Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 23

Hello Guyz..Here I m wid da Nxt Part..n I knw I told ki this is da Lsst Part bt Thr is a Surprise fr U all at End..Hope U will Like it..Leave ur Valuable Comments :)..

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Recap : SwaSan Emotional Noments..SwaSan Kiss..Aryaan Swara Masti..Elders Fun Talks n Sanskaar’s Return..


Destiny – Its All About Life!

Part 23

Same Night

SwaSan Room

The Part Strts wid Both Swara n Sanskaar Entering THEIR ROOM Together Hand in Hand wid Full Happiness seen in their Eyes n The Room wich was soo Gloomy n Missing His Owners fr Past Few Weeks was nw seen Bright n Neat wid Room Decorated Properly n Cleanly wid Fresh Air Freshner Aroma Spread all around da Room making Both Swara n Sanskaar Feel Fresh n Happy..As Both Entered da Room Swara Tightens Her Grip on Sanskaar n Dragged Him Inside in Excitement making Sanskaar too Happy n Overwhelmed seeing His Room Filled wid Happiness

Swara : ( Happy n Drags Sanskaar In ) Aao Sanskaar..Come n Tell Me Hw is da Room Sanskaar ?? ( Happy ) Accha hai na ? ( Excited )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Off Course Accha Hai Bt ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Sad ) Bt ..Bt Kya Sanskaar ?? ( Teary Eyes ) U knw maine itne Acche se Tumhare liye Humara Room Decorate kiya tha..I was soo Happy thinking ki WE r going to Stay in Our Room Together after A Long Time bt ( Sad ) U ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Sshh..( Shuts Swara’s Mouth wid His Hands ) Kitna bolti ho widout Listening Fully..Pehle puri baath toh suno..then Speak..

Swara : ( Pout Face ) Sorry..Bolo..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Haa Thats Like My Princess..Toh suno ( Pulls Swara Closer By Waist ) I was Telling ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously ) ki.. ( Intreprupted )

Swara : ( Blushes n Feels da Touch ) Ki ( Sees Sanskaar’s Eyes Lovingly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Ki Room toh Beautiful toh hai bt nt More than U ( Leans towards Swara’s Neck ) n U r Soo Tempting in this Red Saree ki I cnt Control anymore ( Abt To Kiss bt Shocked )

Swara : ( Blushes n Pushes Sanskaar ) Nt soo Soon Mr Maheshwari ( Laughs ) Abhi Abhi toh U came..Take Rest yeh sab ke liye abhi Puri Zindagi baaki hai ( Giggles while Teasing n Runs to Washroom )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Huh ( Fake Anger ) What is this Swara ?? This is nt Fair.. ( Makes Faces ) Iska BADLA toh Lekar rahunga Main ( Loudly ) Mrs Maheshwari ( Lil More Louder ) Jst Wait n Watching ( Fake Anger )

While Sanskaar was Frustrated by Swara’s Act,Swara who was in Washroom Heard Sanskaar n was Giggling inside da Washroom Enjoying Sanskaar’s Frustration n Anger..


15 Minutes Later

Soon after 15 Minutes Swara who was in Washroom Peeped Outside da Washroom n Scanned da Room Analysing da Presence of Sanskaar n When She Found Sanskaar Absent in Room She took a Relieved Sigh n Came Out of da Washroom Wearing a Light Blue Night Gown Enchancing Her Beauty..As Swara Stepped Out of Washroom She Strtd Giggling n Reminiscing abt Sanskaar’s Irritation making Her Enjoy n Chuckle More..

Swara : ( Giggling ) By God…Sanskaar ko Satane main Bada Maaza aata hai ( Chuckles ) Aww..My Poor Husband Sorry bt kya karu mujhe na Chain ( Satisfaction ) nhi milta jabtak I Irritate U n Aaj toh bade Din baad Mauka mila hai hw cud I Miss It ( Giggles Teasingly ) Sorry Aadat se Majbur Hu ( Chuckles m Laughs Teasingly )

While Swara was Lost in Her Own Masti Thots Enjoying n Chuckling abt Sanskaar’s Irritation,She Felt A Eough n A Tight Male Hands Grip Around Her Waist frm Bak making Her Shocked n Sweaty after Realizing da Touch making da Person Smirk Naughtily n Winningly ( Off Course da Man is Our Hero Sanskar Only ? ).

Sanskaar : ( Smirks Winningly ) Kya hua Princess ?? ( Leaves His Hot Breath on Swara’s Nape ) Wat Happened ?? ( Moves Swara’s Hairs on Other Side Sensuously )
Y r u Sweating like this Haa ? ( Smiles Naughtily n Kisses Swara’s Nape Sensuously )

As Sanskaar was Bzy Teasing Swara on Her Nape,Swara was Feeling da Most Neded Touch of Sanskaar n was Looson g Her Control Over Herself while Blushing n Breathing Hard making Sanskaar to Smirk More Naughtily n Winningly..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) Dnt Worry Jaan ( Still Kissing Swara’s Nape ) This is jst da Beginning..Lots ( Huskily ) More to Come Darling ( Kisses Other Side of Nape )

Swara : ( Breathing Heavily ) Ssanksarr Plzz..Abhi nhi.. ( Feels da Touch ) Mm Tired ( Turns n Hugs Sanskaar Tightly While Blushing )

Soon as Swara Hugged Sanskaar Tightly,Sanskaar Smiled n Understood Her Nervousness n Hugged Her Bak Assuringly making Swara Lil Relieved n Happy..

