Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 21

Hii Guyz..Its Me Goldie Agn wid da Nxt Part of da SS…Firstly Thnks fr the Valuable Comments..It means alot..We r Heading towards da End of da SS maybe 3 to 4 Epi or Less dan Parts Left to End da SS..I knw U all myt be Sad after Hearing this News..Bt Guyz Everything has an End..So in da Same Way this SS too needs to End as da Main Theme of da SS is Over..Dnt get Upset will be Bak wid My FF “My Destiny His Love”..So nw Here is da Nxt Part..Hope U will Like it :)..

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Recap : Terrorists Arrested..Sanskaar Injured…SwaSan Aryaan Emotional Noments..


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 21

Gadodia Mansion

1 Week Later

Time Passes n 1 Week Passed since Sanskaar was Shot by the Terrorists n was Shifted to Another Hospital after da Success of His Mission,Even after 1 Week Still Swara who Once used to Enjoy da World Full Heartedly was nw A Lifeless n Mere A Statue wid No Emotions or Feelings..As Time Passes Swara along wid Kids was Shifted to Gadodia Mansion to Divert Her Mind n to Refresh Her..No Matter What Everyone did to Divert Her Mind,Swara was still Lifeless Body wid Only Her Breathing Organs Working.Like Usual Day since Swara came to GM,Swara Made Herself Bzy in Aryaan n Her Daughter..Today also Swara as Usual was Bzy wid Aryaan in Making Him Ready fr School while Aryaan was Bzy in Diverting Swara’s Mind n to Cheer Her Up Still Making No Effect on Swara..

Aryaan : ( Tries to Cheer Up Swara ) Mumma..Plzz Be Normal na..See ( Points towards His Shirt Broken Button ) My this Button is Agn Broken..Stitch it na..n I dnt Understand Y u r still Behaving Like this..PAPA is FINE Mumma ( Hehe..Sanskaar is Fine Still Wanna knw Y Swara is Emotionleess,then Read Ahead U will get to Knw ?) still U r in Ur Silent Mode..Y ?? Kal hi toh We Met Him..U saw na Hw Perfectly Fine He is..n Within 2 Dyz More He will be wid Us still U r Behaving like this Y ??

Swara : ( Emotionless ) Aryaan Stop ur Nonsense n Get Ready Fast..U r alrdy Late fr ur School.. ( Makes Aryaan Ready )

Aryaan : ( Sad ) Bt Mumma.. ( Intreprupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) Aryaan cnt U Understand in One Time wat m Saying ?? Jst Be Quite n Get Ready Fast..Jab tak M Preparing ur Brk Fast.. ( Leaves Angrily )

As Swara Left the Room Angrily,Aryaan made An Unbelievable Pout n Dialed A Number Angrily n Strtd Scolding da Other side Person making dat Person to Make Strange Faces n to Close His Ears..

Aryaan : ( Angry ) Hello ..Hello PAPA ( Yes Aryaan Called His Papa i.e Sanskaar who is Absolutely Fit n Fine in Hospital ) Wat have U Done Papa..Mumma is Still Angry On U n Wid Other..Coz of U She is nt Talking to Others..nt even to Her Me who is Her Baccha ( Pout Face )

Sanskaar : ( Chuckles ) Aww..Sorry Champ..i knw I Hurted ur Mumma V.Badly dat Champ main kya karta..agr main aap dono Unconscious nhi Karta toh U both wud have Risked ur Lives fr Me n Jo main nhi desakta..

Aryaan : ( Angrily ) Toh U mean We cn See U Staking Ur Life fr Us..Haa ?? Hw cn U think dat Papa ?? Do U even have any Idea wen U were Shifted to Hospital after dat Incident Mumma ki Halaat kya thi ?? She was Totally A Lifeless Body..She was all Numb n Horrified to such an Extent ki She was getting Unconscious every After 1 Hour thinking abt U.. ( Keeps on Scolding Sanskaar )

Sanskaar : ( Makes Faces ) Accha Baba..Sorry..i knw i did a Big Mistake by nt Informing U both abt My Plan bt abb jo hogaya so Hogaya Champ..nw Plzz Help Me in Cheering Ur Mumma..Plzz ( Leads Childishly )

