Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 20

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Recap : SwaSan n Kids Emotional Meet…Sanskaar Plan..


Destiny – Its All About Life!

Part 20

Another Hospital

1 Hour Later

Time Passed n its been 1 Hour till Swara n Aryaan n Vicky were made Unconscious..n SwaSan’s Lil Princess was Sent to Other Hospital n was being Treated Secretly widout any Leakage of this News to Media or any other..While The Baby was being Treated AP,Shomi n Sujata who were Present there in Hospital along wid Laksh were All Tensed n Worried abt the Baby n SwaSan n Aryaan n was Crying Silently wid Tears Rolling frm their Eyes Continously.

AP : ( Crying ) Bhagwaan Plzz Mere Baccho ki raksha rakhna..yaha Meri Poti Tezz Bukhaar main Tadap rahi hai aur Waha Mere 3 Bacche Khatroon se Ladrahe hai..Plzz Save Them..They need U..( Cries n Prays )

Shomi : ( Cries bt Consoles AP Too ) Annapurna Plzz Sambhalo apne aapko..U cnt Brl like this..Tum jante ho na Agr Swara..Sanskaar Ya Aryaan Teeno main se kisi Ek ko bhi Pata Chala abt ur Crying then They will feel Bad…Plzz Sambhalo..Its Time fr Praying fr them nt fr Brking Down..Plzz Stop Crying..Tum dekhna jaise Sanskaar ne Humari Princess ko Bachalaya waise He will Save Others n Our Swara n Aryaan too..Bas Aur Thoda Wait Karlo.. ( Consoles )

Sujata : ( Crying ) Bt Shomi Ji Kaise Wait Kare ?? Swara Pehle se hi Weak hai n Nw She is Suffering such a Big Torture frm Past Few Hours ..Pata nhi kuch Khaya bhi hoga ya nhi Swara ne..U knw Hw Weak She is..n Aryaan He is a Kid..God Knws Kya Haal hogs Dono ka Waha pe..Mera toh Dil Khabra raha hai News Dekhe ( Worried )

As AP n Sujata were Crying Continously Thinking abt SwaSan n Aryaan, Laksh n Shomi Tried to Console them at Every Possible Way bt was Failing in All Way making Laksh n Shomi Worried abt their Health n State..


City Hospital

Soon the Scene Shifts too City Hospital where Swara n Aryaan along wid Vicky were still Unconscious while Ajay n Saurav were Bzy in Planning something Agnst Sanskaar..As They were Planning Agnst Sanskaar,Sanskaar on the Other Hand was too Bzy in Executing His Plan agnst Terrorists n was Smirking Winningly n wid Determination making His Team Mates too Determined n Motivated..

Rahul : Wah..Sanskaar..Wat A Plan..Srsly Sanskaar..If this Plan gets Successfull na den We cn Save all da Ppl Widout any Loss of Sanskaar its Really Dangerous..We need to be Careful.. ( Worried )

Sanskaar : Haa Rahul..Dangerous toh We have No Other Option wid Us..We have to do this..We cnt Keep Quite Thinking its Risky or Dangerous..We r in This Field by Our Own Wish..n Da Day We Joined n Wore this ( Points da Uniform ) Frm dat Time Itself Our Duty n Our Responsibility is Towards Our Country First..We Have to Do Each n Every Possible Thing to Save Our Country n ite People..n Right nw We r in Same Situation..Its Time fr Do Or DIE..n We cnt Back Out Nw..( Determined )

Rahul : ( Determined ) Yes Sanskaar..Right.

Sanskaar : Ok nw Come Lets Move On..We dnt Have Time.. ( Strictly )

Rahul : Yes..Come Lets Move Guyz..

As soon as after Planning their Plan Sanskaar along wid His Team Partners Immediately Left fr Executing da Plan wid Full Determination n Confidence..Soon Sanskaar along wid His Set of Team Mates Reached da Hospital Corridor Secretly n Hided Behind A Wall n Gestured One of da Hospital Staff through His Eyes making da Staff Person Understand n Execute da Plan..