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Swara Bak ) Its Ok Princess..Ssshh.Calm Down..If U r nt Ready fr it..then its Ok..Np..I understand U r still Weak n nt in a Proper State fr it..So its Come Lets go to Sleep..Kal Humari Lil Princess ki Naming Cermony Hai na..So Lets Sleep n Relax ( Assures )

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs More Tightly ) Thnk U Sanskaar..Thnk U fr Coming in My Life..Since Childhood I was all Alone Only Suju Maa n Ram Baba were da One whom I cud Call dem as My Real Relatives bt den U came in My Life n Gave Me Maa n Papa along wid them Maa n Baba ( Ragini’s Parents ) n My ( Smile wid Overwhelmness ) Cute Aryaan..n nw Our Lil Daughter..Everything seems too Perfect Nw.I got Three Parents who Love Me like anything n den Two Lovely Kids..Its all.Coz of Only Sanskaar..Agr tum nhi hote toh Yeh sab mujhe nhi mitle..I m soo Blessed to get U..Thnk U Soo Muh ( Kisses Sanskaar’s Chest ) U r really an Amgel fr Me..M soo Happy to get My Family Bak coz nw Everything seems soo Perfect .bt ( Sad n Thinks Something )

Sanskaar : ( Understands ) Dnt U Dare U Think abt Ragini Swara..She is nt Worth of Ur Love n Affection.. ( Release da Hug n Holds Swara’s Shoulders ) usne tumhare saath itna sab kuch kiya..She even tried to Kill U n Our Baby bt still U r Soo Concerned abt Her..Y ??

Swara : Btt ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : See Swara m nt telling to Ingnore Our Loved Ones or to Forget m telling U to Forget da Ones who DNT CARE ABT U AT ALL…Respect dene se milti hai nt by Snatching it..n Ragini ko yeh baath samajhna hoga..n fr that uska woh jaha hai waha rehna is Very Imp..tabhi She will Understand ki Zindagi sirf Paise aur Status se nhi chalti.U need to Adjust n Accept the Truth also according to Situation. ..n U also need to Understand Swara Ragini is nt Worth of Ur Love n Care..itna bhi Caring n Mahaan banna is nt Good..Understand? ?

Swara : ( Agrees ) Hmm maybe u r Right Sanskaar..Ragini is nt Worth My Frndship.. ( Takes A Deep Breath ) Anywyz ( Tucks Her Hands in Sanskaar’s Hands n Drags ) Come Lets Sleep na m feeling Sleepy.. ( Yawns Dramatically ) See Ur Princess is Feeling Really Sleepy n Dying to Sleep in Her Prince Arms ( Giggles)

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Pagaal..Ok Come..U knw wat Swara ?? ( Swara Nodes No ) U r srsly A Drama Queen.. ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Giggles ) Woh toh Hai.. ( Laughs ) Nw Come Plzz ( Drags to Bed )

Sanskaar : Arrey.. Haa Baba..Chalo ( Shakes Head in Unbelievably )

As Swara was Dragging Sanskaar to Bed Both Fell on Bed n Soon was Found Lying on Bed in Eachother’s Embrace Holding Eachother Tightly n Lovingly Showing their Carveness n their Love Towards Eachother making dem Both Drifting into A Peaceful n A Sound Smell wid a Satisfactory Smile on their Faces making da Moon too Smile n Bless da 2 Love Birds Once Agn..


Next Day

8AM Morning


Time Passes n its Another Nxt Day n its 8 in da Morning where Swara is seen Wrking in Kitchen Preparing Brk Fast Happily like B4 Humming n Singing A Song in A Light Pink Saree in a Wet Hairs Wrapped in A Towel wid Few Wet Strands Disturbing Her in Her Work Wearing A Mangalsutra n A Pinch of Sindoor Applied in Her Hair Line Enchancing Her Morning Beauty wen all of a Sudden 2 Strong Arms Surrounded Her Bare Waist by Bak Hugging Her making Swara to Blush n Recognise da Touch..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Sanskaar..Wat r u Doing here at this Time ?? Let Me do Mt Wrk..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Nuzzles in Her Neck ) Haa toh do it na..Who is Stopping U..U do..Let Me do My Wrk ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Controlling Herself ) Sanskaar. Plzz Chodo..Aryaan ka School ka Time horaha hai..Need to Prepare Brk Fast fr Him n need to Make Him Ready..Plz Leave..

Sanskaar : ( Bzy in Kissing Swara’s Neck ) Toh do na..m nt Disturbing u at all..m doing My Wrk Silently ( Huskily )

Swara : ( Pleads ) Sanskaar Plzz ( Realized Something n Shocked ) Sanskaar ( Turns towards Sanskaar ) Wherr is Our Lil Princess?? If U r Here den who is wid Her? Tumne usse Akele chodiya kya ?? ( Worried )

Sanskaar : Relax..Dnt Panick..Maa id wid Her..She was Passing by Our Room to Come Here wen She Heard Our Little Princess Crying..So She took Her wid Her to Her Room ( Smiles Naughtily ) n I came Here ( Pulls Swara Closer By Waist ) to Romance wid My ( Smiles Naughtily n Tucks Swara’s Wet Strands Behind Her Ears Caressing Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously ) Beautiful Wife ( Huskily )

Swara : ( Blushes ) U r too much Sanskaar..Chodo mujhe.. ( Tries to Free Herself ) I have Soo much Wrk to do..n ( Frees Herself Finally ) n Wat r u doing Here ?? Duty pe nhi jaana kya ?? ( Puts Her Hands on Her Waist ) Go n Get Ready.. ( Shows da Door )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Pulls Swara Agn Closer ) Jaana toh hai bt Wats soo Hurry in Sending Me Away frm U Haa ?? If I go Lil Late fr Duty nthing will Happen afterall m Commisioner bt Haa If I Miss My Husband’s Duty na Everything will be Spoiled ( Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Unbelievable Look ) Sanskaarr Plzz

As Swara was Protesting n was Feeling Sanskaar’s Actions,Sanskaar Smiled Naughtily n Leaned towards Her Wet Neck n was abt to Kiss wen Both Swara n Sanskaar Heard A Loud Embrassing Sound making both of them to Part them selves frm Eachother n making both of them Turn Red in Embarrassment n Shyness..