Aryaan : ( Strictly ) No Papa..Ghalti aapne ki hai toh Usse Sudhareke bhi aap hi..M nt Going to Help in this Matter .Pehle hi Mumma is nt Responding nor Talking to Me Properly n Uper se if I Help U She will nt do Remaining My Wrk also.So Sorry Ur Champ is nt gonna Help U Today .. ( Angry Pout ) Bye…( Cuts da Call )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Arrey.. Champ..Hello ..Hello ( Realized n Cuts da Call too n Sees da Phone wid Fake Anger ) Uff.. ( Shakes Head Unbelievably ) Jaisi Maa waisa Beta..Nakhrebaaz ( Makes Faces ) Ohh God Sanskaar Maheshwari The Gr8 Commisioner of Kolkata U r Regretting so much fr the First Time in Ur Police Career n dat to coz of Ur Wife..Huh..Nw hw U r gonna Make Ur Wife Convince..She is soo Angry on U ki She is nt even Lifting ur Calls since 1 Week ( Bites His Najls in Tension )

As Sanskaar was Hell Worried n Tensed abt Swara’s Mood,Thr on da Other Hand in Gadodia Mansion Swara was Preparing Brk Fast fr Aryaan while Aryaan n Shekhar was jst Staring Angry Swara wid Full Concentration wid Strange Faces making Swara n Shomi Irritated n Frustrated..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Arghh..Baba..Kya Ghoor Rahe ho App aur Aryaan mujhe ?? Kya main Koi Alien dhikhrahi hu ?? ( Frustrated )

Shekhar : Nhi Beta..Alien toh kisi bhi Angle se nhi dhikhrahi ho Tum..Lekin ( Intrerupted )

Swara : Den wat ?? ( Raises Her Eye Brows Questionably )

Aryaan : ( Giggles ) Lekin Angry Young Bird zarur lagrahi ho aap ( Chuckles )..

Shekhar : ( Laughs too ) Yes..Aryaan..U r Absolutely Right.. Ur Mumma is Perfectly looking like An Angry Youn Bird only jst Like dat Red Angry Bird.. n see Ur Mumma is also Wearing a Red Color only ( Hi Fi Aryaan while Laughing )

While Shekhar n Aryaan were Enjoying Teasing Swara,Swara was Irritated More n Was Fuming in More Anger making Both Shekhar n Aryaan to Stop Laughing n to Keep Quite like An 2 Innocent Kids Sitting on Table wid An Innocent Pout Face..

Swara : ( Angry ) Aryaan….Baba..U mean m looking Angry Bird to U Both..Hw Bad..Huh..

Shekhar : No..No Beta..Aisa nhi hai..We were jst Joking..Woh..Toh.. ( Sees Aryaan ) Haa Woh ARYAAN ka Plan tha to Tease U..nt Mine ( Innocent Pout ) I was jst ( Intrerupted )

Swara : ( More Angry ) Bas Baba..Dnt Act Haa..I knw it was both ur Plan to Tease Bas m Have ur Brk Fast.( To Aryaan ) n U Aryaan..ainda se Mujhe Tease kiye na toh mujh se bura koi nhi hoga..Samjhe ?? ( Angry) Nw Come On Have ur Brk Fast n Leave fr ur school wid Nanu..Ok ??

Aryaan : ( Pout Face n Slowly ) Hitler Mumma ( Makes Faces while Shekhar Chuckles )

Swara : ( Angry Look ) I Heard It Aryaan .. ( Bzy in Arranging Brk Fast )

Aryaan : ( Makes Faces Agn ( Huh..

Soon Both Aryaan n Shekhar had their Brk Fast n Left fr School while Shomi n Swara were Bzy in House Hold Wrk n Other Wrk while Time Flew like A Blowing Wind making Swara More Bzy n Engrossed in Wrk..