Staff Person : ( Acts ) Arrey Aaahhh.. ( Holds His Stomach ) Aahh..Mera Paet..Aahh ( Shouts Madly )

While da Man was Screaming Madly The Terrorists n Other Ppl gets Shocked n Confused seeing da Man Screaming Madly..Terrorists who were Present Outside in da Corridor Rushed Immediately towards da Man All Shocked n Surprised making Sanskaar n His Team Mates Smirk Winningly..

Terrorist : ( Shocked ) Aeey..Kya Hua ? Y r U Screaming like A Mad ?? Kya hua tujhe Achanak ??

Man : ( Acts ) Aahh..Pata nhi Mere ( Holds His Stomach ) Tightly ) Paet main Achanak Dard shuru hogaya.. ( Fake Tears ) Actually I have A Stomach Prblm or U cn Say Stomach Infection jiske wajeh se M Getting this Pain… ( Screams More Loudly bt Fakely ) Aahh.. ( Keeps da Terrorists Bzy )

Terrorist : Bt if U knw U have Stomach Infection dem Y did U Come to Hospital Todau Haa ??

Man : ( Continues Diverting ) Aaaccttuallyy I came to give My Leave Aappliiccaattiionn to Hospital Socha tha Half Duty karke will take a Leave fr 1 Week bt ( Fake Fear ) mujhe kya pata tha ki mujhe yaha aake Permanently Leave per Jaane ka Mauka milega ( Fake Shiver )

As The Man was Diverting The Terrorists Mind,Sanskaar n His Team Immediately Yet Slowly Moved Towards those Terrorists frm Bak n Made them Unconscious widout being Noticed by them n Freed da Ppl who Were Captived in da Corridor Cleverly..

Sanskaar : Rahul..Hurry Up..U Take These Ppl Out n Shift them to Other Hospital Secretly widout being Notices by Nedia.. n Make Sure these Terrorists r taken to Police Station b4 they Gain their Senses till then i will Chk da Other Side Corridor..Ok ?

Rahul : Yaa Sanskaar..I will Take Care of it..Dnt Worry..N Maine Joint Commisioner se Baath karli hai He is Sending Extra Force in Some Time to Help U..( To Hospital Staff Man ) Thnk U Vinay..U Helped Us Today..nw U also Come wid Us..We cnt Risk Ur Life anymore..

Sanskaar : Ya Vinay..Rahul is Right..U shud Leave frm Here..

Man : Bt Sir..

Rahul : No Buts Vinay..Dnt be soo Senti..U alrdy Helped Us..n Agn if I Help Us it myt Risk Ur Life..N Being Police Officers We cnt Risk any of Our Citizens Life Purposely..

Sanskaar : Yes Vinay..U Better Leave..We dnt knw hw much More Long this Mission will go one..We cnt Tell abt Our Life..n on that After knwing da Risk Involves in this Mission We cnt Risk Ur Life fr More ..its Better U Leave..For the Sake of Ur Family..Hmm ?

Vinay : ( Unwillingly ) Ok Sir.. ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : Ohh Come On Vinay..Try to Understand.Its fr ur Betterment..Ok ? U have Ur Whole Life infront of U..U cnt Risk it..Plzz Try to Understand..

Vinay : Its Ok Sir..M Glad I was Able to Help U fr sometime atleast..It means alot .. ( TearyEyes ) All The Best Sir..Plzz Safe All The People Here..n I Knw U both ( To Sanskaar n Rahul ) Will Definitely Save all of them..All The Best.. ( Teary Eyes n Leaves )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Seeing Vinay Going bt Composes Himself Soon )( To Rahul ) Nw Come On Rahul..We cnt Waste More Time Nw.. U Leave Rahul n Main Jab tak Extra Force aati hai I will try to Handle the Rest of the Terrorists n Try to Free Other Ppl..

Rahul : Ok Sure Sanskaar..Bt Be Very Careful Haa..N All The Best..Come Soon.( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnks Yaar..U too All The Best..Pata nhi will be able to Meet agn Or NOT.. ( Teary Eyes bt Composes Himself Soon Agn )

Rahul : ( Shocked ) Sanskaar..Stop It..nt Agn Plzz ( Strictly )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ok Fine..Nw Lets Move ( To His Team Mates ) Come On Boys..We dnt have Much Time..