Laksh : ( Shocked n Embarrassment n Covers His Eyes by Hands ) Aaahh..Bhai ( Turns Other Side in Embarrassment ) Kya karrahe ho aap ?? U both cn do all these in ur Room nt in Kitchen Plzz ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Aaamm.. ( Embarrassed ) Woh..Woh Actually ( Diverts da Topic in Fake Anger ) Aisa kuch nhi hai Laksh..Woh toh main Bas Paani lene aaya tha..U tell Me wat r u doing Here n Frm Whr r u coming This Early Morning Haa ??

Laksh : ( Turns ) I went to Jogging n came jst nw..Pyaas ( Thirsty ) lagi thi toh Paani lene aaya ( Goes Near Sanskaar Teasingly ) mujhe kya pata tha Pyaas bhujhne ke bajai aur badh jayegi Shock ke Wajeh se ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Embarrassed bt Fake Anger ) Laksh..Bas ..Kaha na maine aisa kuch nhi hain jaise tune dekha.i was jst ( Searching fr Words bt Intrerupted )

Laksh : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Haa..Haa Bas aap toh rehne hi do Bhai..I Clearly saw n knw wat u were doing here..Fridge Udher ( Points da Fridge Side) Hai..N U r Standning (Points Swara ) tell Me Yaha kaunsa Paani milraha tha aapko ( Giggles ) Haa ?? ( Teasing )

While Laksh was Teasing Sanskaar Naughtily, Swara who Heard their Teasingness was Equally Embarrassed as Sanskaar n was Turned Red Made An Excuse n Ran frm their Making Both Maheshwari Brothers to Laugh n Burst Out Loudly seeing Swara’s Blushness n Red Face..

Swara : ( Embarrassed ) Aaamm..Sanskaar..Main abhi aati hu ..Aryaan ko Ready karna hai ( Runs while Blushing )

Sanskaar : Aamm Kk..Tum jao.. ( Embarrassed too )

Laksh : Arrey Bhabhi..suno toh ( Saw Swara Running n Laughs ) Ohh God Bhai..U will Never Change Haa..Kya Zarurat thi to Strt ur Romance in Kitchen only n dat too wid Door Open soo Widely ( Giggles ) Room main karsakte the na..Nw See Bhabhi khaali hi itna Embarrassed hogayi ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Embarrassed ) Laksh . Enough ( Fake Anger )

Laksh : ( Controls ) Oopps..Ok Sorry Bhai..U cn go.. ( Giggles)

Sanskaar : Thats Like My Good Bro..Bye ( Reaches Kitchen Door bt Stopped )

Laksh : Haa Haa Bhai ( Goes towards Sanskaar ) Nxt Time na Zara Control rakhiye apne iss Romantic Soul ko Bahar aane se Room ke Bahar ( Chuckles ) warna abb maine dekhliya it was Fine Nxt Time kahi Maa..Papa Ya Ramu Kaka ne dekhliya na toh unki KmAankheen jo Pehle se hi Kamzoor hai na woh aur Kamzoor hojayege ( Laughs Teasingly n Runs Immediately )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Laksh..Tujhe toh ( Angry n Runs to Catch Laksh ) main ( Fails in Catching Laksh ) Huh.. ( Fake Anger ) Pagaal ( Leaves in Embarrassment )

Soon Sanskaar too Left fr His Room in Embarrassment fr getting Ready making AP n DP Who were Standing in A Corner Laugh n Enoy seeing their Family Happy n Enjoying after a Long Time Bringing A Tears of Happiness in their Eyes Showing their Satisfaction n Happiness..Soon AP n DP Composes themselves n Comes in Hall while Sanskaar n Laksh had alrdy Left fr their Rooms Unnoticing DP n AP..As DP n AP came in Hall wid da Lil Princess,Swara along wid Aryaan too Enters da Hall Enjoying their Mother Son Bond making da Maheshwari Mansion Filled wid Happiness n Happy Days Yet Agn..

Swara : ( To Aryaan Strictly )Aryaan Kal i got a Complain frm Ur Maths Teacher abt U ki U were Talking during Her Class n U were also Disturbing n Distracting others too..Is it True ?? ( Fake Anger )

Aryaan : ( Giggles ) Ohh toh Bak Bak Teacher ne aapko Complain kardi..tabhi toh main Socchu Y She did nt Punish Me.. ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Unbelievable Look ) Aryaan..Hw Bad ( Hits Aryaan Slightly ) Dont U have Shame in Talking abt Ur Teacher like this Haa ?? Firdtly its ur Mistake n Uper se Instead of Thnking Her fr nt Punishing U,U r Calling Her by Weird Names..Hw Rude.. ( Scolds Aryaan )

Aryaan : Offoo Mumma..Dnt take dat Bak Bak Teacher’s side..U dnt knw hw She is..She is really A Chatter Box..Ek toh Maths Waths toh aata nhi bt still She keeps on Teaching Maths to Us..n On dat In Middle of Class She Herself Strts Her Rubbish Bak Bak n Irritates Us n Wastes Her Class..n jab Wen its Our Free Period or Games Period She takes it saying We Wasted Her Class n by taking Our Free Period She is Punishing Us..Huh.. ( Makes Faces ) agr Padhana nhi aata toh Y is She Teaching n Wasting Hers n Our Time.. ( Angry ) n Instead of Listening Me U r Scolding Me ( Angry Pout ) Huh..