4PM Evening

Its Evening n As Usual Swara n Aryaan along wid AP n da Lil Princess Reached Hospital to Meet Sanskaar wid His Lunch..As The Trio Entered Sanskaar’s Room,Sanskaar who was Lying on Bed was Happy n Exicted seeing Swara n Felt like Urge to Hug Swara Tightly as much as He cn,bt seeing Swara still in Angry Mood His Excitement n Happiness Faded n Turned into A Worried Expressions making AP n Aryaan to Chuckle on Sanskaar’s Change of Expressions..

AP : ( Chuckes bt Controls ) Arrey Sanskaar Beta…Sorahe the kya ??

Sanskaar : ( Still Seeing Swara ) Nnhii..Nhi toh Maa..I was jst Taking A Small Nap..Nthing Else..Actually ( Touches His Head ) Pata nhi Subah se Mere Sir main Bahut Dard horaha tha..isiliye thot to Lye fr Sometime..

Swara : ( Shocked n Runs Towards Sanskaar ) Kyoun ?? Kya hua ?? Sir main Achanak Dard..Theek toh ho na tum ?? ( Unknowingly ) Zarur Apni Tablets Miss kardiya hoga..Hai na ? Isiliye Sir main Dard horaha hai nai na ? ( Concern )

As Swara was Unknowingly Showing Her Concern towards Sanskaar Forgetting abt Her Anger,Sanskaar,Aryaan n AP Who were Watching it was Smiling n Chuckling inside the Heart were Happy too seeing Swara’s Concern fr Sanskaar making Swara to Understand Her Foolishness wid Full Embarrassment..

Swara : ( Embarrassed n Leaves Sanskaar Immediately ) Woh..Actually.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Haa Maa U were telling na ki We need to Keep Naming Cermony of Our Lil Princess in this Week as its alrdy too Late..n U wanted to Talk wid Sanskaar abt this.. ( Still Embarrassed )

AP : ( Realized ) Arrey Haa..U r Right Swara..main toh Bhulhi gayi thi iss bare main..Thnk U fr Reminding Me Beta..

Swara : ( Sighs in Relief ) Ur Welcome Maa..

AP : ( To Sanskaar ) Suno Sanskaar..( Sees Lil Princess wid A Smile ) Humari Rajkumari ko ise Duniya main aaye hue it’s Full 2 Weeks n infact it’s gonna be 3 Weeks Soon..n abhi tak We did nt Keep Her A Proper Name.We thot after Swara’s Discharge We will Keep A Grand Naming Cermony bt den this ( Teary Eyes ) Hijack n den Urs ( Tensed ) this Injury came wich made More Delay in Her Naming Cermony….bt Nw wen Everything is Fine..We Decided to give Our Lil Princess A Proper Name.n waise bhi Aakhir Kab tak We will Call Her by Addressing Her Nick Name.Its High Time We shud keep Her A Name..So Me n Ur Papa has Decided to Keep A Grand Naming Cermony after ur Discharge..Is it Ok Na Beta ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Yes Off Course Maa..Its Perfectly Fine..I have No Prblm wid it..Infact I Suggest U keep Her Name nw only in da Hospital ( Chuckles )

AP : ( Laughs n Holds Sanskaar’s Ears Playfully Yet Tightly ) Chal Hatt..Badmaash..2 Bacchoon ka Baap bangaya hai bt still Soo much of Naughtiness..Sharam kar.. ( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Feels da Pain ) Aaoww..Aah.Maa..Plzz Leave..its Paining..main toh bas Mazaak karraha tha..I Obiviously dnt have Any Prblm Maa..Y wud I have any Prblm in My Daughter’s Naming Cermony..M soo Happy to Hear Finally My Daughter will get Her Real Identity.. ( Tears of Happiness )

AP : ( Teary Eyes Too ) Accha Ok den..Will Talk to Ur Papa n Fix da Final Date n will Let U knw.. ( Happy )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok Maa.. ( Sees Swara Agn )

While Sanskaar was Staring Swara agn,AP Notices it n Smiles seeing Sanskaar’s n Swara’s Silly Fight n Leaves frm there wid da Baby Leaving SwaSan Alone in da Room to Have some Private Moments making Sanskaar Smirk Naughtily n Where as Making Swara Nervous n Sweaty..