Rahul : Ok Bye..N All The Best Once Agn..

Sanskaar : Thnks..Same to U ( To His Team Members ) Hurry Up Boys..Lets Move nw Finally ( Leaves )

Soon Both Sanskaar n Rahul Composes themselves n Immediately Leaves fr their Respective Wrk wid their Team Mates n Strtd Executing their Nxt Plan widout being Noticed by other Set of Terrorists making Sanskaar n Team Relaxed n Relieved..As Sanskaar Reached da Other Side of Corridor Slowly Yet Smartly Pressed the Smoke Alarm n Diverted The Mind of Other Terrorists n n Strtd Freeing da Ppl Smartly widout being Noticed by Terrorists n Their Team Members..While They were Rescuing Ppl One of the Terrorist Member sees Sanskaar Freeing da Ppl n was Shocked n Angry on Sanskaar Resulting in Firing of Bullets making Ppl More Scared n Horrified..

Terrorist ( Karan ) : ( Angry ) Aeeyy..Woh Dekho..It was a Plan to Divert Our Mind..Sanskaar n Uski Team r Rescuing da Ppl..Go n Inform Ajay Sir n Saurav Sir..Till den I will Handle the Situation Here..

Terrorist ( Raj ) : Haa Ok Karan.. ( Leaves )

As soon as Raj Left to Call Ajay n Saurav,Karan who who saw Sanskaar Rescuing da Ppl.Strtd Firing making Sanskaar n His Team More Alert n to Fight Bak wid da Terrorists wid Full Determination n Confidence..

Karan : ( Angry ) Commisioner Sahab..I knw U r here only n It’s all Ur Plan to Rescue da Ppl Over Here..Khanoshi se Bahar aao along wid Ur Team Mates warna Iske baad jo hoga U n Ur Team myt nt have Thot also.. ( Dangerously ) So Jaldi se Bahar aajao.. ( On da Trigger of da Bullet )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Ohh God..Abb kya kare Tarun..They came to knw abt Our Plan..

Tarun ( Team Mate ) : DntWorry Sir..yeh tou hona hi tha..Nw Lets Face them Bravely..

Sanskaar : Ya..U r Right…Lets Face them Bravely nw ( Determined ) Aadhe log ko toh bachaliya humne n aur Baaki ke also We will No Matter We have to DIE fr it also ( Confidently )

Tarun : Yes Sir..Then Lets Attack dem Sir…

Sanskaar : Ya Tarun..

While Sanskaar n Tarun were Having their Discussion,Karan who was Searching fr Sanskaar Heard their Slight Voices n Smirked Evilly n Caught them in a Seconds making Sanskaar More Shocked n Horrified..

Karan : ( SmirkedWinningly ) Ohhoo..Toh yaha ( Caught Tarun ) Chupe hue the aap Commisioner Sahab..wid Ur ( Points Gun on Tarun’s Forehead ) this Team Mate Haa ??

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Ddnnt..Uu Dare to Harm Tarun..U want Me na..den See M All Here infornt of U..U Captive Me bt Leave Tarun n Others frm Here.. ( Gestures Tarun Secretly n Keeps Karan Bzy ) Haa..Plzz Leave Them All..See m Infront of U.. ( Diverts Karan’s Mind )

Karan : Aaeyy Shut Up..Stop ur This Fake Pleading..Wait let Ajay Sir n Sairab Sir Come..They will Handle U ( Smirks Evilly )

As Sanskaar was Diverting Karan’s Mind,Tarun taking it as an Opportunity Punched Karan on His Main Part Hardly by His Elbow n Immediately Snatched da Gun frm His Hand while Sanskaar Immediately Caught Hold of Karan n Made Him n Other Terrorist Team Mates Unconscious n Under Arrested them too Leading to another Victory in His Plan..

Tarun : ( Relieved ) Congratulations Sir..We Caught another Terrorist in Our Hand..We did it Sir..