Swara : ( Mouth Wide Open ) Haaw.. ( Cups Aryaan’s Face ) Itna Aatayachaar ( Torture ) kiya uss Bak Bak Teacher ne mere itne se Bacche pe ( Fake Anger ) Abhi batati hu usse..Mere ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Dramatically ) Bacche ko Satane ka Naticha kya hota hai..

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Ohh Wow..Mumma..Sacchi ?? U will Teach dat Bak Bak Teacher A Lesson..Wow ( Hugs Swara Happily ) Love U.. ( Kisses Swara’s Cheeks Tightly ) u r da Best Mom.. ( Thinks ) bt Btw Wat will U do wid Her Haa ?? ( Confused )

Swara : ( Smiles n Caresses Aryaan’s Shoulder ) Main na ..Uss Bak Bak Teacher ko.. ( Intreprupted )

Aryaan : ( Curious ) Ko Kya Mumma ?, Jaldi bolo ( Excited )

Swara : ( Smirks Evilly Yet Naughtily ) Shant Baccha..I will tell Her to Stop taking Ur Free n Games Period of U all n to Stop taking Her One Class also Bb ( Intrerupted )

Aryaan : ( Mouth Wide Open in Excitement ) Wowow..Awsum..Mumma..U r srsly Awsum Mumma Ever ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Thnk U bt Meri Puri baath toh sunlo ( Smirks Naughtily )

Aryaan : ( Confused ) Abb kya ??

Swara : Maine toh pura Complete hi nhi kiya..Thr is One More Punishment fr ur Teacher..

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Srsly ?? N wats dat ? ( Excited ) Jaldi bolo.

Swara : Yeh ke Dnt Take Urs Games n Free Period bt instead to take TUITIONS fr U in HOME also n also in School too n to Take Other Subjects Free Classes too fr Maths fr U all ( Smirks Winningly ) isse na She will get a Punishment of Over Burden Teaching n Extera Wrk on Her will also be thr.. ( Exicted Dramatically ) Hain na Mast Punishment ( Smirks Winningly )

Aryaan : ( Shocked ) KYA ?? R u Serious ? ( Swara Nodes Yes ) Mumma is this Punishment fr dat Bak Bak Teacher or fr ME ( Pout Face ) U r soo Bad ( Makes Faces n Turns His Face ) Huh.

Swara : ( Laughs ) Accha Baba..Sorry Mera Baccha ( Cups n Turns Aryaan’s Face towards Her ) I was jst Kidding Pulling ur Legs..Plzz Maaf kardo Plzz. ( Holds Her Ears )

Aryaan : ( Melts ) Its Ok..No need to Say Plzz U talk to Our Principal abt that Bak Bak Teacher..Plzz ( Pleads ) She is really Irritating Mumma ( Pout Face )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ok Mera ( Cups Aryaan’s Cheeks n Kisses ) Baccha I will.Dnt Woory..Nw Come..Lets Go n Have yr Brk Fast..I made ur Fav ( Intreprupted )

Aryaan : PASTA na ( Excited )

Swara : ( Laughs ) Haa..Right..U told Me na Yesterday U wanna Eat Pasta ..So Made it fr U as Ur Brk Fast n thoda Tiffin main bhi i have Packed fr ur Lunch..

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Yaayy..Thnk U Mumma..U r da Best..

Swara : ( Proudly ) Ya I knw dat ( Laughs ) Nw Come..Papa is Waitimg fr Me..I will Serve U ur Brk Fast n go to Ur Papa ..He is also going fr His Duty Today..

Aryaan : Its Ok Mumma..U go to Papa..I will have My Brk Fast by Myself..

Swara: Pakka na.. ( Worried )

Aryaan : Haa Mumma..Pakka..n Dadi hai na waha..B4 I strt Eating,Dadi will only Feed Me..Dekhna ( Giggles)

Swara : ( Laughs ) Haa..Right..Accha Go nw ( Pats Aryaan’s Bak )

Aryaan : Haa Going..Bye..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Bye..

Soon Swara n Aryaan Went to their Respective Place.Aryaan Went to Dinning Table to AP n DP while Swara went to Her Room to Sanskaar All Blushing n Turning Red Thinking abt the Morning Kitehen Incident making Her Glow More Reddish n Crimson Red Showing Her Shyness n Blushness..


SwaSan Room

As Swara was Blushing thinking abt the Recent Kitchen Incident Swara Entered da Room wid Red Face n saw Sanskaar in A Towet Wrapped around His Waist while Other Around His Neck wid Wet Hairs n Hot Bare Body Exposing His Rough n Taut Body wid Wet Droplets Falling on His Bare Chest Enchancing His Hotness n Stiff Body making Swara More Shy n Breath Heavily even after 6 Yrs of Marriage..While Swara was Lost in Sanskaar’s Hotness,Sanskaar Noticed Swara Staring Him n Smirks Naughtily Popping A New n A Naughty Idea in His Mind..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily n Acts ) OffoKya dekhrahi ho..Swara.Mera Uniform kaha hai Yaar ( Acts ) m getting Late.. ( Waves His Hands Infront of Swara ) Swara..Kaha khogayi ??