AP : ( Smiles ) Accha Ok den Sanskaar..I will Leave wid Our Lil Princess n Aryaan fr Home while Swara will Sray here to Help U in Having Ur Lunch..( Winks Naughtily at Sanskaar )

Sanskaar : ( Understands n Smirks Naughtily Bak ) Haa..Ok Maa..Ur Wish.. ( Sees Swara Naughtily ) Waise bhi i was Hungry V.Badly..n was Carving fr MY LUNCH ( Indirectly Means Swara )

AP : ( Smiles ) Ok Beta..will Leave nw..Take Care ( To Aryaan ) Chale Aryaan . Lets Go Home.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Maa ( Intreprupted )

Aryaan : ( To AP ) No Dadi..I dnt wanna Go Home..I wanna be Papa n Y dnt U Leave Lil Princess also here..see na Itne dim hogaye We did nt Soend a Quality Family Time ( Pout )

AP : ( Hesitates ) Per Beta ( Sees Sanskaar ) Hw cn … ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs )( To AP ) Its Ok Maa..Np..Leave Champ n Lil Princess Here only..Me n Swara will take care of them n waise Aryaan is Right..Its been a Long Time I have nt Spend A Quality Time wid My Family..Kyoun ( To Swara ) Hai na Swara ?? ( Smirks Naughtily )

Swara : ( Hesitates ) Hmm Haa.. ( Still Angry )

AP : Ok den..Ur Wish..Accha will Leave Nw.. ( To Swara ) Inform Me wen U wanna go bak..I will send Laksh to Drop U in Gadodia Mansion..Ok ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Ok Maa..

AP : ( Blesses ) Khush Raho.. ( To Sanskaar ) Aur U Take Care of Urself Haa ?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok Maa..I will n waise bhi nw ( Sees Swara wid a Naughty Smirk ) I have My WIFE wid Me here.She will Take Care of Me na.. ( Hai na Swara ? ( Winks Naughtily at Swara )

AP : ( Laughs ) Badmassh..Khair..M Leaving.So ( To Swara ) Toh Lo Swara Beta ( Hands da Baby to Swara ).Take Ur Lil Princess ( Smiles ) Ok nw M Leaving..Bye..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Bye Maa..

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Bye Dadi..

AP : ( Smiles n Kisses Aryaan’s Forehead ) Bye Beta ( Leaves )

Soon AP Leaves while Sanskaar Strtd Playing wid Aryaan n His Lil Princess whereas Swara Strtd Serving Lunch Admiring da Father Kids Bond making Her to Smile n Admire da Trio..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Come Aryaan..Come n have ur Lunch.. ( Ses Sanskaar Angrily ) N Tell Ur Papa also to come n have His Lunch..Warna He will only Strt Scolding ki Lunch Thands hogaya..( Attitude )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles at Swara’s Anger ) Champ tell Ur Mumma to Feed Me or to Take to the Sit thr..i cnt Walk na..n if I Walk den She will Only Scold Me n Strt Taunting.. ( Makes Faces ) Huh..

Swara : ( More Angry ) Then Aryaan tell ur Papa to Sit thr only n I will Send His Lunch thr wid U ( Strts Serving Lunch on Sanskaar’s Plate )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Huh..Tell Ur Mumma ki I dnt Want wanna Eat Here..I wanna Eat on the Sofa..Ek hi Jagah Baith Baith ke Meri Kamar Tootgayi hai ..( Makes Faces )

Swara : ( Irritated ) Aryaan toh tell ur Papaa ( Intrerupted )

Aryaan : ( Frustrated ) Uff ( Closes His Ears By His Hands ) Bas kariye Aap dono..Wats Happening wid U Both ?? ..Will U Both Stop Fighting like Kids ? Kabse dekhraha U both r Fighting like 2 Kids .. ( To Swara ) N Mumma aap..Y r U Behaving soo Odd wid Papa since 1 Week ?? I knw Papa ne Ghalti ki hai bt He is Sorry fr that..n U also knw wat ever He did was fr Us still U r Behaving soo Odd wid Him.. ( To Sanskaar ) N U Papa ..Watever Mumma is doing is coz of U only..Kya Zarurat thi aapko to Make Us Unconscious n dat too widout Informing Us..Y ??Haa.. ( To Both ) Jo bhi hua usme U both have Equal Fault. N Bt Papa aapki Thoda Zaada hai..nw Plzz Both of U Stop Fighting n Sort Ur Prblms Right Here..( Strictly Yet Innocently )