Sanskaar : ( Still Worried ) No Tarun..We Still have Big Hurdle to Cross..Abb tak humne jitne bhi Terrorists ko Arrest kiya hai r jst A Puppets..Abhi We have to Catch The 2 Main Heads of this Terrorists Fang i.e Ajay n Saurav..n Dnt Forget they r still Out of Our Clutches n Swara n Aryaan r still in their Hands..Jab tak hum indono nhi pakadlete We cnt Say We Won nor We r Close to Win..They r Really Dangerous..n Woh dono hi Apne Mission koAkele Anjaam desakte hai n B4 they Complete THEIR MISSION We need to Complete OUR MISSION ( Determined )

Tarun : Yes Sir..We will Surely Scceed in Our Plan.. ( Determined )

Soon as Sanskaar n His Team Mates Arrested Karan n Other Terrorists Mates,Saurav n Ajay who were Panicked n Shocked.Seeing Hearing Sanskaar’s Arrival n His Plan Hurried n Came towards da Corridor n were Shocked seeing Entire Corridor Empty n Fumed in Anger n Shouted Sanskaar’s Name making Sanskaar Smirk Winningly..

Ajay : ( Shocked ) Saurav yaha toh Saara ka Hospital Khali hai..( Angry ) It means ( Intrerupted )

Saurav : ( Angry Too ) It means Commisioner Sanskaar Maheshwari ne apna Plan pura kardiya n He Freed da Entire Hospital frm Our Clutches..

Ajay : Haa..Abb kya kare ?? He Won in His Plan ( Shocked )

Saurav : ( Smirks Evilly ) Do U really think Ajay He Won ?? ( Raises His Eye Brows Questionably wid An Evil Smirk )

Ajay : ( Confused ) Ya Off Course Saurav .abb kya baaki hai..See da Entire Hospital is Empty n All da Ppl whom We made Our Captives r Free..wat else is thr nw ??

Saurav : ( Laughs Evilly ) Ohh God Ajay..toh kya hua Uss Sanskaar Maheshwari n Uski Team ne Saare Logo Bachaliya..We still have A Trump Card in Our Hands ( Smirks Evilly )

Ajay : ( Confused ) Kya bolraha hai ?? Wat Trump Card Yaar ??

Saurav : Arrey Mere Baap…We still have HIS OWN FAMILY in Our Clutches i.e His WIFE n His SON..n His DAUGHTER ..Usne Saare Logo ko toh Bachaliya bt do U think He will be Able to Save His Own Family ?? No..Never ( Laughs Winningly )

Ajay : ( Realized ) Ohh Yes.. ( Happy ) I Forgot abt it.. ( Shocked ) Bt Saurav..Uski Family toh r Alone in Room..Come lets go b4 He Frees dem too..

Saurav : ( Smirks Evilly ) Dnt Worry..Aisa kuch nhi hoga..Coz When He will Try to Enter da Room na He will be Shot Automatically..

Ajay : ( Shocked ) Wat ?? Bt Hw ?? ( Confused )

Saurav : ( Smirks Winningly ) Coz Wenever Anyother Person other dan Me..U or other dan anoyone other dan Member of Our Team Enters da Room He will be Shot Automatically coz I Setted An Automatic Bullet Firing wenever Any Stranger Enters da Room..

Ajay : ( Shocked ) hw did U knw frm B4 ki dat Sanskaar will Try to Enter da Room ?? ( Confused )

Saurav : It’s Simple..U remember Few Hours Ago Aryaan Shouted Sanskaar’s Name.. ( Ajay Nodded ) Toh bas that Time I got a Doubt n After Returning Bak I Setted this setting on da Door wen U Went to Washroom after Doctor’s Leaving..

Ajay : ( Shocked ) Wow..Man..Amzing..nw Lets go n see Whether Panchi ( Prey ) Jaal main Phasa Ya Nhi ( Laughs Evilly )

Saurav : ( Laughs Evilly too ) Haa Chalo..

After having a Talk abt their Plan Left towards the Room whr Swara n Aryaan were Kept as Their Captive n as soon as Both Reached da Room,Both Saurav n Ajay were Shocked seeing Swara n Aryaan Crying Bittely Hugging An Injured Sanskaar who was Lying Unconscious on da Floor wid A Pool of Blood Surrounded around Him due to Automatic Bullet Firing making Ajay n Saurav Smirk n Laugh Winningly..

