Destiny – Its All About Life ( SS on SwaSan/RagSan ) By Goldie Part 17


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Recap : Hospital Hijacked…


Destiny – Its All About Life!!

Part 17

City Hospital

2 Hours Later

Time Passed n its been More dan Evening n still da Ppl inside Hospital were Kept Captived inside..The Situation inside was Very Tensed n Horrible..Ppl were still Crying n Wincing in Pain due to Ruthless Torture..There on the Other Hand Sanskaar n Team were Bzy in Excepting their Plan Carefully n Smartly widout being Noticed by Terrorists..

Sanskaar : ( Worried Yet Bossy Tone ) Shayam is Everything Ready ?? N Bahar humare Staff hai na Ready ??

Shayam : Yes Sir..Everything is Ready..n Rahul Sir bhi Apna kaam shuru lardiya hai n Dheere Dheere Saare Log ko Store Room ke Emergency Exit se Nikal rahe hai Bahar..

Sanskaar Good..Ok den Lets Strt Our Wrk too.

Shayam : Ok Sir..

As Sanskaar was Instructing His Team Mates abt the Plan,Thr on da Other Hand Swara n Kids were Sitting in One Room in a Corner Crying n Hugging Eachother Tightly Yet Protectively due to Fear n Terror of Terrorists..

Aryaan : ( Fearfully ) Mumma..Papa kab aayega to Save Us..M Scared Mumma..Aayega na Papa ??

Swara : ( Scared too bt Composes ) Haa na Beta..Papa will come..dnt worry..Imfact m sure dekhna He myt be Bzy in Planning something in order to Saving Us only..He will Surely Come Beta..Till den M thr na wid U..Ur Mumma ( Hugs Aryaan n Lil Princess Protectively ) is thr wid U n Ur Lil Sister.. (.Teary Eyes n Kisses Her Both da Kids Lovingly n Protectively )( Monologue ) Kaha tum Sanskaar..Plzz Come Fast..Ur Family needs U..n ( Sees Ppl Outside in Hall ) Bahar jo Masoon log hai they also Need U..Plzz Come Soon Sanskaar..We all Need U ( Closes Her Eyes in Pain wid Teary Eyes n Cries Silently n Remembers Sanskaar )

While Swara was Remembering Sanskaar wid Teary Eyes,Sanskaar on the Other Hand Feels Some Strange like Someone Calling Him n Tears Strtd Roling frm His Eyes Silently Making Him More Tensed n Helpless..

Sanskaar : ( Teary Eyes )( Monologue ) M Sorry Swara..I knw U myt be Waitimg fr M Helpless Swara..Need some more Time to Save U all.I cnt Do anything in Anger n in Rush to Save U all..Bas thoda aur wait karlo den I Promise Ur Sanskaar will Himself Come n Save U all..I Promise ( Teary Eyes )

As Sanskaar was Lost in His Own Thots,He Hears a A Loud Crying Voice of a Baby indicating Her Pain making Sanskaar Shocked n to Recognise da Voice of da Baby..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) My Princess..

Soon Sanskaar on Hearing da Voice of da Baby,Sanskaar Immediately yet Smartly Went towards da Room n was Shocked n Shattered to see Swara n Aryaan both Crying n Begging da Terrorists fr Their Lil Princess Health Badly wid Tears Rolling frm their Eyes Continously n Non Stop..

Swara : ( Begging ) Plzz Bhai Sahab..Plzz Call a Doctor..Plzz Meri Bacchi ( Pointing Towards da Baby ) Bukhar de Tadap rahi hai..Plzz..I Beg U..Plzz She is jst a Week Old.Plzz Bachalo ( Cries Badly ) Plzz ( Begs )

Ajay : ( Angry n Pushes Swara by His Leg Ruthlessly ) Aeyy Shut Up..Jabse Dekhraha ho..U r Crying Nom Stop..Hum yaha Tumhari Bacchi Ya Tumhare Bacche ka Khayal rakhne nhi aaye..Kbhi Timh8Bacche ko Panni chahiye toh kbhi Tumhari Bacchi kp Bukhar.Kya Tamasha hai Yeh..Agr Ek aur Word bola na toh ( Takes His Gun Out ) Yahi Mardunga tumhe aur Tumhare inn ( Points da Gun on Kids ) Bacchoon ko..Samjhi ?? ( Irritated )