As Aryaan was Scolding Both Swara n Sanskaar,SwaSan who were Fighting Few Minutes ago were All Shocked n Surprised seeing Aryaan’s Innocent Anger..While Both Swara n Sanskaar were Shocked seeing Aryaan’s Anger,they Heard A Knock on da Door making dem Both of Them to Compose n to Be Normal infront of the Person Knocked on da Door..

Person : May I Come in ??

Sanskaar : ( Composes Himself ) Yes…Come In..

Person : ( Smiles n Comes In ) Well Thnk U Commisioner Sanskaar Maheshwari Sahab.. ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Bas Kar Rahul..Enough Yaar..

Rahul : ( Laughs too ) Kya Bas karo Sanskaar ??

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Rahul!!

Rahul : ( Laughs ) Accha Ok..Fine..Hw r U Buddy ?? ( Hugs Sanskaar Side Ways )( Sees Swara ) Ohh Hello Bhabhi..Sorry Haa..I did nt Notice U..

Swara : ( Smiles ) M Fine Rahul..U tell Hw r u ?? N Hw is Ur Fiance Haa ? ( Teasingly )

Rahul : ( Slightly Blushes ) She is Fine Bhabhi.

Swara : ( Laughs ) Ohh God jst look at U Rahul..Hw Reddish U became Hearing Ur Fiance’s Name..

Sanskaar : ( Teases too ).Cone On Swara..Dnt Tease Him More..Warna thodi daer main Instead of Strong n a Brave Police Officer We will get to see A Red Tomato Blushing Police Officer infront of Us ( Giggles )

Rahul : (Blushes More ) Sasnkaarr..Plz Stop Yaar..

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Accha Fine..Sorry..Chal Tell Hw r U ?? I mean Hw is da Wrk Going on in Police Station ?

Rahul : ( Smiles ) Everything is Jst Perfect as I Said..n Police Station main bhi Everything is Jst Under Control..Dnt Owrry..Leave abt Me U tell Wat r U doing whole Day Lying on Bed n in One Room ?? ( Giggles Teasingly )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Anger ) Rahul..Plzz Yaar..Dnt Piss Me Off by Teasing Me agn n agn wid Samw thing..U knw Hw Pissed Off Here.. ( Irritated )

Aryaan : ( Giggles too ) Yes Rahul Uncle..Papa is really Pissed Out Staying in Hospital fr 1 Week..Infact He is Carving to go Home.. ( Chuckles )

Rahul : ( Smiles Teasingly ) Ohh.I C..Hmm ( Goes Near Sanskaar’s Ears n Whispers Teasingly ) Carving fr Home Or Fr Bhabhi Haa ?? ( Giggles )

While Rahul was Teasing Sanskaar in His Ear,Swara who was jst Standing Beside Them Heard Rahul’s Word n Strtd Blushing like a Red Tomato n Avoided da Eye Contact wid Sanskaar Showing Her Shyness n Blushness making Sanskaar to Smirk n Smile Naughtily..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Understands ) Rahul..Plzz..Stop Yaar.. ( Diverts da Topic ) Chod Yeh sab..Come Lets have Lunch together..Missing Ur Company fr Lunch..Duty pe We used to have Lunch together ryt..

Rahul : ( Laughs ) Yes..We used to..n Dnt Worry Soon infact V.Soon We have Lunch together fr Nw i gtg..U knw na Ghar pe Shaadi ka Mahul ( Environment ) hai n so Much Wrk is Pending..Will See Yaa Soon..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok Sure Rahul..n Haa Enjoy Ur Last Few Dyz of Bachelorship..Coz da Day U get Married ( Sees Swara Naughtily ) U cnt Live fr Ur Own Self ( Chuckles )

Rahul : ( Fake Shock ) Haww..( To Swara ) Bhabhi dekha aapne..Wat He is Saying..He means da Day He Married U He Lost His Freedom..Hw Mean na ?? ( Dramatically )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Haa Suna Rahul.. ( To Sanskaar Angrily ) I will see Him Later wen He Comes Home Nw I guess U shud Leave all this n shud Go..U r alrdy Late..