Ajay : ( Smirks Winningly ) Wow..Saurav..It Worked..Commisioner Sanskaar Maheshwari is Lying All Injured infornt of Us Surrounded by Pool of Blood..Amzing..

Saurav : ( Smirks Evilly ) See..I told Sanskaar Maheshwari nhi bachega coz da Power of da Bullets is Really High n One Bullet is only Enough to Finish da Person bt isd Sanskaar ko toh Pure 3 Bullets lage hai .He wont Be Survive Nw fr Sure ( Laughs Winningly )

While Ajay n Saurav where Enjoying their Win,On the Other Hand Swara n Aryaan who were All Numb n Horrified seeing Sanskaar Lying Unconscious infront of Them Injured V.Badly were Lost in their Own Thots Emotionless Thinking abt the Recently Incident They Saw jst Nw wid Dried n Swollen Eyes..


Soon after Arresting Karan n Other Terrorists Mates,Sanskaar n Tarun Freed Rest of the Ppl n Hurriedly Rushed towards Swara’s Room n Hided inside Another Room Opposite to Swara’s Room,As Soon as Ajay n Saurav Came Out of Room Hurriedly n Went Towards da Corridor Sanskaar n Tarun Rushed inside the Room n as they Entered da Room Sanskaar was Shot by the Automatic Bullet Firing System making Tarun All Shocked n Surprised nt Understanding wat to do..Hearing da Bullet Sounds Swara n Aryaan who were Unconscious Gained their Senses n were Shocked seeing Sanskaar getting Shot by the Bullets Ruthlessly making Injured Sanskaar Smile Tearfully seeing Swara n His Son fr the Last Time infront of Him Lively while Swara was all Shocked n Numb seeing Her Life..Her Husband Loosing His Senses infornt of Him Making Her More Shocked n Horrified..Tears of Helplessness Fell frm both of their Eyes Resulting in Having A Painfull n A Fearfull Eye Lock Showing their Pain n Fear of Loosing Eachother..

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Lyrics
Paas Aaye..
Dooriyaan Phir Bhi Kum Naa Hui
Ek Adhuri Si Hamari Kahani Rahi
Aasmaan Ko Zameen, Ye Zaroori Nahi
Jaa Mile.. Jaa Mile..
Ishq Saccha Wahi
Jisko Milti Nahi Manzilein.. Manzilein..

Rang Thhe, Noor Tha
Jab Kareeb Tu Tha
Ek Jannat Sa Tha, Yeh Jahaan
Waqt Ki Ret Pe Kuch Mere Naam Sa
Likh Ke Chhod Gaya Tu Kahaan

Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…

While Both Swara n Sanskaar were having their Emotional Eye Lock,Sanskaar Suddenly Feels Something Strange n Confesses His Love fr Swara n Aryaan wid A Smiling Yet wid A Teary Eyes Showing His Love n Affection fr the Last Time making Swara n Aryaan Confused n Shocked.

Sanskaar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) Sswwaaraa..II LLOOVVEE UU.. ( To Aryaan ) Cchaammmpp..Ttaakkee Ccaaree of Ur Muummmaaa n Ur Lil Ssiissteerr…( Fumbles in Pain ) Ppaappaa LLOVVEESS UU TTWWOO TTOO..GGGOODD BBYEE CCHAMMPP ( Looses His Balance n Falls on Ground Lifelessly )

As Sanskaar Fell Down on Ground after Conveying His Love to both Swara n Aryaan,Both Swara n Aryaan Immediately Rushed towards Sanskaar in all Horrified State n Supported Sanskaar by their Trembling Hands n Made Him Lye on Swara’s Lap Comfortably making Sanskaar Feel Comfortable n Relaxed in da Warmth of His Wife’s Lap fr the Last Time wid Tears of Pain Flowing frm His Eyes Non Stop making Swara too Cry Silently n Yet Non Stop..

