono Baap Bete Pagaal kardege mujhe ( Leaves )

As Aryaan n Sanskaar Teased Swara,Swara Left frm their Angrily wid Anjali while AP,DP n Sanskaar n Aryaan Laughed at Swara’s Antics making Swara More Angry n Frustrated..


Precap : SwaSan Hot Romance FINALLY n Epilogue…


Phew..Finally Done wid da Second Last Part..Hope U will like it..I knw its Boring n Very Boring bt still Hoping Fr a Good Response..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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