While Swara was Lost in Sanskaar’s Hotness,Her Thots were Broken by Sanskaar’s Words n was Out of Her Dream Land all Blushing Red avoiding Eye Contact wid Sanskaar making Sanskaar Smirk Naughtily n Winningly..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Woh..Woh..Kahi bhi toh nhi.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Accha tell Me wat U wanted ?? ( Moves Away to Hide Her Blushing )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) i was telling I want My Uniform..Bt it seems like U were Lost Somewhere Lost Somewhere..Kaha khogayi thi ( Smirks Naughtily )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Kahi bhi nhi Sanskaar..woh kya hai na Aryaan ke baare main soch rahi thi..Uske School jaane ke ka Time horaha hai na..isiliye ( Tensed n Goes to Take Uniform ) Khair Chodo yeh sab ( Turns to Give Uniform ) Yehh ( Shocked ) Sansskaarr ( Numb )

As Swara Tunred around to give Sanskaar His Uniform,She was All Shocked n Surprised seeing Sanskaar Standing Right infront of Her Soo Close Pinning Her to da Wardrobe wid His Bare Exposed Wet Muscular Body Touchong Her Soft Skin Making Swara Wet n to Loose Her Control on His Closeness while Sanskaar Smirked n Enjoyed seeing Swara’s Blushness n Restlessness..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Ssanskaarr..Wat r u doing ?? Chodo Mujhe..n ( Avoids Seeing Sanskaar ) Yeh kya Haalat bana rakhi hai (Hands da Uniform widout Eye Contact ) Take yhis Uniform n Wear it asap..Duty pe nhi jaana ?? ( Breathing Heavily )

Sanskaar : ( Comes Closer ) Jaana hai bt thr is Time fr that..First Let Me Complete da Wrk I Left Incomplete in Kitchen ( Smriks Naughtily )

Swara : ( Blushes Hard ) Sanskaarr..Plzz ..Its Time fr Aryaan to go to School..n Aryaan myt be Waiting fr Me..Plzz n Lil Princess bhi Rorahi hogi..Plzz Leave ( Breathing Heavily )

Sanskaar : ( Presses Himself on Swara ) Sshh ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously ) Aryaan is a Big Boy..Dnt Worry abt Him..He will Manage everything n rahi Lil Princess ki baath toh Maa is thr wid Her..n Both Our Kids r Down wid Maa n Papa n wid Laksh..n U knw Dono ko Apne Parents se Zaada Unke Chachu Pyaare hai..So dnt Worry Laksh will Handle them Nw ( Kisses Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously ) Let Me Handle U n U Handle Me ( Smirks Teasingly n Pulls Swara Closer By Waist )

Swara : ( Loosing Herself ) Ssanssksarr..U r naking Me Weak..Plzz Leave ( Breathing Heavily )

Sanskaar : ( Smirks Winningly ) Thats what I want My Princess..Dnt Stop Me nw.I jst want My Morning Kiss ( Rubs His Fingers on Swara’s Lips Sensuously ) uske baad U r Free to Go..Bt If U r ( Intrerupted n Shocked )

While Sanskaar was Bzy in Convincing Swara fr their Romance,Swara Lost Herself n Dropped da Uniform frm Her Hands n Tip Toed on Her Feets n Immediately Smashed Her Soft Soft Lips on His Rough Lips n Kisses Sanskaar Making Sanskaar First Shocked bt Soon Feeling da Kiss of His Princess,Sanskaar Smiled Winningly n He too Looses His Control n Kissed Her Bak Passionately Showing His Carveness fr Her making both Swara n Sanskaar More Wild n Hungry on Eachother..

Inn Labon Ko Tu Apne Labon Pe Jagah De
Pyaar De Mujhe Tu Pyaar De
Zara Nazdeek Tu Aane De
Pyaar De Mujhe Tu Pyaar De
Tujhe Khud Ke Kareeb Laane De.

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Kissing Eachother Swara’s Hands Moved on Sanskaar’s Muscular Wet Bare Body n Caresses it Sensuously while Sanskaar Pulls Her More Closer By Waist n Caresses Her Bare Waist Sensuously Under Her Saree making Swara to Moarn in Pleasure Enjoying their Passionate n Much needed Lip Lock making dem both Enjoy in Pleasure..

Dheemi Si Aanch Pe Tere Tan Ki
Thoda Thoda Jalun Yoon Main
Jo Bhi Hai Ye Hayaa Mere Mann Ki
Aaja Sonpu Tujhe Hi

While Both Swara n Sanskaar were Bzy in Kissing Eachother Passionately widout Realising da Wide Open Door,Both their Romance was Yet Agn Disturbed by An Embarrassing Voice Yet Agn making dem Both Embarrassed n more Shy seeing da Person agn ( No need to Guess,Its Laksh Yet Agn ?? ) infornt of them making Swara Blank n Embarrassment while Sanskaar to Fume in Anger n Frustration..