Swara : ( Shivering in Fear ) Plzz aisa mat bolo..Plzz Kuch toh Rahem karo iss Masoom Bacchi Pe Plzz ( Begging Badly ) Aakhir kya Bigada hai Mere Family ne aur in Masoom Logo ne jo u all r doing all these..Plzz Kisi aur ke liye toh nhi bt atleast Imagine Ur Childern at this Place n Help..Plzz ( Pleads ) Meri Bacchi ko Bachalo..Plzz ( Holds da Terrorists Legs n Begs Badly )

Aryaan : ( Cries too bt Consoles Swara ) Mumma..Plzz dnt Cry..Plzz.Dekhna Papa will come n Save Our Lil Princess n all of Us….( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) Plzz Mumma dnt Cry..Agr Papa ko Pata chala U r Crying in My Presence toh He will be Angry on Me..Plzz Mumma dnt Cry..Plzz Mumma ( Hugs Swara Tightly )

Swara : ( Hugs Bak n Caresses Aryaan’s Hairs Lovingly ) Haa Beta..Papa will come.. ( Kisses Aryaan’s Hairs Lovingly )

Vicky : ( Frustrated ) Arrey Ohh..Maa Beta ..If U both r Done with Ur Melo Drama den Go n Take Care of Ur ( Mockingly ) Lil Princess..Jabse Roh Rahi Gala Phant Phant ( Loudly ) Ke..Huh..

Swara : ( Angry n Release da Hug )( To Vicky ) Agr Kisi bhi 1 Week Old Bacchi ko Itna Tadapao ke Itni Tezz Bukhar main toh Bacche aise hi Royege..Agr Rona band karana hai Bacchi ka toh Doctor ko Bulao ( Angry )

Ajay : ( Angry ) Aeyy ( Holds Swara’s Hairs Tightly ) Shut Up..Band kar apni Bakwaas..n We dnt have any Intensions to Harm U all.Its all coz Ur Husband Tell..The Gr8 Commisioner of Kolkata..Tell Him To Agree Our Demands n Do wat as We Say..den We Will Leave U all..Bt ( Angry n Holds Swara’s More Tightly ) Till then U all will Under Us Captived by Us..Samjhi ( Angry n Jerks Swara Harshly on Ground ) abb Yahan Baith..n Ek Awaaz nhi abb..Warna Tumse Pehle Tumhare ( Points da Aryaan n Baby ) inm Bacchoon ko Uper Bhejdunga..( To Vicky ) Chal Chote Doctor ko Bulake Laate hai..Warna Yeh aur iski Bacchi humara Sir Khajayege Rote Rote.. ( Leaves Angrily )

Vicky : Haa Bhai..Chalo ( Leaves too )

As The Terrorists Left da Room Leaving Swara n Kids in Pain n Fear,Sanskaar who was Watching all these was Boiling in Anger n was Feeling Guilty fr The Condition of His Loved Ones n Other Innocent People..He Somehow Composed Himself n Was Even More Determined n Confident to Save His Family n Others..He immediately Went towards His Secret Room n Strtd His Plan to Save The People Presnt inside da Hospital wid More Determination n Confidence.


Maheshwari Mansion

The Scene Shifts to Maheshwari Mansion where Both RamTa n SheMish along wid MF were Present in MM in all Worried n Tensed Thinking abt Swara n Kids..Tears were Continously Rolling frm their Eyes Non Stop Showing their Tension n Fear fr Swara n Kids..As They were All Lost in their Thots Seeing da News AP Suddenly Burst Out n was Heart Broken seeing da Scns on TV wich was Really Ruthless n Torturing making Everyone Present in MM more Shocked n Shattered..