Swara : ( Cries ) Plzzz Sanskaar..dnt Talk like this..U r nt going anywhr..U have to Be Fine fr Me.. ( Hugs Aryaan ) fr Aryaan n fr OUR LIL PRINCESS..She needs Her Papa..U Promised Me na U wont Leave Me in Middle..den Y r U Breaking Ur Promise Haa ? Plzz dnt Leave Plzz.. ( Cries Bitterly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles in Pain ) Ssh ( Cups Swara’s Face in Pain ) Princess..Dnt Cry ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) M nt Leaving U..See ( Shows Aryaan ) Ur Baccha is thr Wid U to Protect U n Our Lil Princess na..n U Very Well knw Ur Baccha is Same Brave Like Me ( Laughs Lightly in Pain ) Mmaaayybbee Mmooree ddaann Me..He is thr wid U wen m nt thr..Mana He is nt Mine n Urs Son Biologically bt He is Still OUR SON Swara..n Knw He will Never Make U feel My Absence.. ( To Aryaan in Pain ) Haaii naa Cchammpp.. ( Teary Eyes )

Aryaan : ( Crying ) Plz Papa..Dnt Tali like this Papa Plzz..U cnt Leave Me n Mumma n OurLil Princess like this..M nt Soo Big n Brave like U to Protect Mumma n Lil Princess..They Need U..Only U cn Protect them..Suna Aapne ( Shouts Innocently ) Only U cn.. ( Cries n Hugs Swara Tightly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) No..Champ..I knw U Cn Take My Place..U r Big Enough Champ.. ( Tries to Hold Aryaan’s Hands bt Aryaan Jerks while Crying ) Plzz Champ..Wont U Meet n Hug Ur Papa fr the One Last Time.. ( Teary Eyes ) Wont U ?? ( Extends His Hands in Pain )( To Swara wid Teary Eyes ) Swara tum bolo na Aryaan ko to Hug Me fr the One Last Time Plzz ( Pleads Wid Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Angry ) Kyoun bolo ?? Y shud I tell Him to Hug fr the Last Time ?? Ek baath Kaan kholke sunlo tum..U r nt going anywhr..n U r nt Leaving Us..Its nt Ur Last Hug ( Lil Louder ) Suna tumne..Its nt Ur Last Hug..Rumhe kuch nhi hoga..matlab kuch nhi hoga..U r soon going to take Our Lil Princess in Ur Arms will Play wid Her..mujhe aur much nhi sunna ( Angry ) Suna na tumne ( Turns Her Face in Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Crying ) Plzz Swara..Plzz ( Pleads ) I dnt have much Time..Let me Feel U Both fr the Last Time Plzz ( Extends His Hands in Pain ) Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Melts ) Bbt.. ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : Swara..Tumhe Meri Kasam..U wont Deny.. ( Strictly in Pain n Extends His Hands towards Swara n Aryaan wid Moist Eyes )..

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaarr..Plzz.. ( Brks Down n Hugs Tightly ) Aise mat karo Humare saath..U knw We cnt Live widout U..den Y r u talking Rubbish ?? Plzz dnt talk such Rubbish Talks..Plzz ( Hugs More Tightly )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles in Teary Eyes n Feels da Hug ) I LOVE U PRINCESS ( KissesSwara’s Forehead Lovingly ) N Will Alwyz Love U..No Matter What ( Hugs More Tightly to Feel Swara’s Hug )( Release da Hug ) Swara One More Last Thing..Will U Agree that too ( Pleads ) Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Nods No Innocently ) No ( Teary Eyes

Sanskaar : ( Pleads ) Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Closes Her Eyes in Pain n Nods Yes Hesitatedly ) Theek Hai ..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes in Happiness ) Thnk U Princess.I Want to Fill Ur MANG fr the Last Time..Cn I ?? ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Sanskaarr..Plzz mat kaho Last Time..U will ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : Plzz Swara. Hurry Up..I dnt have much Time..Plzz ( Pleads )

Swara : ( Unwillingly in Pain ) Theek hai..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Once Agn..I Love U ( Smiles in Pain )

Soon Sanskaar after getting Permission frm Swara,Lifts His Hands in Pain n Moves His Hands towards His Chest Filled Blood n Takes A Drop of Blood n Fills Swara’s Mang wid His Blood making Swara to Grip n Kiss His Hands n Feel His Touch n His Love wid Closed Eyes n Tears Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously making Sanskaar Feel Satisfied n Smile in Satisfaction on seeing Swara’s Mang Filled with His Blood n Admire His Princess n Son fr da Once n Last Time wid Tears Rolling frm His Eyes Non Stop..

Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani
Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…

Seeing n Admiring His Princess n Son fr The Last Time Sanskaar all of a Sudden Looses His Senses n His Hands Slips frm Swara’s Hands n Falls on Ground Leading Sanskaar to Loose His Consciousness n Closes His Eyes wid Pool of Blood Oozing frm His Body Continously making Both Swara n Aryaan More Shocked n Horrified..

Aryaan : ( Shocked ) PAPAPAAA… ( Hugs Swara Tightly n Cries Bitterly ) Mumma..Kya hua Papa ko ?? Y did He Close His Eyes ?? Plzz tell na Papa to Open His Eyes.. ( Cries Bitterly )( To Unconscious Sanskaar ) Papa..Plzz Utho..Plzz Papa ( Cries Bitterly )

Swara : ( Shocked ) SANSKAAARRR ( Shakes Sanskaar Continously ) SSANSKAAARRR.Utho..Plzzz Utho.. ( Sees Sanskaar’s Blood Filled Body n Cries Bitterly ) PLZZ Utho…U cnt Do this Wid Me ( Shakes Vigorously ) Plzz Get Up..Utho Na Sanskaarr ( Falls on Sanskaar n Cries Bitterly while Hugging Eachother Tightly ) Plzz Get Up ( Cries Bitterly ) Ur Princess is All Lonely n Incomplete widout Her Prince..Plzz Get Up ( Cries Miserably )

Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani
Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…

*********FlashBack Ends **********

As Swara was Blankly Remembering The Recent Scn Hugging Aryaan wid No Emotions,Tarun who was Hiding Behind A Wall Grabs n Traps Both Ajay n Saurav All of a sudden making them Shocked n Surprised seeing dem Surrounded by Entire Police Force frm all 4 Sides Showing dem their Defeat n Loss..Soon Both Saurav n Ajay were too Arrested n were Taken to Police Station wid Full High Security n Alertness giving No Chance to Both the Terrorists to Free or to Escape frm Police’s Clutches..While The Terrorists were taken to Police Station,Rahul who was also Shocked n Numb seeing His Best Frnd Lying Unconscious in V.Bad State Consoles Swara n Aryaan n Somehow Gathers some Courge n Shifts Sanskaar to Other Hospital fr His Treatment making No Effect on Lifeless Swara who was All Blank n Numb Showing Her Pain n Tortures She Suffered in these Few Hours widout any Emotions or Feelings wid only Memories n Happy Moments Flashing in Her Mind Spent wid Sanskaar wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously Making Her More Lifeless n Shattered..

Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani
Hamari Adhuri Kahani..
Hamari Adhuri Kahani…


Precap : Sanskaar’s Condition Critical n Swara Lifeless…


Phew !!..

Finally Done wid Most Difficult n Most Heart Breaking Part..I Knw U all myt be Crying Like Me Reading da Last Part of Sanskaar’s Injury n Swara’s Break Down??..Bt Kya Karu it was all Needed to Justify the Hijack Trck..Hope I Reached to Ur Expections n Was Able to Entertain U all wid this Part..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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    I am sorry if I am being rude but yar kya karo asa e reaction bahar atha hai jab main asa episodes parthi hoon..

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Hahaha..Loved ur Comment..No Worries Yaar..i knw u were Jst simply saying in a Fun..n Dnt Worry m.also a SwaSan Fan like U..all i cn say is jst wait fr the Nxt Epi u will come to knw wat happens to Sanskaar..n Thnks fr Commenting 🙂

  10. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Just loved it….. Continue soon

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Thanks. .will surely continue soon

  11. awesome. emotional.. hope sanskar fine.. dont kill him..

  12. Dharani

    awesome very emotional

  13. Simi

    U made me cry…

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Hehehe..M Glad I made U Cry ?..

  14. Vyshu10

    bad girl…kyun itna rulate ho yaar

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Hehe..thnks fr the Compliment ??

  15. U really made me cry….heartrob update

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