Laksh : ( Shocked )Aaaaahhhhh ( Turns Immediately ) Not Agn ( Fake Anger ) BHAI…kya horaha hai ?? Plzz Behave urself na Bhai..Door toh Close kardete ( Embarrassed )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Laksh…( Leaves Swara n Wears His Uniform Immediately ) Woh..Sorry.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Accha chod yeh sab..Tell Me wat r u doing here ?? Kuch kaam tha ?? ( Embarrassed )

Laksh : ( Turns ) Haa..Kaam tha..Woh ( Comes inside ) Lil Princess was Crying..Toh Maa ne kaha tha ki Go n Give Her to Bhabhi..Bt lagta hai U ( Sees SwaSan Teasingly ) U both r Alrdy Bzy..Its ok..Koi baath nhi..I will Handle Lil Princess..U both Continue Ur Wrk ( Giggles n Turns to Leave )

Swara : ( Embarrassed ) NAHI.. ( Composes ) I mean..Its ok Laksh..U cn Give Lil Princess Here to Me..M almost Done Here.. ( Blushes bt Hides ) I mean M done wid Sanskaar’s Stuffs ( Smiles in Embarrassment )

Laksh : ( Teases ) Pakka..R u Done Ya aur Kuch bhi baaki hai ( Sees SwaSan’s Shocked Expressions ) Nhi I mean U cn Pakka Handle Lil Princess na..If u still have some wrk wid Bhai i cn Handle Lil Princess..No Prblm wid Me ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Laksh..Enough ( Goes Near Laksh ) Give Lil Princess to Me n U Go..College nhi jaana hai ?? ( Strictly )

Laksh : ( Controls His Laugh ) Accha Sorry.. n Haa jaana hai ( Hands da Baby to Sanskaar ) So Here take ur Lil Princess..M Leaving.. ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Takes da Baby ) Haa Ok…

Laksh : ( Smiles ) Bye Bhai.. ( To Swara ) Bye Bhabhi..( B4 Leaving ) N Plzz Bhai Close da Door b4 doing anything Ahem Ahem ( Chuckles m Runs )

SwaSan : ( Shocked ) LAKSH… ( Embarrassed )

Soon Laksh Left after Teasing SwaSan,while Both Swara n Sanskaar Felt Hell Embarrassed n Soon after Composing themselves n after getting Ready Both along wid their Lil Princess Left fr Brk Fast too Avoiding Eachother’s Eye Contact making AP n AP n Aryaan Confused while Laksh Chuckles making SwaSan More Embarrassed n Frustrated on Laksh..

AP : ( Confused ) Kya hua Beta ?? Y r u both soo Silent today ?? Kuch Jhahda hua kya dono ke beech ? ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Embarrassed ) Nnhhii toh Maa..kuch nhi hua..n We did nt Fight also..

AP : ( Relieved ) Shukar den kya hua ?? Today is ur Daughter’s Naming Cermony n Instead of getting Happy U both r Soo Silent.Y ??

Laksh : ( Teasing ) Abb Maa..Aise Kaam karege toh Sharam ke maare Silent hi hoge na ( Bzy Eating )

As Laksh Teased SwaSan Teasingly,Both Swara n Sanskaar were Shocked n Sanskaar who was Drinking Water Spatted Out da Water n Strtd couching due to Sudden Tease of Laksh whereas Swara who was Serving Pasta to Aryaan Dropped A Spoon frm Her Hand in Shock n Glares Laksh Angrily while both AP n DP were Confused..

( Laksh Rocked SwaSan Shocked ?? )

AP : ( Confused ) Kaise Kaam ?? n aisa kaunsa Kaam kiya jisse ( Sees SwaSan ) tum dono ko Sharam aahayi ??

Swara : ( Shocked ) Woh..Woh.. ( Out of Words ) Actually Maa ( Sweating n Searching fr Words ) Nthing Big..Bas Sanskaar ko Duty jaana tha bt I was Denying Him as His Health is nt Good Yet..toh isiliye I was Denying Him bt Sanskaar ko Jaana hai..bas isiliye We were Arguing wen Laksh saw Us Fighting as Door was Open..Toh bas ( Sees Laksh Angrily ) Laksh Strtd Teasing Us..Nthing else Maa ( To Sanskaar ) Kyoun hai na Sanskaar? ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Agrees ) Haa..Maa..bas yehi baath hai..aur Kuch bhi nhi.. ( Stares Laksh Angrily Too )

AP : ( Laughs ) Pagaal ho tum log..Khair..Eat ur Brk Fast nw..U all r Getting Late..n phir Raath main Naming Cermony bhi hai..Jaldi aajana Sanskaar aaj Tum..

Sanskaar : ( Relieved ) Haa Maa..Jaldi aajaoga. N waise bhi Kisi se Kuch Zaruri Kaam hai mujhe ( Signals Laksh Something Angrily )

Laksh : ( Understands n Gulps ) Accha Maa..M Done ..M Leaving.( Sweats ) Bye.. ( Runs )

AP : ( Shocked ) Kya itni jaldi U r Done ?Arrey Laksh suno toh ( Sees Paksh Gone ) Pagaal Lahika..Huh Kabhi nhi Sudrega yeh ( Shakes Her Head Unbelievably )

Soon Sanskaar n Aryaan too Leaves fr their Respective Places while Swara n AP got Bzy in da Further Preparations of Naming Cermony while DP got Bzy in Playing wid His Lil Grand Daughter making both Swara n AP Smile n Admire The Grand Father n Grand Daughter Jodi..


MaheshwariMansion Hall

6PM Evening

Time Passes n it 6 in da Evening where Everyone seems Bzy in The Preparations of Grand Function The Naming Cermony of The New n The Cute Little Member of Maheshwari Family..The Mansion was Beautifully Decorated and The Guests had also Strtd Coming n were Welcomed Happily by Laksh n DP themselves where as Shekhar n Ram were Bzy in Other Wrk ..As the Males were Bzy in their Respective Wrk Ladies i.e AP,Shomi n Sujata were too Bzy in Prasad ( Sweets ) n Other Kitchen Wrk..