AP : ( Crying ) Ji..Kuch kijiye Plz…Its been more A Day..Aada ( Half ) Din Guzar Gaya Raath hone ko aayi n Still Mere Bacche waha uss Hospital main Unn Dareendoon ( Animals ) ke Kabse ( Trap ) main hai..Plzz Do something..Swara ki abhi abhi Delivery hui n She is nt Completely Well Still n in this State She is Suffering such a Big Situation..n Aryaan n Humari Princess woh toh abhi Sirf Bacche hai n Iss Umer ( Age ) main they r Facing such a Worse n Horrible Situation..Kya Asar hoga in sab ka inn Teeno Pe.Plzz Kuch kijiye..Plzz ( Crying n Keeps on Telling Her Heart Out )

Sujata : ( Crying ) Haa Bhai Sahab..Plzz Meri Bacchi aur uske Bacchoon ko Bachalijiye Plzz.. Seara is Really Weak still nw..Pata nhi kaise woh waha apna aur Bacchoon ka Khayal kaise Rakh rahi hogi ( Cries Bitterly )

DP : ( Shocked bt Composes Himself ) Relax Annapurna..Aur Aap bhi Sujata Ji..Kuch nhi hoga Swara aur Bacchoon ko..Meri abhi abhi Joint Police Commisioner se baath hui hai n He told ki Sanskaar aur uski Team Hospital main hi hai n They r Wrking on Plan to Rescue Everyone Secretly..Bas tboda Savar rakho Annapurna..Humare Bete pe aaj Bahut badi Responsibility hai aaj..Aaj usse Apne Parivaar ke saath saath Dusre Bahut se Masoom logo ki bhi Bachana hai..He has to Fullfill The Responsibility of both being A Police n A Family Man..He needs Our Support Annapurna.. ( Consoles )

Laksh : ( Consoles too ) Haa Maa..Papa is Right. Aunty Sochiye .agr aap logo yaha baithke yeh Haal hai toh Waha Bhai ka kya Haal horaha hoga..He is Facing n Seeing all These Live frm His Own Eyes..Unka aur bhi Burs Haal hoga to see His Own Family in this Situation..Plzz Maa Sambhaliye apne aapko..Plzz ( Teary Eyes bt Composes Himself ) Bhai Needs all of Us..Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Shomi : ( Teary Eyes ) Haa Annapurna..Laksh is Right..Aur Sujata Ji..Aap Fikar mat kariye..U knw Our Swara na..She is Brave Enough to Handle all da Tough Situations..Aaj se Pehle bhi She has Faced mny Tough Prblms n Tofay also She will..Dnt Worry..Aur Sanskaar bhi toh hai Waha Humari Swara n Bacchoon ke saath..M Sure He will Handle Both His Professional n Family Duty Very Well..Bas We need to Support ( To Shekhar ) Him..Kyoun Na Shekhar ? ( Tensed Too )

Shekhar : ( Consoles Too ) Haa Sharmishta..Dnt Worry. We knw Our Sanskaar na frm Childhood..Hw Well He Handles all da Situation..This Time too He will Smartly Handle Everything n will Rescue His Own Families as well as Others too.. ( Assures )( To DP ) n Waise Durga Prasad..Maine D.I.G Mr Sinha se bhi baath ki hai He told ki Unka Plan Bahut accha jaraha hai n Widin 1 or 2 Hours they will Save Everyone Present in Hospital widout any Loss..n Infact They Strtd Rescuing da Ppl n has taken all da Rescued Ppl to Other Hospital widout any Bas Dua karo ki Sanskaar n Uski Team ka Yeh Plan Successful hojaye isse Pehle woh Terrorists Ko Kuch Ghalat Samjh aaye ( Worried )

Ram : ( Consoles ) Haa Bhagwaan kare aisa hi ho..aur Humare Bacche sahi Salamat Ghar aajaye.. ( Prays )

As Everyone were Worried n Praying fr Sanskaar’s Success n Safety of Others Present inside Hospital along wid Swara n Kids,There on da Other Hand Sanskaar along wid His Team was Fully Involved n Bzy in Completing Their Big Mission wid Full Determination in their Heart n Confidence on their Faces widout being Noticed by Any Terrorists or their Mates.


Precap : SwaSan Emotional Confrontation n Romance…


Finally Guyz..Wrote da Nxt Part..I knw it was too Emotional n Heart Breaking Episode..Hope U all will Forgive n Wont Throw Any Tomatoes or Eggs on Me fr Making Swara n Kids Suffer According to Me it was all Needed to Show such Intense Scenes to Justify da Trck..Hope U will Understand My POV n will Agree to it *FingersCrossed*…n also Hope it was nt Boring fr U all to Read..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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