Rahul : Oh Ya . I shud..( To Sanskaar ) Ok den Commisioner Sahab..Will Leave nw ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ya Sure Officer ( Chuckles too )

Aryaan : ( Irritated ) Papa Will U Three Stop Behaving soo Funnily.. ( To Swara ) Mumma i wanna go Home to Nanu n Nani..M Mere Fav Cartoon ka Time hogaya hai.. Plzz ( Pleads Innocently )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Nw ?? At this Time n Hw ?? I mean Who will Drop U Bak Home ?? Chachu toh nhi aaye na..

Aryaan : ( Insistingly ) Toh kya hua Mumma.. ( Sees Rahul ) Rahul Uncle hain na..He will Drop Me.. ( To Rahul ) Kyoun Hai Na Rahul Uncle ?? ( Pleading Eyes )

Swara : ( Confused ) Bt.. ( Intrerupted )

Rahul : Haa Y Nt Aryaan..Itd Ok Bhabhi. I will Drop Him Bak n waise bhi i have to Pass through Shekhar Uncle’s Mansion only..So will Drop Aryaan in Middle.. ( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Bt Rahul..U r alrdy getting Late na n nw if U ( Intrerupted )

Rahul : Its Ok Sanskaar..No Worries.. ( Smiles n Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ok den..Np.. ( To Aryaan ) Chanpm.No Troubling Rahul Uncle Haa ? ( Strictly )

Aryaan : ( Happy ) Haa..Papa..Pakka.. ( Hugs Excitedly ) Love U.. ( Excited )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs n Hugs Bak ) Love U Too.. ( Kisses Aryaan’s Hairs Lovingly ) Bye..

Aryaan/Rahul : Bye ( Leaves )

Soon Both Rahul n Aryaan Leaves fr Home Leaving SwaSan n Their Daughter Alone in Room making Swara to Realize Her Anger n whereas Making Sanskaar to Gulp His Fear seeing Swara’s Anger..


Precap : SwaSan Emotional Talks n Sanskaar Bak Home..


Finally Guyz. Done wid another Part..I knw its nt soo Good as U All Expected..Bt Still Tried My Best..Hope U will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :). .


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      Well da Story is like Rag San r Married Couple n they have a Son Named Aryaan. N Sanskaar is a Police Commisioner of Kolkata n One Day whjle RetIrving frm a Party Rag San r Attacked by Sanskaar’s Enemies n Rag gets Injured n Slips onto Coma fr 6 Yrs..n in dis 6 Yrs SwaSan gets Married fr Aryaan’s Future as He needs a Mother’s Love n as Time Passed SwaSan Came Closer n Consummated their Marriage n Swara became Pregnant wif Sanskaar’s Child after 6 Yrs n den all ofa Sudden Rag came bak frm Coma n Strtd Behaving Weird like Rude..Humiliates Swara etc after knwing SwaSan’s Married Truth wich made Aryaan to Hate Rag as Aryaan was Close to Swara n Considered Swara as His Real Mom even after knwing da Truth abt Rag being His Biological Mother..den One Day Swara feels Pain in Her Stomach due to Ragini’s Madness as She Strangles Swara’s Neck in Frustration n Status Consciousness..As Rag as Status Conscious grm Strting..n den Swara Delivers Her’s n Sanskaar’s Baby i.e a Bany Girl n gets Rag Arrested fr Her Madness den one day da Hospital in wich Swara is Admitted gets Hijacked by some Terrorists who Demands Sanskaar to Fullfill Their Demands n in da Process of saving His Family n Fullfilling His Duty of being A Commisioner Sanskaar gets Shot n is Admitted on Hospital..N the Present Trck is on Sanskaar’s Injury only..Hope U got da full idea abt the Story..n I did nt tell U spmw Points frm thr story wich cnt be Explained while Writing 🙂

      1. Okay thnx dear?
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