AP : ( Bzy in Arranging Prasad ) Ramu Kaka aapne Pandit Ji ko Boldiya hai na ke woh Kjaana khake jaye ?? Warna Last Time ki Tarrah bina Khaana khake chalejayege..

Ramu Kaka : Haa Malkin kehdiya hai..n unhone kaha ki woh Khaana khake hi jaayege..

AP : Chalo Shukar Hai (.Happy ) issi Bahane humari Lil Princess ko unka Ashirwaad bhi miljayega..

Shomi : Haa Annapurna.Aur milega kyoun nhi after all Its A First Ever Girl of Our New Generation in Our Family ( Teary Eyes )..

AP : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Haa Shomi..After Ages We got A Daughter in Our Family..After Sanskaar i alwyz Wished fr A Daughter bt agn I was Blessed wid fr that I dnt have any Guilt bt still My Wish of Having A Daughter was Over ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) bt den agn Ragini became My New Hope fr getting My Unfulfilled Wish of a Daughter to be Fullfiled wen Ragini becamw Pregnant bt yet agn ( Sad ) Aryaan was Born dat Time.. ( Happy ) bt nw after a Long Wait of Ages My Wish got Fullfiled of a Daughter..Finally Maheshwari Family got its First Ever Girl as their Heir Partner along wid Aryaan.M Soo Happy Today Shomi..Swara had Full Filled My these Wish too..M soo Blessed to get Her as My Daughter In Law.. ( To Sujata ) Thnk U Sujata fr Giving ur Shona to Us..She is Really a Lucky Charm fr all of Us Especially fr Sanskaar n Aryaan ( Hugs Sujata Happily ) Thnk U soo Much ( Happy )

Sujata : ( Overwhelmed ) Ohh Come on Annapurna..Stop being Emotional..n maine kuch nhi kiya..its all Done by DESTINY..after all DESTINY IS ALL ABT LIFE..Its ( Release da Hug ) Swara’s n Sanskaar’s Destiny ki They Met after 6 Yrs even after the Rejection of their Marriage n got Married n they gave Birth to A DAUGHTER after Facing Mny n Tough Prblms ..Its all Planned by Destiny..M jst a Player who went on doing everything as Per Destiny’s Plan..( Teary Eyes )

Shomi : ( Emotional Too bt Consoles ) Arrey bas karo tum dono Plzz..Stop ur Emotional Drama Plzz..Chalo abb Pooja aur Naming ka Time hogaya hai ..Lets Hurry Up..( Diverts da Topic )

AP : ( Wipes Her Tears ) Hmm Haa Chalo..

Soon The Trio Ladies got Bzy in their Wrk while Swara on da Other Hand was seen in Her Room Playing n Making Lil Princess Ready as Per AP’s Instructions fr nt Entering da Kitchen making Swara Irritated n Frustrated..

Swara : ( Upset ) Dekha Meri Princess..Ur Dadi n Ur 2 Nani r nt Allowing Me inside da Kitchen nor Allowing Me to do any Wrk..That’s nt Fair na ( Pout Face ) Hw cn I Sit here Simply Princess..Its Ur First Function in this World n M nt only Allowed to do Wrk..Hw Bad na ( Pout )

As Swara was Talking to Her Baby,Thr Baby Laughs at Swara’s Antics making Swara Happy n Exicted

Swara : ( Excited ) Awwm.My Princess Laughed fr da First Time Haa ( Kisses Baby ) Muwaah Love U .U knw wat Princess ( Makes Baby Ready ) Ur Bhai was also Soo Cute like U wen He was Small..Bt Haa Princess U shud nt become Naughty Likeur Brother Haa.Be A Mumma’s Good Girl ( Chuckles )

While Swara was Talking n Having Fun wid Her Lil Princess,Sanskaar who was Standing Near da Door was Admiring n was Lost in Swara’s Bubbliness making Swara to Feel da Gaze n Blush..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Sanskaar..I knw U r here..Stop Glaring Me like that ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs n Comes In ) Ohh God Swara..Hw do u come to knw ki I m Here around u all the Time ??

Swara : ( Chuckes ) Coz Pati Dev ( Stands n Keeps Her Hands around Sanskaar’s Neck ) M ur Wife n I knw U More than Urself..I cn feel Ur Each n Every Beat of Urs..

Sabskaar : ( Pulls Swara by Waist ) Hmm nt Bad..M Impressed..Chalo issi Bahane Let Me ( Moves Closer )

Swara : ( Immediately Keeps Her Hands in Middle ) Sshh..Bas.nt nw Sanskaar..Sharam karo..Its Time fr da Naming Cermony n Tumhe Romance ki Padi hai..Keep ur Romance n ur Intentions in ur Mind Only..n go get Ready ( Drags Sanskaar into Washroom )

Sanskaar : Arreeyy..Bt.. ( Intreprupted )

Swara : Sshh..Shut Up..Go ( Pushes Inside Washroom )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Pehle Kapde toh lene do..( Goes to Wardrobe )

Swara : ( Chuckes ) Haa ok..

Soon Sanskaar Went inside Washroom Angrily while Swara Giggled at Sanskaar’s Antics n Soon She too Got ready n Took da Lil Princess n Left Downstairs fr the Naming Cermony Leaving Sanskaar Alone to get Ready..


1 Hour Later

Time Passed n Finally its Time fr the Naming Cermony n Swara n Sanskaar along wid their Lil Princess were Sitting fr The Cermony infornt of da Havan Kund while All others were Sitting bak n Pandit Strtd the Process of Naming Cermony..As Cermony Strtd Pandit told The First Letter of da Name to be kept making Both Swara n Sanskaar Happy n Exicted..

Pandit Ji : Aaplog apne Beti la Naam A Akshar ( Word ) se rakhsakte hai..Yeh Akshar bada Shubh hai aapki Beti ke liye.. ( Smiles )

As The Pandit Announced da First of da Name Both Swara n Sanskaar were Happy bt while Others were Sad n Upset making SwaSan Giggle at their Antics..

Aryaan : ( Sad ) Arrey Yeh Kya Mumma..Maine A se nhi balki S se Naam socha tha.. ( Upset )

DP/RP/Shekhar : ( Sad too ) Aur humne B se..

Laksh : ( Upset too ) aur maine T se ( To Pandit Ji ) Pandit Ji is thr any othet Letter Good or a only A.. ( Sad )

Pandit Ji : Nhi Beta..Aaj ke Taariq dekhkar sirf A hi sahi aur Shubh Akshar hai jo iss Bacchi ke liye sahi hai..

Aryaan : Dhat Yaar. .( Sad )

AP : ( Laughs ) Bas karo aap sab.What kind of Childishness is this ?? ( To DP ) Ji Aryaan toh Baccha hai per aap log to Bade hai..Whats all this ??

DP : ( Pout Face ) Sorry..

AP : Its ok..nw Shall We Strt the Cermony ??

DP : Haa..Ok ( Pout Face )

AP : ( Laughs )( To Pandit Ji ) Ok Pandit Ji..Give us some time We will Think n tell u da Name..Ok na ??

Pandit Ji : Ya Sure..U cn ( Intreprupted )

Swara : ( Smiles ) Maa iski koi Zarurat nhi hai..Maine n ( Sees Sanskaar ) Sanskaar ne alrdy Naam Sochliya hai wid A ..

Shekhar : Arrey Wah Mere Bacchoon..Very Good..Abb jaldi se Naam bolo kya Naam soccha hai Humari Lil Princess ke liye ( Excited )

Shomi : ( Laughs ) Sabar Shekhar..Kehne ke liye toh Aryaan Baccha hai bt tumhe dekhkar lagraha hai ki Aryaan nhi balki tum Bacche ho . kyounki Aryaan se zaada tum Excited lagrahe ho mujhe Naam ke liye ( Giggles )

Shekhar : ( Embarrassed ) Haa toh..Mere Naatin ka Naam ka Decide horaha hai toh main nhi toh aur kaun Excited Hoga ??

Shomi : ( Laughs ) Accha theek hai..Khair ( To SwaSan ) Chalo Swara aur Sanskaar U tell da Name cox inlogo ka yeh Drama Khtm nhi hoga..

While Shomi Teased Shekhar,Everyone Including Shomi too Laughed Freely while SwaSan Admired seeing their Family Happy n Enjoying Each n Every Moment Freely after a Long Time.

Pandit Ji : Yajmaan Mahurat ka Time beeta jaraha hai..Isiliye Jaldi se Naam Boliye..

AP : Haa Pandit Ji Zarur ..Maaf kardijiye Hume ( To SwaSan ) Chalo Bacchoon bolo kya Naam Socha hai..Time beeta jaraha hai..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ji Maa.. Humne humara Lil Princess ka Naam ( Sees Swara wid A Happy Snile )

SwaSan : ( Sees Lil Princess n in Unison ) ANJALI SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI rakha hai ( Happy )

As SwaSan Announced the Name Everyone Present in da Function including Family Members were Impressed n Happy Hearing da Name n Praised SwaSan fr the Wonderful Name while Pandit Ji Soon after Hearing da Name Strtd Remaining Rituals n Finally Announced n Declared ANJALI MAHESHWARI as the Name of the Baby making SwaSan n All Other Family Members Hapy n Overwhelmed.

Pandit Ji : Chaliye Naam Karan Khtm hua aur Aaj se iss ( Sees Lil Princess ) ka Naam ANJALI MAHESHWARI hua..Mubarak Ho ( Blesses Anjali ) Bhagwaan kare iss Bacchi ko aur ( Sees All Family Members ) App sabko Duniya ki har Khushiyaan mile..

AP : ( Smiles ) Shukriya Pandit Ji ( Forwards A Packet ) Yeh lijiye aaj Hum Maheshwari Khaandan ( Family ) ke Taraf se aapko Yeh chota sa Tofa aur Aaj ka Khaana ( Gives da Packet )..Rakhlijiye….

Pandit Ji : ( Takes ds Packet ) Khush Raho Beta..( Blesses n Leaves )

Seeing their Lil Princess Finally getting Her Official Name in Front of World SwaSan n Every Family Members Present there were Happy n Overwhelmed bringing Tears of Happiness n Overwhelmness in their Eyes.Soon Party got Over n Guests too Left Happily Blessing da New Member of da Family while da Family Members Left fr their Respective Rooms Happily making SwaSan Happy n Overwhelmed..


Precap : SURPRISE !! 2 More Parts Remaining ??..


Taadaa !!!

Hw was the SURPRISE !! ??..So 2 More Parts Remaining..Actually What Happened is After Writing da Part i Realized ki thr is lots more to come so i cud nt Write Everything in this Part..Hence thr will be 2 more Parts of this SS..Happy ?? ??..Anywyz here is da Nxt Part..Hope U like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part n The Surprise too :).


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